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“I can’t believe I am going to live in Dubai. I know I made that decision to save my marriage but I am feeling a little uncomfortable. My whole life has been here Mum, I don’t know how I would cope without your home cooked meals, and our little arguments. I am going to live with my husband for real this time. We are very happy now Mum, very happy. He has completely changed, he even cooks now. Did you hear me Mum? I said George cooks, like really cooks. He is an amazing cook Mummy, I thought I was until I tasted his food. But I’m never going to tell him that”

Mildred smiled but it was obvious she was unhappy. Nicole tried to lighten up her mood but it proved futile, she placed her wine glass on the kitchen counter and moved closer to her mother. “Mummy, you haven’t been yourself for awhile, is something going on with you and daddy again? Are you sad about me moving to Dubai Or you are missing Ebo?”

Mildred broke to tears when Nicole mentioned Ebo’s name, she run out of the kitchen to her room, making Nicole more worried. She followed her upstairs and knocked on her door for a while before Mildred had the courage to open it. “Mummy, What is wrong? You know I am leaving the country next week, how do you want me to leave when you are like this? Mildred cried even more and Nicole got her some tissue. She was very worried about her mother. Mildred wiped her eyes and blew her nose, she hesitated a bit and started to talk. Ivan walked into the room as she began speaking, it startled Mildred. “Daddy! you are back. Thank God. Mummy isn’t feeling very good. She has been crying all day today”

“What is wrong my darling?” he asked and embraced her.

I need to tell her, I just can’t keep it anymore” Mildred said in a whisper.

“Are you sure?” he asked. Mildred nodded.

“Do you want me to stay? I could excuse you both” he said

I need you Ivan

“Umm..guys you know I am right here? I can hear you. What is going on?”

“Have a seat honey. We have something to tell you” Ivan said.

Nana Yaa couldn’t get some days off like she hoped, she was devastated. She needed to find a way to lay it down gently on Jeffrey, he had so much faith it was going to work. She had known about it for a week but has never gotten a chance to tell Jeffrey. She calls him but he doesn’t answer, when he does, he promises to return her call but he doesn’t. She has left him a bunch of messages on his phone hoping he would reply them soon because she needs answers to why he has been missing in action.

She was swapped with a lot of work at the office and was very hungry, if she was going to survive the night at the office she needed to get some real food. She called her assistant Linda but she was on her way home, she insisted she could get her some food but Nana Yaa didn’t want to delay her anymore than she already had so she asked her to go home.

She walked to one of her favorite restaurants around her office hoping she could get her favorite boiled yam and spicy egg sauce, she was craving something spicy. She wasn’t sure she would get some because it was pretty late but she was in luck, even though she couldn’t get boiled yams, she got boiled potatoes.

As she sat waiting for her order, she couldn’t help but notice a guy in a corner on a date staring at her. She felt someone watching her, she turned only to see Derek. The surprised look on her face said it all, now she didn’t know whether to walk over to say hello or just wave. It was clear he was on a date with someone and she didn’t want to interfere, so she just smiled and waved. She needed to get out of that awkward situation so she asked the waitress to bring the food to her outside.

Derek felt bad so he followed her outside. Nana Yaa was upset, she really didn’t want to speak to him.

Nana Yaa wait. Nana Yaa…”

“Derek. What do you want?”

“I had to come over and talk to you Nana Yaa. How are you?”  

“Derek, I am fine. If you really want to know how I am doing, you have my number. call me. Please go back inside to your date”

Derek sighed. “It was good seeing you again Nana Yaa

“You too Derek”

Derek was close to the entrance of the restaurant when he heard Nana Yaa call out his name twice, she was in pain. Derek didn’t know what to do.

“Derek please get me to a hospital”

Derek quickly rushed back into the restaurant to get his things and apologize to his date. She helped her into his car and drove her to a hospital close by. The nurses asked him to wait outside. He was very worried, he hasn’t seen Nana Yaa in that much pain. He called her parents, Nicole and Natasha and told them.

Nana Yaa was out of danger when her parents arrived but Derek wasn’t very happy to see them. He was seated outside her ward with a frown.

“Derek, how is she?”  her mother asked.

Did you know about her pregnancy? And that it was mine?”

“Was? has she lost the baby?” her father asked.

Derek nodded. “She had a miscarriage and I didn’t even know that she was pregnant. I would have taken better care of her. I called you almost every day after our break up Mum,always asking about her,and you never told me? She is inside, she was sleeping when I left her. I can’t be here right now” Derek said and stormed off. He was very hurt.

Nana Yaa was awake when her parents entered. The first question she asked was if Derek had left, they both nodded. “I didn’t mean to hurt him, I thought I was doing what was best for him. He is very upset” Nana Yaa said sadly.

“It’s fine princess. He needs the time alone, let’s give him that. He loves you, he would be back. Let’s focus on you now. What happened sweetheart? Did you fall?” her father said.

” It just happened out of nowhere. I felt very painful cramps in my lower abdomen, the pain was excruciating.. I was experiencing some back pains last week and I felt light-headed too but I thought it was part of the process. I wanted to ask Auntie Shirley but it always skipped my mind”

“It skipped your mind? You were pregnant, your body was going through a lot of changes. Why didn’t you ask me about it Nana Yaa? Now look!!” her mother said.

Nicole entered the ward with her parents, she was with them when Derek called. Everyone was so worried, they were very sad when Nana Yaa told them she had lost the baby. She hadn’t even gotten a chance to properly tell Nicole and Natasha that she was pregnant. She was hoping to tell them that weekend before Nicole left for Dubai the following week.

Nicole had had it with all her secrets, she knew about Jeffrey. Her parents told her, that explained what happened at Natasha’s wedding. Nana Yaa knew the whole time and kept quiet.

So is this how low you have reduced our friendship to? Keeping things to yourself now? When did you plan on telling me about your baby? And about Jeffrey, Ebo’s twin brother? We both had our doubts in Dubai, but the resemblance was uncanny and you found out the truth and kept me in the dark?”

“This is not the time or the place Kukua! She just lost a pregnancy” Mildred warned.

“It’s fine Auntie Mildred. I perfectly understand her. Nikki, I didn’t mean to keep things a secret. Everything happened so fast, I wanted to tell you but you had your issues with George and there was never a right time. I am so sorry. You deserved to know everything. I am so sorry.”

Nicole couldn’t really stay mad at Nana Yaa even if she tried. She smiled and hugged her.

Natasha and Stephen arrived later but visiting hours were almost over.

Nana Yaa  was discharged a couple of days later, she was made to rest at home for awhile. Jeffrey finally got in touch after George told him about Nana Yaa. He sounded so worried over the phone.

Are you sure you are okay baby? I am so sorry

Nana Yaa wasn’t used to Jeffrey calling her baby. He always called her Nana.

“I am fine. I just wish you were here.”

I know. I should be by your side right now. I am so sorry you lost the baby love, but I am glad you are out of the woods and surrounded by people who love you. A lot have happened over the past week and I needed to handle things with caution. Everything has been cleared up. And oh…. I ended things with Zuri”

”Really?! I thought we agreed to take it slow because of her condition. How is she taking it?

”I don’t know and I really do not care. She is not here anymore. I sent her back to Kenya

”Isn’t that a bit harsh? She is carrying your child. What about your baby? How is your mother going to help her all the way in Kenya?”

Zuri’s baby isn’t mine. She set me up. She wanted my money. She got pregnant for her boyfriend in Kenya and forced her way into my life and pinned the pregnancy on me”

Nana Yaa laughed hysterically.”Very funny Jeffrey. Stop kidding. What really happened?”

“That is the truth. Unbelievable right? We sent her packing immediately

“No way!! What?!! She was pretending all along?”

Yep! Everything about her life is a lie, she created everything up. Well everything apart from her name. I should have gotten her arrested but with her condition I doubt she would survive in jail besides she was just a pawn in someone’s “master plan” to destroy me. I have cut ties with her. Now! I am officially free to be with you love. Whew! Finally! I am very happ-”

”Derek found out about the pregnancy Jeffrey” Nana Yaa interrupted.

“Really? How?”

”He was the one who rushed me to the hospital. I was with him when it happened”

” You were with him? What do you mean you were with him?”

”I ran into him at a restaurant around my office. I was getting some food and there he was on a date. It was too awkward so I left the restaurant but he followed me outside and we talked”

”About what? Should I be worried Nana Yaa?”

”Calm down Jeffrey. He was just checking up on me, we haven’t spoken after the break up. He only asked how I was doing. I started feeling a sharp pain while we talked, I asked him to take me to a hospital and the doctor told him I had had a miscarriage. He asked me if he was the father and I told him the truth. But I feel terrible, I have hurt him so much”

” Yeah, I get you but at least he found out”

” I call him but he doesn’t answer. I want to apologize to him properly”

” What are you apologizing for Nana? Whatever happened wasn’t you fault. You don’t owe him an apology”

”Jeffrey, you should have seen him at the hospital. He was very sad”

”Why are we even talking about Derek, Nana Yaa? I thought you were done with him? Why then am I sensing something different? Do you love Derek?”

Nana Yaa couldn’t answer. Jeffrey was getting more upset.

”Nana? Seriously? Are we doing this again?”

” I care about him Jeffrey, I am only worried about him”

”You are worried about him? Wow!”

”Don’t be unreasonable Jeffrey. He has been very good to me and he doesn’t deserve my cruelty”

”So what do you want to do now? Call him and be all vulnerable? Isn’t that going to give him mixed signals? He might think he still got a chance with you”

There was a silence on the phone. They were both upset. Jeffrey broke the silence.

“You know what Nana Yaa? Do whatever you want. You chose him over me once, I won’t sit around and let that happen again. You clearly have real feelings for him. What are we even doing? You push us back anytime we want to move forward”

“Jeffrey stop saying that. I know you are jealous but you don’t have to be. I don’t feel anything for Derek, I do care about him but I don’t love him as much as I love you. I just don’t want to be a cruel person by ignoring him now that he is going through something. Before I started dating him, before I even found out you existed, he was a very good friend of mine. So I need to be there for him as a friend, just as a friend nothing more. ”

Jeffrey was upset, he didn’t want to talk anymore.

“Jeffrey? Please say something. I need you to trust me. We can’t do this if you don’t trust me”

”I trust you Nana. It is Derek that I do not trust. You are doing this just for friendship sake?”

” Just friendship. I love you Jeffrey and I have waited all this while to be yours. I am not going to mess up now that we are this close to being together”

”I love you more. I hope you know what you are doing. I support you every step of the way. I have to go. I have a conference call with some investors. Please take care of yourself Nana I would check up on you when I am done”

”Sure. Do what you need to do. I would be here. I love you”

”I love you more. Bye”

Leila Jamal, the last born and only daughter of her parents. All she ever wanted to do was to be a medical doctor, travel the world and get married in her own time. Now she was married to a man who clearly didn’t love her, she couldn’t complain to her parents because they would never understand her or defend her. They are always demanding for their grand children, sometimes she wonders if her parents are really her parents.

She couldn’t tell her brothers either because she feared what they would do to Anthony if she told them everything. After 5 years of marriage she is still a virgin, her husband doesn’t touch her. The only time she remembers him touching her was at their wedding ceremony when he held her hand for approximately ten minutes. Just her hand and that has been it,for five years. How can she get pregnant for her family if her husband doesn’t make love to her.

They live like strangers. The only time she saw Anthony laugh was when he was watching a comedy series in the living room, he thought she was asleep in the her room. He didn’t see her spying on him from the kitchen.

She tried talking to him one evening when they arrived home after visiting her parents, while they were there, he pretended so well he made her parents believe she was very happy. She asked him why he was doing what he was doing, but Anthony ignored her question, went into his room and locked the door. Leila cried that evening when she got into her room, she hated that she loved him.

She didn’t know when she started falling for him, she was also very upset about the wedding. She didn’t know much about Anthony, just that he was a family friend,but after spending time with him she found herself falling for him everyday. She wondered what about him she loved because he always so cruel to her. Five years is a very long time for someone to be upset, she wonders the kind of heart Anthony has. She was sitting on her bed thinking of a way to tell Anthony that she wants a divorce, her parents are going to kill her but she has decided to choose her happiness. She held the door knob, she hesitated before turning it, she heard Anthony walking down the stairs. She followed him and when she got closer to him she asked if he could spare her some of his time. Anthony continued to the kitchen and picked a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

“Anthony? Did you hear what I asked?”

Anthony nodded.

“do you want to talk or something?” he asked

“Yes Anthony. I want to talk about us”

“There is no “us” Leila, but go on. What do you want to talk about?”

It’s been five years Anthony, and you still feel this way. It is really disappointing. I was forced into this marriage the same way you were.”

“Leila. Are you getting somewhere with this?”

“I want a divorce Anthony. Please,I need this divorce”

“Wow. I expected you to be a little smarter judging from the fact that you study medicine. Unless you have forgotten the family in which you come from? We knew what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to get married. Divorce isn’t an option for the two of us Leila”

But we are very unhappy. This is the longest conversation we have had in five years. I am twenty-five now and I am pretty sure I am the only married virgin in the entire world. Your mother is always asking for her grandkids and my parents as well. Just let me go Anthony, I feel like a prisoner. I can’t live like this anymore. Let’s come clean to our parents and end this marriage. We both deserve other people”

“I am not giving you a divorce Leila. I made a promise to your family. And if being a virgin bothers you so much, you know what to do”

What are you saying Anthony?”

“You are the only married virgin in the entire world Leila. You clearly do not want to be a virgin anymore, it’s just too bad I am not attracted to you like that. You are a big girl, do whatever makes you happy”

Leila couldn’t believe the level of Anthony’s disrespect, it broke her heart. She angrily slapped him.

I hate you Anthony. I curse the day our parents decided to marry us. You are the worst person I know, I hate you so much”

“did you just slap me Leila?”

Yes! And I would do it again”

“You never apologize Leila. You always think you are right. You have shown me so much disrespect in this marriage. You are a spoilt brat and I can never associate myself with someone like you. You disgust me, sometimes I wonder how you live with your self Leila. I am very unlucky to have been stuck with someone like you. You are not the only one who feels trapped in this marriage, sometimes I wish I was dead. I don’t want to ever have anything to do with you, I do not want you to be the mother of my kids. If you want to have sex, there are lots and lots of men out there. Go find one!”

Anthony walked out on her, she watched him climb up the stairs. She called out for him but Anthony didn’t pay her any mind. Anthony was so angry he needed to stay away from her so he doesn’t hit her. When he got to his room he banged his door so loudly it startled Leila. She had made things worse between them, all she wanted was a divorce.

That night she thought about everything Anthony said, she knew she was spoilt. All her life she has gotten everything she ever wanted. She wished she could work on herself maybe Anthony might learn to love her if she changed. She was changing into her night wear when she heard Anthony’s door opening, he walked down the stairs and opened the main door. He started his car and she heard him calling the security man to open the gate. It was half past midnight, where on earth was he going. Leila called him but he rejected the call, she called again twice but he rejected both. It was late and she was very worried, she needed to know  where he was going. Instead of wearing her night wear she wore a blouse and a pair of trousers and rushed into her car to follow her husband. She had no idea what she was doing, it was very late and the road was quiet. She spotted Anthony’s car and followed him. He stopped in front of a pharmacy and bought what looked very much like a box of condoms. He got into his car and drove to a hotel, there was a lady standing next to a car waiting for him. Anthony parked next to the car and the lady got into Anthony’s car.  Leila watched in her car from a distance she couldn’t believe her eyes, she wanted to keep her cool but she was very pissed. She couldn’t contain herself anymore she wondered what they were doing in the car. She angrily drove into the hotel and parked next to her husband’s car and got out. She hit Anthony’s window with her key and asked him to roll down the window. Anthony was surprised to see her.

“Leila? What are you doing here? Did you follow me?”

“So this is what you have been doing? Who is this woman? Anthony who is this woman?!” 

“Leila go home and stop causing a scene”

Anthony opened the door and pushed her to the ground. “Go home Leila, you are making a fool of yourself” Anthony said.

He walked into the hotel with the woman, leaving Leila on the ground. Leila watched them disappear through the doors, she got up and dusted the sand off her and got into her car. She cried as she drove back home, her car suddenly stopped, she had run out of fuel. That was when she remembered she had planned to do get some fuel first thing that morning before she went for lectures, she had used the little fuel she had left to chase her silly husband and now she was stuck.

She didn’t have her phone, she thought she had it with her all along but she left it on the bed when she was rushing out. She was in the middle of nowhere, it was very dark. She got out of the car to see if she would get help from someone. She quickly got into car and locked it when she saw a man approaching, he looked very scary. He knocked on her window but Leila didn’t roll her window down, she was shivering with fear. The man seemed to be under the influence of something, he started looking around on the floor in search of a stone to break the window. Leila began blowing her horn to get the attention of someone but it was so late and where she was she knew no one could hear her.

She was so scared her whole body was shivering, she didn’t know what to do. The man got a stone and broke the windows of the car. Leila screamed at the top of her lungs when the man opened the door and grabbed her out of the car. He had a knife and asked her to give him money, but Leila didn’t have any money. She begged for her life, she kept saying she doesn’t have any money. The man was not going to take no for an answer, he had a husky voice from too much smoking. He thought Leila was lying, he slapped her severally on her face and asked her again. Leila cried and begged, she kept saying she has nothing.

The man took a good look at Leila and dragged her into the car and ripped her blouse. Leila fought him off hard but the man threatened her with the knife and said he would kill her if she doesn’t keep still. He covered her mouth with filthy his hand and unzipped her trousers, she cried and tried to bite his hand but she was too scared. He was pulling off her trousers when the lights of a car approaching shone on them, the man panicked and that was Leila’s chance to bite him and kicked him off. She used all the strength she had in her body and pushed the man off her and ran to the car approaching.

It was Anthony, she has never in her life been so happy to see him like she was in that moment. Anthony quickly got out of the car and grabbed a stick. He hit the knife out of the man’s hand and pushed him to the ground, he punched him severally on his face till he became unconscious. Anthony quickly carried his wife into his car and sped off to a near by hospital, as he drove he kept asking her if she was okay but Leila was traumatized.


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