Ade found out his parents lied to him and stops talking to them. Ayomide asked for a divorce. Ade hires private investigators to look for Astrid, they finally find her but she has a daughter Ade believes isn’t his. Opulence episode 7… enjoy?

Chasing Pavements

I arrived in Luanda in the evening, it was too late to see her so I went to her home early the next morning. I just couldn’t wait to see her.

I didn’t know what to get her, I bought everything I thought she and her daughter might like.

I rang her bell twice but nobody opened, that made me even more nervous.

I tried again and someone I assumed was her mother opened the door.

“Hello? Can I help you?” 

“I am sorry for disturbing you this early ma’am but I am here to see Astrid”

She looked around and when she noticed the cars and body guards, she gasped.

are you by any chance Ademola Olatunji?”

I nodded.

She asked me in immediately and called Astrid.

My heart started beating very fast when I heard her running down the stairs.

She had gained a little weight but she looked very beautiful.

She was startled when she saw me.

Ade?!” she said

“ What are you doing here? How did you find me? ” she added.

Her mother went into the other room.

I put the gifts I had gotten for her on the table and try to hug her but she pushed me away.

No! you don’t get to hug me and think everything is fine. Who do you think you are Ade?
A text?! A freaking text message! After everything?!”

I knew I messed up. She definitely didn’t deserve that.

I begged her to forgive me. 

But she was so mad she asked me to leave her house.

I begged and begged but she pushed me out of her house and asked me never to return. I was so embarrassed, her mother tried to call me back but I was too ashamed to face her. I don’t know what I was even thinking, she definitely wasn’t going to take me back. I did hurt her pretty badly. 

I went back to my hotel to pack. I called Tiwa, I needed to talk to someone. My head was spinning, I felt like a fool.

she doesn’t love me anymore Tiwa. I don’t know what I was thinking, flying all the way here to see a girl I left hanging without any explanation hoping she would forgive me. I am so stupid! ”

Ade calm down. You are not stupid. I wouldn’t want you to rush back here without explaining everything to her. I suggest you go back there, man up and talk to her. This could be your only chance Ade. Don’t forget, this is Astrid, your Astrid”

Someone knocked on my door.

Hold on Tiwa, I think someone is knocking. Let me call you back soon”

Okay Ade

She said and ended the call.

I opened and saw someone who looks like Astrid but younger.

can I come in please?” she asked.

sure sure”

She stared at me for awhile.

You look way handsome in person. You need to fire your publicist, he or she isn’t doing a good job. Your photos on social media, doesn’t do you justice at all”

I laughed.

don’t mind me. I am just kidding” she said and sat down.

“ I followed you here by the way. My name is Asha, I am Astrid’s younger sister.  And I am sure you knew that. I know, we look a lot alike. I was in the kitchen when you came to our house. I heard and saw everything. I came to apologize on my sister’s behalf. She is very bitter right now because you jilted her but she has never stopped loving you. She is just very stubborn and I believe you know that about her”

I nodded.

“So please, don’t give up on her just yet. When you left our home, she cried and cried. I hate seeing her like that. Come back home with me, and let’s figure it out, please. I don’t think you flew all the way here to just leave Astrid be, just because she asked you never to return.
Girls do that! We say things we don’t mean. I am also really tired of her using my social media account to stalk you all over the place. I am here for my freedom as well. You really need to come back with me. And of course you need to meet Luna. She is so adorable, you would absolutely love her.

Who is Luna?” I asked

Oh? Your daughter. Whoa! come to think of it she looks so much like you, I really thought she looked like Astrid but after seeing you in person I can really see the resemblance”

I sat on the bed.

Right! You have no idea. You know, I used to be so mad at you for leaving my sister the way that you did. She had a very hard pregnancy and you just left her”

I had no idea Asha. She blocked me and disappeared on me”

“Yeah. That’s my sister, she is pretty good at that. But hey I have forgiven you now. ”

well, ever since I found out you are mighty rich. Just kidding, just kidding” she said and laughed.

My phone rang, it was Tiwa. I didn’t answer.

how do you mean she had a hard pregnancy?” I asked.

she was in labour for hours. The baby wasn’t ready to come out. She was in so much pain and was so tired. I really think if you were with her she would have been a lot calmer. She called out for you at some point”

can we go back to your house please? I really need to see her”

of course sir” she said and stood up.

Wow. I can’t believe I get to ride with Ademola Olatunji in the same car surrounded by body guards” she added.

I laughed and shook my head. She was nothing like Astrid, she was more free spirited and witty.

Tiwa called again when we were in the car. 

Hey Tiwa. I am little busy right now. Let me call you back”

“ Ade. You are all over the news. I thought you were going to be a little private”

what do you mean all over the news?”  I asked.

I guess the paparazzi hasn’t caught up with you then. Apparently someone posted on social media that you are in Angola looking for love”

I turned to look at Asha. I knew she was definitely the one behind this. She was busy still taking selfies.

When we got back to the house it was packed with lots of paparazzi. The bodyguards shielded Asha and I from them and led us to the main door of the house. Asha knocked and Astrid quickly opened the door.

They argued closed to five minutes in Portuguese about why Asha posted me on social media. But I really didn’t care about that, I was used to paparazzi.

What mattered right now was how to get Astrid back so I asked to be alone with Astrid to talk. Asha excused us.

This time Astrid was a lot calmer and I got a chance to explain everything to her and I also apologised for being a coward.

She kissed and hugged me then introduced me to our little girl. She is very beautiful.

I met her father and her older sister later that evening. Her mother invited me to stay for dinner.

I stayed longer in Luanda, I wanted more time to be with Astrid and our daughter. Her family made room in their home and accommodated me. The paparazzi were still around the house. But the bodyguards protected us.

We went sightseeing, and to a few gospel concerts.

She introduced me to her pastor after church. When we returned home from church, her father requested to speak to me in private.

He went straight to the point when I sat down.

so son what are your real intentions towards Astrid. I know you hurt her very much and I can see that she has forgiven you. But why are you here? What do you want from her?”

I love Astrid sir. I only want to give her love. She has been through so much. This isn’t the way I imagined I would ask you for her hand in marriage but since we are here now I want to use the opportunity to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage. I don’t want to make promises just to impress you but you have my word sir, I would never hurt Astrid. She would want for nothing and I promise to be the best father to our daughter”

He agreed, he shook my hand and gave us his blessings.

That evening, I went to wait for Astrid in her room. I was sitting alone at the balcony outside her room thinking of a memorable way I could propose to her when I heard her talking on the phone. She didn’t see me sitting outside.

She sat on her bed with her back facing me.

He just showed up. I wasn’t expecting him to” she said.

I wanted to listen to the conversation because it sounded like she was talking about me. Luckily, she put the call on speaker.

I stood up slowly and hid behind a curtain.

So are you guys back together?” the person asked.

He wants me back, he is Luna’s father. And I want her to get to know him”

He wants you back. My question is, do you want him back Astrid?”

“ I think I do. In the few days he has been here, he has been an amazing father to Luna. I was mad at him for so long but seeing him again in person has brought everything I felt for about him back. I am confused. ”

Confused? Where was he when I stayed awake to keep an eye on Luna so you could sleep? I am the only father Luna knows Astrid. What happens to us then? Is it because he is some famous rich guy? You are all over the news these days with him. Are you sure it is him you love and not his money?”

“ I know you have sacrificed a lot for Luna and I. I really do appreciate it Luis”

“ I love you Astrid. We were doing so good together until he showed up”

All I need is time Luis. A little more time”

Do you love me Astrid?” he asked.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

You should answer him Astrid. Do you love him? ” I said.

She was startled and dropped her phone.

She stood up from her bed.

how long have you been standing there?” she asked.

Astrid who was that? Your boyfriend?”

She couldn’t answer. I walked out on her but she followed me out.

“ I can explain Ade” she said.

Explain then! Explain!

It was the first and only time I raised my voice at her.

Does your family know this Luis that has been playing dad to my daughter?!”

I was so upset.

“ I am sorry Ade. I didn’t know you would come back into my life. You broke up with me”

And you disappeared on me Astrid! I asked everyone I knew if they had seen you but they had no idea where you were.You left me Astrid. You didn’t want to be found! What am I even doing here? You have clearly moved on. I guess you would prefer to stalk me on social media with Asha’s account and make another man raise our daughter”

I rushed to the guest room to pack my stuff. I saw her family seated at the living area when I came out.

we didn’t mean to lie to you Ademola. We didn’t know you would come knocking on our door one day or even ask me for her hand in marriage. Everything happened so fast. I am very sorry Ademola, I should have mentioned Luis. Don’t leave like this, Astrid does love you very much” Peter said

Well she has a really funny way of showing it Sir. A really funny way of showing it. I can’t do this anymore, not anymore”

I carried my daughter and hugged her tightly. They all kept quiet and stared at us.

I will always love you Luna” I said and kissed her forehead.

I gave her to Asha, she tried to convince me to stay but I was done talking.

it was a pleasure meeting you all. I really do appreciate your kindness and hospitality”

I sighed and looked at Astrid.

Take care of yourself Astrid. I truly do wish you the best with Luis”

I picked up my suitcase and walked out of their home.
I turned my phone off for a week when I got back to Nigeria, I wanted to get my strength back. I was so exhausted, nothing made sense anymore. I needed my father, he always knew what to say when I was down but I wasn’t speaking to him.

Tiwa was the only one who knew I went to Angola. She was the only one who could understand.

She visited me with a basket of food, I was seated on the ground in the dark when she entered my bedroom. She switched on my lights and dropped her bag.

I had never seen Tiwa cry but she did. She removed her shoes then sat next me on the ground. She held my hand, I hadn’t told her anything but she already knew I wasn’t fine. She didn’t say anything while she sat next to me but her presence meant everything to me.

She helped me take my bath and fixed me some food. When I was done eating, I told her what happened in Angola.

She sighed and took my hand.

You did your best Ade. I think it’s time to let Astrid go. It’s time Ade. This whole thing is killing you. Let her go Ade. Let her go” she said and hugged me.


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