Astrid and Ade are so in love. They plan on telling their families so they could get a chance to be together forever. Ayomide and Ade took for granted their parents request and before they knew it, everything they had planned came crushing down. Opulence episode 6 enjoy…?

Moment of Truth

Daddy please calm down. Please”

He ignored me and got into the car. I joined them and we went home to talk. They didn’t care about the fact that I didn’t have any romantic feelings for Ayomide all they wanted was the Williams to be their in-laws.

“ Daddy, this is not fair now. It’s very selfish if you ask me. Do you want us to be in an unhappy marriage? Ayomide is in love with another man”

“ I do not care. When you two get married love would grow. This is the last time I would talk about this issue Ade. Go and end things with the Angolan girl” he said and went to his bedroom.

Ayomide called crying bitterly over the phone. We really underestimated the severity of the issue we found ourselves in. We didn’t know our parents would be this unreasonable.

“Ade, me I would just run away o. This is how our parents would just destroy our lives for us” she said sobbingly. 

I heard my mother screaming at the top of her lungs while I spoke with Ayomide.

e gbá mi o! ” she said while descending the stairs.

ki lode?! ” I asked worriedly.

your father oo! ” she said and sat on the stairs crying.

I ended the call and rushed to their bedroom, my father was on the floor. He has suffered a heart attack.

We quickly rushed him to the hospital. He had a heart transplant a couple of years ago and we were terrified he might not make it.

He stayed in Intensive Care for weeks. I was worried out of my mind, the doctors weren’t telling me anything. My sisters cried all the time, it was very frustrating.

Astrid called me several times but I was too distraught to answer the calls.

I stayed a month in Nigeria, instead of the two weeks I had planned with Astrid. I got a message from her telling me she was on her way back to Ghana. I replied telling her to give me another week.

The week turned to two months.

Astrid was so furious, she stopped calling me.

My father was out of intensive care after close to three months.

When he was able to speak, he begged me to marry Ayomide, and that alone would make him very happy.

I agreed without thinking, I wanted my father to be happy. He smiled when I agreed.

I asked to be excused and went to see Ayomide.

She cried when I told her I had agreed to marry her, I had betrayed her.

She didn’t talk me again after that night, she was badly hurt. I was hurting too.

I was such a coward, instead of telling Astrid everything to her face, I sent her a text message.

A message she read but never replied.

Typing that message was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

The next month was our graduation, I was hoping to see her at the ceremony but she didn’t come for her graduation.

I asked about her from everybody I thought knew her, but they didn’t know where she was. I stayed in Ghana for a week after graduation hoping she would come to campus for her certificate, but she never did. I went back to Nigeria a very shattered man.

A year later, I married Ayomide.

It was a private and silent wedding, I insisted on that. I didn’t want Astrid, wherever she might be, to see or hear it on the news.
We didn’t really have a marriage, Ayomide and I.  She cheated on me with the Doctor and I didn’t blame her. I slept in the guest room and she, the master’s bedroom.

I longed for Astrid every night, always looked at her photos before I slept.

One day at work, I got a call from a private number, the person didn’t want to introduce himself. The voice sounded compromised. He wanted to hide his identity.

He only told me that, the year that my father had a heart attack, it was only an act to get me to marry Ayomide. My father didn’t keep his end of the bargain so he wanted revenge. He apologised and quickly ended the call.
From the information given, I assumed the call was made by either the doctor or one of the nurses that “treated” him.
It explained a lot, when the incident happened my mother insisted we go to a different hospital and not the one we have always gone to ever since I was a kid.

I didn’t make any issue of it because all I wanted at that time was for my father to be fine.

 I found out later that the call was from one of our house staff. My parents promised to pay them a certain amount to keep them quiet but they never did. They only paid the health workers who were in on it with them and when the house staff found out they have been used they wanted revenge.

I couldn’t believe my parents could do this to me, I was so heartbroken. I confronted them and they didn’t deny it. My mother begged and cried saying it was my father that convinced her to lie.

“Honestly that show deserves an Oscar Dad. I guess you are happy now. You have finally succeeded in ruining my life!”

I walked out on them and never spoke to them again. I loved them very much but I just couldn’t forgive them.

I told Ayomide and she insisted on a divorce.

The divorce proceedings were done few months later and she moved in with the Doctor.

My sisters came to beg on my parent’s behalf but I didn’t want to hear it. I lost the love of my life because I wanted to be the good son.

After a year of looking for Astrid in every woman I ever dated, I made use of the perks I had for being an Olatunji and investigated the where about of Astrid. Something I knew I should have done a long time ago. 

I hired some private investigators to look for her in Angola and in the UK. Two places I knew she would be. She was very hard to track down because she wasn’t on social media and after the André experience, she was really good at hiding.

After six months of hitting dead ends, one evening whilst going for a run, I got a call from one of the private investigators.

They had found her, she was in Angola.

They sent me a video of her, she was playing with a kid. 

is the kid hers? ” I asked.

affirmative sir

Is she married?”

Her name is not in any marriage registry. We checked.”

how old is her kid?”

 she just turned two sir”

Do you know where she lives?”

“ Yes sir”

He forwarded her details to me.

I would be on the next flight to Luanda tomorrow. You have done well”

Okay sir. Safe trip. Goodnight”

I was very nervous, I wasn’t sure she even wanted to see me. I couldn’t believe she has been in Angola all this while and it took forever to find her.

I took a long warm shower after my run, thinking about everything the private investigator had just told me, especially the kids.

I called Tiwa when I was having dinner.

I am really happy Ade. After the private investigators came up with nothing for six months, honestly, a part of me felt you were never going to find her. But this is good news. You do not sound very excited though. Is something wrong?”

She has a daughter Tiwa.

“Are you sure she is hers? Did she get married or something?”

“ the private investigators searched in a few marriage registries in Angola and her name wasn’t registered but the kid is hers”

if her name isn’t registered she probably isn’t married. Why are we even wasting time worrying. You know where she is now, you would get all your answers soon”

I sighed.

I would be leaving on the first flight tomorrow. I would let you know whatever happens”

Okay Ade” she said.

And Tiwa, please pray for me”

There was a brief silence, I am sure she was wondering what had gotten into me. The Ade she knew wouldn’t ask for a prayer.

Sure thing cousin. I will. Have a safe trip. Call me

We ended the call and I went to my bedroom.

I was really nervous of the answers I was going to get. I hoped and prayed she wasn’t married and I wished the kid really wasn’t hers. I was being a little selfish, I knew, but I couldn’t stand the thought of her being with anybody else.

That night, I kept watching the video the private investigator sent, she looked very happy with her beautiful daughter. 


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