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 Blow Out

Nicole woke up to find a card on her bed. It was from her parents. She smiled and opened it. “Happy Birthday sweetheart. We love you!” it read. Nicole got out of bed and went to her bedroom to freshen up. She wasn’t sure if the clothes she had in her wardrobe still fit but she hoped they did. She had a long shower, she decided to be happy on her birthday. She got out of the shower, she was trying on one of her favorite jump suits when she heard a knock on her door, it was her mother.

“Your husband is downstairs” she said. Nicole looked at her through the mirror. “What did you just say?” she asked. “George is down stairs Nicole” Mrs. Quansah said. She hurriedly wore the jump suit, it fit her perfectly. She run down the stairs to find George, he had a blindfold in his hand. Nicole was confused. “What is going on here?” she asked. “Happy Birthday my love” George said. He blind folded her and led her to his car. “George what is going on?” she asked. George didn’t say a thing, he just helped her get into the car.

Stephen finally told Natasha the plans George had for Nicole’s birthday. He wanted it to work so he asked the boys not to tell the girls. George had planned a surprise birthday party for her, Nicole had always hated surprise parties because she always finds out from her talkative friends then later must pretend to be surprised. To prevent Natasha and Nana Yaa from ruining his wife’s birthday surprise, George just told the guys about his big plan. The guys played their roles perfectly keeping their partners in the dark.

Everything was just acting? George isn’t cheating? Who was the lady from last night then? Natasha asked. “The event planner, she pulled all this off. Pretty talented if you ask me” Stephen said with a smile.

“Nicole was hurt, she cried a lot. All this because you wanted to surprise her on her birthday? Wasn’t there another way? You should have told us, we wouldn’t have said anything. I hope she finds this funny, because I certainly do not” Nana Yaa said.

They are here now!” Kathryn said excitedly.

George walked Nicole into a hall filled with her friends and family. Her blindfold was still on, George removed the blindfold and kissed her. Nicole was astonished.

Oh my days George! This is lovely!” Nicole said and kissed George again. She saw everyone, some cousins she hasn’t seen in a while were there. She was very happy even though she wasn’t really dressed for the occasion. George introduced Kathryn to Nicole, she told her about the cheating prank. “Kathryn is an event planner, she was the brain behind this. We didn’t want you having a clue, so we pretended we were having an affair, hence the messages you read” George said with a grin.

Nicole smiled. “oh really? You guys, you caught me there” Nicole said and hugged George. “Let’s dance baby” she added. King Promise featuring Wizkid’s song Tokyo was playing in the hall. They both loved Afrobeat, when they started talking in Dubai, it was about Don Jazzy’s song Adaobi. George asked her if she enjoyed Afrobeat when he saw her tapping her finger to the beat, Nicole nodded and they bonded over their love for Afrobeat.

Jeffrey stole glances at Nana Yaa she seemed upset, he wished to talk to her alone. Derek took her by the hand and ask her for a dance, Derek wasn’t a good dancer but Nana Yaa was, so it made Derek look like he could dance. Zuri was so hungry, she made quick friends with the caterer so she could be served with some food, she sat at the back with Jeffrey and ate. Jeffrey took photos of her as she devoured the poor food like a lioness who had caught a deer. “it’s the baby. He or she really loves food” Zuri said with her mouth almost full. “Well, it takes one to know one” Jeffrey teased and got up to get her some water.

Nicole was very happy George planned such a thoughtful gift for her birthday but a part of her still didn’t trust her husband, even though he claims it was just a show and he has nothing to do with Kathryn the way he behaved around her said otherwise. Nicole observed the way George looked at Kathryn, she knew that look very well because he used to look at her the same way when they started dating.

Natasha was a little busy with Zoe, the loud music in the hall made her cry a lot so she took her outside. Kathryn brought out the birthday cake and lit the candles up, Nicole was very excited to see such a huge cake. Everyone gathered around the cake and sang for her, she blew out the candles and kissed her husband. Nana Yaa couldn’t wait to taste the cake, she loved cake. She went to Nicole and hugged her and wished her a happy birthday again “So George came through after all” she added. Nicole knew Nana Yaa so well and she took note of the sarcasm in her voice but Nicole ignored it, she wasn’t about to talk about her doubts, it is her birthday and just for that day she wanted to be happy. Nicole smiled and offered her some cake, Nana Yaa didn’t resist, she cut two more slices for her and Derek. Nicole went to find George to give him some cake, he was once again in a corner talking to Kathryn. “Hey! I brought you some cake. Was wondering where you had run off to” Nicole said and handed George the paper plate. He smiled and put a piece of cake in his mouth, there was a brief silence. Kathryn picked up her phone and pretended to make a phone call, she asked to be excused. Nicole felt a little uneasy it was obvious something was going on between George and Kathryn but for the sake of her family, friends and her birthday she decided to ignore and wait till she went home with George. She sat on George’s lap and fed him some cake.

Derek loved the cake so much but pretended he didn’t, Nana Yaa was the one known to love cake in their circle and he wanted to leave it at that. Nana Yaa watched as he licked his plastic fork, “want some more cake babe?” Nana Yaa asked with a smile. “I don’t want more cake, but if you do, that’s fine. You can go get some more for us” Derek said. Nana Yaa laughed, ” Did you just say us? You clearly want more babe. Stop lying! Look! You can’t leave your poor fork alone” Nana Yaa teased.

Jeffrey watched as Nana Yaa laughed with her boyfriend, he was jealous. He wished he was the one making her laugh that much. He saw her get up to get some cake, he followed her. “Hey. Nana” he said. “Hi Jeffrey” she replied. “Are you having fun?” Jeffrey asked. Nana Yaa nodded and cut some cake. It seemed Jeffrey didn’t know what to say to her. Nana Yaa looked at him when she was done cutting her cake but Jeffrey still couldn’t speak so Nana Yaa left his side. Jeffrey watched her go, he felt like a fool. Derek asked Nana Yaa what Jeffrey wanted but she shrugged and placed the paper plate on the table. She was a little upset, she ate some cake but she was too upset to enjoy it so she got up and went to the bathroom. Derek couldn’t take it anymore, he was tired of Jeffrey lingering around in his relationship. Anytime Nana Yaa had an encounter with him, there is a sudden shift in her mood. When Nana Yaa left to the bathroom, Derek confronted Jeffrey and it led to a fight which destroyed the party. Nana Yaa got back to the hall to find it in a state of disarray, Derek sat in a corner with a bruised face. “My goodness! Wait! How long was I gone for? What happened?” Nana Yaa asked. Derek didn’t answer, she touched his face and asked if he was okay but Derek pushed her hand away and told her he needs to leave. Nana Yaa quickly chased after him, she was worried he might do something silly, she has never seen him that upset. “Nana Yaa! Stop following me! I want to be alone,I can’t talk right now. Just go back inside, I think Jeffrey needs you” he said and drove away.



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