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Anthony stared at Leila while she slept, he smiled and kissed her on the forehead. He has fallen hopelessly in love with her. He went in to the bathroom to freshen up.  His alarm went off and it woke Leila. She heard the shower running from his bathroom so she laid in bed and waited for him.

She started reminiscing about the previous night and felt butterflies in her tummy. She couldn’t wait to see Anthony again, this time in a different light, he is now the man she loves with all of her heart. She jumped out of bed excitedly and went to the bathroom to join Anthony in the shower, she just couldn’t wait for him to come out. He was startled to see her. She kissed him and they made love again.

After five years of marriage, they were now in their honeymoon phase and couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Nana Yaa’s phone vibrated, it was an email from her boss. She had fallen asleep while working with Jeffrey. They created a spreadsheet to help them monitor their finances during the wedding preparations. They wanted everything clearly stated to avoid confusion.

Jeffrey’s cousin is a renowned wedding planner in the US and Jeffrey wanted her on board for the wedding but Nana Yaa wanted to use Deborah, the one who helped Nicole and Natasha with their wedding.

She loved the way she coordinated with the other wedding vendors to make Nicole and Natasha’s wedding very beautiful. She didn’t like the idea of getting a planner based all the way in the US.

Jeffrey had no problem getting her to come to Ghana, he knew how good his cousin is and wished Nana Yaa would just understand. They talked about that all night before they went to bed.

They slept in separate rooms, they have decided to stay off sex until after the wedding.

She picked up her phone and checked the email. She had a meeting with an auditor at noon the next day. Her two weeks of convalescence has ended and she has to resume office the next day. She dreaded it so much, she wanted more time with Jeffrey. He had rescheduled his flight for her afterall. 

She groaned and got out of her bed to find Jeffrey.

He was the phone, he had a cup of coffee in his other hand. It seemed like a serious call, he was walking barefooted on the grass in his morning robe. Nana Yaa stared at him from the window for awhile then went to get herself some coffee.

She needed to have a lot fun because she it was her last day at home. She went outside barefooted as well and planted a kiss on Jeffrey’s lips. He smiled and hugged her halfway. She went back inside to make breakfast. Jeffrey hugged her from behind when she was mixing the pancake batter. She dropped the bowl and turned to hug him.

did you sleep well baby?” he asked

She nodded. She loved hugging him, he made her feel so safe in his big, strong arms.

we need to do something fun today honey, I start work tomorrow. I can’t believe my two weeks is already up”

“what do you have in mind baby? We would everything you want”

“ well let’s start with some pancakes then we decide as we go”

“Okay love” he said and kissed her.

Jeffrey was on the phone with his cousin the wedding planner. He had already arranged with her and bought her plane ticket. Since Nicole and George were out of the country, he asked his cousin to live with him at their home.

He wasn’t expecting Nana Yaa to hate the idea of getting a wedding planner from the United States, she assumed most women would love the idea but he forgot Nana Yaa isn’t like most women and has a mind of her own. Now he has to think of a way to convince Nana Yaa on last time because Kaylin was already on her way to Ghana.

He watched Nana Yaa as she made breakfast, she looked so happy. He knew the news about Kaylin would change her mood completely, their eyes met and Jeffrey smiled nervously.

Anthony and Leila spent the whole morning in bed, exploring their bodies. Anthony called in sick that morning. Everyone at the office, was shocked. Anthony never misses work.

Leila laughed when he ended the call.

you are so bad Mr. Jamal. If they only knew what you were really up to”

Anthony laughed and pulled Leila closer. He felt like a teenager, he was so in love and didn’t know how to control himself”

As they kissed, Leila broke off the kiss and told him that she had class in the afternoon and wouldn’t be able to spend all day with him like he wants.

“ I have all the time in the world today, I would take you to school and when you are done, you can call me to come get you”

Leila smiled.

that would be nice sweetheart, but I also have to observe a surgery, I don’t know when I would be done so I plan on sleeping over at Betty’s”

“ what surgery?” he asked

“ it’s a C-section. Yesterday I told you that I am in  the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department. We are expected to learn and observe these kinds of surgeries”

Anthony sighed.

don’t worry. I can be with you from till afternoon. I would make you some breakfast and your lunch,  I am not so sure about dinner though”

I don’t want you to go” Anthony cried

well, you did marry a medical student.  We are very very busy people”

Leila said and got out of his bed

I need to start my day now. Let me make you some breakfast and go get get ready”

“ Leila, about breakfast, I don’t like oatmeal. I have never liked it”

Leila was surprised. She sat on his bed and looked at him

I have been preparing oatmeal for you every morning for a pretty long time”

Anthony nodded.

“I know sweetheart. My colleague at work loves it so I always gave it to him, when he doesn’t come to work I threw it away. I have been looking for a way to tell you but there was never a right time”

Leila laughed.

oh! So how were you eating breakfast?”

I buy porridge or waakye in the mornings when I am driving to the office”

“ I feel terrible, I knew I should have changed the type of breakfast I gave you but I really thought you were okay with the oatmeal because it is healthy. I am sorry. And also, Anthony, let’s never fight anymore, I have experienced this amazing part of you, I don’t know how I would cope if we go back to our old marriage”

“ we are never going back to our old marriage Leila, I was so stupid but now I know better and I love this new marriage”

They hugged and kissed. Leila rushed out of his room to prepare for her day.

Nana Yaa served the pancakes and poured a little syrup on it. They are together and watched CNN, Jeffrey’s favorite channel. She noticed he wasn’t concentrating so she asked if he was okay. He nodded but Nana Yaa wasn’t convinced so she turned off the TV.

tell me please. You are not fine and your mind is definitely somewhere”

“ promise not to get mad?”

“ Mad? What have you done Jeffrey?”

Jeffrey sighed and told her everything. Nana Yaa didn’t even know how to be upset.

when does she arrive babe?” she asked.

tomorrow morning. She is really amazing you are going to love her”

Nana Yaa rolled her eyes.

I hope she does a great job baby. I mean it is your wedding too and you know her better”

Jeffrey jumped out of his seat and hugged her

you wouldn’t regret this decision honey. I was so worried you were going to be mad at me”

They finished the pancakes and went out to watch a movie. They went swimming after movie and they played miniature golf in the evening. Jeffrey dropped Nana Yaa home and said hello to her mother. Jeffrey was talking to Doreen when a call from Stephen came through. He was speaking so fast Jeffrey couldn’t hear a word

calm down Stephen. I can’t hear you, please calm down. What’s is wrong”

“ it’s Natasha. She is not breathing. She went to use the bathroom and took longer than expected. I went in to check on her only to find her on the floor”


Jeffrey rushed out with Nana Yaa to Stephen’s house. When they got there, the ambulance was leaving.

Stephen was devastated, he was holding Zoe in his arms. She couldn’t stop crying.

Stephen joined Jeffrey and Nana Yaa to the hospital. Natasha regained consciousness but she needed intensive care.


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