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Episode 5- Bewildered

“Umm…I am sorry. I am really sorry” Kwadwo apologized.

Shirley rushed out of the room. Kwadwo called her on the phone to apologize, he knew that was the end of their friendship because Shirley had told him explicitly that she only wanted friendship because she is committed to someone. 

Shirley didn’t answer but sent him a text when the call ended

“Kwadwo, just help me with my friend. Take care”

When Kwadwo read her text message his heart sank. He stayed all night thinking of ways to regain Shirley’s trust. 

Two weeks passed by and Shirley consciously stayed away from Kwadwo. He was almost going insane when he couldn’t talk to Shirley. 

He made sure to get Derek arrested so that he would be in Shirley’s good books again. 

She was preparing for an exam in the afternoon when she heard her phone buzzing.

The news about Derek’s arrest had made the news. Kwadwo purposely made it hit the news because he wanted Shirley to know he kept his promise even though she didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

He was in a business meeting when he got a message from Shirley. 

“ Thank you Kwadwo. I appreciate this” 

Kwadwo smiled when he read it but he couldn’t reply at the moment.

A part of Shirley was hoping he would respond to her text and her heart broke a little when he left her on read.

She had missed him, and one of the reasons she fled is because she wanted to kiss him too that night and that has been haunting her. She knew for certain how she feels about Femi but she was worried about how she also found Kwadwo very attractive too. 

She had been working through her feelings toward him all through their friendship so when it almost got real with the kiss, her first instinct was to run. 

After her exam, the first thing she did when she got out of the hall was to check if Kwadwo had replied or called but there was still nothing from him.

She sighed and walked sadly to her room, she felt the pain Kwadwo had been feeling for two weeks when she decided to ghost him. 

Femi arrived in Dubai as he had planned. Shirley couldn’t wait to see him, he got lucky and got a room in the hotel Shirley’s company had lodged all of their trainees. He sent her a text when he arrived at the airport. 

“See you in a jiffy my love”

Shirley smiled when she read his text. She constantly looked outside her window hoping she would see him entering the hotel. A driver in the hotel picked Femi up from the airport and on their ride back, Femi asked if he knew a place he can get beautiful flowers to buy. They drove there and Femi got Shirley a beautiful bouquet of red roses. 

Shirley tried to study but she couldn’t concentrate, she was excited. 

She got up from her study table and went to lie on her bed.

“What’s taking him so long? ” she cried 

When Femi got to the hotel, he asked for his key and requested that his bags be sent to his room. He then asked for Shirley’s room number. 

“Is she expecting you sir?” the receptionist asked

“Yes ma’am. She is”

“Okay. I would need to call her and let her know”

Actually, I wanted to surprise her. She is my girlfriend” Femi said and pointed at the roses. 

The receptionist smiled.

Oh? I see. They are beautiful Sir.”

“Thank you. So what do you say? Can I go see her?”

“Definitely sir. And welcome to The Meydan Hotel. I hope you enjoy your stay here”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” he said.

He got on an elevator and took in a deep breath. Shirley called when he got off.

“Babe. Where are you now?” she said

Femi chuckled

“I am almost there love,” he said

“ Tell the driver to hurry up. I am tired of waiting, I want to see you”

“I want to see you too. What have you been up to?”

“I tried to study but you have taken over my mind. All of it”

Femi covered the mouthpiece of his phone so Shirley wouldn’t hear him knocking from her phone. 

He knocked twice.

“Hold on, babe, ” Shirley said.

She walked to her door. 

Who is it?” she asked

“Room service,” Femi said

Shirley recognized his voice immediately. She screamed and quickly opened the door. 

“Babe!” she said and hugged him

Femi hugged and lifted her up. 

“I missed you,” he said

He dropped her and they shared a kiss. 

Femi gave her the roses and she blushed 

Femi they are beautiful. Thank you” 

Femi smiled and kissed her again 

“ Your room looks cozy. I can’t believe you were the only person who didn’t get a roommate. Lucky you, sharing a room sucks sometimes” Femi said and sat on her bed

Shirley smiled nervously, she still hadn’t told Femi about Kwadwo. 

They caught up some more in the evening when they went downstairs to have dinner.

So how is Valerie doing at the office these days?”

“ She is actually very good at her job. She does a lot of things without me asking. I am very happy to have her around. I am thinking of canceling her contract and possibly getting her to work with us permanently”

“ That’s wonderful news. I am glad everything worked out”

“ How has the training been so far?”

“ pretty amazing. But I miss Ghana so much. I honestly can’t wait to go back”

Femi sighed out of nowhere and it got Shirley worried 

“ what’s wrong baby?” she asked

“Hazel wants to quit her job because she is embarrassed”

“ Embarrassed about what? For dating Derek?”

Femi nodded 

“ She says she can’t face her colleagues” 

“ I will have to talk some sense into her” Shirley said 

“ No baby. Let her come to you with it. She is very sensitive these days. Alex told me about it last week when I went to the hospital to get some shots before my trip. She hasn’t decided yet, she hardly speaks to anyone these days. Looks like you and Alex are her go-to now”

Shirley sighed

“ I hope she doesn’t do anything she might regret. It’s not easy finding a job and I certainly don’t think it’s smart to let a good one go because of some criminal”

Femi nodded

“I hope she makes the right decision,” he said

They spoke all night and Femi walked her back to her room. They decided to stay celibate in the relationship mainly because they wanted to prevent another pregnancy. So as much as Femi wanted to make love to his girlfriend, he decided to be a gentleman and sleep alone in his room. 

Shirley smiled at herself when she got back to her room, she couldn’t believe Femi was really in Dubai. 

The week they both thought would last longer ended quickly. They hugged and kissed in Shirley’s room the morning that Femi was set to leave for the airport.

“I am going to miss you so much, Shirley ”

Not more than me Babe. I can’t wait to be back in Ghana so I can see you every day”

Femi smiled and kissed her one last time.

“I love you” he whispered

“I love you more”

They walked toward the door

“I will call you when I land,” he said

Shirley nodded and escorted him to the reception. 

Hazel was about to watch a movie. She wanted the noise from the movie to keep her company and put her to sleep.

She hasn’t been able to have sound sleep since her accident. 

Alex finished his evening shift an hour early and decided to visit her. 

She was startled by the knock. 

Even though Derek has been locked up, sometimes she still felt very insecure.

Who is it?” Hazel  asked

“It’s me,” Alex said

She opened the door and smiled weakly

Hey,” she said


Alex walked inside and hugged her

“How are you doing?”

“I am okay. I was just about to watch a movie”

“Really? What movie?”

Hazel chuckled

“Don’t judge me but it’s actually an animation. Shirley recommended it to me last week but haven’t really made time for it”

“Shirley recommended it? Then I think I might know it. She forced me to watch it last week”

“Oh? Did you like it?”

“Very much actually. But I am not going to tell Shirley that” Alex said and they laughed

“Well, I can watch it another time since you have watched it. We can watch something else”

“Oh no. I don’t mind watching it again” 

“Are you sure?’

“Yes ma’am,” Alex said and sat on the couch

He hit the seat next to him and asked Hazel to sit

Hazel smiled and walked to sit by him. 

They shared the couch duvet and Hazel placed her head on Alex’s chest. 

They were half an hour into the movie when Alex heard Hazel’s quiet snores. He looked down at her and smiled.

He slowly removed the duvet and carefully carried her to her bedroom.  

He placed her gently on her bed and added another pillow to support her neck and back.

He covered her with her duvet and turned off the lights but just when he was about to step out, Hazel called out to him. 

Hey, did I wake you?” Alex said and walked back to her bed

“Please don’t go, Alex”

Alex sat next to her and took her hand

“Are you okay?” he asked

“Yeah. I am a little scared. Please stay with me till I fall asleep again?”

Alex hesitated a bit but Hazel looked sad and he really wanted to protect her so he agreed and took his shoes off. He joined her in bed and took her into his arms. It was awkward at first but Alex managed it well.

Hazel closed her eyes and tried to sleep again.

You are safe now Hazel” Alex whispered

He kissed her forehead and Hazel opened her eyes and looked at him. His eyes were closed.

“You are amazing Alex ” she said.

Her voice startled him. He smiled.

“Thank you. You are also very incredi-“

Hazel planted an unexpected kiss on Alex’s lips and Alex kissed her back. Hazel broke it off. She had tears in her eyes but Alex wiped them immediately.

“Hey, Hey. What’s wrong?” Alex asked worriedly

“I should have chosen you and I am sorry Alex. I am sorry I picked him”

“No Hazel. Don’t apologize. You had no idea he would turn out to be an abusive person. I am not mad at you. Forget about it, what matters now is that you are fine and you are here with me”

Hazel smiled, there was a short awkward silence

Umm..what did the kiss mean Hazel?”

Hazel blushed

“I want to be with you Alex for real this time if you will have me”

“Are you sure you are ready? I can wait for you to heal and completely get over him”

“You are what I need to help me heal Alex and I am already over him. I am ready, I want to be with you”

Alex couldn’t hold back his excitement. 

I thought this day will never come,” Alex said and kissed Hazel 

Months went by and soon Shirley was pushing her cart to the arrival hall of the Kotoka International Airport to meet Femi.

He was holding up a placard he had boldly written Ife Mi on. For the past months, that’s what he has been calling her. Shirley grinned when he saw him. She walked to him and they shared a kiss.

Femi has never been one to shy away from public displays of affection. 

Welcome back baby” Femi said and hugged her

He pushed her cart to the parking lot and soon they were on their way to Shirley’s house.

They had a nice family dinner to welcome Shirley home. Alex and Hazel decided to keep their relationship very private because they didn’t know how their families would take it. 

Hazel kept stealing glances at Alex while he spoke to Zoey, another friend of the family that Hazel felt insecure about.

Shirley was looking at Hazel from a distance and immediately noticed how jealous Hazel was. 

She went to Hazel and dragged her by the hand to the garden

“What’s up Shirley?” Hazel asked surprisingly

“You tell me what’s up Hazel. Are you in love with Alex? Because the way you were looking at Zoey right now was serious. If looks could kill Zoey would be dead by now”

“Why is she always around him?” Hazel asked

“It’s a party Hazel, and Zoey is one of his close friends. You know this. Why is she suddenly a problem? Also, you didn’t answer my question”

“What question?” Hazel asked

“Are you in love with Alex?”

Hazel suddenly blushed and Shirley squealed in delight

“We haven’t told anyone yet, we are taking it slow”

“We?! Are you guys dating? Like for real?”

“Yes. Alex is my boyfriend”

Shirley did a happy dance

“Don’t tell anyone, Shirley, please.  We want to enjoy the privacy a little longer”

“My lips are sealed,” Shirley said and continued dancing. 

Then I need to go and take Zoey away from his side before someone else notices your jealous eyes piercing right at them,” Shirley said and went back inside

Hazel laughed as she watched Shirley walk back inside. Brigitte who was trying to get some air early on in the garden couldn’t help but hear Shirley and Hazel’s conversation. 

“You and Alex are dating?” Brigitte said

Hazel was so startled by her voice that she almost fell.

“Aunt Brigitte,” she said

“Is it true? Are you dating my son?”

Ye..Ye…Yes please” she stammered

“How long has it been?”

“Just a couple of months”

“Okay,” Brigitte said and walked away

Hazel quickly texted Alex

“Aunt Brigitte knows about us”

Hazel walks inside and looks at Alex trying to signal him with her eyes to check his phone but Brigitte walks up to him as he is trying to make meaning of what Hazel is trying to say.

Alex, can we talk?” Brigitte said

Hazel’s heart sank when she saw Alex going upstairs with his mother. She sat nervously outside on the porch and constantly checked the stairs looking out for Alex. 

Alex came downstairs a couple of hours later and texted Hazel

“Where are you?”

Hazel quickly replied and Alex came outside.

“Can I please drop you home?” he asked

“Why? I had plans of staying the night to catch up with Shirley. I already told you”

“I know but my parents want me to take you home and also i want us to speak in private”

Hazel was confused

“Okay, I need to say goodbye to Shirley,” Hazel said trying to go back inside

“Just text her Hazel. Please we have to go” 

Hazel looked at Alex, her heart started beating faster. She was afraid. Alex was acting strangely.

He opened the door for her and sighed when he sat in the car.

“Hazel, why did you tell Shirley about us? I thought we decided to keep our families out of this”

“It was so unplanned. I didn’t mean to. I am so sorry. What’s going on Alex? What did Aunt Brigitte say?”

Alex didn’t answer and started the car, they drove in silence till they got to Hazel’s apartment. Alex reached out for her left hand and kissed it. Hazel looked at him, he looked very sad

“What’s going on Alex, please talk to me”

“I love you, Hazel. I am so in love with you”

“I love you too Alex”

Alex smiled and kissed her passionately, Hazel kissed him back. Alex broke off the kiss and stared at Hazel, trying to find his words. He kept hesitating when he tried to speak.

“I am afraid we have to break up Hazel” 

“Did Aunt Brigitte put you up to this?” 

“No. Actually, it’s your mother, Hazel. Mummy had known how I feel about you long before we started dating. She discussed it with your mother and apparently they had a huge fight over it because your mother hates the fact that I am a doctor”

Hazel chuckled

“WHAT?! Are you kidding? What has it got to do with anything? You being a doctor” 

“She is still holding the grudge against the doctor that made the mistake that killed your father. She thinks we are negligent people and for some reason, she would rather die than let you end up marrying one so to speak. So we can’t be together because your mother will never accept me”

“What? Alex, you are willing to let everything go so easily? And over something so silly?”

“I find it ridiculous too, Hazel but what do you expect me to do? Aunt Stella is like a mother to me. I can’t disrespect her. She is your mother and she doesn’t want you to be with me I can’t do much”

You can’t do much? You can’t fight for us? For me? Let me handle my mother Alex. I know her better. I have faith in us. You can’t end this, please. I am so in love with you, ending this now would kill me. Let me get to the bottom of this myself. I have never known my mother to be this unreasonable and petty. There must be more to this whole thing. ”

Alex agreed and that weekend Hazel traveled to Kumasi to speak to her mother. The conversation got heated and Stella threatened to take her life if her only daughter ended up marrying Alex.

“It would be over my dead body! Do you hear me? My dead body Hazel! Nonsense! When your father died, do you have an idea of how much I suffered? The suffering that could have been avoided if the doctor had been a little more careful”

“Ma! I understand but this is not just any doctor. This is Alex, Alex whom you helped raise. Can’t you see past the fact that he is a doctor and consider the man you helped Aunt Brigitte raise? I love him. You can’t do this to me”

“I am saving your life. Doctors are evil”

“My goodness! When other parents are praying for their children to marry doctors, look at what I am dealing with?! For your information Ma, I am not letting Alex go because of something so silly. Get over yourself. People make mistakes, not just doctors. You should want what’s best for me rather than holding on to silly grudges” 

Hazel returned to Accra the following week and told Alex what happened with her mother, but she insisted they stay together. As much as Alex wanted them to be together, he didn’t want to be caught up in all that drama.

He thought about if for some days and broke it off with her in her apartment one evening when he visited after work. 

Hazel so much her colleagues thought she was bereaved. 

Kwadwo for a month after Shirley’s return, avoided her, he wanted to stick to his promise of respecting Shirley’s relationship. He kept his distance but always looked out for her every day at work. He loved her fashion sense.

One afternoon, he couldn’t take it anymore and texted her. Shirley’s heart skipped a beat when his name popped up on her phone. She too had missed him a lot and had been observing him from a distance.

“Are you on lunch break?” he texted

“Not yet but I go off in ten minutes”

“I want to see you” he texted

You know it would be odd if people see us together Sir”

“Sir?! You are back to calling me, Sir?”

Shirley read the message and didn’t reply. 

Kwadwo got uneasy. 

Shirley was about to leave for lunch with her colleagues when her phone rang. It was Kwadwo’s secretary.

“Hello. Am I speaking to Shirley Ewurakua Yankey?” 

“Yes please’’

“Okay. Director Afriyie-Boateng would like to see you in his office”

Shirley swallowed hard

“Okay. Thanks”

She told her colleagues to take the lead and made her way to the executive floor.

She got to his office and the secretary told her that Kwadwo was on the last floor. 

She went to the last floor, and she saw him standing so gallantly with his back facing her. He was looking at the view. 

Shirley cleared her throat to get his attention 

“Good afternoon, Sir,” she said 

“Stop it, Shirley. Stop it with this Sir thing. Please say my name” 

Shirley stayed quiet and moved from his side to look at the view. 

“I get it. And I am sorry that I tried to cross the line. I miss you so much. I want us to go back to being friends. And I promise not to try anything crazy like that again”

“Do you really promise?” 

“I promise Shirley. Friends?”

Shirley smiled 

“Yes friends” 

They shook hands and Kwadwo pulled her toward him and hugged her. 

“Are cameras here? Can people see us?” Shirley whispered in his arms. 

“No. You are good. I missed you”

Shirley smiled and let go of him

“I have to go now, Sir. I am starved” 

“It’s Kwadwo to you, Shirley. My name is Kwadwo, not Sir”

Shirley smiled and left his side. She turned to take a last look at him, he looked very handsome. Kwadwo waved at her when she did, and she waved back.

She caught up with her colleagues in the canteen, and as she had lunch Kwadwo texted her again.

“You looked stunning by the way”

Shirley blushed but didn’t reply. 

Hazel was trying to pick herself up, the first quarter of the new year has already taken a toll on her. She made peace with the situation with Alex. They tried to be friends again, but it was very hard on them both, so they went back to being strangers. Shirley tried ways to make them become friends again but they both didn’t seem interested. 

Brigitte and Stella made up. Brigitte agreed to disagree and respected Stella’s decision even though she found it ridiculous. 

Shirley’s parents renewed their vows and invited some friends and family over for lunch after the ceremony.

Stella came to Accra to support them. She hasn’t seen Alex in a long time and after what happened with him and Hazel, Stella didn’t know how to speak to him. They avoided each other.

Hazel was seated next to her mother and noticed how Alex skipped their table when he was saying hello and welcoming the guests.  

After an hour, Hazel couldn’t find Alex anywhere. He is all she had been looking at the whole time she got to the house for lunch. She told her mother she wanted to use the bathroom and went wandering in the house for him. 

She hesitated before she went upstairs to his bedroom. His door was open ajar, so she pushed it open and found Zoey in his bed playing a video game. Zoey was startled when she saw Hazel. She dropped the controller and removed her headphones. 

“Hey, Hazel?”

“Hi, Zoey. I am looking for Alex”

Oh? He is getting me some food; I am sure he is in the kitchen”

Hazel noticed a torn condom wrapper on the floor by Alex’s bed. She looked at Zoey carefully she was wearing one of Alex’s T-shirts and her hair was a little unkempt she had wrapped her lower body in Alex’s duvet, but Hazel could tell she had nothing on under that duvet. 

“Okay,” Hazel said and left the room. She was so hurt

“Alex couldn’t possibly be sleeping with Zoey?” she thought

She saw Alex ascending the stairs with a plate of food and a drink in his hand. He had removed his kaftan and was wearing something more easygoing and was barefooted. Hazel noticed he was startled when he saw her. 

She walked past him and didn’t say a word. 

Alex went to his room and asked Zoey if Hazel was there. Zoey nodded

She saw you like this?” Alex asked

“Yes, why?”

Alex started looking around hoping Hazel didn’t see anything, but he found the condom wrapper on the floor and knew Hazel might have seen it too.

He sat on the bed sadly; he didn’t want her to find out about him and Zoey that way.

Hazel went outside to sit back down and looked up at Alex’s bedroom window. She was very disappointed in him

“You were supposed to be different Alex,” Hazel thought

Before the family lunch ended, Alex sneaked Zoey out of the house to drop her off, but Shirley saw them leaving.

When Alex got back, people had started leaving. He looked at the table Hazel was seated on, and it was empty. 

Shirley walked up to him she was upset

“Did you really bring Zoey here? Even on mummy and daddy’s special day? Are you serious?”

“Of course, Hazel has already told you”

“Hazel? Hazel hasn’t told me anything, Alex. I saw you leaving with her. Wait! Hazel knows about you two?”

“I think so, she found Zoey in my room”

“Gosh! Alex. This isn’t you and you know it. I know you are hurting. What happened with Hazel is shitty, I understand. But stop sleeping with a woman you don’t love to get over the one that you do. That’s not how you heal”

“Shirley, please. How I deal with my pain is none of your business. Stay out of it” Alex said and walked inside the house. 

Shirley called Hazel she knew she would be hurting. She was sobbing when she answered Shirley’s call

“I hate your brother so much,” she said

“Are you home? I am coming over” Shirley said

“I don’t want to talk right now. I will text you when I feel much better”

“I am terribly sorry but just know I am here for you”

Alex was very angry when he got back to his room, he has been angry a lot lately. He couldn’t seem to recognize himself anymore.

Everything that Shirley said was true and he knew it

Shirley and Kwadwo went back to being friends even though they had a lot of sexual chemistry building up between them. Shirley had no idea what she was doing hanging out with Kwadwo when he found him very attractive. 

Femi left the country for Germany with his father for work. They stayed for two weeks but Femi made sure to communicate with Shirley all through the trip.

He asked Fitzgerald to help order her favorite pancakes for her at work one morning. Kwadwo saw her talking to Fitzgerald in the parking lot. She looked happy when he gave her the pancakes. She hugged Fitzgerald excitedly.

Kwadwo knew that wasn’t Femi, he had already googled Femi early on and had an idea of what he looked like. 

“Who is this guy?” he thought to himself. 

He had gotten a lot jealous, he thought about it all-day

He asked to see her when she closed

They met in his car in the parking lot. Kwadwo sent his driver home early so that he can be alone with Shirley to talk.

Shirley waited till everyone had left and got into Kwadwo’s car

“Hey. Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“Are you cheating on Femi?”

“What?! Is that the reason I am here? And who are you to even ask?”

“What do you mean by that Shirley?

“You know what? I don’t want us to fight. What makes you think I am cheating on Femi?

“I saw you this morning with some guy at the parking lot. He gave you a box and you seem really excited. I know for certain that wasn’t Femi”

Shirley laughed

“Are you stalking me now?” 

“No. I am not Shirley. Come on”

“That was my friend, Femi made him order some pancakes for me. He was only delivering them”


“Yes, Kwadwo, and if you are going to be like this. I am afraid I can’t be friends with you. This is getting out of hand. One time you are good and want to be just friends, the next time you are all jealous. It is tiring, pick a side”

“Shirley can you honestly tell me you want me to be just friends? We never talk about that night in Dubai but when I tried to kiss you, a part of you wanted to kiss me too”

“No, that’s not true.”

“You know that I am right. We are both living in denial. I like you, Shirley. I like you so much. And I know you like me too” 

“I don’t”

Kwadwo held her hand

“Are you sure Shirley? Just say that you don’t and I will never bother you again”

Shirley stayed quiet for a while

“What difference would it make if I like you? I have a boyfriend that loves me very much”

“And I respect that, Shirley. All I am saying is that don’t let a boyfriend be the reason why you miss out on your husband. There is something here Shirley. It’s beautiful and it is powerful. I am done trying to be your friend. I am crazy about you. Can’t you see I am trying? Do you think I will go through all this trouble if I wasn’t crazy about you? I have never felt this way about anyone”

“Stop this Kwadwo. Stop this. You are confusing me” Shirley said sobbingly

She was crying because she was overwhelmed, and she truly also had real feelings for Kwadwo, but she didn’t want to hurt Femi

“I can’t hurt Femi, okay? He is a good guy”

Kwadwo sighed

“Please Stop crying, Shirley. I am sorry, I am hurting you this way. Moving forward I will stop pursuing this. If Femi makes you happy. Stick with him. I will work through my feelings; I will be fine”

“No. Don’t stop pursuing me, Kwadwo” Shirley said

Kwadwo looked at her confusingly. 

“Shirley, no. We can’t keep going on like this. You are crying because of me, and I don’t want to be the reason you cry”

“Put your seatbelt on and let me drop you at home” Kwadwo added

Shirley stayed quiet and looked outside her window. Kwadwo sighed and tried to fix the seatbelt for her. Shirley turned to ask him to stop but Kwadwo was so close to her. She looked at him and this time, she leaned in to kiss him. She gently touched his face and pulled him closer and kissed him. Kwadwo kissed her back with the same passion. 

From the way Shirley kissed him, Kwadwo without any doubt knew Shirley loved him too. Kwadwo broke the kiss off and asked her if she was sure about what she was doing.

Shirley didn’t pay any mind to his question and kissed him again. Kwadwo then reclined Shirley’s seat and tried undoing his office blouse.

“Let’s go to the backseat” Shirley whispered

Kwadwo wanted to agree but he changed his mind

“Not this way Shirley,” Kwadwo said

He closed the buttons on Shirley’s blouse, brought the seat back up, and fix her seatbelt. Shirley was mortified.

She couldn’t believe what she almost did, she stayed quiet the whole ride to her house. The only few times she spoke were when she gave Kwadwo directions to her house. 


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