Hello, reader? I know you are mad at me. I am mad at myself too. Forgive me for taking so long to post this episode? But I do hope you enjoy it. Happy reading? The Circle episode 11…enjoy?



Femi was on his way to Greece to close a deal, he was traveling with Valerie. She turned out to be a great personal assistant and when his previous assistant Reagan resigned Valerie filled in for her perfectly. 

“ Are you in any pain sir? Do you need another painkiller?”

Femi looked at Valerie and smiled. 

“ No, I am fine,” he said 

Valerie smiled back and continued reading her novel. 

Femi was going to Greece for a vacation. He had arranged a meeting with some clients and he wanted Valerie to assist him. Valerie has been nothing short of amazing ever since she began working with him.

Femi suffered a heart attack twice in the past year and was being monitored carefully by his doctors and his family. While he was away receiving treatment Valerie took great care of the day-to-day business, not making clients feel the absence of Femi. 

A newfound likeness for her grew in Femi’s heart and he always makes sure to have her around in all his business meetings. 

When Femi suffered the second heart attack, Didi pleaded with his father for Femi to get a Divorce. She thought her brother was stressed in the marriage and wasn’t taking care of his health. 

Bankole agreed and they presented divorce papers to Bisola but her family has delayed signing them and it’s beginning to take a toll on Femi. 

Femi surprisingly looked at Valerie when he saw her with the novel

You are still reading this novel? I thought you finished it last week”

Valerie chuckled 

“ Yes I finished it last week but I am reading it again”

Femi raised his eyebrows 

“ What? Why are you reading it again?” Femi asked surprisingly 

“ I loved reading it the first time. It’s like watching your favorite movie again” 

Femi shook his head 

“ I have never understood why people watch the same movie over and over again. Sometimes some things are better experienced only once”

Valerie shrugged

“ You are entitled to your opinion Sir. I on the other hand like to experience certain things more than once”

Femi smiled and it made Valerie smile too. 

Shirley woke up from her nap to use the bathroom. Femi saw her the moment she stood from her seat. The smile immediately disappeared from his face and his heart skipped a beat.

Valerie noticed when his countenance dropped.

“ Are you okay sir?” Valerie asked

Femi nodded and straightened up in his seat. Valerie looked around wondering what Femi had seen. 

When Shirley returned to her seat, Kwadwo turned to check if Femi had seen Shirley. He locked eyes with Femi when he turned, it made him feel uncomfortable.

Kwadwo nodded at him in a way that signifies a greeting and Femi nodded back. 

Femi didn’t say much the rest of the flight and Valerie was worried. 

When the flight landed Kwadwo and Shirley waited in their seat. They were holding hands and Shirley’s head was on Kwadwo’s shoulder while she scrolled through her messages. 

Femi was getting down with Valerie, but before he got closer to Kwadwo and Shirley’s seats, he saw their hands intertwined with the other but he looked away and quietly passed by them. Kwadwo gave a sigh of relief when Femi got off the plane. 

Kwadwo tapped Shirley when a lot more people have gotten off the plane. 

They got on a shuttle that took them to baggage claim, as they waited for their bags, Shirley recognized Femi’s perfume again. She noticed the scent of the perfume when they were on the plane but she knew Femi was the last person she expected to see on the plane. 

Femi’s mother called to check in on him, since the last heart attack his mother has been more clingy. 

“ Hello, Mom. How are you?” Femi said

“Yes, please. We have landed, but we are still at the airport” he added.

He excused himself from the crowd of people waiting for their bags and went to talk to his mother. 

As he spoke, Femi mindlessly passed close to where Shirley and  Kwadwo were standing and Shirley immediately recognized Femi’s voice. She quickly turned to find out who owned the voice then she saw Femi. She saw his back as he walked away but Shirley knew Femi way too well. 

“ I think I just saw Femi” Shirley said in a whisper 

“ Sorry?” Kwadwo said

“ I said I think Femi was on our plane”

“ Umm…actually I saw him when we were on board”

Shirley’s eyes widened 

“ Really and you didn’t say anything?”

“ I didn’t know how to say it honestly and I felt it would be weird bringing him up”

“ Well true. So what should I do now? Should I go and say hello to him?”

Kwadwo shrugged 

I don’t know babe. Would you want me to go say Hello to my ex-girlfriend if I run into her?” 

Shirley chuckled 

“ Ummm… okay. What do I do if he sees me then? Because he might” 

“I don’t know babe. Honestly” 

The bags started rolling out and Femi noticed it, he ended the call and went to stand next to Valerie. Shirley’s eyes followed him as he walked back. 

“ Isn’t that Shirley?” Valerie asked looking in her direction 

Femi looked too then he and Shirley locked eyes. It was very awkward. Shirley didn’t know what to do so she waved hello and smiled. Femi waved back and smiled faintly. He glanced at Kwadwo then looked away. 

Shirley and Kwadwo’s bags arrived and Kwadwo picked them up.

They walked out of the arrival hall and called a driver that has been assigned to them. The driver was parked around the corner waiting on them. 

They got in the backseat and headed to their hotel 

“Are you okay? Kwadwo asked

“ ooh yeah. I am. Are you okay too?” 

“ I am alright. It seems like Femi has lost some weight or it’s just me”

“ Yes. I also noticed it. He looked a little different”

“ Are you hungry?”

“ Absolutely babe” Shirley said and they both laughed 

She cuddled up to him and they enjoyed their ride to the hotel 

Valerie and Femi didn’t talk about Shirley it was a sore topic for him and Valerie completely understood. 

We should get something to eat when we get back to the hotel,” Femi said 

“ Okay, Sir. I texted the sous chef a while ago. He wanted the list of things you are not allowed to eat anymore” Valerie said 

Femi smiled and nodded 

“ Just when I thought I could get away with having a juicy steak in Greece” 

Valerie chuckled 

“ Nope. Not when I am watching you like a hawk. I don’t want your mother to have my head” she said

They got to the hotel and the driver helped them with their luggage.

Femi walked to the reception and asked the receptionist if he could speak to the owner of the hotel. 

“ I have been calling her but she isn’t answering,” Femi said. 

“ I am sorry about that Sir. Ms. Terzi is stuck in a meeting she sends her apologies, and she also asked me to assist you with anything you might need” 

“ oh okay. Can we have our keys please?” 

The receptionist gave Femi two keys and they got on the elevator. 

The elevator bell dinged and then opened up, and there stood Kwadwo and Shirley in a change of clothes talking and laughing. 

They stopped laughing when they saw who was in the elevator. 

Ummm…we will get the next one,” Shirley said sharply

Valerie nodded and pressed the elevator door to close. 

When the elevator door closed Shirley looked at Kwadwo

“ I hope they aren’t staying at the hotel,” she said 

Kwadwo chuckled 

“ It sure does look like they are babe” 

“This seriously can’t be happening. Should we get another hotel?”

“ Calm down Shirley. It’s a big hotel, we might not run into them again” Kwadwo said and held her hand 

“Don’t worry about Femi. We are in Greece baby, let’s have some fun!” he added and Shirley smiled.

They went to get a bite to eat and went on a walk along the beach. 

As Femi unpacked he thought about Shirley, he texted Fitzgerald and he called as soon as he read the message 

“ Tell me you are kidding,” Fitzgerald said and laughed

I am not kidding. She is here with her new boyfriend”

“ Yeah. Kwadwo. They started dating not too long ago. So what are you going to do about it? Move to a different hotel?”

“ I wish I can but I will be meeting my clients here tomorrow. Changing the venue with very short notice will throw them off a bit and I need them to like me” 

“ Yeah, that’s true. I guess you have to try as much as possible to stay away from her then”

I will try my very best,” Femi said

“ How are you feeling these days? Are you in any pain?”

“ I have been fairly alright. My only headache now is Bisola and her family. I don’t know why they are refusing to sign the divorce papers” 

“ Have you tried reaching out to her again ?” Fitzgerald asked

“ She has stopped answering my calls. I am so frustrated with her” 

“ There should be a way out of this”

Valerie knocked on Femi’s door

“Fitzgerald let me call you back soon”

“ Alright sure”

Femi quickly went to get the door

“ Are you ready for dinner Sir?”

“ Umm…almost. Come in. I will be done soon”

Valerie walked in and sat on the couch opposite his bed 

Femi noticed she still had her novel in hand. There was an awkward silence, so to break the silence Femi asked her to tell him about the book while she waited for him.

Shirley didn’t say much to Kwadwo the rest of the evening and he got uncomfortable. He knew it was because of Femi but he also didn’t push her to talk.

As they walked back to their room Shirley looked around as though she were looking to bump into Femi again. Kwadwo noticed it but didn’t pay her any mind. 

Valerie and Femi went downstairs to have dinner. 

“Oh, I forgot to mention. The sous chef got back to me, he acknowledged the list I sent him earlier, so we are good to go” 

They spoke about the business and their meeting the next day as they had dinner. 

Back in the room, Kwadwo decided to retire early, he was just too tired after the trip to worry his head over Shirley.

Shirley stayed up chatting back and forth with Hazel about Femi. She went out to the balcony to enjoy the cool breeze. 

She called Hazel and they continued talking, but in the middle of the conversation Shirley noticed Femi walking alone on the beach. 

I think I just saw him he is taking a stroll along the beach. Do you think I should go and speak to him?”

“ Really?! Shirley?! That will be unbelievably disrespectful to Kwadwo. Come on. I really can’t believe you right now”

“ I just can’t ignore the fact that he is here with me”

“ Are you serious?”

“ He looks really troubled and it’s like he has lost some weight too.”

“ It’s none of your business if has gained or lost weight. What am I even doing? I can talk and talk but I know you will still do whatever you want. I really hope you don’t mess things up between you and Kwadwo because of Femi” 

Shirley stayed quiet, her attention was on Femi. Hazel sighed when Shirley didn’t say anything 

“ Anyway, I have a wedding to plan. I wish you luck out there. Be smart and have some fun. Please, Shirley, stay away from Femi. Let him go”

“ Sure thing. I am going to get some rest now. I am really tired” Shirley lied

“ Alright then, talk to you soon,” Hazel said and ended the call

Shirley went back inside and checked if Kwadwo was really asleep. When she saw that he was asleep, she sneaked out of the room to the beach. 

In the elevator, she was nervous she had no idea what has come over her.

When she got downstairs she rushed to the beach and looked around for Femi. Her heart skipped a beat when she spotted him. She couldn’t believe he was right there. 

Femi was talking to Didi when he saw Shirley approaching. 

Let me call you back Didi. Something came up” he said and ended the call

Femi smiled

“ Does the boyfriend know where you have wandered to?” he said

Shirley smiled

“ Hello Femi,” she said

Femi chuckled 

“ Now you want to talk to me? As far as I can remember Shirley, you blocked me everywhere. Even with that I still tried to reach out to you but still, I got nothing” 

“ I was upset Femi. What did you expect me to do? What you did hurt me a lot”

Femi stayed quiet and I walked away but Shirley followed him

You look different. Are you okay?”

“ How do you mean?” Femi asked

“ You have lost some weight and you don’t seem like yourself”

Femi chuckled 

“ I guess that’s what two heart attacks and a shitty marriage can do to someone”

“ Two heart attacks? Oh my goodness. I didn’t know Fitzgerald never mentioned it”

“That’s because I told him not to. Because I know you wouldn’t care anyway”

Oh, come on. You are still my friend I would have cared.”

“Still friends? Where were you when I needed you the most? I know I did a stupid thing but Shirley at that moment I had no choice. If only you could live a day in my shoes, you will understand how hard that moment of my life was”? 

“I am sorry Femi. I didn’t know it was this bad” Shirley said and walked closer to him.

Kwadwo woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t find Shirley in bed. He quickly got his phone and called her.

Shirley saw his call and ignored it. 

Femi saw Valerie walking up to them on the beach.

“ Excuse me,” he said and walked to Valerie 

Shirley watched them as they spoke, something seem to be wrong. Femi walked back to Shirley he looked worried. 

“ I have to go now, Shirley. It was good to see you again” 

He didn’t wait for Shirley to talk, he left hurriedly with Valerie. 

Shirley checked his phone, Kwadwo was calling again this time she answered

Hello Baby,” she said 

“ Shirley, where are you?”

“ I am on the beach. I wasn’t falling asleep so I came to get some air. I am on my way back”

“ Okay,” Kwadwo said and ended the call 

He was seated on the bed when Shirley walked in

“ Babe. We are in a different country. I need to know where you are at all times. You really scared me” 

I am sorry. I just couldn’t sleep”

“ Is it about Femi?” Kwadwo asked

Shirley nodded

“ Okay then. I will talk to Ms.Terzi tomorrow so that we can move to another hotel if he makes you feel uncomfortable”

No. I love this hotel. It’s amazing. It’s just that I spoke to Femi and he didn’t seem okay so it’s gotten me a little worried” Shirley said mindlessly. 

Kwadwo stared at her for a bit before he spoke 

When did you speak to him?” he asked

Shirley then realized she had given so much away

“ Ummm…I…I” Shirley stammered

“ You were with him on the beach?” Kwadwo asked

Shirley apologized immediately. 

Kwadwo looked at her surprisingly. 

“How could you? And I am sure you wouldn’t have told me about it if it didn’t slip out right now “ 

“ I just wanted to know if he is okay”

My goodness, Shirley. Can you hear yourself and I can’t believe you are defending what you did” Kwadwo said.

He stood up from the bed and sighed, he looked at Shirley and walked out of the room. 

Shirley called out to him but he ignored her.

Kwadwo stayed out till morning. Shirley called him but he never picked up. 

When he got back to the room Shirley asked him where he had been 

“ I run into an ex-girlfriend and we stayed up all night talking” 

Shirley sighed and walked to Kwadwo. She held him by the hand. 

I am sorry Kwadwo. Terribly sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight

Kwadwo let go of Shirley’s hand angrily 

“ Don’t touch me. This is so you Shirley. You do something silly then come running to apologize. I honestly thought we were over this. How dare you disrespect me that way? What did you want to know? Femi is in your past. What’s done is done. What did you want to hear differently?”

Shirley stayed quiet 

I am done with this. I can’t go on like this. First, it was Femi then my kid brother, and now Femi again. I can’t deal with your indecisiveness anymore. Let’s just end this now so that you can be free to be with anyone you want” 

Shirley was crying and begging.

“ Kwadwo, please. I am sorry. I love you please”

“ Are you sure you do? Because your actions prove that you don’t”

Kwadwo picked out his suitcase and started packing but Shirley quickly went to him and asked him to stop. She closed the suitcase and went to stand in front of him but Kwadwo walked to the other side of the room. He couldn’t look at her. 

Did you kiss him? Did you touch him?” Kwadwo asked 

Oh, God. No. We just spoke”

“ I don’t believe you. You sneaked out of the room after all. Only God knows what happened between the two of you” he said

“ How can I make this better Kwadwo? I am sorry ” 

“ You can’t,” he said 

 They didn’t say a word to each other the rest of the day. They went to have breakfast but Kwadwo worked all morning on his IPad. 

The previous night when Femi hurriedly left Shirley on the beach he was in some kind of trouble. His clients had called to cancel their meeting.

Bisola went online the previous night to spread lies about her marriage to Femi just to ruin his image. The video went viral and his clients got hold of it. They didn’t want to be associated with someone that physically abused a woman. The news was all over the internet but Shirley and Kwadwo hadn’t seen it yet. 

Alex texted Shirley as she had breakfast to ask her if she had seen the news. He then sent her a link. 

It was so bad Shirley felt sorry for Femi. The look on Shirley’s face across the table got Kwadwo worried so he asked her if she was okay. 

Shirley looked at him and gave her phone to him 

He watched the video and then looked at her

“ Was he hitting you too?” he asked

Shirley shook her head

“ This video is a lie and a very horrible thing to do. I know you don’t want to hear it but when I spoke to Femi he mentioned that he had suffered two heart attacks. I only saw the need to talk to him because he looked different. I am sorry I did it behind your back but nothing happened. We only talked. His assistant came to get him in the middle of the conversation and he looked troubled. I am guessing that was the time this news broke” 

“ Two heart attacks? Wow. Did he have an unhealthy eating habit?”

“ He took care of himself. I know him to be quite an active person” 

Kwadwo sighed

“ My aunt died of a heart attack when I was much younger, her death was quite sudden because we all knew her to be active and very particular about what she eats. Her husband was a chef and all the time I have known them to be married he always insisted that he cooked for her, what we didn’t know is that he was poisoning her slowly each time. She was wealthy and he wanted her property”

“ Oh no. Do you think that’s the case with Femi too? Is Bisola poisoning him too?” Shirley asked 

Kwadwo shrugged

“ I don’t know anything, I am only guessing. This woman in this video seems evil and is capable of anything” 

“ I need to inform Femi maybe he can have his blood checked for any form of poison” 

“ If that’s okay with you?” Shirley added

Kwadwo chuckled 

You can call him or send a message. I don’t feel comfortable with you being close to him 

Okay, honey. So are we good now? I am really sorry for hurting and disrespecting you. I wasn’t thinking. Please, please forgive me” 

Kwadwo chuckled 

I hope you behave yourself in Italy,” Kwadwo said 

Shirley laughed 

I definitely will babe. I love you. Thank you. Kindly give me a second let me call him” 

Femi was on the phone with his lawyers when Shirley’s call came through. 

He couldn’t pick up because of the call, Shirley called a second time but still no response. She stopped and went back to Kwadwo

“Have you told him?” Kwadwo asked

“I couldn’t get a hold of him. I will try again he has a lot on his plate as it is”

Shirley looked at Kwadwo’s plate

“Can I have your last croissant babe? It looks yummy” she said

Kwadwo smiled and placed the croissant on her plate. Shirley smiled and did a happy dance.

Loud screams from the hotel startled everyone in the restaurant. Shirley dropped her fork and looked around

“Someone has been shot. The gunmen are still inside” a voice said worriedly

The people in the restaurant began to panic, and the sound of sirens could be heard a couple of kilometers from the hotel.

The police are on the way now, everyone please stay calm,” a waitress said

Kwadwo shielded Shirley and they went to hide behind a table in a corner. Shirley was shivering with fear.

When the police entered the building a couple more gunshots were fired. The screams in the restaurant got louder.

After close to forty-five minutes the gunmen were apprehended. One of them was shot and killed by the police.

Ms. Terzi came down to the restaurant to tell the guests that everything was under control.

Shirley went to get her phone from the table, she called Femi again but his phone was off. She tried it again, it was still off. She went to Ms. Terzi to ask about Femi in hopes that she knew something. Her face changed when Shirley mentioned Femi’s name

“Is he family or a friend to you?” Ms. Terzi asked.

“He is a friend. Is he okay? I think he was inside when the shooting started. Do you know if he is okay?”

“I am afraid Mr. Femi Daniels was hit by one of the gunmen. It looks as though the gunmen came here to kill him. We are not certain of that yet though. He has been taken to the hospital”

Shirley gasped

“Do you know which hospital he was sent to?” Kwadwo asked

Shirley turned to look at him she didn’t know he was listening. Ms. Terzi shared the location of the hospital with Kwadwo and arranged for one of the hotel drivers to take them there.

“What’s going on? Do you think Bisola is also behind this?”  Shirley asked worriedly

I don’t know but this has gotten out of hand,” Kwadwo said

“I hope he pulls through,” Shirley said

When they got to the hospital there were some paparazzi there, so the driver used the back gate in order to drop off Kwadwo and Shirley. Because of the ruckus, Femi’s condition caused in the hospital the back gate was left unattended. Kwadwo and Shirley managed to enter.

They saw a nurse and asked if they could see Femi but she said the case was now a police case and only family were allowed to see him.

He doesn’t have any family here yet but he is our friend”

The nurse shook her head

“I am very sorry but I can’t help you,” she said and walked away

They separated and wandered through the halls unsupervised, Shirley saw a ward that was protected by a couple of Greek policemen. She went to get Kwadwo and as they were approaching the room the doctor handling Femi’s case came out of his ward.

They walked to him and asked if it was Femi’s ward. The doctor nodded.

“He just got out of surgery. Are you family?” he asked

“He is our friend we only want to know if he is alright,” Kwadwo said quickly.
Shirley was surprised Kwadwo said that but it wasn’t the place or time to get emotional so she brushed it off

The doctor sighed

“We were able to get the bullet out, it punctured a part of his lung. We want him to wake up soon, so we know if he will have some trouble breathing but we are hopeful he will make a full recovery” the doctor said

“One last thing, he suffered two heart attacks in the past year and this is just a thought but my girlfriend and I think he might be getting poisoned slowly by someone. Now after the shooting, we are certain that someone wants him dead. If it isn’t too much trouble, I was hoping you run some blood tests just to be sure there isn’t any substance in his blood” Kwadwo said

The doctor looked at Kwadwo for a short while and nodded. He went back to Femi’s ward to draw some blood.

Kwadwo thanked him again when he came out. They waited in front of Femi’s ward.

Are you hungry?” Kwadwo asked

“I am not in the mood to eat anything,” Shirley said

Valerie came out of the ward to get some water. Her blouse was stained with blood. She looked very sad.

When Shirley saw her she quickly walked towards her. Valerie hugged her, she was very relieved to see a familiar face. She was overwhelmed with everything that was going on.

“Are you okay?” Shirley asked her

She took her head and tears filled her eyes.

“Someone wants to kill Femi and I have no idea why. He has been through so much already” Valerie said sadly.

Shirley and Valerie sat down to chit-chat, and Kwadwo left them to get some food and water.

He told me about his heart attacks last night and I was surprised because Femi has always been quite healthy and particular about what he eats”

“His heart attack took everyone by surprise and when he got it a second time we all knew something was wrong. His wife didn’t seem to care and wasn’t surprised at all”


Valerie nodded

“I am glad they’re getting a divorce,” Valerie said

“Do you know if Bisola used to cook for him or anything?”

“No. Femi never eats Bisola’s food”

“Are there any medications he takes?” 

Valerie shook his head

“He is off his major medications but sometimes he takes some pain medication if he is in some form of pain. It was prescribed for him by their family doctor after his first attack”

Do you have some of the pain medication here?”

“No, I don’t but it’s in a small tube. I inject him with it but most times he does it himself.”

Kwadwo came back with some snacks, and while they ate Shirley told Kwadwo everything.

“No. I am pretty sure the poison or whatever is causing his heart attacks is in the drug that he injects into his system” Kwadwo said worriedly

This is crazy. It doesn’t make sense”

“I had a bad feeling about it at first but anytime he injects it he feels okay so I felt maybe its good for him,” Valerie said

The doctor returned with the results, his eyes were fixed on Kwadwo

You said Femi is your friend?” he asked him

Kwadwo nodded

Does he use hard drugs like cocaine?”

“No. Not that I know of” Valerie answered quickly

Well, we found a high amount of cocaine in his blood. Don’t know if he wants to kill himself but if he goes at this pace he might not survive another heat attack”

Just when the doctor was about to leave Valerie stopped him and explained everything to him.

“And you are sure this drug was prescribed by a doctor?”

Valerie nodded

“I will need to see this drug and examine it thoroughly,” the doctor said

At that moment Kwadwo opted to stay back to be with Femi while Shiley and Valerie go back to the hotel to get the drug.

Shirley kissed Kwadwo before she left, she was surprised at how very supportive he had been.

“I love you” she whispered

Kwadwo smiled and replied

“I will be back soon” she added and run out of the hospital with Valerie

When they got to the hotel Valerie rushed to Femi’s room and began her search. The cleaners had tidied up his room, before she left with him to the hospital there was blood everywhere on the floor and his bed.

Shirley went to her room to take a change of clothes for Kwadwo. She decided to pick up his power bank just in case their phone died. She wasn’t sure where he had left it so she checked his bedside drawer. It wasn’t in the top drawer so she opened the second one, and she found a ring box.

Her heart skipped a beat, she picked it up and opened it. Her eyes widened. It was the most beautiful engagement ring she had ever seen. Her eyes teared up and she smiled to herself. She closed it and placed it back exactly the way she found it. She opened the third drawer and saw the power bank.

She took some more food and drinks then placed all the things into a bag and went to find Valerie. They got back to the hospital and they found Kwadwo talking to the doctor.

Femi is awake, he is going to be fine. Did you find the drug?” the doctor said

Valerie handed the drug to the doctor

“Are we still not allowed to see him?” Shirley asked

The doctor chuckled.

“You can go in but only for twenty minutes”

Shirley smiled and nodded.

“Thanks a lot, doctor”

Femi smiled when he saw Shirley.

Shirley held his hand

“I am so glad you are fine,” she said

Didi called and Valerie excused herself to answer the phone outside

Kwadwo and Femi exchanged some pleasantries and spoke for a bit

Valerie came back to the room

Your parents are in Greece now. I have sent them the location of the hospital. They will be here soon Sir”

Femi nodded.

Kwadwo and Shirley stayed back and waited for Femi’s parents to arrive.

Shirley told him about the blood tests and also the test the doctor was running on the drugs

Femi was shocked

“Did you say cocaine?”

Shirley nodded

The drugs were given to me by our family doctor. He has been my doctor since I was a baby, I really don’t think he is capable of poisoning me” Femi said

Everyone has a price Femi, someone followed you to Greece to have you killed. Whoever it is that wants you dead is really determined. I wouldn’t be surprised if they paid this doctor a huge amount of money to slowly kill you” Kwadwo said

Valerie hurried out to meet Femi’s family and led them to his ward

“Oh my Goodness?! “Bankole said when he saw Femi

Didi hugged Shirley

“Valerie told me everything. Thank you very much for being here. Don’t know what would have happened if he didn’t have you” Didi said sadly

With his family around, Kwadwo and Shirley decided to leave, it has been quite an eventful day.

The next morning Valerie called Shirley with Femi’s phone and told her what the doctor found in the pain medication. They were right after all. Baknkole arranged for the arrest of the family doctor and the family doctor confessed. Bisola’s father was behind everything, he wanted Femi dead for disrespecting his daughter.

After the call, Shirley told Kwadwo everything.

Thank God and I am glad Femi is going to be fine,” Kwadwo said

Shirley smiled and looked at him

“I can’t believe how much you came through for him yesterday. You put all your differences aside and helped him. You are a good man Kwadwo and I am so blessed to call you mine. I love you so much”

Kwadwo smiled

“I love you more,” he said and kissed her

They left Greece earlier than planned they didn’t want to be reminded of the trauma the shooting caused.

On the plane, all Shirley thought about was the engagement ring she had chanced upon. She just couldn’t wait to marry  Kwadwo.

When they got to Italy there was a little problem with their window pane so Shirley waited for Kwadwo to go out for a bit to make some inquiries about it before she called Hazel.

She told her about the ring. Hazel was stunned, she couldn’t believe Shirey had found out about the proposal. She had known about it for close to a week and had been trying her hardest to stay quiet about it.

“My God! Shirley, I am so happy for you” Hazel said

The ring is so beautiful. Now, I have to act surprised when he proposes” Shirley said and chuckled

“I wish I hadn’t seen it, I am so bad at pretending” she added

Shirley was talking in the bathroom and didn’t hear when Kwadwo got back, he couldn’t help but hear Shirley talking to Hazel about the ring.

He smiled to himself and shook his head. He connected his phone to his Bluetooth speaker and played some music. Shirley heard the music and quickly told Hazel that she will call her later.

Shirley came out of the bathroom and smiled at him

“Did they say they can do something about the window pane?” she asked

Kwadwo was already dancing and Shirley didn’t get why he was so happy

“Come on join me,” he said and stretched out his hand

Shirley walked into his arms and they danced, all the while they were dancing Kwadwo was making new plans in his head about the proposal. A new plan that will catch her off guard since she had already found out about the ring.


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