Hello again?. Some of you could not wait for this episode?. In the previous episode, Astrid accused Ade of dealing with blood money. They got into a big fight and stopped speaking.  Ade found out later that Astrid has a boyfriend, a boy he really dislikes on campus.


Kwaku Gambrah?!!!

I rushed to the hospital and saw Astrid’s face swollen. The doctor said her rib was bruised and her arm fractured.

who could have done this?!” Tiwa said angrily.

It’s all my fault Ade, I made the body guards stop going to the apartment ever since you moved out of the apartment. I didn’t see the point of it anymore” Tiwa said.

What?! Tiwa, I made you get the body guards for Astrid and not me. I thought you understood everything. I am sure the people who did this noticed she wasn’t protected anymore and broke in. Was Kwaku there?”

Tiwa shook her head.

“ I didn’t see him” she said.

Uche and Kojo came to the hospital as soon as they heard. I stayed the night with Astrid, she was still unconscious. I hadn’t prayed to God in awhile but I made an exception that day. It really broke my heart to see her like that and it was all because she became friends with me. I kissed her on the forehead before I left the hospital in the morning. I arranged for Janice’s arrest when I got back to Uche’s hostel. She went too far this time even though I warned her.

Tiwa and I visited Astrid at the hospital later in the day, she was conscious. Kwaku Gambrah was with her, he was feeding her. I greeted and asked Astrid how she was feeling.

I am fine” she said faintly.

She seemed happy to see me even though she couldn’t make eye contact with me. I dropped the provisions I got for her by her bed and left the ward. I couldn’t stand Kwaku being there.

Tiwa followed me out.

“ Ade? Why what’s wrong? The way you walked out looked like you are mad about something”

“ Of course I am mad Tiwa. What’s Kwaku doing here? Why is he even here?!” I said angrily.

Ade, you know he is her boyfriend right?”

“Boyfriend? Has she told you that?”

“ come on Ade. You know they don’t need to tell us. They are almost always together these days. And you have seen the photos”

“ I cannot be here Tiwa. I just can’t do this right now. Tell Astrid that something came up”

I walked out of the hospital, I knew I should have told Astrid myself that I was leaving but I didn’t want to see Kwaku.

She was discharged after a week. I moved in with her to keep an eye on her.

Tiwa made her father get more bodyguards to secure the house. She felt very bad for letting them go in the first place. I told her she didn’t need to anymore because I had Janice arrested, but she didn’t want to hear it.

Janice got out on bail a couple of weeks later. She knew better than to try any silly stunts. I was never going to allow her hurt Astrid again.

Even though we were living together, Astrid and I didn’t have a friendship anymore. I helped her sometimes when she needed help but we didn’t talk. There was never a time to talk anyway because Kwaku was always with her.

I was listening to music in my room one night when I heard her knocking on my door. I panicked, I thought she was in some sort of pain. I quickly opened the door.

I need you” she whispered

“Where is Kwaku?” I asked

She quickly shushed me and took my hand. We went to the living room and she gave me a phone; Kwaku’s phone.

There was a chat between he and Janice. He was asking her why she made the thugs beat up Astrid so badly. He only wanted them to threaten her to stay away from me like they usually did.

he was behind this all along” Astrid said sadly.

I wanted to go to the room and beat him up but Astrid stopped me. We informed the police that night and they came to pick him up. He was surprised he had been found out.

Astrid cried when everything had calmed down. She was disgusted with herself for allowing such a person into her life and in her bed.

something wasn’t right about him after my attack. His behaviour was very sketchy, I was curious because he spent a lot of time on his phone. I thought he was cheating so I went through his phone to find out who the other girl was only to find something much worse. Why do I always find myself entangled with the worst men?”

I didn’t answer, there was nothing else to say anyway. I was mad at her and at myself. I knew from the beginning that Kwaku was up to no good, I should have told her sooner but she was too stubborn. I stayed with her till she fell asleep and went to my room.

I couldn’t sleep immediately so I listened to J.Cole till I fell asleep.

I woke up pretty late the next day. I went to find Astrid but she was outside my door when I opened it, she was about to knock.

I am so sorry Ademola. What I said and did these couple of months were not fair to you and I don’t know what I was thinking. I broke things off with Kwaku, I should never have been with him in the first place. He is a liar. He put all sorts of bad things in my head about you. I believed him because it didn’t make sense you cared about me this much. I should have come to you first. Instead of believing him”

“ you should have. You really hurt me, you broke me. I thought you were better than this but I guess I thought wrong. You insulted my family Astrid”

She started to cry but I didn’t care I wanted her to feel the same pain she caused me.

you accused my family of dealing with blood money. I thought you are a Christian, so what happened? Did you lose faith in God? Did you think God would allow you be in a house with someone who wanted your blood for money? I am disappointed in you Astrid. I have nothing left to say, so when we are through with the project work, you and I are done”

I said and closed my door even though it hurt me very much to say those last words to her.

I didn’t want to stop seeing her, I was in love with her, deeply in love with her at this point.

I heard her crying in her room, it seemed like she called her family on the phone to tell them about everything because she was speaking Portuguese.

I listened to music so that I wouldn’t hear her cry anymore because it broke my heart.
We avoided each other that day.

The next morning I woke up to see Tiwa, Uche and Kojo in my room. Astrid had called them to plead on her behalf. I was shocked to see Tiwa especially because she didn’t like Astrid very much anymore.

she is not doing very good Ade. I think she is really sorry. Forgive her” Uche said

“ You know you want to. You guys should be friends again. You are not doing very well yourself. She makes you happy” Kojo said

where is she?” I asked.

She is at Han’s Café. She wants to treat you to breakfast if you finally forgive her” Tiwa said

and what if I don’t forgive her?”

Come On Ade! ” they all said

I met Astrid at Hans café, her smile was back and she hugged me. I had miss her so much, fighting with her was so exhausting. She apologized again and I accepted her apology. She promised to trust me more and never discuss me with anyone. I loved the sound of that.

We talked in person about the project work and the final designs, I liked how we quickly got over the fight and back to our lives.

We spent the day talking about our plans after school. It was there in that moment that it hit me, I might not see more of her after school and it got me sad.

We went back to the apartment around noon, we found Tiwa, Uche and Kojo in the kitchen. They had cooked one of my favorite soups; Efo riro with Amala.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I quickly went to sit by the dining table and waited to be served.

It was one of the best days I have had.

That evening when my friends had left, I watched a movie with Astrid.

She picked the movie and made homemade popcorn like the one we had when we were in Nigeria.

She sat next to me and placed the popcorn bowl on my lap and smiled.

She turned the lights off and we started the movie The Mountain between Us

 “I am a huge fan of Idris Elba and Kate Winslet and when I heard they were in a movie together I just knew I had to see it. I hope you like it” she said.

Half way through the movie, Astrid told me that she had fallen in love with me. I don’t know what triggered those words but I knew I owed it all to the movie. 

I am in love with you Ademola” she said with her eyes fixed to the screen .

At first, I wasn’t so sure, judging from the way I foolishly lost myself when I fell for André. And how I made Kwaku play with my mind. I felt you deserved someone way better and smarter than me so I tried to stop myself from falling. But you never left my side and how I felt after our fight, the thought of losing you tore me apart. I didn’t want to make another mistake so I asked my mother.” she added

and what did your mother say?”

“she told me to gather courage to tell you, if I am very sure about how I felt”

“ and are you sure about how your feel for me now?” I asked.

no one has cared for me the way that you have in these few months I have gotten to know you Ademola. I don’t know what I did to have a guy like you and I know  no one would care for me like you have. So yes, I am sure about how I feel about you but I am not sure if you feel the same way too” she said this time looking at me.

I smiled.

of course! I feel the same way too. I love you very much Astrid. You changed me, I didn’t know my life was a mess till I met you. I wanted to be the sort of man you deserve. After you told me about your abusive fiancé, I decided to stay away from alcohol and weed so that, you would never have to be with someone who dealt with substances again. I even got myself a bible and I have started reading. I don’t party as much anymore, I would rather be home with you than waste time partying with people who have no-“

She kissed me mid- sentence and I kissed her back. She stopped and apologised but I didn’t want to stop, I kissed her again.

I was very excited that evening, I definitely wanted to make love to her but I didn’t want to rush her.

We went to my room and kissed some more.

She was a very good kisser and her lips were extremely soft. We cuddled till we fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning with Ayomide’s words playing on my mind.

Even Igbo girls who are Nigerians, can’t get their hands on you”

Here I was, falling deeply in love with Astrid even though I knew my family would object to it.

I called Ayomide and told her everything, she was very happy for me but I needed her cooperation. We were not in love with each other, we both loved other people but our parents wanted us to get married for business.

“we need to tell them Ayo, they want us married exactly a year after I graduate. We both know it’s never going to happen. Astrid makes me so happy and I know Akin make you happy too. We are old enough now. I suggest we decide on a good time and break this news to them, they are our parents they would understand, they have to”

Ayomide sighed.

when are you graduating again?” she asked

“ In August

Okay then Ade, we can talk to them a day or two after your graduation so that they don’t make any further plans for the wedding. We will just kill all the plans one time!” she said jokingly.
But until then, keep quiet about Akin and I”
she added

Sure. My mouth is shut. But you know, I am surprised you are in love with a doctor, the way you hated hospitals and injections when we were little ehh ”

leave me joor. He isn’t going to inject me”

“ Are you sure? there are other forms of injections you know”

Eww….Ade! Get your mind out of the gutter”

“Okay o. Me, I have to go for a class, let’s talk later”

“Yes let’s do that. Get off my phone.Bye.”

I smiled and went back to my room to cuddle some more with Astrid. I was so in love with her.

We went for a class and as soon as the class ended we came back home to be in each other’s arms. We ordered some pizza and worked long and hard on our project.

During the class, we saw the designs our mates were putting up and we knew we had to up our game.

When it came to school work, she was always so focused and I admired that about her but this time around, she was my girlfriend and I wanted her to kiss or hold me while we study.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her.

She kissed me back more passionately.

She broke off the kiss and quickly went to turn my lights off.

We didn’t have sex but I loved what I got.

She turned the light back on and we worked some more. We wanted to get it done before the week ended so our supervisor could check and guide us. 

We were inseparable, the campus radio and newspapers talked about us every chance they got. They called us the Power couple.
Kwaku after getting out on bail came back to apologise to Astrid but he wasn’t allowed into the apartment. We saw embarrassing photos of him being carried away by our bodyguards in the campus newspapers and on social media. 

We finished our project work some few months later, I still don’t know how we managed to finish it because we spent a lot of time being in love than doing our actual work.

When we presented the final project to our supervisor, we were so happy . We had a little party and invited a few of our friends.

That evening when everyone had left, I mustered courage and told Astrid about my family and how they badly wanted me to marry Ayomide.

She was very heart broken but I assured her that, it would never happen. I didn’t have a concrete plan but I knew I wasn’t going to allow my parents choose my wife. 

The doctor I had gotten for Victoria called us later in the evening to tell us about the progress that Victoria had made in the few months. Astrid kissed me when the call ended.

I love you Ade and I know, I would love you for the rest of my life. You are an answered prayer”

She kissed me some more, it was getting pretty heated but I didn’t want her to stop.

She took my shirt off and kissed my neck down to my nipple. I wanted her so badly but I didn’t have condoms.

“ I don’t have any condoms” I whispered

it doesn’t matter Ade” she replied.

I made love for the first time in my life, it was so different with her. The way she moaned and held on to me. I couldn’t get enough of her.

I fell hopelessly in love  with her that night.

After that night, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We did it in every room in the house, even in the garage. She was spontaneous and I loved it.

The semester ended, school was done for us and we had to go back to our countries.

I didn’t want to leave but I needed to go and make things right if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Astrid. She also had to go back to Angola to tell her family about me.
We decided to return to Ghana after talking to our families to say a proper Goodbye to each other, spend a couple of months together alone before we moved out of the apartment permanently because the rent wasn’t due until the next couple of months.

On the plane we texted each other
You! you have tainted my good girl image with your charming self. I wanted to remain celibate after Kwaku but you my dear man, you are out of this world”  she texted. 

“ you don’t have to worry about celibacy little lady, when the man in question is going to be your future husband ” I replied.

She replied with the laughing and shy emojis.

I arrived in Nigeria and went straight to see Ayomide to device a plan we hoped would work. I just wanted to get over and done with it at soon as possible and return to Ghana to be with Astrid. 

We arranged a private dinner in a private restaurant and we broke the news to them.

“ Over my dead body would you marry that Angolan girl Ade!” my father said

I have never in my life seen him so upset. He stood up and left the restaurant. My mother followed him after glaring at me. I excused myself from Ayomide’s parents and run after my parents.


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