Hello Again. So I just started this new series I titled “Nana Yaa”. It is for all the lovers out there, the hopeless romantics. I promise to keep you glued to your phones or laptops :). It is filled with lots of love ♥, laughter 🙂 and suspense :). I hope you guys enjoy it?….This episode is dedicated to the wonderful Nancy Osei Nyantakyi. Congratulations sweetheart on your win. PWC is happy to have you and she is a Thursday born. Yaay!! Here is to you..cheers..!♥ 🙂

Big Plans
The knock on Ebo’s door caused him to wake up, he fell asleep while studying. He stretched and looked at his clock, it was 6:15pm. He quickly wore his shirt and opened the door. “Oh Ebo!! We have been waiting for you.” Nicole said angrily. “I am very sorry Nikki. I was studying and the next thing I knew, I was asleep”. Nicole sighed and walked into the room. “Well, you were not answering your phone so we asked Yoofi to take her out instead, she was beginning to suspect something is up. I also called Jude and he agreed to bring the cake.” Nicole said. “So what do we have to do next?” he asked. “I told her you will meet her up at the restaurant, so I think you will have to get ready. Natasha and I will fix up the room for the party and make sure the cake arrives. Earlier, we budgeted for thirty people but judging from the number of friends she has, we increased the number of guests to fifty, now my concern is how to fit fifty people into our room Ebo , it’s too late to change the venue now.” Nicole said worriedly.
Ebo laughed. “The guests won’t be in the room for a very long time Nikki, it’s only for a short while to surprise her. We can use the balcony as well. It is going to be fine Nikki. Relax. Now I have to go meet my girlfriend before she skins me alive.” Nicole smiled and stood up. “Okay Ebo, if you say so. I have to go now, Natasha is waiting for me downstairs. I will see you soon?” Nicole asked. Ebo nodded and hugged her. “Thanks Nikki you are the best. Extend my greetings to Natasha” he said as he opened the door for his little sister. Nicole nodded and run down the stairs. Ebo took a quick shower and wore his favorite shirt, the one he knew his girlfriend loved seeing him in and used the perfume she got him on his birthday. He picked up his car keys and rushed to the parking lot. He checked his phone before getting into his car and saw 15 missed calls and 26 messages from his girlfriend. “Nana Yaa is going to kill me” he said to himself and started the car.
At the restaurant, Yoofi tried his hardest to take Nana Yaa’s mind off her boyfriend but all Nana Yaa spoke about was Ebo. She didn’t believe he stood her up on her birthday. “I am sorry Yoofi, I am just too upset. He knows how special today is. I really do appreciate you taking time from work to be here with me. You made me laugh and the food here is delicious. I just wanted Ebo to be here too, I guess I have to accept that I am dating a medical student and they are very busy people.” Nana Yaa said sadly. Yoofi smiled. “Nana Yaa calm down, Nicole told us he will be here so just relax he will come, okay? As we wait can we order dessert? I am sure chocolate cake will do you some good. Nana Yaa smiled and shrugged. “I guess I wouldn’t mind a chocolate cake.” “Eii madam sweet tooth, I thought you were upset” Yoofi teased. Nana Yaa laughed.
They were eating their cake when Ebo finally arrived. “I am so sorry Nana Yaa , I know you are upset but I was busy with some work at the hospital and lost track of time”. Nana Yaa looked away pretending not to hear Ebo. “Ok Nana can we fight in the car? If we don’t get going now we will be late for the movie” Ebo added. “Oh yes! The movie, I completely forgot. Okay then, let’s fight in the car” Nana Yaa said and stood up. Yoofi laughed. “You two are just crazy. Anyway, I am tired and I have to go home. Happy Birthday again Nana Yaa I hope you enjoy the rest of your special day” Yoofi said with a smile. Nana Yaa hugged him. “Thanks a lot for being here I appreciate it and I appreciate you Yoofi.” she said still hugging him. Yoofi left the restaurant moments after to Nana Yaa’s apartment.
After the movie, Nana Yaa kept going on and on about how she loved it. “I am so glad I saw this movie with you today. Thanks so much Honey, I love you and I am not mad at you anymore.” Ebo smiled. “I am glad you are happy on your birthday babe. You deserve it.” Ebo said and kissed her. Soon they were back in school, Ebo parked in front of Nana Yaa’s apartment building and texted his sister when they arrived. Nana Yaa was sad her birthday was almost over. Ebo knowing Nana Yaa so well, knew she wanted him to stay up with her till midnight because she wanted to spend the last hours of her birthday with him just talking about the future and how far God has brought them. They do that every year on her birthday but this year Ebo had “Big Plans”, before Nana Yaa could even ask Ebo to stay, Ebo agreed and stepped out of the car to open the door for her. “I will stay up with you babe, so we can reflect on how far God has brought us. We can go for a walk around campus but I think you will have to change into something more casual and maybe get a cardigan to cover up?” Nana Yaa nodded and hugged her boyfriend, she rushed upstairs to her room to change and also tell her best friends and roommates Nicole and Natasha how her night had gone. When she opened her door, she was startled by the many voices that shouted “Happy Birthday Nana Yaa!!!” Tears filled her eyes when she saw all her loved ones gathered in one room. She couldn’t hold back her tears she was overwhelmed, her parents came closer to hug her. All her friends came around to wish her a happy birthday. She was so grateful and very happy,she looked everywhere for Ebo but she couldn’t find him, her friends were all around her asking her to dance. Since she was very good at it, she didn’t hesitate to put on a show for her friends and family. She danced for a long time and got so tired she just couldn’t dance anymore, Ebo saw that his girlfriend was tired so he went in to get her. “I have been looking everywhere for you babe” she said and walked out with him. “I saw you looking around but I just wanted you to spend time with your friends. I also saw how you danced in there, it was pretty awesome.” Nana Yaa smiled and held her boyfriend’s hand. “Can we go for the walk now? She asked. “Sure my love, but let’s do that after you cut your cake.” He held her by the hand and they went back inside the room. “It’s time to cut the birthday cake, we all know how much Nana Yaa loves cake.”Ebo said. After cutting the cake Ebo kissed Nana Yaa, that was the first time he has done that in public, she knew Ebo wasn’t a fan of public displays of affection. He put a piece of cake in her mouth and kissed her again. At that moment, all Nana Yaa thought about was her parents and what they were thinking but it was obvious Ebo for some reason didn’t really care. He whispered “I love you” and hugged her.
Nicole and some other friends shared the cake and drinks to everyone and the party continued. Ebo and Nana Yaa sneaked out to finally go for their walk, Ebo had secretly informed the guests about his plan so they all understood when Ebo and Nana Yaa left the party. They walked hand in hand, Nana Yaa wanted to talk about the kiss but she didn’t want to ruin the moment. She just smiled and looked at Ebo, she realized Ebo had something on his mind. “Are you okay baby?” she asked. He nodded and looked at his watch, it was the second time he had checked the time. “Why, do you have something to do or somewhere to be?” Ebo shook his head and placed his hand in his left pocket. He stopped walking and sat on a leisure bench nearby, Nana Yaa followed him and sat close to him. Ebo finally found his voice and pulled out an engagement ring from his pocket, Nana Yaa’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the ring.
“When I am with you, I am the happiest. Ever since I met you Nana Yaa, you have inspired me to be a better person; a better version of myself. I am the luckiest man alive to have found a beautiful, pure person like you. Nana Yaa, this is my promise to you, my promise to never leave you, to always love and cherish you. Would you want to marry me and make me the happiest man on earth?” Ebo asked. Nana Yaa nodded with tears rolling down her cheeks, Ebo slowly placed the ring on her finger and kissed it. Nana Yaa was speechless but very happy, he hugged Ebo and kissed him passionately. They talked all night till Nana Yaa got sleepy, Ebo took her back to her room. The party was almost over when they got there, her parents and friends congratulated her. She playfully showed off her ring. She was very happy and grateful everyone could make it. She hugged and kissed her parents and some friends goodnight. Ebo wanted to stay and help clean up but the girls wouldn’t allow him to help so he gave up and drove back to his apartment very tired.
That’s all folks. See you all next weekend :). Have a wonderful week and remember to put God first in everything you do. Okay Bye♥♥