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Episode 2- The Only one

What are you talking about Mummy? Where did you see Femi ?” 

“ Femi came here last night. I saw his car and I saw him getting down from the car. I was about to get you when I saw him making a call. I assumed he was calling you” 

Shirley was confused 

“ Around what time?”

“Around the time Alex came home”

“ We spoke on the phone around that time, he sounded so weird. Are you saying all that time he was outside?” 

“ I am sure. So when you went outside, what did you go to do?”

I only went to see Hazel and Alex off. I didn’t Femi’s car. There was nothing there” 

“ Really?”

“ Yes, mummy. When we spoke he didn’t say anything about being here. Are you sure it was him?” 

“ Come on Shirley. Why would I make something like this up? It was Femi that I saw” 

Shirley sat in silence for a bit, her mother decided to go upstairs when Shirley stopped talking.

Please don’t forget to check if everywhere is locked before going to bed love,” Brigitte said

Shirley nodded and watched her mother go up the stairs

She searched for her phone and texted Femi. She wanted to call but it was too late. 

Femi had just dropped Kendra off and was heading home. 

He didn’t see the message until he was getting ready for bed and decided to check his phone. 

Were you at my house yesterday?” it read 

He was surprised when he read it because he was sure nobody saw him.

When he was about to reply, Shirley’s call came through. He smiled and answered

“ Hey you, why are you still awake?” Femi asked

Shirley smiled and replied 

Been up reading”

“ It’s a romance novel right?” 

Shirley laughed

“ Yessir! ”

Femi laughed too

“ I guess some things never change,” Femi said 

There was a brief silence, then Shirley asked Femi why he didn’t want to see her when he came over. 

Did you see me outside from your bedroom window?”

“ No. Mummy did. She is the one that told me you came over. I wanted to see you. I miss you. Why didn’t you tell me you were here when you called?” Shirley said sadly

“ I miss you too. I don’t know why I couldn’t bring myself to tell you because I wanted to see you. That’s why I drove all the way there but when I got to the front of your gate, it felt so real and I didn’t know how you would take my visit. We haven’t really been alone since our break up. I didn’t want to confuse you”

Shirley sighed

I understand but we are still friends, right? At least we are trying to be?” Shirley asked

“ Yes we are”

“ Then you shouldn’t overthink next time when you decide to see me. Friends can see each other too

That’s true. I am sorry if my actions last night have hurt you”

“ Don’t apologize. I am pretty sure I might have done something similar if I were to be in your shoes” 

Femi smiled 

“ How are things going with Kendra?” 

“ It’s okay. She is a nice girl. Smart and funny. She is alright” 

Shirley swallowed hard, there was a small tight knot of jealousy wrapping up in her chest.

“ I see. She must be something” 

Femi stayed quiet for a short while he was trying to fight the urge of asking Shirley if she was seeing someone.

Hello? Are you there?” Shirley said

“ Um. Yeah I am here”

“ Are you okay? I didn’t mean to bring Kendra up. We can stop talking about her if it makes you uncomfortable” 

“ No. It’s not that. I was wondering if you have met someone new too” 

“ I am talking to some people but that’s about it, a talking stage,” she said

“Nobody fits perfectly into my life like you did” Shirley added

She apologized quickly after she said it, she didn’t mean for them to go down that road

“ Do not apologize Shirley. I completely understand. If I am being honest too, Kendra doesn’t fit into my life like you did either” 

He heard her sobbing out of nowhere.

“Shirley? What happened? What’s wrong?”

Shirley didn’t talk but sobbed for a bit. Femi listened to her crying and his heart broke for her. 

I am sorry about the baby Femi. I am so sorry” Shirley said when she found her voice. 

Tears filled Femi’s eyes too. 

“ Don’t do this Shirley” he said

“ I wish our story would have gone a lot differently than it did. We had only started our relationship. I was just starting to get used to you, to get used to us. It hurts seeing you with someone else Femi” 

“ Please stop crying. I really do not like it when you cry. Please”

“ I have to go Femi,” Shirley said and ended the call abruptly. 

Femi called back twice but she didn’t answer. 

Shirley cried all night. She knew for certain that she wasn’t going to love anyone else like she loves Femi. 

The next morning before work Femi called Shirley to find out if she was doing fine but she still didn’t answer her phone. It affected Femi’s day at work, he called Hazel and asked her to check on Shirley on his behalf.

Aisha decided to pay Shirley a visit, she still hasn’t forgiven her for the stunt she pulled at Hazel’s party. 

Shirley let her inside and they spoke. Aisha apologized, she isn’t one to apologize but she liked Shirley, and also she had come to realize she was very wrong for suggesting something like that.

“ I got carried away trust me. I don’t know what got into me. I am so sorry Shirley”

“ Aisha this should be the last time you do something like this. This is our real lives. You just don’t say anything because you feel like it. You really put us in a bad spot”

“ I know. It was a very stupid thing I am sorry” 

“ It’s fine I forgive you”

“ Yes! Thank you” Aisha said and hugged her

Leave me,” Shirley said and they both laughed 

Dompreh and Fitzgerald visited Shirley later that evening with cupcakes that Femi only knew she loved.

Femi had early on in the day asked Fitzgerald to order some for her. 

He didn’t understand why Femi wanted to buy cupcakes for Shirley but Fitzgerald in the last couple of months has learned the hard way to stay out of Femi’s business when it is about Shirley. 

They met Aisha still with Shirley and they all hang out for a while. She really appreciated them for taking time out to be with her. 

After work, Femi texted Shirley and she replied this time around. 

Did you like the cupcakes?” 

“You know I did. Thank you”

“ Are you feeling better now?”

“ Yes. I am”

Shirley got an email while she was texting with Femi and it was a job offer. 

It was one of the first companies she applied to and lost all hope in. 

She sat upright on her bed and read the email properly. She was to come for an interview at the head office the following week. 

She stopped texting Femi and went to find her parents and told them. 

The next day, she met up with Hazel during her lunch break and they went shopping for some office clothes for her interview. Shirley was so happy and Hazel loved to see her that happy. They had a quick bite to eat and Hazel hurried back to the office. 

Shirley wanted to wait till she landed the job before she told Femi and the others in the circle. 

Kendra began her work leave and decided to visit Femi unexpectedly in his apartment. Femi was knee-deep in his work and her visit was the biggest distraction. 

Should we order some food? I am so hungry” Kendra said

Femi’s attention was on his laptop and didn’t hear Kendra. She walked to him and wrapped her arms around his neck from behind. 

Babe? I said I am hungry 

Femi turned to look at her

“ What did you say, babe?” Femi asked

“ Can we order some food? Or go out to eat? I am craving Chinese food” 

“ Kendra. We have more than enough food in this house. You can cook whatever it is you want. You can clearly see that I am busy” 

Kendra groaned

“ I am too tired to cook babe”

Femi ignored her. He didn’t have the time to baby her. 

Kendra left his side to order the Chinese food but paid with his debit card. 

He got a notification on his phone and he got up to find Kendra. He was upset.

“ What’s wrong with you this evening Kendra?” 

“ I thought I told you that I have enough food at home”

He stormed into the kitchen.

“ See! There is rice, noodles everything you could possibly want right here! Why would you do something I clearly told you not to do?! Why?!” 

Kendra was so scared, he hasn’t seen Femi that upset. Femi at that moment wanted so badly to ask her to leave but he knew it was going to turn into a whole thing so he went back to his study to cool off.

“ He checked the amount of money Kendra had just spent on the food he knew she really didn’t even want” 

“ Ah! Ah! Just like that 420cedis gone! What at all did she even order? What does she take me for?  An ATM?!” Femi said to himself 

Kendra was so embarrassed to go to him and apologize. She sat in silence on the couch pondering over how Femi reacted and what wrong she had done. 

Alex called Hazel on his way home from the hospital. It was so late he wasn’t sure she was going to answer but she did and she kept him company his whole drive home. Alex was starting to like Hazel a lot more. That evening he decided to ask Hazel about Derek. She was surprised he knew about Derek.

“ Have you been speaking to Shirley about me?” she asked

Alex chuckled 

oh no. I saw him calling you when we came over to your place for your birthday” 

“ Oh. Okay. Umm…Derek and I are friends. There is more I wouldn’t lie. But we haven’t really defined what we are yet but we sort of have a thing going on. We work together” 

“ I cannot possibly compete with an office boyfriend. She practically sees him almost every day” Alex thought

“ Hello? Alex,” Hazel said 

“ I am here. Sorry something distracted me on the road” he lied

So you were saying?” he added pretending he didn’t care about what Hazel had just said 

“ you know what? Never mind. We can talk about him some other time” Hazel said

“ Alright sure. What are you up to now?” he asked and changed the subject

Nothing much. I’m only in bed talking to you”

“ Would you like to go out on a date? Like for dinner with me sometime?

Hazel was caught unaware by the question and also she knew accepting to go on the date with Alex would mean a lot.

She was still trying to figure things out with Derek. Before she found out how Alex feels about her, she was all about Derek.

She knew she had to do right by him since he really hadn’t done anything to her to make her want to date someone else. 

Alex’s heart was beating, he regretted asking her out immediately after he was done speaking because it was just too soon. But it was already out and he hoped Hazel wouldn’t decline. 

Alex. It’s nice of you to ask but I am afraid I would have to say no. I am sorry”

“ Oh, God. Alex. What have you done?! You have ruined everything!” Alex thought 

His heart broke into a million pieces. 

I totally understand Hazel” 

“ Great,” she said

The phone call became very awkward, and Alex lost his tongue. Hazel told him to get home safe and ended the call, she too didn’t know what to say. 

The next morning Kendra told Valerie everything that happened with Femi. Valerie was furious and wanted Kendra to break things off with him that very instant

I don’t know why you allow him to treat you this way Kenni. This half-baked love you are settling for baffles me. What’s the problem? Femi isn’t the only guy in the world. It’s amazing. I can’t wrap my head around this. Why did you even go there last night?!”

“ I missed him, I wanted to be around him,” Kendra said

Valerie rolled her eyes and continued packing for the office, she was getting late and didn’t have time to chit-chat with her big sister, especially about Femi. 

Let’s continue this conversation when I get back from work,” Valerie said

And please don’t waste your day today thinking about Femi” Valerie added

Kendra smiled and nodded 

Have a good day today Val ” Kendra said and watched her little sister leave the house 

Fritzgerald laughed out loud when Femi told him what happened with Kendra

But Femi why were you that upset? 400 cedis for you is not a lot of money. You know it, and I know it. So why were you so hard on her?”

“ 400 cedis is not a lot of money ke? Omo, Money is money. I don’t even know why she decided to visit. We texted all morning and I told her I was going to be busy. She said she was on leave and was bored. I told her I would swing by her place today and spend time with her before going to work. We agreed so I was honestly surprised to see her at home last night ” 

“ Maybe she wanted to see you. She is your girlfriend Femi. I don’t mean to bring Shirley up but I remember Shirley used to use your card all the time. She could take money from your wallet anytime she wanted. I saw and know how you were with Shirley. Femi, this was never an issue when you were with Shirley. Besides, it’s just food Kendra ordered. Am I missing something or you were that upset because Kendra is not Shirley?”

“ Come on. No. I was upset because she didn’t inform me before she ordered. It has nothing to do with Shirley.”

Really?! Are you saying Shirley informed you every time she used your card? Stubborn Shirley?”

“ Fritzgerald! Stop dragging Shirley into this! I said it has nothing to do with her. Nothing!” 

“ Yo! I am sorry man. Chill! I am just saying you need to cut Kendra some slack. That girl loves you and she is trying. No one in the circle actually knows why you and Shirley broke up but it’s done. It’s been done for two years. Let her go Bro. I told myself I wouldn’t ask you this but what was with the cupcakes you made me order for her and all? Guy, you are playing with fire. I hope Kendra never finds out”

Femi smiled 

“ Shirley was having a rough day and I wanted to cheer her up. She is still my friend after all” Femi said 

He checked the time. 

“ Whoa!  I have a meeting with my dad. Shoot! I completely forgot” Femi said and grabbed his car keys. 

He called his father in the car

“ Hello, Dad?”

“ Femi. How are you son?” 

“ I am doing alright. Sorry I didn’t call earlier. It slipped my mind”

“ That’s alright. I would need you to come to Nigeria tomorrow”

Femi’s eyes widened. He wanted to throw a tantrum, he hated how his father just springs things up on him 

oh, okay. I hope everything is okay?” he said 

Everything is okay. I only need you to escort Bisola to South Africa for a meeting. I was supposed to go but I haven’t been feeling well lately” 

“ Bisola? Habah! Daddy!” Femi said angrily he couldn’t control his emotions anymore.

“ Eh?! What is it? Can you not make it?” 

“ You should have told me earlier now? Are you saying there is no one else in the company that can go with Bisola?”

“ Watch your tone with me boy! I am still your father. What impudence. Is it now my fault you dated her and messed the relationship up? She still works for us and if I ask you to escort her anywhere that is what you would do!” Bankole said and coughed

Sorry, Dad. Pele. Mabinu. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful” Femi apologized.

“It’s alright, son. Just don’t repeat it next time”

“ Okay, Sir I wouldn’t. Very sorry. What is wrong with you by the way? Have you seen a doctor yet?”

“ He would be coming over to the house later today. But don’t worry about that. All I want from you is for you to be able to get this deal from South Africa. It’s very sensitive that’s why I need you there. I can’t trust anyone but you with it” 

“ Then let me go alone Dad I don’t need to go with Bisola”

“ She is my personal assistant Femi. She reports directly to me, so she needs to know everything about the company”

“ Everything?! How can you trust her this much?” 

“ Femi. Stop this. You are going with her and that’s final!” 

Femi reluctantly agreed, and his father angrily ended the call.

Femi drove to the office and asked his assistant to book the first flight to Nigeria for him. He sent Kendra a quick text telling her about his trip. Kendra called immediately after she got his message 

“ Can’t you assign someone else from the Ghana office to go on your behalf?” 

“ Kendra, I just told you now that my father wants me there. It can’t be anybody else but me”

Oh, no Babe. This sucks. I am going to miss you. How long are you going away for?” 

“ Don’t know. I would find out when I get to Nigeria” 

“ About last night. I want to apologize” Kendra said

“ Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing”

“ It wasn’t nothing. I had never seen you that upset. I thought you said it was okay to order anything I wanted with your card. So I don’t understand why last night was an issue” 

Femi wasn’t in the mood to talk and Kendra was working on his last nerve.

Kendra. I said it’s nothing. Stop dragging it, please. Let me call you back. I am busy” he said and ended the call. 

Kendra stared at her phone when Femi hung up on her. 

She called back but Femi rejected the call.


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