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Behind the scenes

Hi Guys! Welcome back to my channel. If today is your first time you know what to do; like and subscribe. Click on the bell and you would be notified whenever I upload a video. Okay…let me cut to the chase. So… I am currently in Ghana, I had always wanted to come to Ghana. I am so glad to be here; this place is very beautiful. I made a friend and coincidentally she has beautiful natural hair. If you all remember, in my previous videos, I said I would love to go natural and possibly interview someone who is already on her natural hair journey, luckily, I found this someone in Ghana. Her name is Nana Yaa.” Zuri said excitedly. Nana Yaa smiled and waved at the camera, it was her first time doing something like this, she just decided to go with flow and answer every question Zuri asked.

The interview was going well until Zuri said on camera that she wanted Nana Yaa to aid her with her big chop, right there Zuri decided to go natural. It took Nana Yaa by surprise and she didn’t know what to do really because it was already on camera. She smiled but was very upset, Zuri paused the video and asked if she doesn’t mind. “Zuri, you just can’t spring this up on me. I am not an expert. Things like this are normally done by hairstylists, the fact that I said my mother helped cut my hair when I decided to go natural doesn’t mean just anyone can cut another person’s hair, I wouldn’t know how to go about it” Nana Yaa said almost shouting.

“There is no need to panic Nana Yaa, all we need to do is shampoo and condition the hair then chop off the relaxed hair” Zuri said. “I know how the big chop works Zuri, I just do not want to ruin your hair. I thought I was coming over here to talk about my hair journey, I didn’t know I would end up cutting yours” Nana Yaa said. “it is going to be fine Nana Yaa, you would do just fine. I would quickly go in to shampoo and condition my hair, I would be back soon” Zuri said.

Nana Yaa immediately regretted her decision of coming, Natasha warned her, but she didn’t know why she decided to come. She was looking out the window when she heard Jeffrey unlocking the door. “You still here?” Jeffrey asked. Nana Yaa shrugged. “Your girlfriend is stubborn. She has decided to cut her hair and wants yours truly to do her the honors. So…. I am waiting” Nana Yaa said and sat on a couch close to her.

Jeffrey looked confused. “Waiting? Why? Where is she? he asked. Nana Yaa pointed the bathroom door. Jeffrey entered the bathroom and saw Zuri conditioning her hair. “Baby! You back already?” she asked when she saw him. “Babe. What are you doing?” Jeffrey asked. “I had wanted to surprise you but since you are here, I might as well just tell you. I am cutting my hair. Well not everything, but I have decided to go natural. I read somewhere that pregnancies sometimes damage the hair and I don’t want that, so to avoid any future hair damage I have decided to cut out the weak hair and grow out my hair naturally, that way I can manage it on my own terms” Zuri said.

Jeffrey shook his head. “And you want Nana Yaa to cut your hair? We could easily go to a hair salon to get that done” Jeffrey suggested. “I know that baby but there is no need paying money to get this done. It’s going to be fine. I have taken enough of Nana Yaa’s time, let me get this over and done with so she could go home” Zuri said and gave Jeffrey a quick peck on the lips.

Zuri came out of the bathroom and apologized to Nana Yaa. She sat in front of her dress mirror and handed Nana Yaa a pair of scissors. “Baby, I paused the video earlier. Would you mind placing the video camera in front of me? I want to record as Nana Yaa cuts my hair. Please” Zuri said. Jeffrey sighed and picked up the video camera, he just couldn’t believe what was going on. He quietly watched as Nana Yaa cut his girlfriend’s hair, he wondered why of all the other women at the party, Zuri decided to be friends with Nana Yaa.

Jeffrey loved how Zuri looked in short hair he smiled when Nana Yaa finished. “You look cute baby. Wow. You should have gotten your hair cut sooner. Thanks Nana Yaa you did a good job.” Jeffrey said and kissed Zuri.

Nana Yaa’s heart sank when Jeffrey kissed Zuri, he didn’t care if she was watching or not, she hasn’t felt this jealous in a long time. She cleared her throat and asked to take her leave.

ooh yes, yes. Nana Yaa. You don’t know how grateful I am to you for your time. I really appreciate it. I made the right decision asking you to cut my hair” Zuri said.

“Its fine. I am glad you like it Zuri. You can give me a call if you have any more questions” Nana Yaa said.

“I sure will Nana Yaa. Thank you so much. Jeffrey would see you off. I am not sure I am comfortable walking around with my short hair just yet. I think I should get a couple of wigs before the wedding.

Nana Yaa smiled. “I think you should contact Natasha, she could help you with that. Her hairstylist is really good” Nana Yaa suggested.   “Okay. I would. Thanks. Do drive safe, I would see you at the wedding” Zuri said and hugged her. Nana Yaa walked out of the room and Jeffrey followed, she really didn’t want him to. “You know, you really don’t have to see me off. I remember where I parked my car. I would be fine.” Nana Yaa said shyly. “I know, but I want to. It is very late now, I would feel at ease knowing you made it safe to your car” Jeffrey said and smiled.

Nana Yaa also smiled, she didn’t know what else to say. Jeffrey also wasn’t trying to start a conversation, so they silently walked to her car. When they got to her car, Jeffrey smiled.

“You finally got your car windows tinted…. Nice” Jeffrey said. “Yeah. I took your advice. Now I have some privacy when I am driving. I don’t have to constantly hide my valuables” Nana Yaa said. “Yeah…well I do hope you have stopped the habit of leaving your handbag on the passenger seat instead of placing it on the floor. You can’t be too careful. Anything can happen” Jeffrey added.

Nana Yaa laughed. “I am still working on that” she said.

“You should, you don’t want to be an easy target for these robbers” Jeffrey said and opened the door for Nana Yaa.

She got inside and rolled her glass down. “Drive safe. I would see tomorrow.” Jeffrey said.

On her drive back, Nana Yaa called Natasha. She picked up on the third ring.

I hope I didn’t wake you up” Nana Yaa asked.

Do I ever get any sleep these days? I just finished feeding Zoe, Stephen is trying to get her to sleep. What’s up? How did your interview go?

“Honestly, that Zuri girl is something. Do you know I ended up cutting this girl’s hair? From nowhere she decided to go natural and asked me to cut off her relaxed hair”

Natasha laughed hysterically. “Are you serious? Oh my God, Nana Yaa. This girl turned you into a hairstylist. She is crazy.”

“Very crazy. I didn’t call because of her anyway. I wanted to ask you if Stephen has told you anything about Jeffrey. He is acting very different towards me, like we are strangers. It’s so awkward between us. 

“Nana Yaa, you two are practically strangers. You haven’t spoken to each other in two years. What did you expect? He shut you out of his life for reasons you refuse to mention. Honestly, Stephen hasn’t told me anything about Jeffrey. But what I am very certain about is that Jeffrey really loves Zuri, he was here this afternoon and he wouldn’t stop talking about her and I know you saw how he treated her at the party. Nana Yaa, what is this thing between you and Jeffrey? I know he reminds you of Ebo and you are probably drawn to him because of that but is there more between you two? Am I missing something?

Nana Yaa in that moment wanted to tell Natasha everything but she felt she had to tell her in person and not over the phone. “There is nothing between us. I was just curious about his recent behavior.

“That is a lie Nana Yaa. Why would this man shut you out of his life out of nowhere? And ask Nicole and I to never give you his new number? Something happened between you guys. I just know it. Well, if you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine. I must check on Stephen and Zoe. I will talk to you later dear.

“Okay. Goodnight, my love to Stephen and Zoe” Nana Yaa said and hang up.

Her phone vibrated minutes after the call, she knew it was an email from work. She was just too tired to think about work, so she ignored it. When she got home, she found Derek asleep on the couch. He was waiting for her. She went to the kitchen and fix herself a cup of tea, she sat next to Derek and sipped on it.


I hope you are enjoying the story so far?. See you here next week. Have a great week?

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