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Natural Hair “Goals”

Nana Yaa arrived at the party very late, she was contemplating whether or not to come. Jeffrey saw her as soon as she arrived and got up to enter the house, Zuri was busy with her vlog and didn’t notice when he left her side. Natasha invited some old school friends, Jude, Yoofi and a few others to the party, Nana Yaa was very happy to see them. She introduced Derek to them as her boyfriend and they were very happy to know she had moved on after the tragic death of Ebo.

Nana Yaa sat next to Nicole while Natasha went in to get her a drink, Nicole pulled Nana Yaa closer and whispered, “that is Zuri”. Nana Yaa looked at her and she knew for sure Nicole wasn’t exaggerating that night.

She was slender, she was the woman every woman wanted to look like, she had beautiful legs and her skin was flawless, she had the perfect set of teeth with the most beautiful smile she had ever seen. Natasha brought her the drink, but she needed something stronger. She was so upset, she didn’t know why this affected her so much, she was the one who disappointed Jeffrey and let him leave the way he did. She shouldn’t care about whoever he is dating now but she couldn’t help but care. She had Derek in her life, an amazing man, she is supposed to be happy, but she wondered why she wasn’t.

Tears filled her eyes, she didn’t want to be at the party anymore she just wanted to leave the house but she also didn’t want Derek suspecting anything since they just arrived at the party, so she  went to hide in one of the bathrooms and cried. That’s all she could do now. She has lost the love of her life twice. She didn’t know how to be around him, how to talk to him without it being very awkward. She was still in the bathroom when she got a text from Nicole.

“Where are you? Are you okay?” Nana Yaa sighed and replied “I am okay. I am just trying to hide from Jeffrey”

“Don’t be silly. You can’t hide forever Nana. Everyone is having fun outside and Derek is wondering where you went. Come outside.” Nicole texted.

Nana Yaa, after receiving Nicole’s texts stayed a whole thirty minutes in the bathroom before she finally came outside to sit next to Derek, he smiled when he saw her, “I was beginning to wonder where you had disappeared to” he said.

Jeffrey later came out with a little blanket to cover his girlfriend up, it was getting a little chilly outside. He saw Nana Yaa and Derek, he has been trying to avoid them all afternoon, but he decided he needed to go say hello to acknowledge their presence. Derek noticed how uneasy Nana Yaa suddenly became when she saw Jeffrey walking towards them. He asked if she was okay and she nodded.

Hi there. It’s been a while” Jeffrey said as he stretched his hand for a handshake. Derek shook his hand and nodded in agreement “I heard you moved back to Dubai and you are now a big shot” Derek joked.

Jeffrey smiled, “Well, I don’t know about all that. Just trying to make ends meet. You know” Jeffrey replied through his smile. He shook Nana Yaa’s hand and asked how she was doing.

“I have been good. Yourself?” Nana Yaa said without making eye contact. “I have been very well. Thanks” Jeffrey replied.

There was a brief silence then Jeffrey asked them to have fun and left to sit next to his girlfriend. She watched how Jeffrey cared for Zuri, it was like she was the most important person in the world to him. He wrapped his arm around her and she laid her head on his chest as they watched people drink and dance. Derek noticed a change in Nana Yaa’s demeanor after Jeffery walked up to say hello. He didn’t want to start any argument, so he brushed it off, but his heart was slowly breaking.

More people arrived at the party, Nana Yaa thought she was the last to arrive until she saw more people coming into the house. She didn’t know Nicole and George had that many friends. The DJ was playing the right songs and it made lots of people hit the dance floor. Everyone tried to have fun and interact with one another. Jeffrey had his eyes on Zuri the whole time, even when he was playing badminton with the boys he didn’t take his eyes off her. He was very particular about what she ate and drank at the party, he didn’t want her feeling uncomfortable.

Nana Yaa stole glances at Jeffrey, she wished she could talk to him alone to explain but a part of her felt Jeffrey didn’t care anymore. It was obvious his heart was somewhere else. She was replying to a work email on her phone when Zuri walked up to her. Zuri was the last person Nana Yaa wanted to speak to. She smiled and asked if she could sit next to her, Nana Yaa nodded. Zuri sat and took a better look at Nana Yaa.

“Hi. I am Zuri. I  really love your natural hair. How long has it been since you went natural? Zuri asked. “Thank you. My name is Nana Yaa. Umm… it’s been about three years” Nana Yaa said.

Zuri smiled, “Wow, that is nice. I want to go natural, but I don’t know if I can survive it. I see a lot of women on YouTube going natural and it’s really something. I have been admiring yours ever since you got here, I just had to come over and speak to you. Would you mind a short interview tomorrow or any day within the week? I need it for my YouTube channel please” Nana Yaa did not like the idea but she did not want to offend Zuri either, so she agreed. Zuri was very glad. “Thank you. I really appreciate this Nana Yaa, I do not have a Ghana contact number, but I think my boyfriend does. I would ask him to give it to you before we leave so you can give him a call when you decide to pass by. Once again Nana Yaa, thank you” Zuri said and hugged her. Nana Yaa didn’t know what to say, she just hugged Zuri back and watched as she walked to Jeffrey. He smiled when he saw Zuri walking up to him.

“Baby I think I just made a friend” Zuri said with a smile. Jeffrey knew she was talking about Nana Yaa because he saw them talking. “Really? That is nice sweetheart” he said. “Yeah. So, I have invited her over to the hotel to shoot a video with me for my YouTube channel” Zuri added. Jeffrey was so surprised, it was the last thing he wanted to hear. “Baby, you know we are here specifically for Natasha’s wedding. I don’t think you would have time to shoot a video, you know how stressed you get every time you are editing your videos. I don’t want you feeling that way in this condition” Jeffrey said. Zuri sighed and wrapped her arms around Jeffrey’s neck. “I understand you babe. I really do, but you need you to trust me on this. I am fine. I don’t have to edit it now anyway. I can wait after the baby comes to edit this video with the other videos I have on my camera. If I do not shoot this video here, I don’t think in Dubai I would get the opportunity to shoot a video with someone who has beautiful natural hair like Nana Yaa. Please babe” Zuri said.

Jeffrey really wanted to say no but he found it very difficult saying no to Zuri so he reluctantly agreed. Zuri smiled and kissed him. “Thanks baby. Could you kindly give her your Ghana number, so she could call to let me know when she decides to come over please” Zuri said and Jeffrey nodded.

Few minutes later the DJ announced that they were all about to play a game called musical chairs, the winner would take home a 2018 iPad Pro. Everyone got very excited, a few took off their shoes to enable them to move around the chairs easily. Nana Yaa wasn’t a fan of that game, she didn’t know how to juggle between dancing around the chairs and making sure she gets a chair to sit on when the music stops, it was just too much for her.

Nicole and Natasha on the other hand loved musical chairs, they were the first to pick up some chairs to arrange in a circle after the DJ’s announcement. Stephen, Jeffrey and George joined, Derek decided to join because it seemed almost everyone was playing. Nana Yaa sat back and watched as her friends danced around chairs to win a prize she knew they wouldn’t even need. Nicole and Natasha instead of dancing, walked slowly around the chairs to enable them secure a chair when the music stops, they were being smart. Unfortunately, Natasha ended up sitting on Jude’s lap instead of a chair and was kicked out, Nicole also lost and was also kicked out few minutes later. Derek and Jude were the last men standing after the rest were all kicked out. Nana Yaa was surprised Derek lasted the whole 45minutes without being kicked out, she stood up and started rooting for him. “Way to go baby. You can do it!!” she said clapping. Nicole, Natasha and the boys also cheered Derek on, but it seemed Derek was caught up in the hype and couldn’t sit on the chair when the music stopped, making Jude the winner. The guys rushed to carry Jude, they were all excited for him. “Put me down, put me down” he cried. George handed him the iPad and shook his hand. “Congratulations Jude” he said. Jude smiled and nodded.

Everyone was tired after the game and it seemed the party was over. Derek quickly went inside the house to use the bathroom before they left. Nana Yaa and Nicole helped arranged some chairs into a corner, Jeffrey walked up to Nana Yaa and asked her why she agreed to come over to his hotel.

Because your girlfriend insisted Jeffrey. I had wanted to say no for obvious reasons, but it seemed she needed me. I could tell her I can’t make it if coming over would make you uncomfortable” Nana Yaa said.

Jeffrey shook his head, “No, it is fine. I don’t want her to get upset. Do you still have my Ghana number?” Jeffrey asked. Nana Yaa nodded. “When you decide on the day you want to pass by, give me a call” Jeffrey said and walked away. He didn’t wait for a response from Nana Yaa, he went to get Zuri who was talking to Stephen under the summer hut. They walked to his car and he opened the door for her to get in. Jeffrey went back inside the house to say bye to the other guys before he left the party, ignoring Nana Yaa completely.

On their drive home, Nana Yaa didn’t say a word to Derek. It was a very silent drive back home, he knew Nana Yaa was very upset because of Jeffrey. Just when he was beginning to convince himself that Nana Yaa was falling in love with him, Jeffrey had to show up. When they got home, Nana Yaa took a long shower and cried in the shower.


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