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Nicole read some messages on George’s phone. She wanted to confront him about it, but she didn’t know how. She met up with Natasha and Nana Yaa later in the day for the dress fitting. She wanted to be happy for Natasha, but she was too sad. Nana Yaa is always the first to notice when Nicole is down. She asked her, but Nicole kept saying she was fine. They got their dresses and they decided to have lunch before they meet up with the caterer for the cake tasting. Nicole was looking down on the menu when tears filled her eyes. She was really struggling to hold back her tears. This time Natasha noticed how quiet she was and asked her if she was okay. In an attempt to say I am okay, Nicole broke down in tears.

“George is cheating on me and I think he loves this woman. I read some messages on his phone last night. I couldn’t believe it was the same George saying all those things. I am so disappointed. I really don’t know when it got this bad. I don’t know what to do now” she sobbingly said.

“I could kill him! That dog! How dare he?! Natasha said angrily. Nana Yaa was speechless, she was so disappointed.

“I think you need to ask him about it.” Nana Yaa said.

“I can’t believe George could do this to me. We were in love when we got married. I know we didn’t know each other very well  before we got married, but I was very certain of his love for me, the love we both shared. I can’t believe my husband is cheating on me. I told him I wanted to live in Dubai just because of him, I was ready to give up my entire career for him and he is cheating on me. I need to go back home, I am sorry” Nicole said and hurriedly left the restaurant. Nana Yaa watched as Nicole left, she felt sorry for her. The waitress came to take their orders and they waited to be served.

Nicole rushed home to find George speaking to a client on his phone. “Is that her? Is that the whore you are cheating on me with?” Nicole angrily asked. George was a little confused, he didn’t know what had come over his wife. He told his client his would call him later and ended the call. Nicole tried to take his phone, but George wouldn’t let her. “Let me see who you were talking to. Was that her? Was that “Honey Bunny”? “Who is honey bunny George?” she angrily asked

“Did you go through my phone? George asked. “Don’t answer my question with another question, George! I want to know why in the world you have another woman’s name saved as honey bunny on your phone. The two of you video call almost every day since you came to Ghana. I am wondering when you get to do all these video calls, probably when I am fast asleep” Nicole said.

George just watched as his wife spoke, he didn’t look remorseful. He had a silly smile on his face, he found it funny. When Nicole finished talking, he asked her if she was done. Nicole didn’t answer, he shook his head and walked away. Nicole followed him, she wasn’t going to let George make a fool of her. “Are you not going to say anything? Nicole asked as he followed her husband.

“What do you want me to say Nicole? You have seen everything. You know it all now. Yes. I am cheating Nicole and I am not sorry. I don’t know what you were thinking when you decided to choose your career over me. I am a man with needs, I am human with blood flowing through my veins. For two years, Nicole for two good years, you left me high and dry. I needed to do what I had to do to survive and I am not apologizing for that. I am in love with her, head over heels in love with her. I was looking for a right moment to tell you, but you found out on your own” George said and picked up his car keys.

Tears filled Nicole’s eyes as she watched George walk out of the door. It felt like a dream, she didn’t know how to fight for her marriage. She was losing the man she loves. George cried a little as he drove to Jeffrey’s hotel, he loved Nicole, and he didn’t mean to hurt her. He cleared his throat and called Jeffrey, but he didn’t answer so he called Stephen. He was stuck baby-sitting his daughter, so he invited George over.

The girls were eating at the restaurant, the day was ruined. They couldn’t stop talking about Nicole. Nana Yaa picked up her phone when it vibrated, she had gotten emails from the office. She took a couple of weeks off to rest and also help Natasha plan her wedding. She was scrolling through her notifications when she saw a message from Jeffrey. She checked twice to be sure it was really from him. She opened it and it read “I miss you Nana”. She was staring on her phone as if she has just read some bad news. Natasha asked her if she was okay. She nodded and placed her phone on the table. She asked Natasha if they were all having dinner as promised later that evening and Natasha nodded. They had lunch and met up with the caterer to taste some cakes. The caterer was an old school friend, she started baking while in school and the girls always patronized her. They were elated when she got back in touch.

Dufie!! Is that you? I can’t believe my eyes. You have lost so much weight. Do you eat any of your cakes at all?” Natasha said. Dufie and Nana Yaa laughed. “Wow! Natasha! You want the whole world to know I used to be fat right? Crazy girl” Dufie said and hugged her. “You on the other hand have put on a few ” Dufie said. “I just had a baby, this is just baby fat. I will lose it in no time. Natasha said. “I hope so.” Dufie teased. “Hey Nana Yaa. Looking beautiful as always. Wow! You are going natural. Your hair is very beautiful Nana Yaa, it’s making me want to go natural too. And I can see you have been hitting the gym, you have a little something going on behind” Dufie teased. Nana Yaa smiled.  “Thanks Dufie. You look really amazing. Love the new look” Nana Yaa complimented.  A young lady placed a tray filled with different types of cake on a table, Dufie led them to that table and they had a seat. “This is a sample of some of my best cakes, please taste them and let me know the one you love best” Dufie said and excused the girls. Natasha had always enjoyed her red velvet cakes but her black Forest cake was really doing the trick. Nana Yaa loved it too, so they chose the black forest cake.

They rushed home to prepare for dinner,Stephen and Natasha were treating everyone to dinner to show their appreciation. Derek and Nana Yaa were the first to arrive at the restaurant, Stephen and Natasha arrived few minutes later. George and Nicole came in separate cars. They sat on different seats away from each other. No questions were asked. Jeffrey and Zuri were the last to arrive. They ordered after Jeffrey and Zuri arrived, they were all very hungry. After dinner, the girls wanted ice cream and Natasha knew the perfect ice cream place. They sat together, couple to couple but George and Nicole didn’t. It made the rest feel uneasy. Natasha couldn’t take it anymore, she confronted George. She knew it wasn’t her place to open that can of worms.

“George why aren’t you sitting next to Nicole?” Natasha asked. George smiled. “She doesn’t want to sit next to me.” he replied.  Natasha turned to face Nicole. “Nicole, why don’t you want to sit next to George?”

I don’t want to do this Natasha. You are getting married, we are all here for you and Stephen. Stop worrying about who is or isn’t sitting somewhere. What matters is that we are here” Nicole said. Natasha wasn’t going to drop the subject, she wanted George to talk. “George are you fighting with your wife?” Natasha asked. “Natasha what did I just say? Drop it already. I am not going to talk about my marriage here.” Nicole said and stormed out of the ice cream shop. Nana Yaa tried to follow her but Derek stopped her. “She needs to be alone now babe. When she wants to talk, she would” Derek said. Natasha felt terrible. George also left, he wasn’t ready to answer a thousand and one questions from the girls.

Nicole drove to her parent’s house, in times like this she needed her big brother Ebo. She saw a couple of calls from Natasha, but she wasn’t ready to talk. Her parents were getting ready for bed when Nicole rang the bell. Mrs. Quansah was startled. They weren’t expecting anyone at that time. Mr. Quansah went to the gate and asked who it was. “Daddy it’s me” Nicole said. “Nicole?” her father asked. “Yes daddy”. Mr. Quansah opened the gate for his daughter. “Why? What has happened? Are you okay? he asked. Nicole nodded, she went to her car and drove inside the house. Mrs. Quansah was looking through the window to see who it was at the gate. She was surprised to see her daughter.
Nicole entered the house with her father to see Mrs. Quansah upset. “Kukua! You startled us. You could have called to let us know you will be coming” Mrs. Quansah said. She always called her Kukua anytime she was very upset with her. “Mum, my phone died. I wasn’t planning on coming here tonight but I needed to”

“You know what? It’s late and we are all very tired, let’s get some sleep we will talk in the morning.” Mr. Quansah said. Nicole went upstairs to Ebo’s old room she hasn’t gotten the courage to go there ever since he died. The room looked exactly the same way he had left it before his trip to Canada. His favorite Sidney Sheldon novel laid on his bed, she picked it up and placed it on his desk. She took off her shoes and curled up on his bed. She missed him more now that she laid on his bed. Nana Yaa called her when she got home, Nicole picked up.

Hey sweetie?” Nana Yaa said.

Hey” Nicole replied.

“Where are you?”

With Mum and Dad. I am in Ebo’s room now. I miss him Nana.”

“I miss him too. He knew the right words to say to make you feel better whenever you were down. I really can’t talk about Ebo. If I start now, I wouldn’t be able to stop. I was worried about you, I am glad you are with your parents. My warmest greetings to them. And since it’s almost midnight, let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday” Nana Yaa said. Nicole smiled over the phone, with all that was happening she had completely forgotten about her birthday. “Aww..Thank you Nana Yaa. That reminds me how did the cake tasting go?” Nicole asked.

It was pretty good. Dufie’s cakes have gotten better over the years. Let’s meet up tomorrow at her shop, I would treat you” Nana Yaa said. “Natasha is calling me, she really pissed me off at the ice cream shop” Nicole interrupted. Nana Yaa laughed. “ Answer and let’s have a conference call. I want to blast* her too” Nana Yaa said.

“Hello Natasha. Hold on. I am adding Nana Yaa ” Nicole said.

Hello Natasha? Nana Yaa said.

Hey. What’s up?

“Don’t “hey what’s up” us. What was that at the ice cream shop? Nicole clearly said she didn’t like that and you didn’t want to listen” Nana Yaa said.

Girls, I know you are upset about what I did at the ice cream shop but that’s not why I called. I think I saw the lady George is cheating on Nicole with” Natasha said.

Nana Yaa , when you left with Derek, George came back to the ice cream shop with a lady, they were having some sort of date. She was all over him. Jeffrey and Stephen acted as if everything was fine but Zuri and I were pretty upset. I wanted to go strangle them. I asked Stephen and he told me it’s none of my business” Natasha added.

What did Jeffrey say?” Nana Yaa asked.

“I didn’t talk to Jeffrey but he left with Zuri after going to say hello to the lady. It seemed like he knew her. Everything is just confusing. Stephen isn’t talking to me, I have asked him several times already who the lady is” Natasha said.

Nicole was quiet, she was tearing up. She couldn’t believe her ears.  ” I can’t believe George is doing this to me. You know what? Let’s talk later. I am tired, my head is really aching . He can date a thousand and one women for all I care!!” Nicole said and pressed end on her phone.


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blast*- tell her a piece of my mind

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