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The three friends arrived in Dubai the following week feeling very tired but excited. At the airport they saw a handsome young man dressed in a dark suit holding a placard with Natasha’s name. They walked to him and he picked up their luggage and led them to a very luxurious car, they felt like princesses. Natasha was going crazy with excitement, she couldn’t wait to see Jeffrey. The chauffeur took them to a beautiful seven star hotel; Burj Al Arab, the most beautiful hotel they had ever seen. He then told them a room has been booked for each one of them and led them to the reception to pick up their keys. When they entered their rooms, they each saw a beautiful dress on their bed with a note which read “the chauffeur would be back to pick you out for dinner. Welcome to Dubai, Jeffrey” They wondered how he got their sizes right.

Natasha couldn’t believe how much of a gentle man Jeffrey was. In about an hour, they were all dressed up and ready to have dinner. The chauffeur took them to a beautiful rooftop restaurant called Iris. It was nothing they had ever seen, the place was filled with life. A waiter walked up to them and got them a seat where they waited patiently for Jeffrey. Nana Yaa was busy on her IPad checking some emails from the office, she was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t notice when three men walked up to their table. Nicole tapped her leg gently under the table to get her attention. She raised her head and saw the men, she smiled and greeted shyly. They ordered soon after the men arrived and had a nice evening.
Nana Yaa got to see Jeffrey and noticed a resemblance he had with Ebo but she felt she was over reacting and maybe she had just missed him until Nicole mentioned something on their way back to the hotel. Natasha was very tired and slept off so she didn’t hear their conversation.
“ did you notice how he kept nodding and folding his arms when he listened to us speak?” Nicole said. “and what a coincidence he is also allergic to chocolate? To be honest, Ebo was the only one I knew who was allergic to chocolate” Nana Yaa added. They both didn’t know what to believe, when they got to the hotel they walked Natasha to her room and said goodnight to each other.
The little issue kept Nana Yaa up all night in her room, a part of her wanted it to be him but she felt silly wishing for a dead man to be alive. It made her cry but it made her relieved to know she wasn’t going crazy.
The next day, they had a date on the beach. At the restaurant, Natasha mentioned how good her friends were at playing volley ball so Jeffrey suggested they play on the beach. Nana Yaa hated the idea, she didn’t want to see Jeffrey anymore and be more confused. Natasha insisted and Nana Yaa change her mind. Nana Yaa played so well it made her miss those times she used to play in high school. She was about to hit the ball when she tripped on a stone that was buried in the sand and got cut. She was bleeding and started to cry, she had such a fear for blood. Jeffrey immediately rushed into his car to get his first aid bag to stop the bleeding. He carried her off the beach to stitch it up, Nana Yaa was so scared but Jeffery told her to trust him in the exact way Ebo would have. She held on to him and closed her eyes as Jeffrey stitched up her wound. Natasha watched them and was jealous with how close they were. When Jeffrey was done stitching up her wound he asked her to open her eyes,Nana Yaa looked at him and asked him where he learnt to do that. “I went to medical school but realized my real passion was in business so I am not practicing medicine but I remember everything I was taught” Nana Yaa couldn’t believe her ears. She wanted to ask him the school he studied in but she was so scared of the answer she might get. Natasha and Nicole went up to check on her and Jeffrey assured them that she was very fine. They couldn’t continue the game so they had lunch instead.
Jeffrey’s friend Stephen had started catching feelings for Natasha but she was really in love with Jeffery and Stephen didn’t seem to stand a chance. Nicole and George were really hitting it off, they had great connection but she wasn’t very sure about what she was starting to feel for him. At the restaurant, Natasha managed to sit next to Jeffrey and engaged him in a pretty nice conversation but Natasha couldn’t help but notice how Jeffrey stole glances at Nana Yaa who was busy on her IPad as usual sending an email. Natasha was getting very upset and decided to warn her best friend off Jeffrey when they got back to the hotel. Jeffrey still stole glances at Nana Yaa as she ate, this time Nana Yaa caught him. She smiled. Jeffrey suddenly suggested they all go Camel back riding the next day. Nicole and Natasha loved the idea very much but Nana Yaa didn’t say anything so Jeffrey asked her if she didn’t like the idea but Nana Yaa just shrugged and asked to be excused. The girls followed her to find out what was wrong but they realized she was crying. “What is wrong now?” Nicole asked. I think this trip was a mistake Nicole I shouldn’t have come” Nana cried.  “Why are you saying all this Nana. You are the one receiving all the attention from Jeffrey. Don’t act as if you are not enjoying it. I see how you look at him and how he also looks at you.” Natasha said angrily. “What are you taking about? You can clearly see she is upset so why are you upsetting her even more?” Nicole said glaring at Natasha. “It is always about Nana Yaa, it’s always about her. How about how I also feel Nicole? How about me?” Natasha said and walked away. She went to Jeffrey and asked if he could take her back to the hotel. Jeffrey agreed and walked her to his car. As he drove, he asked if she was okay. Natasha shook her head and opened up to Jeffrey about Nana Yaa and everything she is going through and how that had affected their lives. “she lost her fiancé some years ago and ever since then she has completely shut her heart off every emotion, she just doesn’t want to be happy and it has become the responsibility of Nicole and I to make her happy but now it feels like we are baby-sitting, she just doesn’t want to move on. It makes me so frustrated, now Nicole doesn’t care how I feel, everything is about Nana Yaa but I also lost a best friend when Ebo died.  I am also hurting,  but moving on and having fun sometimes eases the pain. We are in Dubai for crying out loud, and I want to make my stay here a memorable one. Jeffery smiled. “Of course, I will make sure you have the time of your life while you are here” he said.
Back on the beach, Nana Yaa told Nicole she still feels something is up with Jeffrey. “Why, what did he do?” Nicole asked.
“ I remember Ebo and I had a bucket list and going camel back riding was second on the list and did you notice how he looked right at me when he suggested that and asked if I liked that idea? What was all that about Nicole? And what amazes me the most now is the fact that he told me he went to medical school when he was stitching up my wound. This is too much. I didn’t want to say this but Nicole, when he carried me, it felt as if I was in Ebo’s arms. I can’t take this anymore I am going back to Ghana tomorrow” Nana Yaa said. “No Nana Yaa don’t do that, we need to get to the bottom of this. I am getting very curious now, but come to think of it, he looks nothing like Ebo he just behaves a lot like him,maybe it’s just a coincidence. We miss Ebo so much and we are probably just over thinking things. Let’s relax and enjoy our stay okay? Please I am really enjoying my time with George, I want to know where it goes. My only advice right now would be to avoid Jeffery the best way you can” Nana Yaa nodded and they went back to Stephen and George. They spent time talking and laughing, after a while George opted to drop them at the hotel. That night Nicole and George spoke over the phone, there was something beautiful happening between them and they both couldn’t help it.
Around Ten o’clock that night Nana Yaa was still up thinking about Ebo,she kept staring at his photograph. She really wished she could be strong but she just couldn’t. She decided to do something crazy, she called the chauffeur to take her to Iris and come back for her at midnight. She needed a drink, something stronger to help her forget, she didn’t want to drink in the hotel because she didn’t want her friends seeing her. The chauffeur knew it wasn’t a good idea but he took her anyway, he also called his boss Jeffery to inform him.
“What?! Why? what is going on with her? I am on my way. Thanks for telling me Nathan” Jeffrey said over the phone and picked up his keys. Jeffrey drove to Iris to keep an eye on her. Nana Yaa ordered a Dirty Martini and told the bartender to keep it coming. Jeffrey walked over to her when she had her sixth glass “I think you have had enough Nana Yaa” he said and took her out of the bar. He had wanted to drive her back to her hotel but Nana Yaa passed out in his car, he didn’t want her friends seeing her in such a bad state so he took her to his apartment.


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