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Beautiful Distraction

A month to the wedding, George arrived in Ghana, Nicole and Stephen went to get them from the airport. She was so happy to see her husband and she was determined to make things work out between them in the couple of weeks he had to stay in Ghana. Natasha couldn’t make it to the airport she had an appointment with the wedding planner and asked Nana Yaa to escort her.

Nicole asked her husband about Jeffrey when they drove back to the house. “He couldn’t make it but he would be here next week” George said. “Is he coming with her?” Nicole asked. “By her you mean his girlfriend Zuri? Of course Nicole! Those two are inseparable” George answered. “Don’t you think things are going to be a little hard on Nana Yaa? Natasha asked worriedly. “Nicole, this is about Natasha. It is her wedding after all, Nana Yaa is our friend but I don’t think everything should be about her. We need to focus on Stephen and Natasha, we should focus on how we can make them happy on their big day” George said. Nicole didn’t say another word, she wasn’t ready to argue with George especially with Stephen in the car.

Jeffrey held Zuri’s hair as she threw up, he had ordered some Chinese food earlier and it didn’t sit right with Zuri. She has been feeling sick a lot lately and it really bothered Jeffrey. “Feeling better babe?” he asked. Zuri nodded and went into their bed room and laid on the bed, she felt very weak. Jeffrey insisted they see a doctor; he was very worried about his girlfriend. He asked her to get dressed while he went to get his car out of the garage. Zuri hated going to the hospital, she didn’t like the “hospital smell”.

When they arrived at the hospital Jeffrey had to beg her out of the car. He opened her door and squatted beside her asking her to get down. Zuri reluctantly agreed, he stood up, took her by the hand and gently helped get out of the car. They run a few tests and waited in the lobby for the results.

Zuri’s head was on Jeffrey’s chest when the nurse asked them to go and see the doctor. The doctor had a smile on his face when he saw Jeffrey, he was a big fan of his work, he was honored to see him in his office.

Jeffrey Clark, it is such an honor to meet you. I have been looking forward to this day and it is finally here” the doctor excitedly said. Jeffrey felt a little uncomfortable but he smiled. “Pleased to meet you too but can we get straight to the reason why we are here? My girlfriend has been a little under the weather lately and I want to know what is really wrong with her.” The doctor nodded. “Sure I am sorry. Please do have a seat”

They sat down and the doctor opened the envelope which contained Zuri’s results, his eyes widened, he looked up at Jeffrey with a smile. “I am happy to tell you the reason your girlfriend has been sick is because she is 4weeks pregnant.” the doctor said.

Jeffrey looked at Zuri with a smile, he was so happy he wasn’t expecting such great news. He hugged her and kissed her, the doctor later advised them on some dos and don’ts now that they were expecting a baby. When they got home, Jeffrey called his parents to tell them the good news. They were so happy for him, they wanted to get on the next flight to Dubai but he assured them they would come and visit soon. That evening Jeffrey sent an email to George telling him about the news, George called him immediately he got the email.

Hey man? You are going to be a father?” he asked.

Yes Bro….I am so happy.”

When are you coming to Ghana?” George asked.

We should be around by Friday but we won’t stay long my parents would love to meet Zuri so I am thinking we leave for the states right after the wedding.” he answered.

Wow! I can tell how excited you are from the sound of your voice. Congratulations man! My love to Zuri.” George said and ended the call.

Who was that? Nicole asked her husband. “Jeffrey, his girlfriend is pregnant. He just told me” George said and walked out of the room.

Nicole was shocked to hear the news it was the last thing she expected to hear, she knew Nana Yaa would be devastated if she heard it but she had to know Jeffrey had moved on and it was time she did same. She was still thinking when George came in to get her, Nana Yaa and Natasha had arrived.

It seems its only weddings that bring us together” Natasha jokingly said. They all laughed. Nana Yaa looked around for Jeffrey but George told her he wasn’t in Ghana yet. It made Nana Yaa relieved, she wasn’t ready to fake a smile and act as if everything was fine. The girls went into the kitchen to cook something while the boys played FIFA. Derek couldn’t make it, he was stuck in the office.

Nicole was very quiet in the kitchen and Nana Yaa noticed she had a lot on her mind. “Nicole spill the beans, what are you hiding?” Nana Yaa asked. Natasha looked at Nicole and told her to talk. Nicole knew she has been caught so she let the cat out of the bag. Nana Yaa’s heart sunk, she placed her hand on mouth in disbelief. She didn’t say another word, she washed her hands and left the kitchen. Nicole and Natasha watched as she left the kitchen, they understood how she felt. Nana Yaa picked up her bag and car keys and left the house without saying anything to the boys. In that moment George knew Nicole had told her about Zuri, he angrily walked to the kitchen.

“What have you done Nicole? If I wanted her to know I would have told her myself!!”George said and stormed out of the kitchen, he entered the bedroom and slammed the door. George was really tired of Nicole, he wasn’t happy with the marriage and was really considering a divorce. Nana Yaa drove straight to her parent’s house, she needed them. She cried so much, her parents got so worried. They asked her what the problem was but she didn’t talk she just cried. She cried herself to sleep, she woke up and found Derek sitting next to her. Her parents had called him because they didn’t know what was happening, they thought Derek would have some answers but Derek was clueless. He rushed to the house when they told him how upset Nana Yaa was. He kissed her on the forehead and held her up. “Feeling better babe?” he asked. She nodded and got up to leave, she kissed her parents goodbye and promised to visit again. Her parents were so confused about what had happened they hoped their daughter would feel better.

Derek drove behind Nana Yaa to the house, when they got home Derek asked her if she was really fine she nodded and kissed him. It was the most amazing kiss they had ever shared, Nana Yaa held him by his hand and led him to the bedroom. She sat him down on the bed and she began to undress slowly in front of him, he was a little confused he has never seen this side of her before. She got closer to him and pushed him on the bed, she crawled on top of him and removed his Tshirt. Derek liked how things were going, she kissed his neck and his chest gently and began to undo his belt. Derek held on to her and kissed her some more, Nana Yaa removed his jeans and started kissing him all over his body. Derek moaned with so much pleasure, he wanted so badly to make Nana Yaa his. Derek carried her onto the bed and they made love, Nana Yaa thought about Jeffrey the whole time. She also wanted to get pregnant, she also wanted to “move on”. Derek drifted into sleep when they were done but Nana Yaa stayed up thinking about Jeffrey.

Jeffrey and Zuri arrived in Ghana on Friday afternoon. They checked into a hotel, Jeffrey didn’t want to see Nana Yaa and he knew if he decided to stay with Nicole and George in their house it would be likely he would be seeing more of her. Zuri was so hungry so they went downstairs to get something to eat in the restaurant, Zuri really loved Ghana she had heard so many stories and was happy she was finally seeing Ghana. Jeffrey was inside the restaurant ordering their food making sure he wasn’t ordering anything Zuri was allergic to while Zuri was busy making a vlog for her YouTube channel. She came across a couple of pretty girls and asked them more about Ghana. They were very friendly and they gave her all the information she needed, they ended up becoming fast friends. She asked them if they were coming to have lunch in the restaurant so they had lunch together. The girls said no they were just there to meet someone, Zuri nodded and smiled. They entered the hotel together but Zuri went into the restaurant to be with Jeffrey. Jeffrey was getting worried when he got back and didn’t see Zuri seated by the table. He smiled when he saw her walking to him.

Where did you go love?” he asked. “I was in front of the hotel, just wanted a video for my vlog, you know I need to keep my viewers updated,” she said.

Whatever baby, but please be careful, this is a different country so you can’t just disappear on me. I don’t know what I will do if something should happen to you” Jeffrey said and kissed her. They were eating when Jeffrey got a call from Stephen.

Hey man. We are here. Where are you?” Stephen said.

We are having lunch in the restaurant, I am in a red T shirt” Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey was happy to see everyone especially Stephen’s little girl, he carried her and kissed her.
Wow, she looks so much like you man, Strong genes! Jeffrey teased. Zuri immediately recognized the girls who helped her with the video. She was amazed. “Wow! Small world, who would have thought huh?!” I am Zuri Mwangi. Jeffrey’s girlfriend.”

She is so pretty” Natasha thought. “My name is Natasha Ansah. I am Stephen’s fiancée.” Natasha said.

“Aww, congratulations.” Zuri said and hugged her.

Nicole stood there in awe of Zuri’s beauty, she looked like she just walked out of a fashion magazine. They didn’t look at her very well when they had met her outside but now seeing her again she looked so amazing. Nicole also introduced herself and Zuri hugged her too she was happy to finally meet George’s wife. Nicole admired Zuri’s energy, she was basically the happiest woman she had ever seen.

Well with a body like that, she definitely has to be happy. She doesn’t look pregnant, but good she is pregnant, she is going to get fat!” Nicole thought.

They had lunch and made some wedding plans. They decided to leave but George invited them to his home on Sunday for a little party to celebrate the baby and the wedding. Jeffrey nodded and told him he would be there with Zuri, he was so excited he forgot he might run into Nana Yaa at the party. On their way home the girls gossiped about Zuri, they just couldn’t wait to see the look on Nana Yaa’s face when she sees her.

George dropped Stephen and Natasha at home and reminded them about the party on Sunday. On their drive back George and Nicole had a heart to heart. George told her how unhappy he was and was thinking about getting a divorce. Nicole told him she knew he wasn’t happy and the distant between them caused it. She was willing to move to Dubai and be with him if that meant her staying at home doing nothing. She loved George and was willing to risk it all for him. George asked her if she was sure of the decision. “I have been thinking about it for a long time and I think it is the best decision. I am also very tired of staying so far away from you. We need to start thinking about starting a family.” Nicole said.

George wasn’t excited about Nicole’s decision. He really wanted a divorce because he was falling in love with someone else in Dubai and had promised her he would give his wife a divorce and marry her. George just smiled and didn’t say another word. Nicole wondered if she has said something wrong, she asked but he said everything is fine. Nicole cried all through the night, she was so sad she felt her heart breaking.

She went into the guest room and called Nana Yaa, she was still crying as she spoke. Nana Yaa could feel her pain she understood how devastated she was but after a while Nicole stopped crying and began telling Nana Yaa about Zuri. The way Nicole described her, it looked as if Nicole was exaggerating but she told Nana Yaa that she wasn’t. “I don’t know where Jeffrey found this girl, she is so pretty and so sweet. Nana Yaa I am your best friend, I come very close to being your sister. Trust me, with a girl like Zuri on Jeffrey’s arm, I am sorry you don’t stand a chance with him and not forgetting she is carrying his child, his first child. I would advise you completely forget about him and focus on Derek. Derek is also very amazing and he loves you so much” Nicole said.


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