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Episode 9- Blurred Lines

Kourtney came out with Kayla in her arms 

“ Oh? Kwadwo. You called for me. I was in Nana Adwoa’s room. Kayla was crying. Are you okay”

“ Umm…Granny has arrived. The driver just called me” 

“ Really? Okay. Have you seen Nana Adwoa or Jake?” Kourtney asked

Kwadwo shook his head, he only looked at Shirley.

“ Oh, I am sorry. Shirley, meet my first son, Kwadwo. Kwadwo, meet Shirley. Nana Kwame’s girlfriend”

Shirley stretched her hand and shook him.

A pleasure to meet you Kwadwo,” she said

“ The pleasure is mine” Kwadwo replied

“ Okay Kwadwo, take Kayla. Let me go downstairs and sort mummy out. Did you tell the driver to use the back gate? I don’t want the guests to see her just yet”

Yes, mum. I told him” 

“ Okay. Shirley, I am so sorry love. I am a bit swamped today. I will invite you over properly and we can talk some more. Do enjoy yourself tonight” she said

“ Thank you. I will” Shirley said

“ Kwadwo keep her company okay?” she added and smiled 

Kwadwo smiled back and Kourtney went downstairs.

They waited for Kourtney to be out of sight before they spoke

You are in a relationship with my brother?”

“ No. It’s not like that”

“ Then why did my mother just say that you are his girlfriend?”

Shirley stayed quiet 

“ Wow! That explains why you have been so cold and distant right? You are such a liar”

“ A liar? Really? When were you ever going to tell me that your family owns Dolph Oil?” 

Kwadwo answered Shirley’s question with another question. He was going crazy.

“ Where did you even meet my brother?”

Nana Kwame came upstairs to check on Shirley. Shirley was very upset. 

“ I see you have met my big brother,” he said and smiled 

“ I can’t believe this Nana Kwame. That’s why you could easily locate my office on Thursday. When were you going to tell me ?”

“ I am sorry Shirley. I wanted to tell you, I really wanted to but it’s never easy saying these kinds of things. And I also didn’t want you to see me any differently” 

Shirley was so confused and hurt

“ Can you please take me home?” Shirley said almost crying

Oh, God. Shirley, I am so sorry” Nana Kwame said

She looked at Kwadwo, her eyes were filling up with tears. She walked past Nana Kwame and went down the stairs. Kwadwo felt bad and confused too.

Nana Kwame pleaded with Shirley and she decided to stay for a while but she wasn’t talking to him. Kwadwo saw her sitting in a corner alone when he was getting a drink. He got two drinks and walked to her

I thought you had left,” he said 

Shirley sighed

“ You are unbelievable Kwadwo”

“ What did you want me to say Shirley? Besides it’s my father’s company, I only work for him”

“ Why do you have a different surname from your dad anyway? Did you change your name so that people wouldn’t know he is your dad? And do people at work know?”

Kwadwo smiled

No. I was named after my great-grandmother. My father loved her a lot. And at work, only a handful of people know”

“ I see. Everything makes sense now. I used to wonder why someone as young as you is a director, and also  how you could easily move to another branch so easily and quickly” 

“ I didn’t mean to hurt you. Neither did my brother. He has been really down. Try and make up with him. The truth is already out” 

Shirley chuckled

“ This thing is so crazy. This world is so small. I only met your brother about two weeks ago. We are just talking now. I knew coming here was a bad idea. Tell Nana Kwame I really appreciate it that he invited me but I need to leave” Shirley said and stood up

How are you leaving? You didn’t drive”

“ I will order an Uber, Kwadwo” Shirley said 

Kwadwo held he arm and begged her to wait 

“ You are very upset now Shirley. Let me tell Nana Kwame to drop you off please” 

“ I said No Kwadwo. Stop this” she said and pull her arm out of Kwadwo’s hand.

Kwadwo dropped his drink and held Shirley’s hand and dragged her to the back of the house. Nana Kwame saw them and followed them to the back of the house, but he spied on them at a distance. 

“ Let go of me Kwadwo” Shirley said

“ Listen. I have had enough of your stubbornness. Why do you always want to be difficult? I am only trying to help you. I go out of my way all the time for you and what do I get? An Attitude!”

Shirley broke down in tears when Kwadwo raised his voice at her. Kwadwo held her while she cried

“ I am sorry. But it’s frustrating when you do these things, Shirley. I didn’t mean to raise my voice at you” Kwadwo said and wiped her eyes.

“ Let me take you home” he added

“ What about the party?”

Kwadwo chuckled

“ I can’t begin to tell you the number of parties we have had in this house. I will be fine if I miss this one” 

Nana Kwame was confused. Shirley and Kwadwo looked too comfortable around each other.

Shirley smiled at Kwadwo

“ I never thought I will ever see you again, ” she said

“ Yet, I am right in front of you and you keep fighting me,” Kwadwo said.

Shirley smiled

“ I missed you so much” he added

“ I missed you more,” she said

Kwadwo caressed her face and slowly leaned in to kiss her. Shirley kissed him back, they kissed hungrily and passionately. They had really missed each other. 

Nana Kwame’s heart sank, he wanted to react but he didn’t want to cause a scene. He was so sickened by them that he couldn’t watch anymore. He went back to the party but he was very upset to concentrate. Kourtney saw him going out and called out to him but the music was too loud. He angrily got into his car and drove off to clear his head. 

Kwadwo and Shirley got back to the party, and Shirley decided on Nana Kwame dropping her instead of Kwadwo in order not to raise any suspicions. 

Kwadwo went looking for Nana Kwame everywhere but he couldn’t find him.

He run into Kourtney in his search and she told him Nana Kwame had left. 

“ Left?! Did he tell you where he was going?” 

“I got to him pretty late, he was already at the gate. He didn’t hear me call out for him. He seemed upset, were you two in a fight?”

“ No Mum. Let me call him” 

Kwadwo said and took out his phone, he called him three times but he didn’t answer. He had no choice now but to take Shirley home. He went to his granny to wish her a happy birthday again. He told Nana Adwoa and Jake that he was taken the lead home but had arranged for the driver to bring them when the party was over. 

Nana Adwoa agreed and Kwadwo left with Shirley. 

He tried Nana Kwame again in the car but he didn’t answer. He dropped Shirley home and went to his house. Nana Kwame’s car was parked outside. Kwadwo was confused.

He parked inside and noticed Nana Kwame seated in his car. Kwadwo got down and walked to his car, he hit the window to catch Nana Kwame’s attention 

He turned to look at him and opened the car, Kwadwo sat in the passenger seat and asked what was going on with him

“ Do you have something to tell me Kwadwo?”

Kwadwo knew right away that it was about Shirley 

“ I knew her a time long ago Nana ”

“ I saw you two kissing at the back of the house. Is she an ex-girlfriend?” 

“ It’s complicated” 

“ Complicated?! Complicated How? Because there was nothing complicated about what I saw”

“ I know you are upset Nana. I am sorry. I know what it looks like. I didn’t mean to hurt you or disrespect you. But it’s a long story”

Nana Kwame chuckled 

This is crazy. Absolutely crazy! Of all the people in the world, I find the one girl I really, really like and she is my big brother’s ex or how you rightly put it “ a complication” 

Kwadwo stayed quiet 

“ So what now? You want me to leave her for you right?”

“ I didn’t say that Nana Kwame”

“ You don’t have to say it. That kiss was no ordinary kiss. There is something there. What happened with you two? What’s the story?”

“ It doesn’t matter Nana. She is with you now. I will stay out of your way. Don’t let her know about the kiss. It meant nothing” 

“ It meant nothing?”

“ It meant nothing, Nana. Absolutely nothing. We were both caught up in the moment. You have nothing to worry about. I am really sorry”

Nana Kwame knew his brother very well and the look on his face didn’t match the words that were coming out of his mouth. 

Shirley’s call to Nana Kwame interrupted the conversation. Kwadwo got out of the car to leave them to talk. 

“ Are you okay? You disappeared” Shirley said

Yes. Umm…Something came up. I am okay” 

“ I think we have to talk Nana Kwame”

Nana Kwame rubbed his eyes and sighed. He already had an idea about what Shirley wanted to talk about. 

“I want you to hear this from me first,” Shirley said.

“ Okay? What is it?”

Shirley hesitated for a moment

“Umm…I sort of know your big brother”

“Of course, you know him, Shirley, you work at Dolph Oil, Ghana and he used to be a director there” 

“ Yes, I know that but what I mean is we got a bit closer”

Nana Kwame at that moment wanted Shirley to explain the real relationship she had with Kwadwo since Kwadwo described it as complicated. 

“ Closer? Is he an ex-boyfriend?”

No. We didn’t get to date but there was something there” 

“ Something there…” Nana Kwame said slowly and sighed.

Is this something still there Shirley?” he added 

Shirley got quiet. 

“ Ummmm….I  don’t…I don’t really…re-really know” Shirley stammered. 

Nana Kwame’s heart was breaking, he was torn. It was very obvious Shirley still had real feelings for Kwadwo. 

“ Nana Kwame?”

“ I am still here Shirley”

“ This happened a while ago. I really like you and I was looking forward to seeing how things went with us?” Shirley said

Kwadwo went to his bedroom and looked outside his window at Nana Kwame’s car. 

“ Are you sure Kwadwo won’t be in our way?” 

“ He wouldn’t. Don’t worry about him. It’s just me and you” Shirley lied. 

Kwadwo a couple of minutes later saw Nana Kwame getting out of his car and heading towards the house. Kwaku went downstairs to meet him, he was eager to hear what Nana Kwame had to say. 

“ Hey,” Kwadwo said

“Hey. So I want to leave now. How are Nana Adwoa and Jake getting here?”

“ One of the drivers at home will bring them. They weren’t ready to join me when I was leaving” 

“ Okay great! I think Granny was really happy” 

“ Yes, she really was,” Kwadwo said and smiled 

I am guessing you took Shirley home?” Nana Kwame asked

Kwadwo nodded. 

“Yes, I did. I couldn’t find you anywhere” Kwadwo said

He noticed Nana Kwame was choosing not to speak about the conversation he just had with Shirley. 

There was an awkward silence for a while.

Ummm…so I will see you around,” Nana Kwame said 

Sure,” Kwadwo said and watched him walk out the door. 

The next day Nana Kwame had brunch with Shirley after church, then asked her to be his girlfriend. He was expecting her to ask for some more time but she accepted. 

Nana Kwame later dropped  Shirley at Hazel’s apartment. When she told Hazel what had happened at brunch, Hazel flipped. Shirley had never seen her that upset in a long time. 

“ Why would you accept to be Nana Kwame’s girlfriend? Why?”

“ He asked me and I really like him”

“ Stop this! Just stop. We both know you don’t like him. I remember how shattered you were when Kwadwo left for New Zealand. You cheated on Femi with Kwadwo. Femi! The one guy you really loved, and I would have sworn that you would never ever cheat on but Kwadwo came along and you broke all your rules. You don’t cheat Shirley, I know you but you did. So stop lying to yourself and stop allowing fear to win. What are you really doing?! I am tired of doing this” Hazel said

Of doing what?” Shirley asked

“ Helping you pick up the pieces when another one of your responsibilities hit the rocks. Relationships that fail mainly because you choose to be with men you don’t truly love”

“ I am confused. I thought you liked Nana Kwame and wanted me to give him a chance. I thought you will be happy for me”

I like Nana Kwame and I advised you to give him a chance when I thought Kwadwo was married and unavailable. Nana Kwame is a great guy but he isn’t Kwadwo.  Don’t do this to yourself anymore Shirley. I hate seeing you crushed over and over again because of a man” 

Shirley’s eyes filled up with tears, she was tired too but she had already accepted to be Nana Kwame’s girlfriend and she thought going back on it will hurt his feelings.

Hazel hugged her and made her cry. After fifteen minutes of sobbing in Hazel’s arms, she asked her what to do

Go and see Kwadwo. You two need to have a serious conversation about this. Hear his thoughts on how he feels about this situation”

“Like now?” 

“ Yes now. Don’t waste any more time”

Shirley borrowed Hazel’s makeup and fixed her face. She checked the time and ordered an UBER.

When he got to Kwadwo’s place, Nana Adwoa answered the door and invited her in. She recognized her from the party.

“ Oh? I am sorry but Kwadwo left for Aburi this morning”

“ Aburi?”

“ Yes. He usually goes there when he has a lot on his mind. What’s your name? So I tell him that you passed by when he returns”

“ I am Shirley. I work with him at  Dolph Oil”

“ Oh? Is this meeting about work? He didn’t really mention anything to me about expecting anyone from the office”

“Umm…” Shirley said gathering her thoughts 

“ Have you given him a call?” Nana Adwoa asked 

“ Twice but he didn’t answer”

A driver walked over to them and told Nana Adwoa that he is ready to go. 

“ Have you packed everything?”

The driver nodded. 

“ Oh sorry. I totally forgot.  He mentioned that he wanted his IPAD too. Excuse me Shirley” Nana Adwoa said

She went to Kwadwo’s room and came back with the IPAD but as she descended the stairs she had an idea

“ So Shirley. I was only thinking, the driver is sending some food and clothes to Kwadwo in Aburi. He left without packing but he called an hour ago saying that he will be there for a while longer. Would you want to join the driver?  If this meeting is important for work maybe you two can have the discussion there” 

Shirley liked the sound of that but she wasn’t very sure. 

“ Don’t worry. I will call him and let him know that you are on your way with the driver” 

The driver was confused but followed Nana Adwoa’s instructions. 

When Nana Adwoa got a hold of Kwadwo she told him about Shirley. He played it cool with Nana Adwoa acting like he really forgot that he had a work meeting with Shirley.

After the call with his sister, Kwadwo called Shirley for a clearer explanation, but because the driver was there, Shirley couldn’t freely talk. 

“ We can have a better discussion when I get there Sir,” Shirley said

Shirley texted Alex to tell him, she is on her way to Aburi

Alex called immediately after he got her message 

Something came up for work” Shirley lied

“Work? I thought you are still on leave. Didn’t you have to cover up for the lady for only Thursday and then Friday?”

Shirley knew she had to come clean she hated lying to her big brother anyway.

“I am going to see someone. I have to talk to him, It’s kind of important”

Who is that? And what happened to a phone call or a video call? Do you have to go all the way to Aburi?”

I want to speak to him in person. I will be back by evening. It’s Sunday no traffic”

Alex sighed
“Please keep your phone close by and be very careful”

“Sure thing. I will keep you posted”

Kwadwo became nervous, Shirley was the reason he decided to go to the family house in Aburi and suddenly the person he was avoiding is coming to see him.

After an hour and a half drive, Kwadwo heard a car honk at his gate. He rushed to check and noticed the security man opening the gate, his heart skipped a beat when she saw Shirley getting down from the back seat.

“She’s really here,” Kwadwo thought

He went outside to meet her, but the driver took the things inside the house and left them alone. Shirley just stared at Kwadwo. She was waiting for him to say something but he was still processing everything. 

Shirley broke the silence by asking him how he is doing, Kwadwo nodded and said that he is doing fine. The driver got back, he told Kwadwo where he had placed the things and was on his way. Kwadwo led Shirley inside the house. 

This place is very beautiful,” Shirley said

“ Thanks,” Kwadwo said

He went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of water for Shirley. 

“ I can’t believe you are here Shirley. Why did you come?”

“ I wanted us to talk and I just couldn’t wait any longer”

Kwadwo sighed

“ Look, my brother likes you now and I don’t want to come in between that” 

“ He asked me to his girlfriend this morning. He took me out for brunch” 

Kwadwo stayed quiet but his heart was breaking

“ Say something,” Shirley said

What do you want me to say?” 

“ Anything”

Kwadwo sighed 

“ Did you accept to be his girlfriend?” 

Shirley nodded 

Kwadwo chuckled 

So then why are you here? You have already chosen him. I am happy for you” Kwadwo said sarcastically.

 He stood up to turn his TV on, he scrolled through the channels. His favorite football team was about to play. He went to the kitchen to fix them something to eat. 

He placed the plates on the dining table and asked Shirley to join him. 

“ Why are you being like this?” Shirley asked

Like what?”

Ignoring the elephant in the room”

“Because I don’t know what to say. You came all the way here to tell me you agreed to be my kid brother’s girlfriend. You could have texted or called. This whole thing is absurd” Kwadwo said and started eating

After you are done eating I will take you home,” Kwadwo said with his mouth half full

Hazel told Alex everything about Shirley’s situation when he went to visit 

“ Shirley is very impatient. He met this guy barely a week ago. Why would she agree to start a relationship with him? And what is she thinking coming between two brothers? Things like that never end well. I will need to speak some sense into her when she returns. I can’t believe she is in Aburi now. My sister is really something else” 

“ Don’t be too hard on her babe. She has really been through a lot”

“ I know but she rushes into things and is very secretive. My father is still hurt about her miscarriage, if she can keep a pregnancy a secret imagine the many things she is keeping quiet about. I worry about her but she doesn’t open up to me as she does with you” 

“ She is fine Alex, believe me. I won’t let your sister do anything she might regret. She is gone to Aburi now to make things right with the one she really loves”

“ After accepting to be his brother’s girlfriend? This is so crazy but I want to know how things turn out” 

After eating Kwadwo washed the dishes and finished watching the match. They sat in silence while Kwadwo watched the game, his eyes looked at the TV screen but his mind was on Shirley. He couldn’t believe he chose to be with Nana Kwame after everything he had been through with her. 

After the game, he went upstairs to change to drop Shirley at home. He was very hurt and disappointed in Shirley but managed it well. 

When he got downstairs, he couldn’t find Shirley. He tried calling her phone but the network wasn’t strong in that area so the calls weren’t going through. 

He looked around the house and went outside to ask the security guard if he had seen Shirley but he hadn’t.

He rushed back inside the house to search again but he saw her coming down the stairs. 

where were you?” Kwadwo asked worriedly

“ Umm…I was looking for the washroom but got a little lost. I wanted to come to ask you but I couldn’t figure out your bedroom and I ended up wandering around the house”

“ Don’t scare me like that again. Are you okay?” Kwadwo asked 

“ Yes I am”

Alright let’s get going, it’s getting late”

“ Kwadwo. I am sorry” Shirley said

Kwadwo stayed quiet and opened the door for her but Shirley closed the door. 

“ I came here for us to talk. I want to know how you feel about all this”

Kwadwo ignored her and opened the door again but Shirley closed it again.

It was starting to piss Kwadwo off. 

“ Say something Kwadwo. Anything”

“ Stop this Shirley! Just stop, because I am done! Done with you, done with this. If it’s my kid brother you want you can have him. I wish you both the best!” Kwadwo said angrily 

Shirley’s eyes filled up with tears when Kwadwo raised his voice at her. 

“ How did you expect me to feel Shirley? Hug and kiss you for choosing my brother. You made your choice. I am going to respect that. Just leave me out of this”

“ I panicked when he asked me, I wasn’t expecting it” 

“ I don’t care! Spare me the details. I don’t want to hear it” 

“ It’s you I want Kwadwo”

Kwadwo laughed and ignored her

“ Let me take you home Shirley, please” 

“ It’s you I want Kwadwo,” she said again 

You can’t possibly mean this Shirley after agreeing to be with my brother. Stop lying to yourself and to me”

“ I am not lying. Your brother is great but he isn’t you Kwadwo. I rushed into accepting his proposal because I didn’t want this to be messier than it already is but after accepting it I realized I made a mistake. I will rather have the mess than lose you” 

Kwadwo sighed and sat down. Shirley went to sit by him

“ This is complicated. Nana Kwame likes you very much”

“ I like him too but I am in love with you Kwadwo. I am so crazy in love with you” 

“ I don’t want to hurt him” 

“ I don’t want to hurt him either. But I can’t love him the way I love you Kwadwo. I can’t. I wasn’t expecting to see you in my life again. But now that you are back, I can’t let you go. I won’t be able to live with myself” 

“ Why is it always complicated with us? First, it was Femi now my brother. Maybe it’s a sign that we are not meant to be together”

“ A sign?”

“ Nana Kwame will never forgive me. I have never seen him excited about someone like he is about you. Maybe with time, you will learn to love him. You two are already a couple, give him a chance.”

Shirley stared at Kwadwo 

“ You can’t be serious Kwadwo”

“ I am serious. This right here is going to bring a lot of drama into my family. I have such a great relationship with my brother. I don’t want this to ruin it. I will be fine. I will find someone else that I can be happy with too” 

Shirley sighed, Kwadwo saw that she was very hurt.

“ I can’t believe you just said that Kwadwo,” Shirley said 

“ I am sorry Shirley but-“

-but what? I just told you I love you and I want you and you are easily pushing me into your brother’s arms. You don’t love me. No man in his right mind will ask the woman he loves to be happy with another man, even if this man is his brother. Fine then! Fine! Message received. I will stay with Nana Kwame and try to be happy. Forget I said anything. I am ready to go home now. Coming here was a mistake” Shirley said angrily 

“ Please, Shirley. Calm down”

“ Don’t ask me to calm down” 

Shirley’s voice broke as she spoke, she was trying so hard to not cry in front of Kwadwo. 

“ Just take me home,” she said and wiped her eyes.

Kwadwo walked to her and took her into his arms, Shirley tried to fight him off her but she gave in and hugged him

“ We have been here before, as much as I want us to be together. Maybe we are not meant to be together” Kwadwo whispered

“ We are meant to be together, what are the odds that the guy I met on vacation is your brother? It’s a sign to show we are meant to be. Kwadwo, I love you, I love you in a way that I can’t love anyone” Shirley said sadly 

“ I love you too Shirley. I can’t see anyone else but you. I am in love with you. For three years I tried to find you in a number of women. Drunk alcohol to numb the pain of not being with you and around you. I wish I could run away with you and marry you this minute so that I can have you all to myself but I can’t. And now there is my brother who also wants you”

“Ssssh….” Shirley said and placed her finger on his lips

“ Please don’t talk about Nana Kwame anymore,” Shirley said.

They locked eyes for a minute and Shirley kissed him. Kwadwo kissed her back more passionately but he broke it off and apologized. 

“ you are my brother’s girlfriend now. I can’t do this” he said and grabbed his key. 

“ I don’t want to go home,” Shirley said 

“ You have work tomorrow Shirley”

“ I don’t. I am on leave. I haven’t had enough of you yet. And I feel leaving tonight will be the last time I see you. And I am not ready to let go yet” 

“ Shirley please”

“ No Kwadwo. Just for tonight let’s be together. Let’s forget about our problems. I want to be around you, I missed you so much. Please Kwadwo, just for tonight. We can watch a movie or play a game. We can do anything as long as I am with you” 

Kwadwo sighed

“I forgot you mentioned you were on leave,” he said

“Yeah. I have a couple of weeks more to go”

Kwadwo dropped his car keys and went upstairs. He spent quite a while there but when he got back he had freshened up and changed into something more relaxing.

I fixed up a room for you and placed a T-shirt on your bed. I am going down the road to get you a toothbrush. I will be back soon”

“Okay sure, Thank you,” Shirley said

Shirley replied to her messages as she waited, there was a couple from Nana Kwame and Hazel who were checking up on her. She replied to Nana Kwame and then to Hazel. She told Hazel that she had decided to spend the night with Kwadwo in Aburi. She waited a couple of minutes for Hazel’s reply but it was taking a while so she checked her phone to be sure the network wasn’t acting up. 

She almost dropped her phone when she saw what she had just done. Kwadwo got back to the house very upset.

“Why did you tell Nana Kwame that you are in Aburi with me? Why would you do that Shirley?! ”Kwadwo said

It was a mistake. He had texted me and so had Hazel. I thought I was texting Hazel but it was him. I wanted Hazel to know where I was just in case”

Kwadwo angrily dropped the toothbrush on the center table

“He just sent me a message, he is very upset Shirley. I had a feeling something would go wrong”

He rushed up the stairs to change, when he got back, he grabbed his keys and Shirley followed him. Kwadwo was so upset and Shirley was embarrassed to speak. She checked her phone and noticed that Nana Kwame had read the message but hadn’t replied.

Kwadwo was speeding like crazy and Shirley got scared

“Slow down Kwadwo! Please”

“This whole thing is so messed up! Why did you go on that trip anyway? If you hadn’t gone, my brother wouldn’t have met you and we wouldn’t be in this mess!” Kwadwo said angrily.

Shirley was getting scared she hadn’t seen Kwadwo that upset, she checked if her seatbelt was secure. Nana Kwame called Kwadwo, and they had a little back and forth. Nana Kwame angrily hangs up and Kwadwo got very sad. Shirley was so distraught that she started crying. She reached out for Kwadwo’s hand.

“ My goodness, I am really sorry, Kwadwo. This is all my fault” Shirley said

Kwadwo turned to look at her

“ Hey. Stop crying. Don’t worry. We will figure it out, I get into fights with my brother all the time. Everything will be fine. Don’t cry.” Kwadwo said and tried to wipe her tears.

Kwadwo’s attention was on Shirley, he moved out of his lane into the next lane, a truck was approaching, and he didn’t notice it.

The loud horn from the Truck startled Kwadwo and he panicked. He drove off the road and run into a tree. The car somersaulted down into the bushes and they both became unconscious. 


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