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A couple of days has gone by after Jeffrey’s meeting with the Quansahs and Nana Yaa hasn’t heard a word from him,he didn’t call her like he promised and never opens the door when she visited him at home. She decided to pay the Quansahs a visit to ask them what exactly they had told Jeffrey but she met only Mr. Quansah at home so he narrated to her what exactly happened.

“I doubted him at first but I needed to be sure. Ebo hated chocolate so much so I intentionally served him with a glass of chocolate milk and from his reaction I knew he was also allergic, so I didn’t have any reason to doubt him anymore. He told us his story and it made sense, his surname Clark also rang a bell. I think about thirty years ago some doctors with the same surname came to our village to volunteer. They were very kind, we had never seen black foreigners, all the doctors who came to the village were white, so everyone spoke about these black couple. In the course of the conversation, Mildred broke to tears. I asked her why she was crying and she began to apologize to me and to the young man, saying she didn’t ask the nurse to kill anyone she just wanted a child. She then told us how she faked being pregnant because my family pressurized her a lot. She arranged with a nurse to steal a baby boy from the hospital. The nurse told her someone had just delivered twin boys so she would steal one and tell the mother that one died, but before they knew the mother had given one child to the foreign doctors because she couldn’t take care of both babies. This nurse still wanted to steal the second baby because Mildred had already paid her. In the course of stealing this baby the mother woke up, so in an attempt to stop her from shouting the nurse covered her nose and mouth with a pillow and killed her. Mildred watched as all this happened but she felt helpless, she didn’t want to ruin her one chance of being a mother so she kept quiet for weeks. One evening, she decided to confront the nurse but when she got to the hospital she was told the nurse had fled the village. Now she had the son she wanted but was unhappy. I never once thought Ebo wasn’t my son, everything Mildred said was news to me” Mr Quansah said.

“The young man asked to leave after Mildred’s story. He had nothing left to say. Mildred begged him to stay but he left. Mildred and I haven’t said a word to each other since” Mr. Quansah continued.

Nana Yaa was so sad she wished she could help but Mr. Quansah assured her he was going to be fine. She called Jeffrey as soon as she left the Quansah residence, he didn’t answer but he sent a message saying he would love to see her. Nana Yaa quickly drove to Nicole’s house to see Jeffrey, he looked a wreck. Nana Yaa hugged him, she knew he was going through hell.

“Let’s go somewhere Nana, anywhere. I need a change of scenery and I do not want to be alone” Jeffrey said as he hugged Nana Yaa. She looked up at him. “Are you sure about this?” she asked. Jeffrey nodded. So he freshened up and she helped him pack a bag, they drove to her house and she also packed a bag and they made their way to The Royal Senchi. They took turns driving because it was really unplanned and they were both tired. Nana Yaa watched Jeffrey sleep as she drove, he looked so peaceful, and she wanted so badly to kiss him on his forehead. They arrived at The Royal Senchi close to midnight they were very lucky to get two rooms because they hadn’t reserved any, it skipped Nana Yaa’s mind. They settled down and went to the restaurant to eat, they decided on assorted meat fried rice with some spicy fish sauce. Nana Yaa noticed Jeffrey looked much better, he smiled and laughed more. He even danced when he heard some of the African tunes. He isn’t really used to the culture just yet. When he got back to his seat Nana Yaa told him why she decided to bring him to The Royal Senchi.

“Ebo and I wanted to come here so badly when we were in school but we never had the chance because he was always busy with school work. It is amazing how both of you wanted to be doctors.” Nana Yaa said.

Jeffrey smiled. “Well in my case I didn’t want to be a doctor, my parents wanted that for me so I just obeyed them. Any way, I am curious. How did you meet my brother?”

Nana Yaa laughed. “Our love story is my favorite, everybody knew Ebo and I were going to be together. I didn’t like him at all at first, he used to tease me and Nicole a lot when I went over to their house to play. I lived across from them, my family had just moved into that neighborhood and Nicole was close to my age. I think we were about 7 years old so we became fast friends. I forced my daddy to take me to the same school as her and we have been inseparable since. We even went to the same high school; Akosombo International School. It was around that time that I think I started catching some feelings for Ebo.
Ebo on the other hand had liked me since we were kids that’s why he used to tease me a lot to get my attention, we were kids he didn’t know any better. He told me that was the reason when we became a couple. I really laughed but I found it cute. He was in his first year in medical school when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was young I was just entering high school so I turned him down even though I knew I liked him. When I was a kid, my parents used to have these Christmas parties every year and that particular year when Ebo asked me to be his girl and I turned him down, he brought another girl to the party. I think that was the first time I had seen him with someone else. I was angry for no reason, really angry, that’s when I think I discovered what jealousy was. I didn’t want to talk to him so I went to hide in my parent’s room and cried. My daddy found me crying and he asked me why and I told him I thought  I love Ebo. My daddy laughed at me, he started teasing me with Ebo’s name at home.

I think a year later, I was in my second year at Akosombo and I called him from school and asked if he was seeing someone. He said no and I said okay I want to be his girlfriend. Just like that. He thought I was pulling his legs but I told him I loved him and I think that’s when he believed me. Nicole and I graduated from Akosombo two years later and went to the same University as him to Major in Finance and Accounting. We met Natasha in University, she was our roommate, she seemed cool and the three of us became good friends. Ebo asked me to marry him on my birthday when I turned twenty-three. He was the best thing in my world, I wish you could have met him” Nana Yaa said trying to hold back her tears.

Jeffrey sighed. “Cute story. You must miss him a lot” he added.  “Every single day, it hurts too much so I distract myself the best way that I can. But honestly you aren’t helping. It is like I am looking right at him” she said.

“You will get used to me, we might behave the same but I am sure we are different” he replied. “Yes I noticed you are right handed. He was left-handed.” Nana Yaa added.

“You see? You are already catching up but you should know I am left footed” Jeffrey said. Nana Yaa laughed and checked the time, it was 2am.

”We need to get some sleep” she said. Jeffrey agreed and they called it a night. The following morning when they had fully rested they appreciated the view The Royal Senchi had to offer. They had breakfast and went for a boat ride and had the best massages. They went for dinner together and had a good time talking and laughing. Jeffrey effortlessly made her laugh and she loved that about him. Nana Yaa felt very safe with Jeffrey and almost forgot she was still in a relationship with Derek.

Their mini vacation was cut short when Nana Yaa got an emergency call from the office. She had a presentation the following morning so she had to be in Accra that evening.  They had to quickly go back to Accra, Jeffrey decided to drop Nana Yaa at home and pick an Uber because they used her car for the trip. When they got to her home, Nana Yaa invited him in for coffee and to talk some more. She had enjoyed his company and wanted some more.  Jeffrey made himself at home, he really loved Nana Yaa’s décor, it had a sense of simplicity and class. Nana Yaa came down the stairs looking cute in her tank top and shorts. Jeffrey loved her legs and the way her skin glowed in the lights. Nana Yaa went to the kitchen, brought him a cup of coffee and sat next to him. She smelled so nice. They were talking and laughing when Derek suddenly entered the room, they were startled, especially Nana Yaa, she had completely forgotten that she gave Derek a spare key.

“What is going on here? I haven’t been able to get through to you since yesterday Nana Yaa and I come here to see you with him? The same guy I asked you if I should be worried about?” Derek said angrily. Nana Yaa walked to her boyfriend to calm him down and to explain but he was so upset he didn’t want to hear it. He walked up to Jeffrey and hit his chest trying to start a fight but Jeffrey wasn’t having any of that.

He decided to walk away but Derek angrily punched him in the face, Nana Yaa was very surprised Derek got that violent. Jeffrey really wanted to beat Derek to the ground but he respected Nana Yaa and walked away. Nana Yaa called him that night after she had asked Derek to leave her house but Jeffrey didn’t answer.

The following morning before work, Nana Yaa drove to Nicole’s house to check on Jeffrey. He had left his bag in her house when he stormed out, so she wanted to return it. He saw her drive into the house and went downstairs to meet her. Nana Yaa was sad when she saw Jeffrey’s bruised lip. She placed his bag on the ground and hugged him.

“It’s all my fault, I should have informed him about our trip. I am so sorry for getting you caught up in this” Nana Yaa apologized.

Jeffrey didn’t say a word, he just hugged her. Nana Yaa let go and looked at him, she was expecting him to say something.

“Is something wrong?” she asked. Jeffrey finally spoke. “I am fine, would you want to come inside? Nana Yaa nodded. Jeffrey picked up his bag and led Nana Yaa into the house. “I just want us to have a little discussion, he added. She sat on the couch and Jeffrey sat on one across from her.  Jeffrey sighed before he spoke. “Nana Yaa, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel something for you. The last couple of weeks with you has been amazing. I now understand why my brother couldn’t get enough of you. I wish I had known you earlier than I did but it is too late now. I don’t know what I was thinking allowing myself to fall in love with my late brother’s fiancée. It is totally absurd. You belong to another, a very jealous man I must say. He loves you and it would be very wrong and selfish of me to come between the both of you. There were so many things I wanted to discover about myself with you but I just realized it won’t be possible. I would leave Ghana on Wednesday and I suggest we stay away from each other, I don’t want to be to the reason you have problems in your relationship.”

Nana Yaa wasn’t surprised about what Jeffrey said, she knew she had messed things up really bad. She was a little upset because she felt Jeffrey found it very easy to throw everything away. She wanted to yell at him and tell him how she really feels but she decided to stay quiet and not make things worse than it already is. She picked up her purse and walked out of the house leaving Jeffrey a little confused, a part of him wanted her to fight. Nana Yaa cried in her car as she drove to the office, she was trying very hard to hold back her tears but she was too hurt to keep it in. When she got to her office she went straight to the ladies room to apply some make up before her meeting with some prestigious clients.

Jeffrey thought about Nana Yaa the whole day, he wanted to call her and tell her he had changed his mind and he couldn’t live without her but he didn’t want to confuse her. Anytime he picked up the phone to call, he got scared and dropped it. He didn’t want to be alone so he called Stephen to ask if they could meet up for a drink but Stephen was secretly seeing Natasha and that moment was a bad time for him so he declined the offer. Jeffrey decided to go to the pub alone to have some few drinks and forget about Nana Yaa.

After work, Nana Yaa decided to go back to see Jeffrey and tell him how she felt about his decision, she rang the bell but he didn’t open. She was about to leave when she saw Jeffrey drive into the house, she stood in front of the door waiting for him to park. Jeffrey was very happy to see her, he smiled as he walked towards her. He opened the door, and they went in. Jeffrey was about to speak when Nana Yaa interrupted.

“You made it very clear this morning how you felt. I am so sorry Derek hit you, I am also sorry that I hurt you. But I am not sorry that I love you. I love you very much. I don’t know when it started but I am so sure it’s something more than just like. I don’t know if it’s because you are Ebo’s twin, I don’t know what it is. I thought I had lost him forever but meeting you I know I have gotten a second chance and at this moment it is not necessarily about Ebo anymore, it is about you Jeffrey and what I am beginning to feel for you. I want to be here, right where you are. I love you and I am not going anywhere” Jeffrey got closer and hugged her, she said exactly what he wanted her to say. Nana Yaa broke down to tears in his arms and Jeffrey held her. He wiped her tears with his finger and kissed her forehead. Nana Yaa looked up at him and kissed him, she kissed him with an ardour that left him breathless. It was getting very intense so Jeffrey stopped, he knew Nana Yaa is a virgin and he didn’t want her doing anything she might regret.
“I think its best we control ourselves before things get a little out of hand Nana Yaa” Jeffrey said and walked to the kitchen to get some water from the refrigerator. He sat by the kitchen counter and drank, he didn’t want to be close to her. Nana Yaa waited but Jeffrey never came out of the kitchen, so she went to check on him. She touched his arm and sat next to him by the kitchen counter. “Are you okay?” she asked. Jeffrey sighed and just stared at her, all he wanted to do was to kiss her. They looked into each other’s eyes and they both knew the feeling was mutual, they wanted to be with each other. Jeffrey caressed Nana Yaa’s face and pulled her closer to kiss her. His lips were a little cold from the water he had drank and Nana Yaa loved how they felt on her lips. She held him and kissed him harder, Jeffrey started kissing her neck and carried her on to the kitchen counter. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse and softly kissed her chest, Nana Yaa moaned with pleasure. Jeffrey removed his T-shirt exposing an amazing torso with firm pectoral muscles and a six pack. Nana Yaa saw the scars he had on his body from the accident, she lingered her fingers on his chest warmly. Jeffrey loved how her fingers felt on his chest, he run his hands up her thighs to her hips, around to her shapely bottom, and pulls her even closer. He just couldn’t control himself anymore he wanted to know if Nana Yaa was very sure about what she was doing.

“Nana are you sure about this?” he asked. Nana Yaa licked her lips and nodded, she placed her hand on either sides of his face and pulled him down to kiss him some more. Jeffrey upon realizing how much Nana Yaa wanted him, he carried her into his bedroom and they made sweet and intense love.

In the morning, Jeffrey watched Nana Yaa as she slept and kissed her forehead. He went to the kitchen to make some breakfast for her, she slept so peacefully and didn’t want to wake her. He came back to find her out of bed, she looked very pretty. He placed the tray on the bed and pulled her closer to him and kissed her, Nana Yaa giggled and kissed him back.

“I need to get ready for work, I am so late” Nana Yaa said. “don’t go to work today, you work so hard. You know you can really take today off.” Jeffrey said. “I have some important meetings today, I can’t miss it but I will go in shortly and come back to see you. I need to go home, freshen up and head to the office.” Nana Yaa said and kissed him. Jeffrey kissed her back and made her have some breakfast before she left, he knew she was very hungry after what they did the previous night.

Nana Yaa got home to find Derek waiting, she was a little surprised. She knew he would notice she didn’t spend the night at home. She was thinking of an explanation to give but she couldn’t think of anything. She got down from her car and walked towards him. “Derek, how are you?” What brings you here so early?
“Nana Yaa, are you just getting home? Where did you spend the night? I called you last night you never answered. I was very worried all night so I came this morning to check up on you only to find an empty house.”

Nana Yaa stood dumbfounded, she started playing with her hair and looked down at her feet, she couldn’t make eye contact with Derek. He moved closer to her and held her, he knew something was up. “Nana Yaa, talk to me. Did something happen?” he asked. Nana Yaa slowly nodded. “There was a lot to do in the office yesterday. I had a deadline and needed to finish some reports, I spent the night in the office because I was too tired to drive back home. I thought about calling you but it was so late and I knew you would be asleep. I decided to come home to change my clothes and get back to the office to finish everything up before my meeting at noon” Nana Yaa said.  “I am so glad you are fine. I was so worried when you were not picking up. I thought you were still crossed with me for hitting your friend.
“I was very angry but not anymore. I forgive you.” Nana Yaa said and hugged him just to hide her shame.

Nana Yaa went straight to the office for her meetings but she couldn’t help but think about the lie she had told Derek that morning. She really isn’t the type to lie so she couldn’t understand how she easily lied to her boyfriend about where she was the previous night. The meeting ended and her clients left the conference room but Nana Yaa sat lost in her thoughts. She was very confused about what she wanted, even though she was sure of the love she had for Jeffrey she felt Derek didn’t deserve to be lied to. She wished she could talk to her friends but she was afraid of what they will both think of her. She tried calling Nicole but she couldn’t get the courage to dial her number and she also felt she would bother her since she is on her honeymoon. She thought about calling Natasha but she just wasn’t ready for her nag just yet, she finally got the strength to leave the conference room to her office but she knew she couldn’t do any more work so she packed her stuff and left the office. As she drove back home, she got a call from Jeffrey.
“Hello Jeffrey”
“Hey Nana. How are you?
“Very well. Thanks. How are you?”
“I am okay Nana. I just miss you. How’s the office?”
“Actually, I am not in the office Jeffrey. I am heading home”
“Home? I thought you said you will quickly finish up at the office and come back here. Unless I heard wrong.”
“You heard right Jeffrey but I can’t come and see you. I am a little confused, I really think we got carried away yesterday we shouldn’t have done it.”
Nana Yaa realized she was speaking to herself after her last statement. Jeffrey angrily ended the call, he wasn’t surprised Nana Yaa said that. He decided to stay away from her, he felt very terrible. Nana Yaa called but he didn’t pick up, he turned his phone off and began packing his stuff. He was leaving earlier than he had intended, he just couldn’t do it anymore. When he was done packing he called Nicole to let her know where he would be leaving the keys to her house. Nicole and George asked him why he was leaving early but he wasn’t ready to talk about it.


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