Hello my lovely readers?. Welcome to April everyone. I pray this new month brings us more peace and lots of laughter. This new episode is dedicated to Dre and Breanna on their engagement ♥️. May God bless your Union. Nana Yaa episode 14 ….Enjoy reading? 

Mending Bridges 

Nana Yaa dropped the test kit, she couldn’t believe she was actually carrying Derek’s baby. She wanted to call him immediately but she felt it wasn’t the right time. They had just broken up and it would seem like she is making it up. She fixed herself a warm bath to relax.

Jeffrey wondered where Nana Yaa was, he couldn’t see her at the reception anymore, he asked George but he didn’t know where she was either. Jeffrey was set to leave the country with Zuri the following morning to the United States, his parents wanted to meet her. He hasn’t gotten a chance to speak to Nana Yaa since he got to Ghana. He thought he was over her but seeing her again brought everything he felt for her back and he needed to tell her, he just needed to let her know how he really felt about her. He looked at his watch, it was getting late and Nana Yaa was still no where to be found. He had to speak to her before he left, he had wanted to call her but he knew she wouldn’t answer, she never replied to his “I miss you ” message.

Zuri felt a little weak and dizzy, she was tired. She texted Jeffrey, she wanted to go back to the hotel to sleep and prepare for the trip, Jeffrey was at the bar talking to George when he got her text message, he read it and turned in Zuri’s direction. He looked at his watch and nodded at Zuri. He said something briefly to George and stood up, he went to say his goodbyes to Natasha and Stephen. He wasn’t sure he would be able to see them again before he left for the airport the following morning. He saw Nicole standing with her parents , he knew he had to at least say hello to them, after the little incident he hasn’t spoken or seen them. He sighed  and walked towards them. “Hello Mr and Mrs. Quansah” Jeffrey said. They were a little surprised he came over to talk to them, they thought he would continue to ignore them. Mr. Quansah replied with a smile. “I wanted to come over to say hello before I leave, I am actually leaving the country tomorrow and I just had to say my official goodbyes to you” Jeffrey continued. Mildred asked worriedly if he was never going to come back to Ghana. Jeffrey smiled, ” I am not very sure about that just yet, but currently I do not have a lot going on for me here in Ghana aside my businesses. So I think if I am to come to Ghana it would be mainly because of business and nothing more” Jeffrey said. He could tell from Mildred’s eyes how sad she was to hear him say that, but a part of him really resented her.  Nicole could sense a little tension, she wondered how Jeffrey knew her parents she had never spoken to him about them, but she didn’t say anything. Mildred nodded and gave Jeffrey a hug, she hugged him the exact way he used to hug Ebo, she had developed love for Jeffrey and she wished she could get to know him better. Jeffrey hugged her too and let go after a while, he shook Mr. Quansah’s hand and gave Nicole a peck. Mildred watched as Jeffrey walked hand in hand with his girlfriend to the car park.

Nana Yaa was in her kitchen fixing herself a cup of green tea. She poured a little honey in the cup and stirred, she was lost in her thoughts as she stirred her cup. She really didn’t know what to do with her life, now she was pregnant and unmarried, something she never in her wildest dreams imagined would happen to her, all her life she knew by the age of twenty-four she would be married to Ebo but life had different plans for her. She felt life was playing tricks on her when she fell in love with  Ebo’s twin, now he is also gone. He is happy with another woman , she is now all alone and pregnant for a man she doesn’t completely love. She sighed and picked up her cup of tea into the hall and turned on her TV. She had recorded some episodes of her favorite Tv series “Being Mary Jane”  and decided to watch it now that she had some time on her hands. She was startled when  her door bell rang, she wasn’t expecting anyone. She checked her clock, it was half past ten, she checked her computer to see who it was at the gate and saw Jeffrey’s car. She quickly pressed her gate open, she run up the stairs to her bedroom to check herself in the mirror then went outside. Jeffrey got out of the car and walked towards Nana Yaa, she couldn’t believe it was him. She didn’t ask any questions, she just opened the door for him to enter. Jeffrey was surprised by how calm Nana Yaa was, he was expecting an outburst of some sort but she was different. “would you care for some tea?” she asked. Jeffrey shook his head “I am okay”. There was a brief silence then Nana asked “How may I help you Jeffrey?”  Jeffrey laughed. “It feels like an interview, so strict, so formal” Nana Yaa also laughed. ” I am sorry, I guess I have forgotten how to be relaxed around you, we have been very serious around each other, rehearsing for the wedding and all. I must say I am a little shocked you are here. It’s pretty late” Jeffrey sat on the couch and looked at the TV, “let me guess, Being Mary Jane?” he asked. Nana Yaa nodded. “Do you watch it too? she asked. “No I don’t. My mother does, I watch it with her whenever I visit. She is a big fan of Gabrielle Union” Nana Yaa nodded again. “So Jeffrey, I don’t think you drove all the way here to talk about a movie. What really brings you here?

Jeffrey suddenly became uneasy, He didn’t know it would be this hard. He sat properly on the couch, cleared his throat before he spoke. “I leave tomorrow Nana, my parents want to see Zuri. They are excited about the baby” Nana Yaa nodded. “I can imagine. I am sure you are very excited to be a- “I can’ stop thinking about you Nana” Jeffrey interrupted. “What?!” Nana Yaa asked surprisingly. “I know, I have no right. But I don’t know what it is about you. I can’t get you off my mind. I tried with Zuri, she is an amazing girl but she isn’t you. I didn’t mean to get into it with Derek, I really regret that. Tonight, I needed to see you, I know you are with Derek and I with Zuri . I know, but the thing is, I love you Nana, I am so in love with you. I have known quite a number of women and I have never said this to them. I have never thought about saying it to any of them. You don’t know what you do to me, how many times I have died from jealousy anytime I see you do anything with Derek. When he makes you laugh, gives you a kiss or a hug. It kills me Nana, I can’t  bear the thought of you with anyone. I love you, I am very sure. Before I leave, I want to know if you will wait for me, save yourself for me. I know I am being selfish, but I love you so much it’s humiliating. Your choice is simple Nana; him or me. I am sure Derek is a great guy but I love you Nana, in an insane way, the kind of love that makes me pretend to love your taste in music, want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life, let you have my last piece of cheese cake, that kind of love, sometimes it hurts so much and it makes me want to hate you. So please pick me, please love me, please choose me” Jeffrey said as tears filled his eyes.

Nana Yaa was in shock, she was lost for words. Everything she wanted him to say and so much more , as if he was reading her mind. She loved Jeffrey too, with all her heart, all she wanted to do was to run into his arms and kiss him. But she couldn’t, she was pregnant for Derek she didn’t want to lie to Jeffrey. She just stared at Jeffrey and broke to tears, everything was happening so fast. Jeffrey held her in his arms as she cried, he kissed her forehead and begged her to stop. She cried a little more and stopped, she stayed in Jeffrey’s arms in silence. “what is wrong? Jeffrey asked as they both sat on the couch in each other’s arms. Nana Yaa let go of Jeffrey and looked him right in his eyes and told him she was pregnant for Derek.

Jeffrey laughed “Stop playing games. You are kidding right?” he asked. Nana Yaa wasn’t laughing she reached for the remote and turned the TV off, Jeffrey looked at her and realized it wasn’t a joke. “What?!” You are serious? Pregnant?! Why?! How?!

“Jeffrey what do you mean by how and why. You got Zuri pregnant, she is carrying your child! When I found out, I was hurt and- “and you wanted to get back at me? Is that it Nana? Wow! Are you being serious right now? Can you hear yourself?! 

“You shut me out of your life Jeffrey, you asked Nicole to never give me your new number. You left!! and the next thing I hear you have a girlfriend who is pregnant for you?! I thought you had moved on so I had to move on too. After our night together, I never had sex with Derek, I wasn’t giving him all of me. When I heard you made someone pregnant I decided to try and make things work with him because it was obvious I had lost you.

Jeffrey closed his eyes, the pain was unbearable, he opened his eyes and stared at Nana Yaa. He shook his head and stood up “coming here was a mistake. I can’t do this with you. You watched me pour out my heart only for you to shoot me down. You have crashed me Nana, I don’t know why you keep hurting me, you constantly hurt me. And I keep allowing you to. You are bad for me, this is tearing me apart. I do not want to ever see you again Nana. I am done making a fool of myself. I wish you and Derek good luck”  Jeffrey said and stomped out of the house. Nana Yaa stood and stared at the exact spot Jeffrey was standing, she didn’t make a move she couldn’t believe what had happened, one moment she almost had Jeffrey, the next moment he was gone. She heard Jeffrey blow his horn at her gate a sign telling her to press her gate open for him to leave. Nana Yaa rushed out of the house, she walked to Jeffrey’s car and asked him to roll down his window.  Jeffrey did and angrily stared at her, “You want to hurt me some more?” he angrily asked. Nana Yaa held him by the face and kissed him, he kissed her back. She wanted to remind him about how it felt when they kiss, in case he had forgotten. Nana Yaa let go of him but Jeffrey pulled her closer and kissed her again, it looks like he remembers. After the kiss Nana Yaa told Jeffrey that she would wait for him, she didn’t want to lose him again, not again. Jeffrey smiled and kissed her again.


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