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Moving On

“Nana Yaa, I cannot believe you slept at the cinema. Who sleeps at the cinema? Come on!” Natasha said angrily.
“I was very tired after work, this Thursday night girls out thing isn’t really helping. The whole room was dark, I thought I would shut my eyes for just two minutes but my eyes had different plans. I really did try to open them” Nana Yaa replied.
Nicole just watched as her friends argue. She hasn’t spoken to her husband all day and that has made her very worried. It’s been two years and married life has been a little difficult for her especially with the distance. George had a lot of businesses in Dubai so it was difficult for him to settle in Ghana. He asked Nicole to join him in Dubai but she couldn’t because of her job; she wasn’t ready to be a stay home wife. That placed a little pressure on their marriage and she feels responsible, so she tries harder in the relationship to make it work but that has caused her to be very clingy which is pushing George further away.
“Are you okay?” Nana Yaa asked when she noticed Nicole hasn’t said a word in a while. She nodded and looked on her phone. Natasha pulled the car over and dropped them home. Nana Yaa got home to find Derek fast asleep, he looked really adorable cuddled up in the duvet. She kissed him on the forehead and went to get a warm shower. She got into bed few minutes later and was fast asleep.
Derek had to leave very early to the office the next morning, Nana Yaa woke up to find his side of the bed empty.

Nana Yaa for two years has tried her best to forget about Jeffrey, it was like Ebo had died all over again. She did a good job keeping his secret, since he just disappeared from her life there wasn’t the need to tell everyone he is Ebo’s twin. The last time she saw him was when they made love. She tried getting in touch when she heard he had left the country but Jeffrey never answered.

After a month, Nicole told Nana Yaa that Jeffrey had changed his number and had asked her not to ever give his new number to her. She was very disappointed, for one year she hoped and wished Jeffrey would reach out but he never did. She had no choice than to move on with Derek who had been very good to her but deep down she couldn’t get over Jeffrey, she loved him.

Natasha had a baby with Stephen, a beautiful girl they named Zoe. Stephen loved his two girls very much and was making plans on making Natasha his wife before the year ended.
Nana Yaa got to the office in the morning and was surprised by her friends and co-workers, she had completely forgotten about her birthday. Derek appeared from behind with a cake in hand and kissed her on the cheek, she was so happy. She had been so busy with work she forgot about her birthday, in the past years she used to be very excited. Derek spent some time with her, ate some cake and rushed to the office but before he left he whispered in her ear that he has another surprise for her. Nana Yaa without a doubt knew he was going to propose, they have been together for a while and it was the logical thing to do since she was almost thirty.

She was very confused, she loved Derek but she wasn’t sure it was enough to marry him. She needed to speak to her mother for advice but her parents loved Derek so much she knew her mother would ask her to marry him.

Jeffrey’s business was growing very fast, in two years he had opened branches in Kenya, South Africa and Ghana. His two business associates George and Stephen were of such great help to him. He focused all of his energy into his business, he didn’t give himself room for any kind of emotions he decided to completely forget Nana Yaa and the best way to do it was to constantly stay busy. He got tempted sometimes to ask Nicole how Nana Yaa was doing anytime Nicole called her husband but he brushed away that thought, he wasn’t willing to go down that road anymore.

After a year of being single, he met a beautiful young upcoming actress in Kenya when he was launching his business. They had great chemistry and they hit it off strong, she wasn’t Nana Yaa but she sure did make Jeffrey happy. Jeffrey was working in his home office, when Zuri walked in half naked from their bedroom. She needed some attention from her boyfriend, he has been in his office all day. Jeffrey smiled and lifted his head off his laptop to look at his girlfriend.

“What are you up to Zuri. I told you I needed to finish this report” Jeffrey said.  Zuri wouldn’t hear it, she walked straight to him and closed his laptop. She spread her legs and sat on his lap, she gently kissed him. Jeffrey held her tight and carried her to the room. He gave her all the attention she wanted, and when she was fast asleep he sneaked back into his office to finish his report.

He was still working when he got a call from Stephen, he had proposed to Natasha and she said yes. He wanted him to be the first person to know and also be his best man. Jeffrey in that moment wanted to decline because he knew he would see Nana Yaa, he had avoided her for so long he didn’t want to see her but this was his best friend and he needed the support. He swallowed his pride and accepted. “It would be an honor my friend. Congratulations. ” he said. He ended the call and closed his laptop, he couldn’t work anymore he went straight to bed.

Nana Yaa closed from the office and went straight home. She was scared about Derek’s surprise, she really did hope it wasn’t a marriage proposal. She got into her house and found Derek cooking in the kitchen, her heart skipped a beat. He only cooked on very special occasions.

“Heyy Baby. You back already?” Derek said when he saw her. Nana Yaa smiled…”I got in a while ago, so what is cooking?” she asked.
“it is supposed to be a surprise, go upstairs and freshen up. Dinner would be served when you get back” Derek said. Nana Yaa went upstairs to change and came down to see Natasha and Nicole in her hall. Natasha had her left hand raised but Nana Yaa didn’t notice the ring till she got closer. She screamed when she saw it. “Stephen proposed?!!” she asked. Natasha nodded. “It was so romantic, I just had to say yes!! I wanted to ask if you would be my maid of honor” Nana Yaa nodded. “Of course Natasha. I will…I am so happy for you” Nana Yaa said and hugged her. Nana Yaa was relieved the surprise was for Natasha and not for her, she was glad it wasn’t Derek who wanted to propose to her. She began questioning her entire relationship with Derek, she loves him but she wondered why she was so worried when she thought he wanted to propose to her. They had dinner together and when the girls were leaving, Natasha told Nana Yaa who the best man was going to be.

“Jeffrey? Why him? You know how things are between us Natasha. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable on your wedding day” Nana Yaa said angrily. “I tried to make Stephen see reason but he insisted he wanted Jeffrey to be his best man and I couldn’t force him to change his decision, it is his wedding too. Please try to understand and do this for me, please” Natasha pleaded.


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