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Fresh Start

I have quit eating desserts for now. I want to fit into my dress” Nana Yaa said

Nicole chuckled and took Nana Yaa’s cake.

I didn’t know I would live to see the day you ever say no to cake” Nicole teased.

Nana Yaa laughed hysterically.

It’s just for awhile Nicole, I am patiently waiting for the wedding to be over”

George returned to the restaurant from checking in their bags.

there’s been a little delay in our flight babe. It’s at midnight”

“midnight? Why baby?”

“well they couldn’t give me a tangible reason. But it’s all good, it buys us more time to say a proper goodbye to Jeffrey and Nana Yaa. ”

“ I guess” Nicole shrugged and finished her cake.

Baby, I thought we had dinner at home, did you eat again?” George asked.

Nana Yaa laughed.

ofcourse honey. I was hungry” Nicole answered

“What did you eat?” he asked.

just their assorted meat Jollof rice and a couple of drinks

George looked at his wife with astonishment.

“I’m still pretty full from dinner you know. I can’t believe you had a whole meal here”

“ I was craving something hot and spicy and their Jollof rice is pretty spicy”

Nana Yaa hadn’t paid much attention to her friend all week because of her proposal, she was still in a bubble but looking at her that night and how she was eating and craving everything, she was certain Nicole was pregnant.

She sent her a message on her phone.

when did you have your last menstrual flow?”

Nicole looked at her phone and looked up at Nana Yaa. She checked the date on her phone and realized she was really late.

A pharmacy! I need a pharmacy” she said and jumped out of her seat.

Nana Yaa followed her to the parking lot to get her car. George stayed back to pay the bill at the restaurant. He had no idea what the girls were up to and he was too tired to worry about it. He saw Jeffrey walking into the restaurant minutes later with a broad smile. He laughs and smiles a lot ever since he proposed to Nana Yaa.

It was obvious he was very happy.

Where are the girls?” he asked when he got closer to George.

they rushed to go get something at the pharmacy. I am sure Nicole wants a Chapstick or something. She is obsessed with them” George said.

Jeffrey smiled and hugged his friend.

The girls located a nearby pharmacy and rushed in.

I want a pregnancy test kit. Give me 3 please” Nicole said catching her breath.

They rushed to the bathroom to take the test. Nicole was so nervous.

She didn’t want to look when the five minutes was up. She covered her eyes with her hand and asked Nana Yaa to check.

Nana Yaa was quiet as she looked at the results. She was so happy for her friend. The silence made Nicole even more nervous.

“Nana, w-what..what d-does it say?” she stammered.

you are going to be a mother Nikki”

Nicole opened her eyes


“Yes. All three kits show two lines. Nikki you are pregnant” Nana said and hugged her.

Nicole couldn’t wait to tell her husband. They rushed out of the pharmacy and into the car. They were excited.

Nicole smiled when she saw her husband.

Suddenly to her, he was the most handsome man on the planet. She didn’t care whoever was watching, she leaned in and kissed him. George was startled but kissed her back.

She then pulled him out of his seat and led him outside the restaurant. She showed him the test kits right away.

we are pregnant,baby.” she said excitedly.

George took the kits and looked at them. He couldn’t believe it, he hugged Nicole and carried her up.

don’t create a scene babe, people are watching”

Nana Yaa told Jeffrey the news when they left them alone.

“that explains the kiss huh?” Jeffrey asked. 

Nana Yaa nodded and giggled.

He was excited or them. He congratulated them when they got back.

They had a long chat, Jeffrey and George talked mostly about work and how they could make some changes to improve the business. The girls talked mostly about weddings and babies. Nicole showed Nana Yaa some wedding videos on YouTube, to guide her plan the wedding since she wouldn’t be around for most of the planning.

Jeffrey noticed when Nana Yaa yawned twice as she watched the videos and he knew she was tired.

They had wanted to watch them leave but they just couldn’t wait till midnight, so they bid them farewell.

Jeffrey was supposed to join them on that flight but he wanted to stay a little while longer with his fiancée so he rescheduled his flight to the following week.

As they drove back home, Nana Yaa called her mother to tell her the good news.

“but don’t congratulate her just yet Mummy . Wait till Auntie Mildred tells you or Nicole herself tells you okay? I don’t want her knowing I have told you but I am really happy for her”

Doreen smiled over the phone

true. I am happy for them too, they have been through so much, this baby is truly a blessing” Doreen added.

Nana Yaa smiled and turned to look at Jeffrey as he drove. She interlocked her fingers with his and kissed his hand.

mummy, I would be at Jeffrey’s tonight. We need to go over some things for the wedding”

“ okay sweetheart, send my regards to him”

“ I would Mummy. He also sends his love. Goodnight.”

“ Goodnight sweetheart”

They both giggled when she ended the call.

finally,some time to ourselves. Do you want to try the ice cream place Natasha and Stephen recommended?” Jeffrey asked.

No babe. I already told you. No cake or ice cream till after the wedding”

“ oh so you were serious?”

Nana Yaa chuckled.

of course baby. I don’t know why nobody is taking this decision seriously”

that’s because we know how much you love cake and ice cream babe. But sure thing Ma’am. I believe you now”

Nana Yaa smiled and nodded. Jeffrey leaned over and kissed her.

Anthony fell asleep in the couch, he was watching a movie and dozed off.

He and Leila have been having a good marriage after they shared a kiss, they talked more to each other. Leila wasn’t afraid to talk to him about anything, from school work to her friends. It felt like they had just gotten married.

Leila was studying by the dining table when she heard Anthony snoring. She didn’t want him hurting his neck so she woke him up to go upstairs. Anthony opened his eyes and they met Leila’s. She smiled and she shyly asked him to go sleep upstairs. Anthony smiled at her, he really liked it when she got a little shy and nervous when she is close to him. He rubbed his eye a bit and yawned.

I am so tired” he said.

Leila held his hand and helped him to the stairs.

It was the second time they had held hands since they got married.

Anthony looked at their hand and chuckled.

you have really soft palms” he said and looked at her.

Leila giggled.

you are really funny when you are sleepy” she said.

When she was about to take a step on the stairs, Anthony pulled her into his arms and kissed her. He had missed her soft lips. Leila kissed him back, she had missed his too.

They kissed passionately by the stairs, so passionately Anthony wanted to make love to her.

He had wanted her since their first kiss but he wasn’t sure she was ready considering her being a virgin and also because of her attack.

He broke off the kiss, he was getting too aroused.

what’s wrong?” Leila asked.

I am so sorry” he said and rushed up the stairs. Leaving Leila confused.

He rushed into his room and took a shower to cool off.

Leila went back to the living room to turn off the Television. She sat by the dining table and attempted studying again but she couldn’t get Anthony off her mind. She wondered if he was still disgusted by her. So many things were running through her mind. She really thought they were making progress. She packed up her books and went to her room. She sat on her bed wondering whether to ask her husband about what really happened on the stairs. She checked the time. It was half past ten. She left her room and went knocking on Anthony’s door.

Anthony was wide awake and heard her footsteps when she was walking towards his door.

He sighed. He walked to the door and hesitated before he opened it.

can we talk please?” she asked.

would you want to come inside?” he asked

She has never entered his room, she was happy he asked her.

She nodded and he opened the door widely for her to enter.

Nice room. You are really organised” she complimented him

thanks” he said and smiled.

“ sit down” he added pointing to his bed.

Leila turned to look at the bed then opted to sit in an arm chair close to the bed instead.

Anthony wasn’t surprised she did that. He sat on his bed and looked at Leila.

so what do you want to talk about Leila?”

She looked at Anthony for a while before she started to speak.

“ why did you stop kissing me? I thought we were making progress. Do I still disgust you?”

It really broke Anthony’s heart to hear her ask him that .

why would you even ask me that Leila?

you once told me you were disgusted by me even before I almost got raped. Just now you walked out on me when we were kissing, it made me feel you got disgusted”

No! No Leila,that’s far from it. I really apologize for ever saying I am disgusted by you. I was angry at that time and I said things I didn’t mean. I have hurt you with those words I know, but believe me, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. Even before I knew we were betrothed to be married, I secretly admired your beauty”

This brought tears to Leila’s eyes.

so why did you walk out on me?”she asked

Anthony was quiet, he didn’t know how to tell her he wanted to make love to her. Leila stared at him as he struggled to find his words. She was getting upset just watching him.

She angrily stood up to leave but Anthony rushed to stop her.

I wanted to make love to you” he blurted out.

“After our first kiss, it’s all I think about. When we were kissing tonight, I was thinking about it but I didn’t want to entertain it because I know you aren’t ready and still traumatized from the attack so I stopped kissing you so I could think straight” he added

Leila laughed.

Anthony wasn’t expecting that reaction from her.

I am serious Leila. That’s the truth

I know you are serious Anthony. Sorry I laughed. It’s just funny hearing it out loud and from you because I have been thinking the same since we kissed”

you’ve been thinking about making love to me?” he asked just to confirm.

Leila shyly nodded.

it’s a normal feeling. It means we are human and we are attracted to each other. You shouldn’t be embarrassed Anthony. Well..thanks for telling me the truth” she said and gave him a peck.

wait. Is that it?” he asked

well yeah. Now I know I am not disgusting to you, I am attractive to you. That’s way better.  I have gotten my answer. Sorry I took a little of your sleeping time. Goodnight Anthony.”

Anthony couldn’t believe what was happening. He stopped Leila when she got to the door. Leila looked up at him. He leaned in to kiss her. Leila was startled. 

I want you now Leila” he whispered

Leila looked at him.

are you sure? she whispered.

He looked at her.

I should be the one asking if you are sure and if you are ready Leila

Leila kissed Anthony, this time more passionately than the first. Still kissing him, she took him by the hand and  they walked to his bed.

She sat him down on the bed and stripped naked in front of him shyly.

Anthony got off the bed and held her face gently by her chin and asked her if she was sure.

She nodded.

I have always wanted my first time to be with you Anthony” she said.

Anthony kissed her and carried her onto his bed.

They made love for the first time and from the way their body synchronized against each other made them believe they had really wanted to do that for a very long time. Their body, soul and mind melted into one that night.


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