Lisa drove home with her daughter very late in the night. Robert saw her off to her car and told her everything was going to be fine. When Lisa got home, she called Vanessa and told her everything. Vanessa decided to go back to Ghana with her husband the very next day because her best friend needed her now. Samuel stayed in his room for days, wasn’t talking to anyone. It was as if he has lost Melissa all over again. Lisa called him every day but he never answered. She visited a couple of times but Samuel refused to see her, it was as if he blamed her for Sarah’s death. Greg got better after some weeks and went to pay Samuel a surprise visit, Geraldine felt it would be a good idea if Greg would let Samuel know that he held no grudges against his family or Sarah. He found him sitting in the garden holding a photograph of Sarah in his hand and was lost in thought. Greg touched him on his shoulder before he came back to reality. Samuel was happy to see that he was fine, they spoke and Greg assured him that it wasn’t his fault Sarah died. Samuel nodded and asked about Lisa and Serena. “They are all doing fine. Serena really misses you, try and come and see her.” Samuel smiled and nodded. ”I will after the funeral and everything goes back to normal. Even though, I know life won’t be the same without Sarah” Samuel said sadly. A week later at Sarah’s Funeral, Lisa saw Samuel for the first time after three weeks. He has lost so much weight and looked very miserable. She wanted to go speak to him after the funeral but Vanessa stopped her telling her it’s a bad idea. Samuel saw her too but didn’t have anything to say to her so he got into his car and drove off. That day she realised how much Samuel really loved Sarah and how silly it was for her to have the hope that she could get back together with Samuel. “For five years you were out of his life, did you really think he will come running back into your life after so long? You are just the mother of his child Lisa and nothing else.” Lisa thought to herself as she drove back home with Greg and Serena. Vanessa and Abeiku spent the rest of the day with the Hunter family and they spoke about their honeymoon and played some indoor games, ones that Serena can participate in.
Samuel resumed work early Monday morning and drowned himself with so much work so that he won’t even have time to think of Sarah or Lisa. Abeiku saw how serious and isolated he had become, he didn’t smile as much anymore or play around with the employees. It was as if when Sarah died she took the sweet and good part of Samuel with her and left the bitter and angry part of him. Everyone was talking about Samuel in the office. One night Abeiku told Vanessa about it when they about to go to bed. She didn’t have much to say about it, it just made her realised how much Samuel cared for Sarah. The following morning, Vanessa told Lisa about the new development on Samuel Ankrah but Lisa didn’t want to hear it. She was done with anything and everything that had to do with Samuel she told Vanessa to talk about something else. Greg noticed Lisa had changed at home, and every time he spoke of Samuel she got very upset. He knew Lisa still loved Samuel very much because more than twice Lisa mentioned his name in her sleep, he decided to hide from her. He spoke to Abeiku about it and Abeiku told him something that got him thinking. “Do you know Samuel mistakenly mentions her name when he is calling his secretary? His secretary is called Amanda and Amanda and Lisa are very different names. So I think Samuel also has something to do with Lisa.” Greg sighed and went home to be with his wife, he was determined to make it work between them. She found her in the kitchen cutting some vegetables for dinner, she looked so cute in tight black blouse and pink shorts. He held her from behind and turned her to face him, he smiled and started to kiss her. Lisa kissed him back and Greg carried her to the bedroom. He placed her on the bed and began to kiss her all over her body, Lisa started to unbutton Greg’s shirt and passed her hand all over his chest. Greg removed the hairband in Lisa’s hair and ran his hands through her hair still kissing her passionately, his hand went down to undo the buttons on her shorts. She moaned when she felt Greg’s hand all over her body, she didn’t want him to stop. They both went under the sheets and made love, Greg was surprised with the way Lisa was so much into it. He knew it had been awhile since they made love, but it felt as if Lisa was making love with someone else and not to him. Lisa kept touching and kissing and moaning she was so happy. After she went to the bathroom to bath and she was singing in the shower, Greg went to her and asked her why she was so happy. Lisa pulled him into the shower and kissed him some more. Greg decided to tell her about a decision he has made now that it was obvious she was in a good mood. “Lisa I want us to go settle in Canada, we can start our lives as a new family and forget all our problems and our past”. Lisa suddenly got upset. “I can’t leave here Greg, I love it here. I don’t want to leave, besides Serena is getting to know her father.” “Her father? Lisa for five years I was the only father she knew and she was fine. Now suddenly her whole life will change because of Samuel? I know you want to stay here because of Samuel you still love him very much. When we were making love, it was him you were thinking about.” Lisa was shocked. “How on earth could you say that Greg?” Lisa angrily stomped out of the bathroom. Greg followed her. “I am not done with you Lisa. Just admit you are still in love with Samuel and put me out of my misery.” “Where from all this talk…you know what? Let us go to Canada Greg. I love you. Just stop this talk.” Lisa said and picked up her clothes. Greg sat on the bed, he was confused and frustrated. He just wanted Lisa to admit that she loves Samuel and never stopped loving him. Lisa dressed up quickly and stomped out of the room to continue with dinner.