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Nana Yaa called Derek but he turned his phone off when she called the fourth time. She quickly went to find Nicole, she was so scared. Derek has never been this upset, she honestly didn’t know what he might do next or where he is driving to.

Zuri was confused about what was happening, why were Derek and Jeffrey fighting over Nana Yaa? It didn’t make sense and Jeffrey wasn’t talking either. He couldn’t bare to stay at the party after the fight, he angrily took  Zuri by the hand and stomped out of the hall. He was so embarrassed, he has never seen that side of himself before. Zuri just looked at him as he drove, she was so disappointed. He couldn’t make eye contact with her, he wished he would just disappear.

George and Stephen tried to calm the girls down, Zoe was still crying and Natasha was just stressed out. George had to apologize to Kathryn, he assured her that he would make the rest of the payments as promised. He left with Nicole and Nana Yaa , Stephen and Natasha followed suit. Nana Yaa was worried, she needed to find Derek. George drove to Nana Yaa’s house hoping to find him but he wasn’t there, his phone was still off. She called her parents, Derek had a good relationship with her parents so she guessed he would be with them. She called the home phone, but they didn’t answer so she called her father. He didn’t have a clue about what Nana Yaa was rambling about. “Calm down sweetheart. I am coming over.” Mr. Osei Danquah said. Nana Yaa was so uneasy, he called Derek’s little sister but she also hadn’t seen him. He left him a lot of messages on his WhatsApp but it didn’t go through, his phone was still off.

When Zuri and Jeffrey got back to the hotel, he knew he had lots of questions to answer but Zuri wasn’t asking any. He watched her every move wondering what she might be thinking, Zuri connected her phone to her Bluetooth speaker and played some music. She sang along to Adele’s All I ask as she wiped off her make up. She looked at Jeffrey through the mirror while she sang as though she was trying to tell him something.  Jeffrey wanted to say something but he had no words. A tear roll down Zuri’s cheek but she wiped it off and went to the bathroom. Jeffrey followed her, he hated to see her like that. She was crying when he entered, he held her but Zuri tried to fight him off. She hit his chest and push him away but Jeffrey still held on, she cried some more and Jeffrey pulled her closer into his arms. They couldn’t talk about what happened at Nicole’s party.

He just put her to bed, she was in a bad shape after crying so much. Zuri never asked  Jeffrey about Nana Yaa, she was scared of what she might hear. She was going to be the mother of his child, and to her, that was what mattered.

The wedding was fast approaching, and Natasha was overwhelmed with all the planning and running around. She had only a day left to put everything together. She was nervous and anxious, but her friends were there to support her. Nana Yaa hasn’t seen Jeffrey after his fight with Derek , they have been avoiding each other. They had to meet for the final rehearsal before the big day. Derek was still “missing”, his phone still off. Nana Yaa reached out to his family and they told her that he was fine but he wanted to be alone. After the rehearsal, the girls rushed to the event center where the reception would be held. Zuri and Nana Yaa hadn’t spoken after the fight at the party and there was a little friction between them, but that didn’t matter, what really mattered in the moment was Natasha’s wedding and how they were going to make her very happy on that day. The girls planned a surprise bachelorette party for her on the eve of the wedding in the hotel , Nana Yaa partied like she was the one going off the market. Nicole had to take her out of the party before she got out of hand.  She took her into the next room so she could get some sleep but they didn’t sleep, instead they stayed up talking about their love life. Nana Yaa rushed out of bed to throw up in the course of their conversation. “Looks like someone had a lot to drink” Nicole said. They both laughed.

The morning of the wedding was beautiful, the weather was just amazing. Natasha looked very beautiful, when she walked down the aisle with her father, it brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Stephen couldn’t wait to marry her. Jeffrey and Nana Yaa worked together to make the wedding spectacular. At the reception Jeffrey gave a toast.

Knowing something about you both, I know this is going to be a wonderful journey and I know God would guide you every step of the way. Stephen and Natasha, weddings always seem to excite people, and this wedding more than most. At the rehearsal, I could see all the joy and excitement. I looked at my friends and I know they are going to be happy together. You have come a long way and I know God would definitely be a part of your journey. Let’s raise our glasses up to Stephen and Natasha. We pray for more love and a blissful marriage” Jeffrey said and raised his glass.

Derek showed up at the wedding, he wasn’t going to miss it. Nana Yaa didn’t see him when he arrived, but she saw Derek’s little sister when she was saying hello to a guest and wondered how she got there. ” Valerie? I wasn’t sure that was you” Nana Yaa said and hugged her. “I am a little confused. Did you come alone?” she added. ” No. I came with Derek. He was here awhile ago” Valerie said. Nana Yaa looked around but he couldn’t see him, so she turned to Valerie” Are you okay? Do you need anything?” she asked. But Valerie shook her head. ” I am fine.” she said. “If you need anything I would be up there” Nana Yaa said pointing to a seat next to the bride. Valerie nodded. “And if you see Derek please tell him I need to speak to him” she added. Nana Yaa walked back to her table and Nicole asked if she was okay. “Derek is here. I saw Valerie and she told me, but I don’t seem to find him anywhere. I just called him and his bloody phone is still off!” Nana Yaa said almost shouting.  “I don’t know what to do Nicole. I am tired and he is really hurting me” she added. “I saw him earlier, he came to say hello to us. I thought you guys have met” Nicole said. “Did you see where he passed? Nana Yaa asked. “Erm…I saw him talking to George, I wasn’t really paying attention. Sorry” Nicole said.  Nana Yaa sighed. “I have a feeling he might be with Mum and Dad. Yes! Definitely!” Nana Yaa said excitedly.  She got up and rushed to her parents table but he wasn’t there either. “Sweetheart are you okay? her father asked. “Daddy have you seen Derek?” she asked while trying to catch her breath. “Yes, he just left here. He said he was running late for a meeting so he had to leave. Why? is something wrong?” her father said. “how long ago was this?” she asked. “Oh not too long, I think he was going to get his car from the car park. You can still catch him if you hurry” 

Nana Yaa knew she couldn’t make it to the car park in her high heels but luckily she had the same feet size as her mother so she begged her mum to use her flat shoes. She rushed out to chase after Derek, she saw someone who looked like him from behind but it wasn’t him. She was almost giving up when she saw Valerie walking with him. She shouted his name twice but Derek didn’t turn, she caught up with them and held Derek’s arm. “Baby, were you really leaving without seeing me?” Nana Yaa asked and looked into his eyes. Derek didn’t answer. Valerie took the car keys from Derek and walked to the car. Nana Yaa saw so much pain in his eyes. His face was healing but she could still see his bruises. When Valerie left, Derek decided to talk, he wanted to get everything off his chest. ” What do you really want from me Nana Yaa? What?! You don’t love me, you have never loved me and you are never going to love me. I can’t sit and watch you hurt me everyday because I am not Jeffrey. First you couldn’t get over Ebo, I understood that. He was the man you almost got married to and I really thought we were making progress. Now here I am again competing with another man for your attention and your love. I don’t deserve this Nana Yaa and you know it. This is not me, I am not a violent person but look at me, I now fight in public over you. This wasn’t the plan, all I did was to love you Nana. I know I am never going to get over you, but I am willing to try because I don’t love the person I am becoming. Derek paused and close his eyes he was trying his best not to cry in front of Nana Yaa because Nana Yaa was already crying. ” I bought a ring. I was ready to get married and start a family with you but I wasn’t sure you were ready to marry me. That broke my heart, I had lots of sleepless nights because you weren’t ready to give me your all. I don’t want to ever feel this way again. You already know where this is going Nana. I love you , I love you very much but I guess that is never going to be enough” Derek added.

Nana Yaa held on to him. “Derek please. I love you. I love you please let’s go home and talk properly about this” Nana Yaa said still holding on to him. Derek shook his head. ” I can’t do this anymore Nana Yaa. I have to go” Derek said and kissed her. He kissed her slowly and passionately, Nana Yaa kissed him back with the same intense passion, tears rolled down her cheeks. Derek wiped her eyes and kissed her forehead. “I hope you find what you are looking for” he said and hugged her. Nana Yaa watched as Derek walked away, as he walked right out of her life. She wanted to chase after him but there was no point now, she stood at the same spot watching Derek’s car disappear down the road and wondered if she would ever see him again.

She couldn’t go back to the wedding, her heart was breaking. She ordered an Uber that took her straight home. She texted Nicole and Natasha to apologize and promised to explain. She was suddenly very hungry so she went to the kitchen to get some food but the scent of the stew in her refrigerator made her very nauseous. She cooked some rice and microwaved the stew but when she ate some of the food it made her nauseous and she rushed to the bathroom to throw up. That was the second time she was throwing up but she didn’t feel sick. She rushed to her calendar to calculate her monthly flow and she was late. She was too anxious but she needed to know. She got out of her clothes and wore     one of Derek’s T-shirts and shorts. She rushed to a near by pharmacy to get a pregnancy test kit. She quickly got back to take the test. Those were the longest seven minutes of her life. She picked up the kit and there were two lines.



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