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” I love this song. I love the way it makes me feel. Who sang it?” Nana Yaa asked. She was dancing barefooted in her living room. Jeffrey checked his phone. “Ermm… Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber.  The title is  I don’t care” he said.

Nana Yaa laughed. “Interesting title.  Come on. Get up. Let’s dance” Nana Yaa said swinging  Jeffrey’s arm.

You know I can’t dance Nana. I have to leave soon anyway, it is getting late

“No! Stay. Please stay. You are tired. I saw you yawning awhile ago. Please stay. Please” Nana Yaa cried

Jeffrey sighed. “Fine..I would call Nicole and George and tell them not to wait up

“Yaay! Awesome. I am pretty sure they weren’t even planning on waiting up. Come on. I can teach you to dance. Since we have all night”

“Noo Nana! I am tired. Come, let’s watch a movie instead” Jeffrey said and disconnected his phone from the Bluetooth speaker.

Nana Yaa joined him on the couch and picked up her remote. She searched through her movies and chose a romantic comedy. Jeffrey’s head was on Nana’s lap as they watched. He laughed a couple of times. After awhile, Nana Yaa noticed he wasn’t moving his left foot anymore, he normally moves his left foot when he is trying to sleep. A habit he couldn’t break. Nana Yaa  checked on him; he was fast asleep, she smiled and kissed his forehead.

Leila tossed and turned in her bed. She was very happy, she knew for sure Anthony felt the same about her. She thought about their kiss and held onto her teddy bear tightly and drifted into sleep.

Doreen woke up the next morning to fix breakfast, she saw Jeffrey in the kitchen sipping on coffee and browsing on his phone.

Good morning Jeffrey. You stayed the night?”

“Yes I did. It was pretty late and Nana Yaa insisted

Oh alright. That’s nice of her. She is still asleep I guess.”

Jeffrey nodded with a smile.

Okay. I am about to make breakfast. What would you love to eat this morning?” Doreen said

“Anything?” Jeffrey asked with a grin.

“Anything Jeffrey. Just ask and it is yours” Doreen said

Jeffrey laughed and rubbed his palms together.  “Okay then, I would love some scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon and pancakes

Doreen smiled. “Wow. Well we run out of bacon yesterday but we have sausages. I am sure we can get it done. You are going to help out right?” Doreen said

“of course Ma’am. I can scramble the eggs?”

Doreen laughed. “Okay. Do that. And please call me Doreen” she said and handed him an apron.

“Right. Doreen”

Stephen and Natasha decided to pay George and Nicole a visit in their home. George told them Jeffrey had arrived in Ghana so they wanted to welcome him. They got there only to find out Jeffrey stayed the night at Nana Yaa’s house. Even though they all knew Jeffrey and Nana Yaa had something, they weren’t sure they were an actual couple. They haven’t mentioned anything to any of them. Natasha asked Nicole in the kitchen when they were making breakfast, if she knew anything.

“She just broke up with Derek,the baby she lost was his,that you already know right?

Natasha nodded.

“Well there is something I just found out. Please don’t freak out and don’t tell Stephen just yet

Natasha was confused. ” Why what is it?”

Nicole sighed. “Jeffrey and Ebo are brothers. Twin brothers”

Really?! I shouldn’t be this surprised because I noticed the resemblance. I just assumed it was a coincidence but twin brothers? What a small world! No way. How did you find out? “

“My mother told me about it. It’s a pretty long story but it turns out Jeffrey and Ebo were separated at birth. I don’t really like talking about this story because it makes me sad”

Natasha was still confused.

Wait your mother told you? Nicole I am so confused”

I can’t tell you everything now Natasha. Let’s finish up, the boys are starving. But you, why didn’t you go to work today? I thought you were resuming today”

“I resume work tomorrow. I am dreading it. Going to miss Zoe so much”

Nicole smiled. “Your mother would definitely keep an eye on her. You can look at her photograph on your phone when you miss her. You are going to be fine. I am leaving Ghana remember? I won’t get a chance to see you, Nana Yaa  and m parents as much I want. I am going to a new country to start over. I am so scared Natasha. I am also dreading the day”

Natasha consoled her friend. “Everything would be fine. You would have George and Jeffrey to help you. You can come to Ghana anytime you want.  Change is hard but you are going to be absolutely fine Nicole. There is nothing to worry about. You and George have such an amazing marriage now, the distance wasn’t working at all for you both. I am very sure when you guys move in together permanently things are going to be perfect, and maybe we would see some little ones running around soon?

Nicole smiled.

Well let’s pray so. That would be pretty awesome. Sometimes it really hurts when I think about Nana Yaa’s miscarriage. I hope she is doing well” Nicole said.

Nana Yaa woke up to a pleasant aroma coming from the kitchen, she rushed to see what was cooking.

“See who decided to join us. Did you sleep well?” Jeffrey asked.

Nana laughed when she saw Jeffrey in an apron. ” Mummy has turned you into a chef I see, what is cooking? I smell pancakes”

Yes. Doreen is making the pancakes. I scrambled the eggs and now I am frying some sausages”

“Yummy. I can’t wait to eat. We can add some ripe plantains. Those are my favorite you know.” Nana Yaa said and picked up some ripe plantain from the store room.

Anthony left early for work, he had an important presentation and needed to prepare. Leila woke up to make his breakfast but she never heard him come down the stairs. She went upstairs and knocked on his door but there was no answer, so she decided to give him a call. She saw a couple of missed calls from him and a couple of messages apologizing for leaving without checking on her. She smiled and replied his messages.

She freshened up, had breakfast and gave Betty a call, she had to meet up with her that morning for an assignment. She sang in her car as she drove to campus. She was smiling at her phone when Betty joined her in the car, Anthony had texted her.

“Hey Leila”

“Hey Betty. Where is Jessica?”

“She would join us later. She is braiding her hair.

“Leila, you seem different” Betty said

“I do?”

“Yeah. I can’t quite put my finger on it but you seem a little bubbly”

“I kissed Anthony! We kissed! I love him. I am so in love with him” Leila blurted out 

“What?! How?! Wait. When? What changed?”

“I can’t really tell, we just settled our differences. We talked and we have decided to work on our marriage”

“I can’t believe this Leila. This is really great news. I am happy for you”

Thanks. I just hope we try to make it work. I really want it to work”

“It would. It definitely would Leila. I am very happy everything is working out. Let’s go to the library now and  get some work done”

Sure. We have to finish everything today.” Leila said and started the car

Jeffrey fed Nana Yaa with some scrambled eggs.

does it taste good?”

Nana Yaa nodded. “Very good. I didn’t know you could cook”

“I can’t really cook but I try. Anyway, how is your day looking like?”

Today I would just finish up my report, send it to my boss and just stay in with mum”

Okay. I want to show you something later in the day. I would go home after breakfast and come pick you up, let’s say around 2pm?”

Nana Yaa smiled and nodded.

“2 pm is good. Where are we going?”

“You would find out soon babe”

Doreen loved seeing her daughter happy, she could see how much she loved Jeffrey. After breakfast, Jeffrey helped clean up the kitchen with Nana Yaa and left moments after. Nana Yaa was excited about Jeffrey’s surprise, she asked her mother if she had an idea of his surprise. Doreen had no clue.

Jeffrey rushed home to find Stephen and Natasha, he wasn’t expecting to see them but he was very glad they were there. He dropped his car keys and pulled George aside, I am going to marry Nana Yaa. I want to marry her” he said

George was confused.

What is going on with you?”

“It just hit me, I love her. I love her so much and I really don’t know what we are waiting for”

are you serious Jeffrey?” George asked.

Of course. Very serious George. As a matter of fact, we need to go find her a ring asap, I wanted to wait till we get to Dubai to get her the ring but I just can’t wait anymore. I would replace it with something better later.”

When do you plan to propose?”

This afternoon.”

Wow! Really? Then we have to leave now.”

I would freshen up quickly” Jeffrey said and rushed to his room.

Stephen was watching TV when George whispered the news in his ears

What?! No way! where is he?” Stephen asked

he is upstairs, he is freshening up. We are going to get Nana Yaa a ring today.”

Stephen still couldn’t believe it, he rushed up the stairs to Jeffrey’s room.

Yo! Bro!  You are going to propose to Nana Yaa?”

Jeffrey laughed.

Yep! I am and we need to leave. I would tell you everything in the car. George can you drive?  I am too excited” Jeffrey said

George nodded and they rushed out of the house, they told the girls something important came up and they needed to leave.



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