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Camel Trouble
Nana Yaa woke up and realized she wasn’t in her hotel room, she was in a man’s T-shirt with a bottle of water next to her bed. She was startled to see Jeffrey sitting on the bed. “What is going on here? Did we have sex?!” she asked. “No! Come on Nana Yaa! You don’t remember anything? You got a little careless last night, so I took you in to take care of you. You were in a really bad shape” Jeffrey said
“I don’t need your help Jeffrey, please take me back to the hotel.” Nana Yaa said and tried to get out of bed.
“You need to drink some water, you will feel better. You don’t have to go back to the hotel we are going for the camel back ride today, we can leave from here and meet up with the others. I can get you some new casual clothes” Jeffrey said
“I said, I don’t need your help Jeffrey! And I am certainly not going on this camel back ride with you!” Nana Yaa said glaring at him.
“Why are you being so difficult Nana Yaa?! I am just being nice because you are my guest. Don’t you think I deserve better than this?! Jeffrey said
Nana Yaa sat quietly for a while and turned to face him. “I am so sorry Jeffrey. I am just having a terrible time here. You remind me so much of someone I lost and seeing you makes it very difficult to focus and enjoy my stay” Nana Yaa said.
Natasha told me about it and I am very sorry for your loss. I don’t know how I can help you enjoy your stay here but I can try to stay away from you. I think seeing less of me will make you stop thinking about your late fiancé and enjoy your stay” Jeffrey suggested.
I can’t make you do that Jeffrey. I will figure a way to stop thinking about him” Nana said.
It is fine Nana Yaa, it is no bother. I will stay out of your way so you can enjoy your time with your girlfriends. I will leave you to freshen up and take you back to the hotel” Jeffrey said and left the room.
The drive back to the hotel was very quiet, Nana Yaa wasn’t sure if Jeffrey was angry with her. She has never seen him this quiet ever since she met him. To break the silence, Nana Yaa asked some questions about him. “So, do you have family here?” she asked.
Jeffrey smiled. “No, they live in America. Well my father works in Germany, he is a doctor; a plastic surgeon but my mother is a retired gynecologist so she moved back to America. My father has his own hospital now so he is still practicing in Germany. I try to visit them every chance I get. I am an only child but I have a lot of cousins.”
“That’s nice. Well, I am an only child too but I don’t know most of my cousins. I just have lots of friends who have become like family” Nana Yaa said. Jeffrey smiled. “I on the other hand do not have lots of friends, my parents shielded me a lot because I didn’t fit in a lot growing up so I spent most of my time indoors. George and Stephen are my business associates I met them when I moved to Dubai two years ago, they have been pretty good to me through the years, I guess I could call them my friends”. Nana Yaa nodded. “Yes, you should. I wouldn’t have guessed you guys met two years ago, you act like you have known each other since birth” she replied with a smile.
They got to the hotel and Nana Yaa went to her room to change for the camel back ride. She decided to join them after all. As they got ready, Jeffrey waited in Natasha’s room. He had missed her and wanted to know if she felt better after what happened on the beach. Natasha was very happy to see him, she hugged him tightly. Natasha rushed to the bathroom to change, when she came back to the room she saw Jeffrey sitting on a chair close to the window. She walked closer and sat on his lap and placed her hand around his neck. Jeffrey smiled and just looked at her, Natasha leaned in and kissed him. Jeffrey was surprised but he didn’t stop her, he kissed her back and carried her on to her bed and kissed her some more. Natasha wanted to make love but Jeffrey wasn’t ready for such a commitment so he stopped and sat on the bed. “What is wrong?” Natasha asked.
“I am sorry. I am just not ready for something very serious. I really like you so I think we should take it slow” Jeffrey said. Natasha reluctantly agreed and nodded, Jeffrey kissed her again and they left the room hand in hand. Nicole and Nana Yaa met them in the lobby and they walked to Jeffrey’s car. Nicole couldn’t wait to see George, she was beginning to like him very much. When they arrived Nicole quickly got out of the car and went to George, she hugged him. Nana Yaa also got out to have a good look at the desert. Stephen walked up to Nana Yaa and asked if she was alright. Nana Yaa nodded and smiled. Natasha and Jeffery got down still holding hands, it was very obvious something was going on between them. The tour guide arrived moments later, he spoke Arabic and Jeffrey nodded. He brought along two Toyota Prado and Jeffrey ushered everyone into them. The ride on the desert was spectacular, they couldn’t wait to see the live Camel. They stopped in the middle of the desert where the camel were. The tour guide spoke Arabic and the men translated to the women. He said Jeffrey had to join Nana Yaa on one camel because she was small and would fit with Jeffrey because he was big enough to support her but Jeffrey refused and suggested Nana Yaa join George instead because he was the same size as him. George didn’t like the idea because he was already on the same camel with Nicole. Nana Yaa upon seeing that quickly suggested to join Stephen but the tour guide told her, Stephen and Natasha were the right size to join one camel. Jeffrey asked if there were any more camels but the tour guide said the camels were not enough because of the number of people who came for the Camel ride tour that day so they had to manage with the three camels. They said all this in Arabic, the boys understood but the girls didn’t. George and Stephen wondered why Jeffrey wasn’t too happy about joining Nana Yaa on a camel. The tour guide helped Nana Yaa get on Jeffrey’s camel and told him to hold the saddle tight in front of Nana Yaa, he placed his hand around her waist to be able to hold the saddle. Natasha couldn’t bear the sight of Jeffrey’s hand around Nana Yaa’s waist.
Jeffrey and Nana Yaa were very quiet, it was very awkward between them. “I am sorry, I know I promised to stay out of your way but I couldn’t do anything about this” Jeffrey whispered. Nana Yaa nodded. “I am fine, I didn’t like the whole idea of you staying away in the first place. I will be seeing a lot of you any way since you are dating Natasha now, so I think you should relax around me” Nana Yaa said. Jeffrey laughed and nodded. They enjoyed their ride but Natasha kept staring at them. After the ride Jeffrey helped Nana Yaa off the Camel, he held her by the hand and was aiding her get off slowly. Nana Yaa took a glimpse of his hand, and saw that it looked exactly like Ebo’s. She quickly let go of his hand and she fell. “Why did you do that?” Jeffrey asked angrily. “Stay away from me. Just stay away from me” Nana Yaa cried. Nicole and Natasha quickly went to get her off the ground, she was beginning to cause a scene so they took her into one of the cars. Jeffrey stood there very confused and embarrassed, he didn’t know what to say. He walked to the other car and the boys followed him, they had planned to have lunch together but the afternoon was ruined. When they drove off the desert, Nana Yaa told the girls what she saw but they didn’t want to believe it, especially Natasha, she thought Nana Yaa was going crazy. They got to where Jeffrey had parked his car and Nicole decided to check for herself. She took Jeffrey’s right hand and looked at it, she looked at his fingers too. Tears filled her eyes and she looked straight into his eyes, “is it really you?” she asked. Jeffrey angrily pulled his hand away, he was fed up of the drama. He rushed into his car and drove off.


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