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A Gift from God

“You are three weeks gone my dear. Before I leave, remind me to prescribe some very important drugs that you need.  Don’t worry, Dr. Arthur is one of the best gynecologists  we have in the country. He would take care of you. Why do you want to hide your pregnancy from Derek?  You know, it would eventually show” Shirley said. ” We have broken up Auntie, and I don’t want to be that woman who forces a man to stay just because she is carrying his child. Knowing Derek, he would be here as soon as possible running all sorts of errands for me.  Suffocating me with so much care. I want to do this alone, raise my baby alone.I have everything, we really do not need Derek” Nana Yaa said angrily.

Shirley sipped on her coffee as Nana Yaa spoke, she has known Nana Yaa ever since she was born,she helped deliver her. She is the best friend of Nana Yaa’s mother and also their family Doctor. She really loved it when Nana Yaa was with Ebo, she remembered how excited they both were when they found out they were compatible to make babies. Now there she was, a shadow of herself, she wished she could help her but she didn’t know how. She smiled and took Nana Yaa by the hand, ” Sweetheart, this is your first pregnancy and I am sure you think you can handle this but it would get very hard as time goes on, you will need someone to massage your feet and your back when you feel pains. You will need someone to buy some of the food you will crave every now and then. Every one needs someone, especially when they are pregnant. Trust me, when I was pregnant with Fiifi and Ewurafua, I could barely walk for the first trimester, luckily your Uncle Desmond was around, and he did absolutely everything possible for me to be comfortable. I know you are not carrying twins but you equally need the same care and attention. Please rethink your decision because every baby needs both parents in his or her life.  Derek is a decent man and he would make an amazing father” Shirley said. Nana Yaa stared at her, she was making valid points. She smiled and gave her a hug, they had lunch together then Shirley left.

Jeffrey was in constant contact with Nana Yaa, they spoke everyday after they got back together. Jeffrey decided to take responsibility of her baby, that was the plan they were going with. He didn’t really care what anyone thought, all he wanted was to be with the love of his life. Nana Yaa was sitting in the dark in her living room thinking when she felt her phone vibrating, the ringtone made her know it was Jeffrey. She hesitated before answering.

“Hey” she said.

“Hello Nana. How are you?  Did your Doctor pass by the house?”

“I am okay I guess. Yes she did.. She prescribed some drugs for me and recommended I see one of her doctor friends who happens to be one the best gynecologists in Ghana”

” Really, I see. So have you given any thought to what we discussed last night?”

“I have. I really think it’s not a good idea to come all the way to the States to have the baby. There are equally very good doctors here in Ghana and I still have my job. Let’s not forget that”

Jeffrey was quiet on the phone, he does that whenever he is upset. Nana Yaa thought the call has been disconnected, she mentioned his name twice before he spoke.

“Yes. I am still here”

He sighed deeply over phone and continued talking.

” This is your first baby and I am so far away. My mother is the greatest gynecologist I know, and I would be honored if she is the one to walk you through this journey. I love you, I really need you to understand that. Just that. Also know that, I will always want the very best for you. I need you close to me, I can’t come to Ghana just yet because of Zuri , she needs me but I can easily work for you to get a visa to come here”

“Jeffrey! Let’s not get carried away. Zuri is pregnant and your mother is taking care of her, how are we going to explain to your mother who I am to you? According to your mother, Zuri is your girlfriend. What does that make me then? Your side piece? It makes no sense” Nana Yaa said.

“Nana. Calm down. Know that I would never put you in such a position, and don’t you dare call yourself my side piece ever again. You are way more than that and you know it. My parents already know about you, and when I say they know I mean they really know about you, I talked to them”

“What?! What are you saying Jeffrey? Do they know everything? “

“Everything. They wanted to have Mrs. Quansah prosecuted, but it was going to get messy and I knew how much that family meant to you. They wished they could have met Ebo though”

“When did you tell them?

“Two years ago, when we were not talking. I used to visit them a lot. I wanted to be distracted, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. They noticed I was dealing with something, I wasn’t ready to talk about it but they forced it out of me. They really wanted to meet you, I tried to hide it but they saw how deep Inlove with you I was”

Nana Yaa smiled over the phone, Jeffrey is exactly like Ebo. How vulnerable he is around her, one would never guess he is this soft at a first glance. He is 6feet 5 inches tall and broad chested. He had the stature that commanded respect when he walked into a room, but here he was all vulnerable and so in love.

“ I love you Jeffrey. I love the public you, how you comport yourself when some of your fans want to take a photo. The private you, how you are always there for your friends whenever they need you and I really love the you that no one gets to see but me, like now, how you are transparent about your feelings for me. I don’t want to ever lose this with you. I adore you so much,  and I am very certain that I am yours”

“So would you trust me and allow me to take care of you?” Jeffrey asked.

” I will. I have to start working on getting some leave days, explain everything to the girls and plan my trip”

”That’s my girl!  I would have hugged and kissed you if I were to be close to you” Jeffrey said excitedly.

After Jeffrey’s fight with Derek, Zuri has been very insecure. She noticed Jeffrey spent a lot of time on his phone, even though he is always around when she needs him, she noticed he had stopped touching her as much. She could see him laughing hard and smiling on his phone in the corridor, it made her wonder who he was always speaking to for the past week they have been in the States. She pretended to be in some sort of pain to get Jeffrey to give her some attention. She screamed and held her tummy, she called for Jeffrey but he was concentrated on his call and couldn’t hear her. Mrs. Clarke heard the screams and rushed to check on her, Jeffrey saw his mother rushing into the room and that’s what caught his attention. He turned and saw Zuri on the ground, he quickly told Nana Yaa he would call her later and rushed to assist his mother carry Zuri unto the bed.

Natasha and Stephen had a short honeymoon, they missed their daughter so much and had to cut their trip short. Natasha couldn’t believe she was married to Stephen, she remembered the first time she laid eyes on him in Dubai. She found him attractive, all her thoughts were clouded by Jeffrey so she didn’t pay him any mind even though she noticed his advances,  and now here she was happily married to him. On their drive back from the airport Natasha laid in Stephen’s arms, she wanted to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. The Uber driver couldn’t help but to admire them, they were so in love. Natasha left baby Zoe with her mother before the honeymoon, she has such a great bond with her mother. They looked a like, they could pass as sisters, baby Zoe always had a hard time telling them apart. Stephen was stunned the first time he saw her, he saw first-hand how Natasha would look like twenty years on and he loved what he saw.  They arrived at Natasha’s mother house late in the afternoon, they had to beat a lot of Accra traffic. Baby Zoe was asleep when they got there, Natasha kissed her and place a little stuffed dog she bought for her, in her crib next to her. They settled down and enjoyed a big bowl of fufu and fresh chicken soup, Natasha made sure to teach Stephen how to eat fufu; one of her favorite meals. She wasn’t having him eating rice with soup in her home, no way. After eating she texted her girls, she had a lot of stories to tell them about her trip to the Bahamas.

George and Nicole stayed in all morning, it was a rainy morning and they were both very lazy after all the fun they had the previous night. She didn’t know what had gotten into George but after the party, Nicole saw a very sweet side of him. It felt as if he was under a spell, he laughed and smiled a lot and spent little time on his phone. They were cuddled up in bed when Nicole’s phone vibrated, she reached out for it and found a text from Natasha. “They are already back from their honeymoon? Why so short ? Are you guys working on a new project and needed Stephen’s assistance? Nicole asked. George shook his head, “they missed Zoe, Stephen texted me last night. We will have to pay them a visit later. Enough of Stephen and Natasha babe. Come here and let me give you some sugar” George said and pulled her close. Nicole giggled and kissed him, they made love and slept all afternoon.

Nana Yaa’s leave days were over, she had to prepare for work the following morning. She couldn’t believe how fast the days had moved.  She heard her phone vibrating when she was busily looking for something to wear to the office, she needed to look good all the time at the office because she meets a wide range of people. She smiled when she read Natasha’s text, she called her and told her she would pass by her house in the evening. For the first time in a pretty long time Nana Yaa was happy, she had so much peace and a lot of butterflies in her tummy. She didn’t need anyone telling her she was glowing, she could see it herself in the mirror, she sang and dance a lot in her bathroom in the mornings, there was a bounce in her every step. She was happy and it was all because of Jeffrey.


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Photo credit: Adrian McDonald.