“It’s over Lisa you got exactly what you wanted. I didn’t want to believe the rumour but you just admitted it. I don’t think I can continue with this relationship! I don’t want to ever see you again Lisa, never!” Samuel said angrily and stomped out of the room. He went straight into his car and began to cry. His phone rang, it was Philip his best friend. He cleared his throat before he answered so he would sound as if he hadn’t been crying. “Hello?” he said to Philip. “Hi, how did it go?” Philip asked. “It’s over between us Philip, I ended it she admitted it herself and I still can’t believe her,” Samuel replied. “I told you Samuel but I didn’t know what you wanted to believe. She is not the same girl you left here to go study abroad, she has really changed.” Philip said angrily. “Let’s talk when I get back to the room Philip. Now is not the time.” Samuel said sadly. “Ok man, but when you get to the junction, please check if the Kelewele woman came I’m starving,” Philip said. Okay, Samuel replied and ended the call.
Lisa on the other hand cried her eyes out when Samuel left, she didn’t have the strength to chase after him. Samuel made it clear how hurt he was and wanted nothing to do with her. Her roommate who was very disappointed came to sit next to her on her bed to console her but deep down she was upset, she didn’t understand why Lisa had to lie. “I don’t even know why you are crying Lisa, it’s very annoying I must confess. Why did you lie to the poor guy? We both know you didn’t do anything wrong.” Vanessa said. “He is not going to believe me now Vanessa. He walked in here with his mind made up. He just wanted me to admit to what he already thinks is true. I will prefer losing a boyfriend than staying with one who doesn’t trust me” Lisa said sadly and cried in her best friend’s arms.
“But see what it is doing to you? You are very miserable. What are you going to do now? He has to know the truth. Look here, let me get you your phone so you give Samuel a call and explain things to him or better still I can drive you to his place. You guys need to settle this now.” Vanessa suggested. Lisa stood up from her bed and shook her head. She turned and looked at Vanessa,” I am not going to tell him what happened. I am just going to live my life like Samuel doesn’t exist. It’s going to be hard but I have three weeks to graduate and I am not going to let Samuel bring me down.” Vanessa came to stand by her friend, and even though she didn’t completely agree with Lisa, she supported her.
Time flew so fast Lisa couldn’t believe she was packing her things to leave campus forever. She had ignored Samuel completely, she was very strong. She didn’t know where she got the strength from, but she really liked what she was able to accomplish with it. Vanessa hugged her best friend and roommate so tightly. “I can’t believe its over”, she said. It’s over Vanessa and we are going home, well technically I am going home, Lisa said jokingly. There was a knock on the door. Lisa rushed to open it. “Daddy!” She shouted and hugged him. “I am ready to leave.” Vanessa helped her pack her bags into the car. She hugged her again. “I hope to see you soon Lisa.” she said. “Of course you will”, Lisa replied. Lisa sat in the car and waved Vanessa as the car moved. There were tears in Vanessa’s eyes when she watched Lisa leave in her father’s car. She thought of the times they spent together “I am going to miss you a lot” she said to herself and made her way back to her room.
An hour later, Samuel came knocking on the door. Vanessa was startled by the knock because she was not expecting anyone. She opened only to see Samuel Ankrah. What are you doing here Samuel? , she asked angrily. Is she around? “ As you can see, there’s nobody here Samuel. She left an hour ago. Vanessa said bluntly. “oh no, I really need to see her! She is not answering my calls. I really miss her and I am ready to work things out” Samuel added. Vanessa laughed. “I’m sorry Samuel but she is no more here so please leave,” Vanessa said angrily. I was busy packing when you knocked. Vanessa didn’t know why she was this upset with Samuel, he was the one who got lied to but she was angry at how he handled the whole situation. Samuel left and went into his car, he tried calling her again but she had turned her phone off. It was the longest night ever in his life. How he wished he hadn’t gone out of the country to study. That night, he called Lisa severally but it never went through. It was as if she just vanished into thin air.
Five years passed by and Samuel had moved on with his life. He was managing his father’s oil company and had opened his own architecture firm. Both businesses were a success. He found love again in Sarah Danso, his childhood friend. Although he still loved Lisa very much, he decided to be with Sarah because Lisa completely shut him out of her life after University and Sarah was the one who helped him through all the pain.
Lisa returned from Canada after her Master’s and was made manager of one of the best banks in the country. She had moved on as well and found love again in Greg Hunter, a lawyer she met on the plane when she was going to Canada to study. She was happy and very much fulfilled and was planning on getting married to Greg. Samuel also had plans on marrying Sarah. Ever since his best friend Philip got married four years ago to his pregnant girlfriend, he hadn’t stopped disturbing him to get married. Samuel was very busy with his business and didn’t want to commit. He knew he wouldn’t have enough time for her so he explained things to Sarah and since they had been friend for years, she understood and didn’t want to pressure him.
Vanessa had agreed to marry her high school sweet heart Abeiku. She had gotten a job in one of the best law firms and she felt it was the right time to tie the knot. Abeiku was a successful Petroleum Engineer and had landed a contract with one of the best oil companies in the country which happened to be Samuel Ankrah’s dad’s company. Vanessa had wanted him to reject the contract because she didn’t want any problems with her best friend Lisa but they were offering a lot of money any they needed more money because of the wedding.
“The Joy FM bridal fair is on this Saturday Lisa. We need to be there”, Vanessa said. Lisa laughed. “Vanessa you never seize to surprise me. I thought you and Abeiku didn’t want to get married anymore because of that silly fight about the wedding colours, now you are here talking about bridal fair.” Lisa said. “Ooh Lisa, but you of all people should know that couples fight all the time but they never mean most of the things they say. Abeiku and I are getting married. We fixed the date a week after yours so that Serena Vanessa can be my little bride.” Vanessa said. “Hmm …that will be nice dear, Lisa smiled over the phone. I have to go now Vanessa, got a lot of work to do.” Lisa continued. “Alright honey, give my love to Greg and Serena Vanessa.” Vanessa said and ended the call. Philip and his wife also made plans with Samuel and Sarah to meet at the bridal fair. Philip was bent on making  Samuel get married to Sarah. Samuel wasn’t very busy on that day so he agreed to meet Philip and his wife up. He communicated it to Sarah so that she won’t make any plans. Sarah was very excited to hear Samuel talk about a bridal fair, it meant the world to her so she moved all her work on that day to another day so she could have a feel of the whole event.
The day of the bridal fair came so fast. Sarah didn’t want to miss a thing. “Let’s hurry honey, I want us to have a feel of everything they have to offer and besides Philip and Gloria are already there. Can you drive a little faster please?,” Sarah said and kissed him. Lisa on the other hand arrived early at the fair but was waiting for Vanessa in her car so they make it to the fair together but Vanessa was late as usual. Lisa was getting tired of waiting in her car so decided to get some snacks for her little daughter and work a little on her laptop to kill time. Greg couldn’t make it, he left to Japan that morning for a meeting. Lisa found a nice restaurant and got some snacks for her little daughter Serena Vanessa who was running around with her pink balloon in hand and singing a song she learnt in school. Lisa was keeping an eye on her but got distracted with a little work on her laptop and lost track of Serena Vanessa. After a while, Lisa couldn’t hear her little daughter’s voice, she looked up to check up on her and she wasn’t there. She got up from her seat, looked around but Serena Vanessa was gone. She asked the waiters if they had seen her but they hadn’t seen her. She was getting scared she checked everywhere but she wasn’t there. She then called Vanessa crying bitterly. “What do you mean you lost her Lisa?” Vanessa asked worriedly.