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Bali is so Beautiful

I angrily went after him

What are we doing now Kwaku? Did you call me here to fight? I am tired of fighting, I am tired” I said

I was trying to hold my tears but they came flooding down. I was tired of all the emotional pain. I didn’t want to keep fighting with Kwaku. I couldn’t believe we were so close but all we were doing was fighting and blaming each other. My voice started breaking as I spoke

If you don’t want us to get back together and make us work. Just let me go Kwaku. Let me go  ” I said tearfully

Kwaku walked to me when I started crying and held me in his arms

“ Please stop crying. Please” he said

He looked at me and wiped my eyes

“ You know how much I hate it when you cry. Please stop-” he said

I looked up at him as he spoke

-to answer your question. Yes, Kwaku, I still love you” I interrupted.

He blushed a little and I continued talking

“ I never stopped, I can never stop. You have no idea how much I have suffered emotionally because of you. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I must admit I wasn’t entirely ready to be with you and I thought that I was”

“ How about now Nana? Are you ready now?” he interrupted.

“I am. I am so in love with you. I can’t love anybody else like I love you and I honestly don’t want to. It’s you. Sorry, it took me this long to tell you this. Nothing or nobody comes close to you Kwaku”

I am so in love with you too Nana,” he said and we hugged.

Do you want us to give it another go? Hopefully this time we would get it right?” Kwaku asked

“ Yes, please. Yes, Kwaku. Let’s give us another chance” I said

He smiled and kissed me, I kissed him back. I missed his lips a lot more. I don’t know how I survived for over a year without his warm hugs and kisses.

“ Thank You, God,” I thought.

I was really sure I had lost Kwaku.

His kisses felt nicer than I remembered.

“ I missed you so much,” he said as he kissed me.

“ I missed you more,” I said

Awuraba and Julia came home an hour later and we told them we had decided to get back together.

“ It’s about time!” Julia said excitedly and rushed to hug both of us.

I spent the evening with them and I couldn’t believe I was really back together with the love of my life. I pinched myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming.

We played UNO but the whole time I was crushing hard on Kwaku.

When I got home that evening I told my mother Kwaku and I were back together and she was over the moon.

I slept like a baby that night I was so happy and at peace.

Kwaku cut his holiday short and joined me in the states when my days in Ghana were up. We spent a couple of days together before he left for the UK.

Our relationship was better than before because we had both gotten ample time to know what we want in a relationship. We communicated our feelings more and always tried to be better for each other.

I loved him, I loved the way he brought out the best in me all the time. I told Keith my truth about getting back together with Kwaku.

He was very upset that he blocked me on all his social media handles, later in about a month he unblocked me but I was too happy with Kwaku to even notice.

We maintained our friendship and respected each other’s boundaries.

After a year and a half of internship, I was well equipped to start my own production.

We prayed and Kwaku encouraged me to take a big leap of faith.

I started saving more and then I moved to Ghana a year later to start my first film project. I was nervous and I doubted myself a lot but trusted God every step of the way.

Kwaku renovated one of their old homes into my very first production house. I was so grateful for that gesture because I wasn’t financially strong to rent a space for work.

I started to hire some people and before I knew it I own a company. I had a successful audition for my first solo film.

The film didn’t get the publicity it deserved so it couldn’t sell because not a lot of people knew me.

We went back to the drawing board, Kwaku advised me to get a new Public Relations officer and up my networking skills. Between us, he is the social butterfly. He taught me to be more out there and make people see and know my work.

Kwaku became a chartered architect in the UK and it was the happiest day in both of our lives. My first novel Restored became a best seller and was published in several languages to be sold all around the world.

I couldn’t believe I was building a life with a man that loved what I do and was willing to help me grow and succeed the same way he grows and succeeds.

We decided to take a trip to Bali in Indonesia to celebrate how far we have come as a couple and in our careers.

Looking back, I noticed the Nana Afia I was before I met Kwaku had grown and evolved. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that I was glowing.

I saw it myself when I looked in the mirror, I was happy, I looked beautiful. I didn’t have a care in the world because I knew the kind of man I have been blessed to have.

When a dark cloud gathers over you, the only thing it can do is rain on you. And you know what happens when it rains, things start to grow. A little rain never hurt anyone. But when it stops raining look around and see how much you have grown and the things that have grown around you.

Bali is so beautiful, it’s unbelievable. I was excited to try everything when we got there but after the long trip, all I wanted to do was to sleep. We slept all night and a bit of the morning. We have been working so hard and it wasn’t surprising that we needed more sleep.

Kwaku’s voice woke me up, he was on the phone with his father.

Hey Babe” I said in my morning voice

He turned and came over to kiss me. He pointed at his phone.

It’s dad” he whispered.

I quickly nodded.

My love to him” I whispered

He smiled at me and he went to the balcony to finish the call.

Our bedroom was right opposite the beach and the morning air was just magical.

I got out of bed to freshen up. I went to the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror.

As I adjusted my hair scarf properly on my head, I noticed an engagement ring on my finger.

I checked twice in the mirror and then checked the third time on my finger. My eyes widened then my heart skipped a beat.

“ Babe?!” I said surprisingly and then went out to find him

Kwaku was on his knee in the bedroom

“ I know you are not a fan of public engagement proposals. I have had this ring for months but there has never been a perfect moment. I have been racking my brain for the perfect time to ask you to be my wife and this morning watching you sleep and how so beautiful you looked I just couldn’t wait anymore. I want to make it official, I want to show you off to the world. I want to do life with you. So my love, my beautiful blessing, the only person that convinced me to love Taylor Swift’s music and we both know how much I disliked her music at first” Kwaku said.

I laughed through my happy tears and stared at him

Will you marry me Nana Afia Amankwah? Please?” he added

I smiled, it was the perfect proposal for me and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Just when I was about to answer Kwaku’s phone rang. He smiled and then answered it.

I was surprised that he did, we were clearly in the middle of the most important decision we would ever make.

“ Did she say yes?!”

I recognized the voice and rushed to his phone.

“ Daddy?!” I said

“ Nana Afia, did you say yes?!” he asked excitedly.

He had called on FaceTime with the rest of my family and Kwaku’s family.

“They were all in on this? When did you tell them?” I asked

“They have known I wanted to propose for months but I hadn’t gotten the right moment. So when I placed the ring on your finger this dawn. I told them and they just couldn’t wait for you to wake up” Kwaku said.

I laughed.

“Say yes Nana!” Julia said.

I smiled and looked at Kwaku

“ Yes, babe. Of course, I would marry you” I said and kissed him.

Kwaku dropped his phone on the bed but we could hear our family’s joyful screams through the phone.

I was so happy, I smiled the whole day and looked at my ring any chance I got.

I am getting married!!” I thought to myself

I was elated.

After our vacation in Bali, we went to the UK first. My mother was happy when she saw me, she hugged me tightly. We had lunch together but I was so excited, I couldn’t eat much. I looked at Kwaku a lot

“ This man, is going to be my husband? How did I get so lucky?!” I thought

After lunch, my mother took me into her room and we had a chat.

“ How are you feeling?” she asked

“ Mummy. I am so happy, I didn’t know it’s even humanly possible to be this happy” I said and giggled

My mother had tears in her eyes and it brought tears to my eyes too.

“ What’s wrong mummy?” I asked

“ I wasn’t sure I would ever see you this happy ever again. I prayed for you a lot, I asked God to bless you with a man that would love you just the way you are and now look. Look at what the Lord has done? We have waited for this moment. We have prayed for this moment. Kwaku is more than I ever would have imagined”

I nodded in agreement.

“ May God bless your marriage my daughter and may it bear good fruits. You deserve this, this and so much more”

“ Amen mummy. Amen!” I said and hugged my mother

Over the years after Stacy’s passing, when I thought I couldn’t meet and make many new female friends, God brought them my way. I made good friends from the gym, sometimes on work trips, and at some social events. It was amazing.

One friend Maame Ama stood out for me, we met at a women’s conference in New York. We were the only Ghanaians there and we hit it off quickly. I had no idea she would turn out to be one of my closest and dearest friends in a short time. She won me over with her genuine love for God, her transparency, kindness, and thoughtfulness.

We spoke about everything in the coming years and it turned out we needed each other more than we had thought.

So when I asked her to be my maid of honor. She had tears in her eyes because she knew firsthand how far I had come, from the tears the many talks about my pains and fears, she knew so it was pleasant news to her ears when I told her about Kwaku’s marriage proposal.

She wasn’t sure it was okay to be a maid of honor because she was married.

I don’t care Ama! Even if you were pregnant and your big belly was showing I would fit you into a dress. I wouldn’t have any other person by my side. You have been an amazing friend” I said

My girls surprised me with a bridal shower two days before the wedding, I wasn’t expecting one because we were all busy running around planning and putting last-minute finishing touches on everything.

That evening I went to decide on the cake we would be using for both traditional and the white wedding with Maame Ama.

She drove because I was just too stressed with all the planning that particular day to drive in Accra. How she learned to drive in Accra still baffles me because she had been away for quite some time. But trust Maame Ama with anything and she’ll get the job perfectly done.

On our drive back home, she parked in front of some luxurious apartment buildings.

She then told me she had to pick up something from a friend that lived in one of the apartments.

I was too tired to wait, I just wanted to go home and sleep but I told her to be quick about it and get back.

“ I am not leaving you here alone in the car. What if something happens to you? Kwaku would have my head” she said

I smiled

“ Nothing would happen. I am fine here, trust me. Just hurry up” I said again

No way,” she said and forced me out of the car

I was dressed too casually to meet someone who lives in such a luxurious apartment.

I am in jeans and sandals Ama and I am having a bad hair day. I can’t meet your friend like this” I cried

“ It’s fine. You look fine, she doesn’t bite” Ama teased

I was so worked up about how I looked that I checked myself in every glass window I passed.

Ama knocked on the door, it was a very funny knock but I didn’t bother my head over it. I figured it was how she communicated with this said friend.

The door flew open and I was startled by the loud piercing voices of my bridal party.

Surprise!” they all said

Herh! Ama!” were the only words I said for close to five minutes.

She laughed and gave me a warm hug.

Julia and another good friend Sandra took me by the hand and we went to one of the bedrooms to fix my make-up and my messed up hair. They got me a dress that was a tad too tight but I made it work for the night.

The bridal shower that was supposed to be an evening of naughtiness turned out to be a mini prayer and worship session. We were all overwhelmed by the presence of God. It was so unplanned yet so beautiful and peaceful, tears of joy filled my eyes as I worshipped God at my bridal shower with friends that I know God hand-picked just for me. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Having girlfriends that love you, pray and worship God with you is an absolute blessing.

I suggested we have a minute of silence in remembrance of Stacy, if it weren’t for her encouragement and her push to get to know Kwaku better, I wouldn’t be getting married to the most incredible man I have and will ever know.

Later, after we were done getting in our feelings, we did turn up and we had an amazingly great time.

Kwaku came to get me when it was over, he had gone to get his best friend and best man Baffour from the Airport and the apartment we had the bridal shower at was on his way so he decided to pick me up too.

I had heard a lot about Baffour, and FaceTimed with him a couple of times but it was my first time meeting him in person. He is a Cardiologist in Canada and we never had the time to meet but I was so happy he made time to be in Ghana for the wedding.

“ Baffour!” I said excitedly when I saw him as if he were my best friend too. He giggled and hugged me

Congratulations Nana Afia. You are even more beautiful in person” he said as we hugged.

Kwaku took Baffour and Julia home first and he dropped me at home. We managed to spend some time in the car outside when he dropped me at home. I stole some kisses and warm hugs from him because I knew I wouldn’t be able to see him the next day and the whole morning of the wedding. Kwaku’s pastor and friend  Pastor Prempeh arrived in Ghana with his family the next day.

Kwaku asked him to officiate our white wedding and he was more than happy to oblige.

I wanted to have a small and quiet wedding away from the noise. But my mother and mother-in-law didn’t want to hear it.

“ It is your time and your turn! A little noise never hurt anyone. Let’s break the internet” my mother-in-law said.

We decided to have a big traditional wedding and a small white garden wedding the next day.

On the morning of my traditional wedding, I said a prayer to God before we all got very busy. It was a day only He has made and I had to show my appreciation. My make-up artist was ushered into my bedroom and she got to work.

My father had tears in his eyes when he saw me in my Kente gown. I hadn’t seen him cry ever in my life.

He hugged me.

You look beautiful,” he said

Thank you, Daddy. Please don’t cry. You’d make me cry too” I said

I couldn’t look at him because I didn’t want to cry to mess up my face.

My girlfriends didn’t come to play at all, they all looked very gorgeous in their dresses. I underestimated how very ready they said they were. Their energy that day said it all. They all shouted in excitement when they came into my bedroom and saw me in my Kente gown for the first time.

I felt so beautiful and I couldn’t stop smiling.

I got butterflies when I saw Kwaku as I danced to him. He looked so handsome in his traditional Kaftan and dark shades. He had trimmed his hair and beard perfectly. He laughed when he saw my dance moves. I was trying my very best.

He took my hand when I got closer to him.

You look stunning Boo” he whispered in my ear.

He led me to the chair next to him and the traditional ceremony started.

My dad asked if he should accept the things Kwaku and his family has brought. My dad mentioned my full maiden name when he asked me the question and it felt like he intentionally did that because it was the last time I would be addressed with his surname and he wanted to say it one last time.

I nodded at my dad and told him to accept everything.

My girls danced and cheered us on as we danced to Kojo Antwi’s song Akonoba for our first dance. We certainly couldn’t leave Kwaku’s legend Kojo Antwi out of the celebration.

We hired a live band and a DJ because we wanted to experience the best of both worlds.

The cheers got louder than usual but I knew Kwaku and I weren’t dancing in an extraordinary way so I wondered why our guests shouted so much.

Kwaku grinned and spun me around.

“ Look” he whispered in my ear pointing at Kojo Antwi. He was singing and walking toward us.

The actual Kojo Antwi at my wedding?” I thought

He got to us, hugged and congratulated us then he continued singing.

Kwaku pulled me closer to him and we danced some more. I swayed slowly with him, I loved him so much.

We locked eyes as he attempted to sing the lyrics to the song to me. I chuckled and kissed him, but at that moment I wanted to do more than just kiss him.

I had mentioned to him just once when we got back together that I had grown fond of Akwaboah’s music but I didn’t know Kwaku would go to the length of getting him too, to perform at our traditional wedding.

After Kojo Antwi had shaken me with his presence we sat down back down to eat.

I heard Akwaboah’s voice but at the moment I wasn’t sure whether it was the DJ playing his music or Akwaboah was really there.

I looked suspiciously at Kwaku

is he also here?” I asked

He shrugged and laughed. I playfully hit him with my napkin but I kept looking around.

When my all-time favorite song of his started playing and the cheers got louder I started laughing and looked at Kwaku again. He was laughing too.

where is he?” I asked him excitedly

Kwaku chuckled and pointed to the crowd where the guests were seated. I couldn’t make him out but I kept looking then suddenly he stood up. He danced as he sang and walked toward us. I stood up and hugged him first. I was so nervous.

“ Congratulations Nana Afia,” he said

He serenaded me and I danced with him. I was so happy.

My traditional wedding suddenly turned into an Akwaboah and Kojo Antwi concert. They sang most of their love songs at the reception and it made everything so perfect. I danced with Kwaku all night.


This episode is dedicated to you Mawusi ? I know I have said it already but congratulations again on your marriage ? You would definitely make a beautiful bride. Cheers to #Josimonbebe? Hope I got it right this time around?? Goodnight lovely readers xx