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Dear Natasha, Please Stay.

Natasha hates hospitals. She has always hated them. Whenever she got sick in school, Nicole and I became very worried. We used to depend on Ebo and some of his medical school friends to help see her through. Fortunately, she didn’t fall sick often when we were in school. Seeing her so helpless in here, breaks my heart” Nana Yaa said.

Jeffrey held her close to him. The doctors were running a lot of test. They stayed all night with Stephen giving him all the support he needed.

Nicole and George kept calling expecting to get some news but they didn’t know anything just yet.

Leila saw when Natasha was rushed to the hospital. She was done with surgery and was preparing to leave with Betty.

It was Jeffrey that caught her attention, she knew his face but didn’t remember where she had ever seen it. She asked Betty if she knew him but Betty was very sleepy she had no idea what Leila was talking about.

The following morning the Doctor arrived with the test results.

She spoke to Stephen alone outside the ward.

Jeffrey and Nana Yaa watched them from the window, Stephen broke into tears as the Doctor spoke.

She held him by his arm to keep him from falling. Jeffrey quickly rushed out to hold Stephen.

The doctor continued.

it’s slowly growing and building up in her bone marrow. Our worry now is, if or when it would change and start growing fast. When it gets to that stage, it would be impossible to treat her. But she is lucky, we detected it in time. My team and I would do our absolutely best to help your wife. I am so sorry but we mustn’t lose faith. Excuse me”

she has cancer” Stephen whispered when the doctor left.

Jeffrey sighed.

Breast Cancer?”

Stephen shook his head.

Cancer of the blood. Leukaemia

Jeffrey held Stephen tightly.

It was indeed too much to take.

They went back in and informed Nana Yaa.

The tears came rushing down, she couldn’t control herself. So many things run through her mind, she thought more about Zoe.

Jeffrey had completely forgotten about his cousin Kaylin. He was startled when he got a call from her.

She had arrived at the airport.

He apologized to Stephen and Nana Yaa but promised to come back. He rushed to the airport, he wanted to pass by the house to freshen up but there was so much traffic.

He managed to dodge the traffic and arrived at the airport approximately in an hour.

you look tired Jay ” Kaylin said when they settled down in his car.

I am tired. I slept all night in the hospital”

what?! What’s going on?”

“ we just found out our friend has cancer”

Kaylin was speechless.

It was a silent ride back to the house. Jeffrey didn’t want to talk about it anyway.

Nana Yaa got a call from her boss. She forgot that she reports to work that morning.

Nana Yaa where are you?” he asked. He didn’t sound too happy.

She explained everything to her boss the best way she could she was already late, and trying to beat the traffic would only make her even more late.

When the call with her boss ended, she called Anthony.

He answered on the first ring.

madam, you are so late. Where are you?”

“ I can’t come in today, my friend was just diagnosed with cancer this morning”

“ oh no. Are you okay?”

“Of course not Anthony. I am so sad. I don’t know what to do”

Natasha regained consciousness as Nana Yaa spoke on the phone.

She coughed.

Stephen rushed to her.

what happened?” she asked with a faint voice.

you fainted sweetheart. You are in the hospital”

She began to cry.

Nana Yaa cried too.

She hugged Natasha. She hated to see her like that.

Jeffrey walked in with some food and water.

He was relieved to see Natasha awake.

Stephen went to inform the nurses and her doctor came in to check on her.

Leila wanted to be sure about who she had seen yesterday, so before she drove back home to rest, she passed by the ward where she saw Jeffrey last night.

She wasn’t mistaken, it was Jeffrey Clarke. She had read about his work a while ago and had a huge crush on him. Seeing him in person and at a place where she worked really shocked her. She wondered why he was in the hospital.

That evening at home, she told Anthony about Jeffrey but he didn’t know what she was talking about

who is Jeffrey Clarke?” he asked.

he is the founder and owner of  JayCee”

“ JayCee? The telecommunication company?”


Anthony laughed.

and he was at Korle- Bu today?”

Leila nodded.

honey, you probably saw someone else”

I know who I saw, I had my doubts at first. But it is him . You know when I read about him, I was fascinated, so I paid particular attention to his face. He is sort of my celebrity crush”

Leila. You look at me, your husband and talk about your celebrity crush. Besides he isn’t really a celebrity. Most people don’t worry about the founders or owners of telecommunication companies honey, we just don’t care”

Leila laughed

well I do care. You should look him up. He is really handsome and babe, jealousy doesn’t suit you” she teased.

Anthony chucked and kissed his wife.

Visiting hours were over.

Jeffrey drove Nana Yaa home. Doreen was waiting at the door for them. She took Nana Yaa straight to her bedroom. Jeffrey waited till Nana Yaa felt a little better before he left.

Stephen called Natasha’s mother when he got home. They both cried over the phone.

Kaylin encouraged Jeffrey the best way she could but she was in Ghana for work and she needed to know if they were still going to move on with the wedding.

I need to ask Nana. But knowing her, she would rather see her friend better than worry about a wedding”

Nana Yaa went to work early the next morning, she needed the distraction. She managed to get some work done.

Anthony arrived an hour later and went straight to Nana Yaa’s office.

She was happy to see him.

Before he said anything to her, he picked up her left hand and took a good look at her ring.

holy cow! That’s a beautiful ring

Nana Yaa laughed.

and a hello to you too Anthony. You are a little late today. Were you stuck in traffic?” she asked.

nope, not really. Let’s just say I was busy loving my wife and lost track of time”

“ whoa! that’s too much information but hey I am so happy for you. Who would have thought huh?”

“Yeah. I am so happy now it’s bad. She is an amazing little woman and I can’t wait to get to know her even more

Nana Yaa chuckled and nodded.

Anthony stood up and took Nana Yaa’s hand, he helped her off her seat and hugged her tightly.

congratulations on your engagement. You deserve it” he said

“ and I am so sorry about your friend” he added.

thank you very much Anthony” Nana Yaa said still holding on to him.

They hugged for close to a minute, she needed it. They sat back down and Nana Yaa asked him to brief her on some office gossip.

There isn’t any juicy gossip,  just a couple of new recruits still in training”

Ummm..Nana Yaa do you know a Jeffrey Clarke? Leila wouldn’t stop talking about him last night. Apparently he is her celebrity crush” Anthony said scrolling through his phone.

Nana Yaa cleared her throat.

the owner of JayCee?” she asked.

oh so you do know him? Am I the only one who didn’t? I was reading about him this morning, his work is quite impressive”

Nana Yaa stared at Anthony silently while he scrolled through his phone. He noticing how quiet she had become raised his head to look at her.

“ why, what’s wrong with you?” he asked.

She showed Anthony a photo on her phone. It was a photo of her with Jeffrey, the night he proposed.

Jeffrey is my fiancé.” she said.

“ no way! Your Jeffrey is the Jeffrey Clarke?”

Nana Yaa nodded.

“ this is amazing. I can’t wait to rub it in Leila’s face. Her crush is getting married to my best friend”

Nana Yaa laughed.

most people don’t know him in Ghana, he is yet to launch JayCee here, so he moves around freely and easily when he is here, but it’s different when he is in Dubai or in America. A lot of paparazzi”

wow! This world is small” he said.

you have absolutely made my day. I need to call my wife.” he added.

go easy on her” Nana Yaa teased.

She watched Anthony leave her office, she was happy he finally worked things out with Leila. 

Stephen picked up Natasha’s mother, on their drive to the hospital she talked about Natasha’s father and how he had died from leukemia when Natasha was very little. She really thought Natasha was out of the woods when she turned twenty, she was certain her daughter was going to be fine. This scared Stephen even more, she wasn’t ready to lose his wife. He was very hopeful.

i would do everything within my power to help her. She would be fine mummy. Let’s be strong for her”

She nodded and looked at Stephen

She is blessed to have a husband like you. I am equally blessed to have a son-in law like you. Thank you”

He nodded. He drove quietly to the hospital with all his thought and prayers running through his head.


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