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Sweet Nothings

“Keith Ebo Quansah is every girl’s dream, too bad he never had eyes for you Claudia. I know how much you tried to get his attention” Hannah said. Claudia sighed and closed her notebook. Ever since she heard about the proposal she hasn’t been herself. Her best friend Hannah tried to help her take her mind off it but she just couldn’t forget. “You know what hurts most Hannah? The fact that I thought he felt the same. He is always so nice to me and always remembers to buy me donuts anytime we have a study meeting. I must have misread the signs. Nana Yaa is a good girl, I guess she has something I don’t.” Hannah shook her head, “Claudia but I think they are taking things too fast. Marriage is such a big deal, he should have waited till they both finish school.” Hannah said. “You know, when we first got to medical school and I started getting to know Ebo, I remember he said something about getting married early. He said it keeps one grounded and prevents fornication. We were just friends, I hadn’t started catching feelings for him. I don’t really remember my exact words but I think I said something about wanting to finish school before I get married because I thought marriage destroyed a lot of dreams. He got quiet after I said that. Come to think of it now, I probably should have kept my thought to myself that day, if I had I would be the one wearing his ring.” Claudia said sadly. Hannah saw Ebo walking towards the class from a distance. “Look at him walk, what a beautiful sight to behold” she said. Claudia quickly turned to look, she smiled when she saw Ebo walking towards her desk. “So I missed you at the party yesterday. Hannah told me you had an errand to run?” Ebo said and pulled a chair. Claudia nodded and smiled. Hannah decided to leave them alone to talk. “Just look at how you are smiling from ear to ear Ebo. I am very happy for you. Congratulations!” Hannah said and left. Ebo turned to face Claudia. “You seem a little off, are you okay? And are you not going to congratulate me?” Ebo asked. “ I am fine Ebo and congratulations. I know you would make Nana Yaa very happy.” Ebo smiled again, his face lit up “I really pray so my friend. Thanks. Anyway what are you doing here? Were you about to study without me?” Ebo asked. Claudia laughed. “Eii mister man, so now I can’t study by myself?” Ebo shook his head “No madam you can’t, as a matter of fact let’s go and have lunch. I am starving” Ebo said and packed her books.
Nana Yaa couldn’t stop staring at her ring, she couldn’t believe she was engaged to the love of her life. She tried to re-live the whole proposal again, she didn’t know Ebo was that romantic. She just couldn’t wait to marry him. Ebo came for her that evening and they went to pay his parents a visit to officially welcome her to the family and also start making plans for the marriage. She felt so honored. They were inseparable, everyone on campus knew or heard about them. She loved introducing herself as Ebo’s fiancée when they go out together. She graduated with a First Class honors in Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting a year after Ebo graduated from medical school. They were set to be married right after her National Service program. Ebo wanted to be married sooner but Nana Yaa’s parents insisted she finish with her national service. He had the opportunity to do his medical residency in a teaching hospital in Canada the same year Nana Yaa was set to start her national service, he so badly wanted to make Nana Yaa his wife before he leaves but he had to respect her parent’s decision. The day before his trip, he made sure to spend most of the day with Nana Yaa. She helped him pack his bags and cooked his favorite meal; goat meat Jollof rice. She made sure to hold him a lot more because she knew she wouldn’t be able to that for a while. Ebo for a moment didn’t want to leave, he loved her so much and didn’t want her feeling all alone. He saw how strong she acted, she didn’t want him to see her sad. In the car when he drove her back to her house, he saw a tear roll down her cheek but she quickly wiped it off. When they got in front of her house, Ebo parked and turned to face her.

“Baby, I know this is hard for you but believe me I will be back in no time at all and we can put all this behind us. We will get married soon and be happy together. I need you to be strong for me now. I love you very much and we are going to be fine, okay? Now smile. ” Ebo said and wiped the tears from her eyes. Ebo opened the door for his fiancée and they walked into her house. They saw Nana Yaa’s parent in the garden talking and laughing. Ebo had always admired Nana Yaa’s parents they were so in love after so many years of marriage and he secretly prayed God helps him love Nana Yaa the same way her father loves her mother. They smiled when they saw Ebo and Nana Yaa, Mrs. Osei Danquah saw how sad her daughter was and noticed she had been crying but she understood how she was feeling.
“Good evening Mr and Mrs Osei Danquah” Ebo greeted.
“Hello Ebo, lovely to see you. How are you doing?” Mrs. Osei Danquah asked.
“I am doing very well. Thank you ma’am” Ebo said.
Mr. Osei Danquah stood up and shook Ebo’s hand. “I guess you are all set and ready to leave son” he said as he gave Ebo a firm grip. Ebo nodded. “I am set to leave in the morning with the first flight, I just wish Nana Yaa would cheer up”. Ebo said and turned to look at Nana Yaa. “Don’t worry about Nana Yaa she is going to be fine, we will make sure she doesn’t miss you too much. With the internet these days you kids have it easy, you can get in touch any time you want.” Mrs. Osei Danquah assured Ebo.
Ebo spent the evening with Nana Yaa’s family and asked permission to leave when it was getting late. He needed to rest for his trip the following day. Nana Yaa escorted him to the gate, they spoke for a short time and they kissed. Ebo thought about her on his drive back home, he really prayed she wouldn’t be sad and lonely.
Nana Yaa woke up the following morning with an upset tummy, she felt so uneasy so she rushed to the bathroom. She was wondering what food she had eaten the previous night. She heard her phone ring in her bedroom but she couldn’t answer. She went back to her room when she was feeling a little better, she picked up her phone and saw 2missed calls from Ebo. She quickly called him but he didn’t answer. She waited a while and tried again this time he answered.
“Hello Baby”, Nana Yaa said.
“Hey Love”, Ebo answered.
“Are you okay? Nana Yaa asked.
“I am okay Baby. Nikki is driving me to the airport. I just wanted you to know I am leaving. I will call you when I arrive, okay?
Nana Yaa smiled over the phone. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have such an amazing man in her life. She just couldn’t wait to marry him.
“Okay baby. Have a safe trip and I love you very much.” Nana Yaa said.
“I love you more” he replied and ended the call.
Nana Yaa placed her phone on the bed and had her quiet time. She prayed for her future husband, she asked God to protect his life and everything he was going to do in Canada, she prayed it becomes a success. She freshened up and began her day. She had some time on her hands because she was done with school and was waiting for her national service to start. She hadn’t made any plans for the day she just wanted to stay indoors and finish a novel she began reading the previous week. She was reading her novel when her dad came into her room and asked her to drive him to the mall to get some tennis rackets for Saturday practice. Nana Yaa was feeling reluctant to go because she was really enjoying her novel but she gave in because she loved her daddy and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer anyway, because he wanted Nana Yaa to master her driving.
They spoke a lot on their drive to the mall, they were the very best of friends. Sometimes her mother got a little jealous. They decided to get some few things for the house since they were at the mall. Nana Yaa saw a lot of cute couples at the mall and it reminded her of Ebo.

She was sending Ebo a message and didn’t see when she bumped into someone. Derek turned to face Nana Yaa and was mesmerized by her beauty. Nana Yaa apologized and left to find her father who was wandering in the aisles. Derek couldn’t stop staring, he just knew he wanted to get to know her. He is not one to ask for the number of a girl he just met but he wanted to try just this once and pray he doesn’t get blown off. He wasn’t sure how to talk to Nana Yaa because it looked like she was with someone and didn’t want to get punched in the face.
Nana Yaa kept smiling and typing on her phone, she was oblivious. Ebo replied her message and they were sending each other sweet nothings. Mr. Osei Danquah paid for the things they got and signaled Nana Yaa to meet him at the entrance. Nana Yaa hurried up to the entrance and helped her father with the cart. When they got to the car park,Nana Yaa unlocked the car and placed the bags at the back seat. Derek had followed her out of the mall to the car park, he walked closer to the car and tried to speak to her. Nana Yaa was startled when she heard a voice behind her. She closed the door and turned to look at the person who had startled her. She smiled and looked at Derek. Derek apologized for startling her and went straight to the point.
“I was the guy you bumped into earlier. Trust me I usually don’t do this but I was thinking we could exchange numbers? I really want to call you sometime” Derek said.
Nana Yaa couldn’t believe her ears. It’s been awhile a guy asked her for her number she had forgotten the flimsy excuses she used to give, besides the guy really caught her off guard. She really wanted to say no but decided to say yes, she felt it probably took a lot for him to ask. “I would block his number when he calls” she thought.
Nana Yaa nodded and gave her number to Derek. Derek was so happy, Nana Yaa could tell from the smile on his face. “My name is Derek by the way, Derek Dawson” he said with a smile. “I am Nana Yaa Osei Danquah” Nana Yaa replied with a smile and got into the car. Her daddy teased her a little. She laughed through it even though a part of her wondered if she had made the right decision by giving her number to a total stranger. They got home and Mr. Osei Danquah couldn’t wait to tell his wife what happened at the mall. Mrs. Danquah was surprised and looked at her daughter. “He was a pretty decent looking young man” Mr. Osei Danquah added. “I hope he isn’t a serial killer or something.” Mrs Danquah said worriedly.
“I plan on blocking his number when he calls mum. It is no big deal besides it is just my number. He seemed harmless though. Any way what’s cooking mum?” Nana Yaa asked. ‘’I am just frying some ripe plantains, your favorite” Mrs. Osei-Danquah replied. Nana Yaa smiled and helped her mother in the kitchen.
It was almost midnight and Nana Yaa was still reading her novel, she heard her phone vibrate and was excited because she knew it would be Ebo but she picked it and saw a strange number. She knew for sure it was the young man she had met at the mall. She wondered why he decided to call her at midnight, she hesitated and decided to answer when he called a second time.
“Hello?” she said.
“Hi this is Derek. We met at the mall?” he said.
“I figured it would be you.” she replied.
“I just wanted you to have my number too so you could register it into your phone. I am sorry it took me a while to call. I had some work to finish and lost track of time” Derek said.
Nana Yaa rolled her eyes. “Alright Derek Dawson. I will. You have a goodnight..bye.”
As soon as she ended the call, Ebo called her. She quickly answered.
“Hello Baby” she said excitedly.
“Hello my love I have arrived but I am still at the airport. How are you? I wasn’t sure I would catch you, judging from the time in Ghana now, why are you still up? Don’t tell me you were waiting up for me” he said.
Nana Yaa laughed. “I was still reading the novel I told you about Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It is so good I just can’t put it down.
“Well, you should get some sleep now love. I think the bus that is supposed to take us to the hospital just arrived. I love you baby, I will call you as soon as I settle down” Ebo said and ended the call.
Nana Yaa continued to read but drifted to sleep with her book in her hand, she slept soundly like a baby. She overslept that morning, she didn’t realize how tired she was. Her eyes opened around 9:15am she had another tummy ache and felt so uneasy, she really didn’t understand what was going on. She rushed to use the bathroom, she was in so much pain. She came back to the bedroom and found her mother sitting on her bed with tears running down from her eyes. She quickly sat by her mother and asked her what the problem was. She wasn’t expecting the answer she received. Her whole world came crushing down, she begged her mum to tell her it was a joke. Her mum shook her head, “Nana I really wish it were a joke but sadly it is not and I am very sorry” her mother said with tears rolling down her cheeks. Nana Yaa rushed to pick her phone and saw 20 missed calls from her best friend Nicole. Nicole doesn’t call her that much, that made her believe what her mother just told her. She couldn’t believe what was happening, she was overwhelmed with all the pain and she fainted. Her parents rush her a nearby hospital, where she regains consciousness but when she was conscious a big part of her really wished she was dead.
Her friends and family were all around but it felt like nobody was in the room because Ebo wasn’t there. She felt so empty and couldn’t stop her tears, there were a lot of questions she wanted to ask but she just couldn’t find her voice. The only thing that kept ringing in her mind was the fact that Ebo was dead. She could not believe it, it was very hard for her to believe it. She had spoken to him at dawn when he arrived at the airport. She remembers his exact words “I love you baby, I will call you as soon as I settle down.” and in some hours she gets the news that he died in a car wreck. She wanted more answers than what she got, she needed an explanation. She was discharged from the hospital an hour later, her parents drove to Ebo’s parents house to support the family for their loss. Nana Yaa couldn’t believe what was happening it felt like a dream because she had just spoken to him that morning before she went to bed. Suddenly she calls his number and she can’t get through to him, he is gone. Nana Yaa sat quietly in the home of Ebo with tears running down her eyes, she had a splitting headache. She kept calling Ebo’s number hoping he would answer, she tried and tried but to no avail so she stopped.

It’s been six months since Ebo’s passing and Nana Yaa hasn’t said anything about Ebo’s sudden death. All through the funeral arrangements she was quiet, everyone began to think she has gone mute. The night of Ebo’s funeral she cried in her room, she hasn’t felt so much sadness in her life. She felt life was worthless and she wished God would take her life too. Her friends came around to check up on her but she always told her parents to tell them she wasn’t around. This kept happening for months so her friends stopped coming. Her father tried to cheer her up with his little teases, they really used to make Nana Yaa laugh but they didn’t work on her anymore. Derek called her any chance he got but after the first time they spoke on the phone, Nana Yaa hasn’t answered any of his calls. He wanted a way to see her again, he sometimes went to the mall hoping and praying she would show up.
Nicole hasn’t really spoken to Nana Yaa, she knew exactly how Nana Yaa felt and she gave her all the time she needed but Nicole had missed her best friend and decided to pay her a visit one Sunday afternoon. Nana Yaa was sitting in the garden when she saw Nicole walking up to her. She smiled when she saw her, Nicole also smiled and hugged her friend when she got closer to her. When she held her, she felt Nana Yaa had lost some weight. She took a closer look at her and saw how thin she had become, it broke her heart.
“I want to ask how you are doing but I already know the answer.” Nicole said. Nana Yaa smiled. Nicole picked a chair and sat close to her, they spoke about everything except Ebo. It was just too painful and they both could use some time away from that topic. Nicole suggested they go to the beach, she knew how much Nana Yaa loves the beach. Nana Yaa agreed and went inside to change. On their way to the beach, in the car Nana Yaa mentioned his name. She wanted to know if she could at least mention his name and be fine but she realized she wasn’t still over it when tears filled her eyes. “Keith Ebo Quansah” she kept saying. Nicole wanted to be strong for her friend but she missed him as much as Nana Yaa did. They got to the beach and Nana Yaa for the first time in six months spoke about Ebo’s death. She cried her eyes out and Nicole was there to comfort her, she thought the more she cried the less pain she would feel but the more she cried the more pain she felt, intense pain. She removed the engagement ring from her finger and gave it to Nicole, she just couldn’t keep it. She needed to move on and keeping the engagement ring would make her cry every day. After long hours of crying Nana Yaa got a certain kind of strength, the kind she knew only God could give her. She decided to be strong because she knew Ebo would have wanted that. Nicole was surprised at the sudden change but she was happy her friend was getting better. They drove back to Nana Yaa’s house for dinner and after a couple of hours Nicole left.
Four years down the line, Nana Yaa secured a job in a prestigious Accounting Firm. She turned into a workaholic, she put her all into her career. She had build up walls around her heart she didn’t want anything to do with love and relationships, that at least made her focus and it helped her achieve all her goals, at the age of twenty-seven Nana Yaa had everything she ever needed. She bought two houses, one for her parents and the other for herself, she had her own businesses. This made her parents happy and proud but they were very scared she might never get married because her new life intimidated men and she wasn’t interested in any relationship. Her parents tried to speak to her to open up to Derek, the young man she met at the mall four years ago. Her parents knew how much Derek loved her and they really wanted Nana Yaa to move on and be happy but Nana Yaa saw Derek as a friend, she just couldn’t see past that. She had run into him at the mall a couple of years ago when she was trying to promote her shea butter business. Derek recognized her and spoke to her, Nana Yaa had blocked his number years ago because he wouldn’t stop calling her. They had a nice conversation and ended up having lunch. Nana Yaa realized he was very intelligent and actually loved talking to him. When she got home that evening she unblocked his number and they became good friends. Derek made Nana Yaa aware of his feelings for her but Nana Yaa wasn’t sure what her feelings for Derek really were and she didn’t appreciate how her parents were forcing her into something she wasn’t so sure about. She always tried to change the subject anytime her parents spoke about Derek and relationships.
Nicole and Natasha paid her a surprise visit one day in her new home. She was in her pool when she saw them. She was so excited and jumped out of the pool to hug them.
“oh my God Nana Yaa you will mess up my dress” Natasha cried. Nicole laughed and handed Nana Yaa a towel.
“What brings you girls here, I was beginning to get very bored at home. I am so glad you are here” Nana Yaa said.
“I come with great news. Amazing news actually.” Natasha replied.
“Tell me! Tell me!” Nana Yaa said excitedly.
“Okay so you remember the guy I told you about? The one I met at my conference in Dubai?” Natasha said.
Yes! Why did he ask you to be his girlfriend?! “ Nana Yaa asked.
No, I really don’t know what is taking him so long! Anyway so he has invited us to Dubai. Well he invited just me but he said I could bring some friends along and since you two are my best friends in the whole wide world, I have decided to go with you girls. So girls we are going to Dubai!” Natasha said excitedly.
Oh my God!! That is so awesome. Dubai! I hear that place is really amazing” Nicole said.
Nana Yaa wasn’t too happy about it. It was such a bad time to travel because her business had just began and she had to be around to supervise things. “I can’t go girls you know how things are with me now at the office and also with my new business I need to be around to make sure things are moving on the way it’s supposed to”
“Come on Nana Yaa. It’s just for a couple of weeks. It’s going to be fun and we all know you could use some fun” Natasha said.
Alright. I will go. A part of me is dying to see Dubai anyway.
They all laughed and danced. “Dubai here we come” they all sang.
Anyway Natasha do you think this guy is interested in you? An all-expense paid trip to Dubai has boyfriend written all over it. Maybe he will ask you out in Dubai. That will be pretty romantic if you ask me” Nana Yaa said.
“Look at Nana Yaa talking about love and romance. I didn’t know a trip to Dubai will soften that hard heart of yours” Natasha teased. Nana Yaa laughed and pushed Natasha into the pool.
“Oh my hair and makeup!!” she cried.


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