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Episode 10- Dive Right In

The witnesses rushed them to a nearby hospital, the police got a hold of Kwadwo’s phone, and called Nana Kwame since he was the last person Kwadwo spoke to.

Nana Kwame informed his family and they found out the hospital they had been admitted to. They immediately got all the paperwork done to transfer them to a private hospital.

When the transfer was successful, Nana Kwame then informed Hazel. Alex was napping next to Hazel. She woke him up and broke the news to him

“ What?! When! Which hospital are they in ?”

Madison Grace Hospital. Nana Kwame says it’s at Labone”

“Yes, I know there,” he said and wore his shoes

On their way to the hospital, Alex called his parents but told them he would keep them updated and asked them to stay calm. Nana Kwame had their phones and saw when Hazel was calling Shirley’s phone.

“ Hello, Hazel?”

“ Hey. We just arrived”

“ Okay! I am coming to the entrance to meet you”

Nana Kwame saw them at the entrance and Alex asked him for some updates

“ Kwadwo is currently in a coma. Shirley is conscious but in critical condition. She hit her head really badly. Some of her bones are fractured but she will pull through”

Alex sighed

“ Can I speak to the doctor handling her case?”

“ Sure!” Nana Kwame said

Kourtney wondered why Kwadwo and Shirley were together. She knew Shirley is with Nana Kwame but she was so worried about her son to even think about the situation clearly.

Alex listened attentively to the doctor and advised her when he needed to based on certain things he knew about his sister that he thought the doctor would need to know.

Brigitte kept blowing up Alex’s and Hazel’s phones but they didn’t have any information either than what they had already told them.

Shirley recovered a week later but Kwadwo was still in a coma. The doctors were beginning to worry. Nana Kwame never left her side, he felt guilty about everything.

If he hadn’t acted so angry and jealous that evening, they wouldn’t have gotten into the accident.

Shirley asked about Kwadwo half the time Nana Kwame goes to visit her. He realized how much Shirley loved Kwadwo and as much he loved Shirley he knew that he didn’t stand a chance with her.

He waited for Shirley to be discharged and fully recover before he left Ghana for the UK but before he did, he ended things with Shirley.

He would have loved to stay with Kwadwo and wait for him to come out of the coma but he had a lot of work to do in the UK.

Kourtney and Brigitte became acquainted in the hospital after spending some time caring and praying for their children.

A week after Shirley was discharged, Koutney paid Shirley a visit. Nana Kwame told Kourtney everything before he left the country.

Brigitte took her to Shirley’s room so they can talk in private.

Shirley apologized firstly to Kourtney for bringing a rift between Kwadwo and Nana Kwame.

“ Everything got out of hand so quickly. I handled the situation so badly. I am terribly sorry for the turnout of events. I pray for Kwadwo every day that he pulls through” Shirley said sadly.

“ Kwadwo will be fine, he is a fighter,” Kourtney said

Do you really love Kwadwo?” she added

Shirley’s eyes widened. Kourtney’s question was unexpected and it got Shirley very shy

“ Ummm….I do. I really do”

Kourtney smiled.

“ This sounds like music to my ears. I honestly thought the only way I would get Kwadwo to meet someone or even go on a date is by introducing him to someone. You won’t believe the number of girls I introduced him to but he didn’t seem interested in any of them”

Shirley chuckled

He has always been a nerdy kid. He used to be so shy of the girls in his class. Growing up, anytime Nana Kwame wanted to go to a classmate’s birthday party Kwadwo wouldn’t want to go. And since I didn’t want Nana Kwame to go alone I made them both stay at home and they always end up getting into a fight over it. If Kwadwo were to be here, he would have been so mad at me for telling you this”

Shirley laughed

“ But he seems very confident now,” Shirley said

“ His dad got hard on him when he went to high school. He went to an all-boys school in the UK and his dad’s guidance and principles from the school shaped him into the wonderful person he is now “

“ I miss him so much” Kourtney added almost tearing up.

Me too. But I am hopeful he will come out of the coma soon”

“ I am hopeful too,” Kourtney said and smiled

They chit-chatted for a while and Kourtney learned some more about Shirley.

Great things, that made her happy and excited that Kwadwo crossed paths with her. Before she left she took Shirley’s number and they got acquainted.

Shirley resumed work when she fully recovered. Kwadwo was still in the intensive care. She visited him every weekend. She tried to work things out better with Nana Kwame, she didn’t want any bad blood between them.

Nana Kwame was hurt and angry but when he went back to the UK and thought things through he decided to let it go. All he wanted was for his big brother to be fine.

For Hazel’s birthday, Alex organized an outdoor movie night at the Yankey Residence. They invited, some close friends and family.

He flew Stella to Accra so she could spend some time with her daughter on her birthday and also have an experience of the outdoor movie night.

Shirley and Hazel joined their mothers to cook for all the guests. Alex wanted to hire a caterer but Brigitte and Stella boycotted it and cooked.

They decorated the place in a very cute way and Hazel for the first time in her life was excited about her birthday.

Her birthday is right after his late father’s birthday and it hurts every time her birthday comes around but it felt different this time around and Alex made sure to make her very happy.

Before the movie, they had a party indoors where they all got acquainted and ate the delicious food the ladies cooked.

Shirley had been disturbed about Kwadwo’s for so long but decided to forget about it that evening and be there for her best friend.

When it was time to see the movie. Alex led everyone outside to the garden.

The setting was so beautiful and cozy. Hazel couldn’t believe how much thought Alex had put into her birthday. She fell in love with him all over again.

Snacks and drinks were available in the back for everybody. Alex held Hazel by the hand and they walked to the front. He had a warm blanket and new pairs of socks for everyone if they got cold.

They watched a romantic comedy that cracked them up. Hazel was falling asleep on Alex’s chest when the movie ended. Alex looked down at her and kissed her forehead.

“ Thank you for this baby” Hazel whispered

Alex smiled

You know you deserve this”

Out of nowhere, the guest started shouting that they wanted to see another movie. Alex and Hazel turned to look at them.

“ The night is still young! The night is still young” they chanted.

Alex knowing Hazel so well, knew she couldn’t sit through another movie.

“ The birthday girl is a little tired,” Alex said to the guest

“ Oooh! Just one more movie Hazel!” they said

Hazel looked at Alex and shrugged

“ Okay, just one more,” she said.

She sat back down in Alex’s arms and the screen went black, suddenly Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect started to play

“ What movie is this?” she asked Alex

Alex chuckled

“ It’s still starting babe, you will see the title soon,” he said

Hazel’s baby photo popped up on the screen and some of the guests loved it. She looked so adorable. Hazel turned to look at Alex

Where did you get this photo?” she asked and they both laughed.

More photos of her were displayed showing her transition from childhood to adulthood. Old photos of her and her father popped up and it made Hazel tear up.

Funny photos of her and Alex showed up too and it made everybody laugh.

“ I absolutely love this Alex. It’s beautiful” she said and looked up at him.

“ There’s more,” Alex said and pointed at the screen

In a pre-recorded video, Alex described how in love he is with Hazel and how incredible she is, and how happy he is that Hazel was in his life.

At the end of the video, he asked Hazel to marry him. He had early on told everyone about his plan to propose and the guests wanting to watch another movie was all part of it.

Alex didn’t tell Shirley because he didn’t want her to slip it out to Hazel since they spent an awful lot of time together.

Hazel was stunned, her eyes widened when Alex brought out the ring and went down on one knee.

“ Are you serious?” Hazel asked sobbingly

“ Of course baby. Please marry me” Alex said

“ Say yes Hazel! Say Yes Hazel!” everyone chanted

Hazel looked down at him and kissed him

“ Yes, Alex! I will marry you. I love you so much! Hazel said

Everyone clapped and cheered.

Alex placed the ring on her finger and hugged her.

Stella was moved to tears, everything worked out beautifully she was nervous all morning.

Shirley rushed to them and hugged them tightly

“ That was so cute Fiifi,” she said

“ And congratulations you both” she added

The birthday party turned into an engagement party, everyone hugged and congratulated them.

Some of the guests took photos with Hazel and Alex and in all the photos Hazel excitedly showed off her beautiful ring.

Alex and Hazel spent time talking outside in the garden long after the guests have all left. Stella checked on them from her bedroom window.

She was very happy for her daughter, she wished her husband were alive to have witnessed her beautiful proposal.

The coming weekend Shirley and Hazel went to the nail salon, Hazel was so obsessed with her ring.

The nail technician kept eyeing it and complimented her. Her confidence level increased.

Shirley finished with her nails and waited for Hazel in her car since there wasn’t an available seat for her inside.

She made herself comfortable in the backseat and continued a web series on her iPad she couldn’t get enough of.

She felt her phone vibrating, she quickly answered when she found out who was calling.

“ Kwadwo woke up this morning Shirley. The doctors are still running some tests on him” Kourtney said sobbingly

Shirley was dumbfounded, tears filled her eyes. The news she had waited for weeks to hear.

Can I come and see him?”

“ Ummm…when the doctors are done, I will send you a message”

“ Okay sure. Thanks so much for calling to inform me. I really appreciate it”

“ You are welcome. So I will let you know whatever happens”

When the call ended Shirley laughed and cried at the same time.

She was so overwhelmed. She was starting to psych herself up for the worst.

When she got home, she informed her family. Brigitte joined Shirley at the hospital to pay him a visit.

He was sitting upright on his bed chatting with her mother when Brigitte and Shirley got in.

Kwadwo raised his eyebrows and looked at Shirley when he saw his mother and Shirley’s mother hugging.

Shirley giggled and shrugged at him.

“ Hello Kwadwo” Brigitte said

“ Hello Umm…”

“ You can call me Brigitte, Kwadwo. It’s so good to see you and I am glad you are fine. You scared all of us especially her” she said pointing at Shirley

Kwadwo smiled and turned to look at Shirley.

“Okay. I think we should leave the love birds alone to catch up” Kourtney said

“ Yes sure. Such a pleasure to meet you. Kwadwo” Brigitte said and hugged Kwadwo.

They stayed quiet and waited for their parents to leave before they started talking.

What just happened? Since when are our mothers best friends?”

Shirley laughed

“ They spent an awful lot of time worrying about us and I guess they bonded over that”

“ I have very a blurry picture of what happened”

Shirley sighed

“ Don’t even think about it. It doesn’t matter, what matters now, is that you are fine. I am so happy now. I was so, so worried”

“ I am so happy to see you too Shirley”

Shirley moved closer and hugged him, being in his arms felt so surreal.

She broke down in tears

“ I was so scared, I thought I had lost you. I prayed for you every day” she said sadly in his arms

I am not going anywhere” Kwadwo whispered

Shirley let go of him and wiped her eyes

“ Umm…I know the timing is bad but I want you to know that Nana Kwame and I broke up”

Kwadwo chuckled

“Oh Gosh. Because of me right?” he said

“ Actually, I think it’s because of me and how I handled the news about the coma. I was worried sick about you couldn’t focus on anything else. I guess he saw that I love you more than I would ever love him”

Kwadwo sighed

I feel terrible about how things turned out”

Me too,” Shirley said

A doctor came to check on him and Shirley excused them. She called her mother to ask where she was.

Brigitte was waiting in Kourtney’s car.

Kourtney had just decided to have a welcome home/ thanksgiving party for Kwadwo and she was brainstorming ideas with Brigitte.

When Shirley got to the car, Kourtney unlocked the doors allowing her to sit in the back seat.

“ So Shirley we are thinking of throwing a party for Kwadwo. Some sort of thanksgiving party. A lot of people were worried about him so I want to do something to gather everyone together to celebrate the gift of life and health”

“ That sounds nice. Really nice but are you sure Kwadwo is in the right frame of mind to meet that many people? I think he has been through a lot. He needs all the rest and recuperation he can get for now. But that’s only my opinion”

Kourtney got a little quiet, she was processing all that Shirley just said. She turned to look at Brigitte

“ You have an amazing daughter Brigitte”

Shirley blushed

“ I must admit, I have been excited so much I couldn’t bring myself to think about all that. You are very right, sweetheart. Now I feel bad for not thinking about it.”

Shirley chuckled

“ ooh don’t feel bad, it’s very thoughtful that you want to do something to make Kwadwo happy,” Brigitte said

“ But I also think you can do something for him when is fully recovered. Maybe when he has to go back to New Zealand you can have a lovely party for him” Brigitte added

Kourtney nodded

Right! That would be perfect and extra special” she said

She checked the time

The doctors should be done with Kwadwo by now,” she said

The ladies went back to Kwadwo’s ward but he was asleep. He needed the rest.

Kourtney discussed Kwadwo’s discharge with the doctor and he was set to return for a check-up the following week.

A couple of days later Kwadwo was discharged. Shirley insisted on bringing him home from the hospital, she wanted all the time she could get with him.

When Kwadwo recovered, Kourtney invited Shirley’s family over for dinner.

Alex got to see Kwadwo for the first time and they got along quite quickly. When they found out they both have a love for golf they exchanged numbers and planned to play together sometime.

Shirley tried to wrap her head around all that was happening. She felt really safe and welcomed in Kwadwo’s home.

After dinner, Alex left early to cover up a shift. Shirley’s parents left Shirley with Kwadwo to catch up for a bit.

They went outside to the gazebo to have some privacy. Kwadwo cuddled Shirley from behind as they spoke.

“ I want us to travel together,” Kwadwo said

“ Travel? To New Zealand you mean?”

“ Oh, no. Not New Zealand. I am thinking about Greece, then Italy. Then to anywhere we want. It’s going to be for a year. Just me and you”

Shirley’s eyes widened.

“ A whole year just traveling? That’s interesting. When do you want us to go and why do you want us to travel all of a sudden?

Kwadwo smiled

“ We almost died Shirley. Being here with you right now is more than just a blessing to me. I am not wasting any more time. I love you. I really do and I want this. Tonight, watching our parents get along was just so amazing. Everything is aligning and it’s beautiful. I don’t need any more proof that you are the one for me, Shirley. This isn’t how I had in mind to ask you to be my girlfriend but this moment is beautiful enough”

Shirley blushed and Kwadwo continued

For the longest time, my mother has been worried that I might end up alone because I drowned myself in my work. She kept introducing me to some of her friend’s daughters; the ones she thought were a good fit for me but for some reason things never worked out with them. When you walked into the room that day for the interview, you struck a nerve inside me and I knew I wouldn’t be okay till I make you mine”

Shirley laughed

“ This is so cheesy Kwadwo,” she said and covered her face.

Kwadwo laughed too

“ Isn’t this how it’s done in the movies? The guy gives a great speech and then asks the girl to his girlfriend?” he asked and chuckled

Well that’s how it’s done, sort of, but this isn’t a movie and I am just too shy,” Shirley said and they both laughed

You already know I love you Kwadwo. I really, really do. You don’t have to give me a long speech just to prove your love for me. ” Shirley added and kissed him.

Kwadwo kissed her back. After the kiss, Kwadwo smiled

I can’t believe you don’t want to listen to my long speech about how much I love you and how much I want you to be mine. I have been planning this speech for days” he said and chuckled

“ Okay. You know what? Blow me away with all your vibes! I am all ears”

“ Leave there. You have spoilt the moment” Kwadwo said and Shirley laughed out loud.

They were still laughing when Kourtney walked to the gazebo. They made such a beautiful couple and Kourtney was so happy for her son.

“So quick one Shirley. I know Kwadwo promised to drive you home but his dad and I still feel it’s too soon for him to get behind the wheel. So I was thinking you stay the night at our guest room and early tomorrow morning we have one of the drivers take you home safely”

“ Oh? Umm…I don’t mind taking an Uber home” Shirley said

“An Uber? This late? No way. I have spoken to Brigitte she says she is fine with the arrangement”

“ If it isn’t any trouble. I am good to stay”

“ It’s no trouble at all sweetheart. When you are ready for bed Kwadwo will show you to your room okay?”

“ Okay. Thanks so much”

“ You are welcome,” Kourtney said and smiled

“ You lovebirds shouldn’t stay out here for too long. It’s late” she added

Kwadwo smiled

“ Sure thing mummy. We are right behind you” Kwadwo said

When Kourtney left they spoke a little more about the trip Kwadwo mentioned early on.

“ But you know I have to work. I can’t just up and leave. I have also exhausted most of my leave days, I even got more days off because of the accident”

Kwadwo chuckled

“ Who do you think you are speaking to Babe? My dad owns the company need I remind you”

Shirley immediately noticed when Kwadwo called her Babe for the first time. She absolutely loved it but played it cool.

“ Wow! Proud much?” she said and laughed

Kwadwo laughed and shrugged

“ I mean, I am just saying. But on a more serious note, I gave your boss a call last night and asked for permission on your behalf”

“ Really?” Shirley asked

Kwadwo nodded.

“ That’s amazing. When do I start packing?”

“ We leave in a week”

“ Whoa! I am excited this is so spontaneous and I absolutely love it” Shirley said excitedly

Kwadwo laughed, he liked seeing her happy

“ Alright. Let’s go inside and let me show you the guest room”

They walked into the house and Kwadwo led the way. They hugged and kissed in front of the guest room door then Kwadwo walked to his room with thoughts of Shirley on his mind.

The next morning, Kourtney brought Shirley one of Nana Adwoa’s old clothes from her bedroom. It fitted Shirley perfectly.

They had breakfast together and at the table, Kwadwo stole glances at Shirley. He was in love with her all over again.

When the driver arrived Kwadwo decided to join Shirley. They sat in the back seat and talked. They kissed and giggled. The driver has never seen that side of Kwadwo before. He looked really happy and at peace.

That evening Shirley called Hazel and told her about the trip. She was really happy for her but she was worried about her wedding.

“ Oh? Shoot! I totally forgot about it. I got caught up in the moment. My goodness. I will let Kwadwo know, I am sure we can postpone it. I want to plan your wedding with you”

“ As much as I love that idea. Trust me, I will be fine. Alex is hands-on with the wedding plans. I am so happy about that, so don’t worry with Alex I am sure I have all the help I need”

“ Are you sure? I have been waiting for your wedding for so long and now that it’s here I am not going to be a part of it. It hurts me” Shirley said sadly

“ I know but what you need to do is pretty important. A year filled with love and romance with the man you completely love. That’s something and I know how much you love Italy”

“ I do. I really do. Maybe we can cut the trip short to like six months so that I can come back and be a part of your wedding”
Hazel smiled

Let’s see how it goes Shirley. Either way, trust me, I am fine. We will send you photos and videos and we can FaceTime the morning of the wedding. Don’t worry, go to Italy and have fun” Hazel said

“Also, have lots of sex” she added and they both laughed

“ Speaking about sex. I really want to wait with Kwadwo”

Awwww…you two are so adorable. And I love how you mention his name”

“ How?” Shirley asked excitedly

Can’t really describe it but it’s really cute” Hazel said

A call from Alex interrupted the call.

“ Oh? Alex is calling me. I will call you right back” Hazel said

“Don’t worry. We can talk tomorrow. You still coming over right?”

“ Yes, sure! ”

Kwadwo and Nana Kwame made up. Nana Kwame was very happy that his big brother was okay. He promised to visit him in the UK with Shirley. Kwadwo was very grateful that his kid brother accepted and understood that he was now with Shirley.

Both families met again when they were saying their goodbyes to Shirley and Kwadwo at the Airport.

Alex and Kwadwo had grown fond of each other. They made sure to meet up to play golf the previous evening and they enjoyed every moment of it. Alex has never been excited about any guy that Shirley had dated but he was really excited about Kwadwo.

They went to the airport early to check in and spent their last hours with the family. Kourtney shed a few tears as they waved and walked back into the departure hall.

“ Call me every day, son,” she said tearfully

Kwadwo smiled and nodded. He waved at her some more and blew her a kiss.

Kwadwo made sure to get them first-class tickets so Shirley had the experience of flying first class.

She didn’t know how to act, she was so overwhelmed.

“First class looks good on you” Kwadwo teased
Shirley laughed.

Kwadwo chose a movie and they cuddled up in each other’s arms and enjoyed it. Thirty minutes into the movie they heard someone coughing a lot.

Kwadwo is one to always mind his business but when the cough got pretty distracting, he looked over to check who was in the uncomfortable situation.

He got a glimpse at the person and recognized him immediately. It was Femi; Shirley’s Femi. An air hostess was attending to him.

“Would you need anything else Mr. Daniels?” she asked

Femi shook his head

“No, thank you. That would be all” Femi said

When the air hostess left his side Kwadwo stole a quick glance at him.
“It’s really him. Of all the places to meet him” Kwadwo thought to himself

He checked on Shirley but she was half asleep on his chest. He covered her up properly with the sheets and kissed her forehead.

“Sleep tight baby” he whispered to her

He tried to finish the movie but he was thinking about Femi and how it would look like when Shirley sees him.


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