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For the rest of their stay in Dubai, the girls spent most of the time with Stephen and George, in the evenings Nathan picks Natasha up to see Jeffrey in his apartment because he was avoiding Nana Yaa and Nicole.

After that incident on the desert Natasha began seeing the resemblance Jeffrey had with Ebo, she didn’t want to upset him so she kept it to herself. Soon, the two weeks trip they thought would last forever came to an end. Nicole was very sad, she was going to miss George. She invited him to Ghana, he wasn’t sure he could make it but he promised he would think about it. Jeffrey made it to the airport to say goodbye, Nana Yaa’s heart skipped a beat when she saw him. She apologized, Jeffrey accepted her apology and hugged her.

He held on to her as if he had missed her, Nana Yaa didn’t want to let go either. Jeffrey finally let her go and wished her a safe flight back. He also hugged Nicole and kissed Natasha, he wished them a safe flight too. They arrived in Ghana very tired, Nana Yaa ordered an uber and went straight home to bed. Nicole called George when she settled and they spoke till she fell asleep on the phone. Jeffrey and Natasha spoke for a while but Natasha wasn’t really enjoying the conversation, she was confused about the feelings she had for him.

It’s been three months after the Dubai trip. Natasha tried her best to avoid Jeffrey, he got the hint and stopped pursuing her. Nana Yaa decided to give love a second chance, she began seeing Derek in a different light. She tried to forget about Ebo and Jeffrey so she could focus on Derek. She had fallen in love with him and he was gradually helping her heal. They have been together for three months and those three months has been the best three months of her life. She loved how he cared about her, made her his priority. Her parents were so happy for her, they loved seeing their daughter happy.
Nana Yaa was in her office when Nicole called to tell her that she was getting married to George. Nana Yaa was so surprised, she couldn’t believe her ears because they had been dating for three months which to her was a pretty short time to get married to someone but she very excited for her friend anyway.

After work, she went to get Natasha and they both went to Nicole’s house. Nicole later told them that Jeffrey was going to be the best man. Nana Yaa quickly declined the offer of being the maid of honor, Natasha didn’t want to be the maid of honor either so Nana Yaa had to accept the offer again.

Jeffrey, George and Stephen arrived a week to the wedding. Nicole and Natasha went to get them from the Airport. The girls noticed Jeffrey had lost a lot of weight, Natasha hugged him and he felt small in her arms. Nicole went to her fiancé to kiss him and hugged Stephen too. Nicole didn’t want them to pay for a hotel so she suggested they stay in her house instead, she had enough space and rooms.

Nana Yaa went to the house after work with her new boyfriend Derek to welcome the boys to Ghana. They met Jeffrey at the door just when they were entering into to the house, he was stepping out for a drink.” Ooh hello Nana Yaa” he said. Nana Yaa smiled and replied.

They didn’t have much to say so she excused him and he went out of the house. Derek noticed the tension between them so he turned to have a better look at Jeffrey when he was entering his car. Nana Yaa stayed longer talking to her friends and didn’t realize how late it was. She was just about to leave when Jeffrey arrived, he wasn’t expecting her to be around because he intentionally stayed longer in the pub to buy him time. He greeted everyone and locked eyes with Nana Yaa for a moment and went upstairs to his bedroom. Nana Yaa and Derek left minutes later. Jeffrey watched her from his bedroom window as Derek opened the door for her to enter the car.

The following day, Nana Yaa arrived early to Nicole’s house. Nicole had called to tell her it was an emergency. “What is wrong Nicole?” she asked as soon as she entered the house.

“You have to settle this thing with Jeffrey. I don’t want your little grudge to ruin my wedding, so you are going to spend the whole morning with him and figure this thing out before Saturday because I won’t forgive you if you ruin my wedding”

“What are you saying Nicole. You know I have to go to work. I don’t have a grudge with Jeffrey. Remember I apologized at the airport when we were leaving Dubai. We are very good” Nana Yaa said.
Nicole ignored Nana Yaa and dragged her by the hand to Jeffrey’s room and knocked. Jeffrey opened on the second knock.

“You two deal with your issues. Talk to each other and make sure you settle whatever it is before my wedding. I really do not like this tension between you two” Nicole said and stormed off. Jeffrey was confused, Nana Yaa watched as Nicole stormed off. He asked her in and he went to freshen up. It was very quiet at first they both didn’t know what to say but Nana Yaa broke the silence and asked him why he had lost so much weight. Jeffrey ignored the question, that got Nana Yaa a little upset so she walked to the door to leave but Jeffrey realized he was being too hard on her and followed her to the door and asked her to stay. Being that close to him again made her realize how much she had missed him, she didn’t notice when she hugged him. They both didn’t understand what was happening between them. Jeffrey felt something very strongly for her. They sat on the bed and Jeffrey told her about the things he had found out about himself when they left Dubai.
“I went to see my parents because I had so many questions. I was involved in a very weird car accident some years ago hence this scar on face and my head. I wasn’t the one driving, I was seated in the passenger seat and out of nowhere I started to feel very uneasy, like I had been involved in an accident, I was suddenly in so much pain, I panicked for no reason and that caused the driver in my car to crash. But that is not really the issue here, what my parents told me changed everything for me, they said I have a twin brother. They had gone to Ghana thirty years ago for a medical outreach in a small village. My mother helped a young lady deliver a set of twin boys, according to my mother, this said lady didn’t know she was carrying twins she was so afraid to take us home because of her family and also she knew she didn’t have any money to take care of the two of us so she practically begged my mother to keep me. My mother had suffered two miscarriages and saw me as an answered prayer. My father was totally against it at first he couldn’t see himself fathering a stranger’s son but he eventually agreed. That night after the young lady handed me over to my mother, news came around that the said lady had died and the other baby was nowhere to be found. My parents looked everywhere for my brother but he was gone. They didn’t want to leave Ghana without him but they knew very few people and communication was very difficult. They stayed a little longer in that village to get news about my missing brother but they never got such news so they went back to America with me. All my life I have felt different, I could feel pain in places I didn’t expect to feel pain at. I could be walking and I would trip on absolutely nothing and fall, I was very different. I remember telling my parents about it but they said it is just because I am special. It was hard to make friends because of this weird behavior, it felt as if someone or something controlled me. That was the life I had known for years but after that accident, I didn’t feel different anymore. It was as if that part of me had disappeared.” Jeffrey said with tears filling his eyes. “I didn’t know what to believe anymore. I read a lot on twin telepathy and I assumed that was what I had been feeling all these years. It wasn’t a coincidence you said I reminded you of your dead fiancé. You are the first person to tell me I remind you of someone. So clearly there is a connection. Now I don’t feel any weird pain anymore, the pain I felt on the day of my accident was the most intense, I felt like I was dying. If you don’t mind can you tell me how your fiancé died? Jeffrey asked.

Nana Yaa was speechless, she just looked right at Jeffrey. She cleared her throat and told Jeffrey that Ebo had died in a car accident. Jeffrey broke down in tears, he knew for sure Ebo was his brother, he just knew it. Nana Yaa hugged him, she was also crying. “I never got to see him but I always felt him. Do you know his story? Who his parents are? Jeffrey asked.

“I know his parents but I wouldn’t have guessed he wasn’t their biological son and he never told me he was adopted. His parents loved him so much, he was such a great guy. So where do we go from here? Should we tell everyone?” Nana Yaa asked. “No! We can’t, well not yet. I am still trying to figure out things about myself. I will look very silly explaining myself to everyone. I wasn’t even sure you would believe me when I decided to tell you. Nicole wanted us to settle our “differences” and now we have.” Jeffrey said

“Talking about Nicole, she is Ebo’s little sister” Nana Yaa said. “That explains why she knows which button to press to get me to do things” Jeffrey said. Nana Yaa laughed hysterically.

“I can’t believe this Jeffery, I should be freaking out now but I am so happy and grateful to meet you. This world is a very strange place. I have to tell you almost everything about Ebo. It is like I am getting to know him all over again, like the very first time we met”

They were still talking when Nicole knocked. Jeffrey asked her to come in. “I came to check in on you guys, you have been in here for a while. I hope you have settled your differences” she said. Jeffrey took a good look at Nicole now that he knew she grew up with his twin brother, he was very happy she is getting married to his best friend.

The wedding ceremony was very classy and intimate, the couple were so in love and everyone at the ceremony could tell. They danced like they had never danced before, and kissed every chance they got. Nana Yaa was the maid of honor from Heaven, she made sure her best friend was very relaxed and happy. She went behind the scenes to speak to the wedding planner to make sure he did everything exceptionally well. Jeffrey gave a very beautiful best man’s speech when he was making a toast to the couple, it brought tears to everybody’s eyes.

Nana Yaa decided to introduce Jeffrey to Ebo’s parents at the wedding, he needed a chance to meet them and have a talk. As Jeffrey spoke, Mrs. Quansah saw a resemblance but she was too scared to mention anything. She asked him to mention his name again. “Clark ma’am. Jeffrey Clark.” Jeffrey said.

She became perplexed and asked him why he wanted to set a meeting to talk to them because they do not know him.

“This isn’t the time or the place to have this discussion ma’am. Please, I just need to know if we can make this meeting happen. I have a couple of days to be Ghana. I would appreciate if we could have a quick chat soon” Jeffrey said.

Mr Quansah agreed, he was curious why Jeffrey wanted so badly to talk to them. “You know it is my daughter’s wedding today. We obviously can’t talk, but what I can do is to invite you to my home on Monday we can talk there” Mr Quansah said and shook Jeffrey’s hand.

Jeffrey was so grateful and left to find Nana Yaa. Mrs Quansah was so uneasy after he met Jeffrey, the resemblance was uncanny. She needed to find a way to stop her husband from meeting up with Jeffrey.

A couple of days after the wedding, George and Nicole were on their Honeymoon in Greece when they decided to give Nana Yaa a call thanking her for her help during the wedding. Nana Yaa assured them that it was her pleasure and asked them to enjoy their honeymoon as much as they could. Jeffrey was sitting across from Nana Yaa as she spoke, he couldn’t help but admire her beauty. She finished the call and asked Jeffrey why he was smiling. “Because I have seen a very beautiful woman sitting across from me” Nana Yaa got a little shy. “I can’t believe I agreed to have breakfast with you, I am going to be very late for work” Nana Yaa said shyly. “If your boss gives you a hard time in the office, just call me I will show him who is boss” Jeffrey jokingly said. Nana Yaa laughed. “I am the boss but thanks my hero. Anyway, I have been wanting to ask you this, would you be able to handle whatever you find out from Ebo’s parents today?” Nana Yaa asked.

Jeffrey nodded. “It isn’t going to be easy. But I need to find out more about my brother. I wish you didn’t have to go to work. I would need some support” Jeffrey cried. Nana Yaa laughed. “You are a strong man, you would be fine. Give me a call when you are done, I would come to you” Nana Yaa assured him. Jeffrey nodded and drank some coffee. Nana Yaa was starting to fall in love with Jeffrey. It was so easy to fall for him, he was just like Ebo. They finished having breakfast and Jeffrey walked her to her car and open the door for her. They hugged and Jeffrey told her he would give her a call after his meeting with the Quansahs.



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