Sarah was looking for Samuel everywhere, she went to garden and saw him hugging Lisa in the garden. Her heart skipped a beat, she knew Samuel really loved Lisa. She was the one who saw how devastated he was for years after the break up. She wore a smile on her face and pretended as she didn’t see them hug, “there you are I have been looking everywhere for you honey. Mum wants you to come and cut your cake.” Samuel smiled “A cake, you know I don’t like cake Sarah.” “But baby, you know I love them. Just go cut it so that some of us can enjoy it.” Sarah said and kissed Samuel. She actually kissed him on purpose to make Lisa jealous, she was hurting so much. She looked at Lisa and smiled. “I hope you are having a nice time at the party Lisa?” Lisa nodded. Samuel wasn’t comfortable with Sarah and Lisa’s friendship he looked at them as they both walked into the house arm in arm. Samuel made a wish and cut his cake, his parents hugged him and Sarah kissed him. Geraldine brought Lisa and Serena some cake, Serena was so happy she kept crying for more so Geraldine took her to the kitchen where she was cutting the cake for the guest so that Serena can eat as much as she wanted. Lisa watched as Samuel and Sarah danced, Sarah was such a good dancer it even made Samuel look like an amazing dancer Lisa’s heart began to ache. She had been lying to herself and to her best friend that what she felt for Samuel was gone. She touched her wedding ring on her finger and looked up at Samuel, her heart began to beat fast. She got up to the bathroom to wash her face and cool off. Sarah was in Samuel’s arms dancing to a slow song when she looked up at Samuel in his eyes, “Do you still love Lisa?” she asked. Samuel was startled by her question, he looked down at her and shook his head. “I love you Sarah forever and always.” Sarah smiled and placed her head on his chest and they continued dancing. Samuel’s eyes met with Lisa’s when she came back from the bathroom, it was obvious she had been crying. Lisa smiled and looked away, she went to the kitchen to check up on her daughter. Samuel’s eyes followed her till she disappeared through the kitchen door. “Serena is such a sweet tooth just like Melissa.” Geraldine said to Lisa when she sat down on a kitchen stool next to her daughter. “Who is Melissa? Lisa asked. Geraldine hesitated before answering. “Melissa Ankrah, she was my only daughter. Samuel’s little sister, she died when she was six. Samuel was eight by that time, she got drowned in the pool. Samuel and Sarah were having their swimming lessons so the instructor was busy with them in the kid’s pool. They didn’t see when Melissa sneaked out to the adult’s pool, when they found her she was gone. We had gone for my niece’s wedding that day, I was very happy only to get a call telling me my baby gone. It took us years to get over her death. Samuel stopped swimming totally, he never went close to the pool. He stopped talking about Melissa, he just didn’t want to remember anything that way he won’t hurt. When he was about 10 years we took him to the states to stay with my big brother to have a change of environment. When he got back, he was as good as new and very happy again” Lisa sighed. “What a very sad story. I am glad in a way you have Melissa back. I was thinking of taking Serena for swimming lessons when she turned 6 but I think, I will think of another hobby for her.” Geraldine laughed. Lisa picked up her phone to check the time and she realised she has gotten a lot of missed calls from Doreen, Greg’s big sister, she quickly called back to find out what had happened. “Hello Dorren, I just saw your missed calls, what is going on? Wait! Are you crying?” Doreen couldn’t speak she just cried a lot more. “Doreen where are you? It is very noisy where you are.” Doreen found her voice again and told Lisa what had happened. “Lisa I hope you are sitting down because what I am about to say will not find you well.” Lisa’s heart started to beat very fast. “I don’t like this now I am very worried.” Doreen sighed deeply and started crying again. “Greg is in the hospital, he was involved in an accident. It doesn’t look good at all Lisa.” Vanessa said through her tears. “What did you just say Doreen. Are you sure it is Greg?” We are in the hospital now, it doesn’t look good.” Lisa looked at Serena and tears filled her eyes. “Okay Doreen which hospital has he been admitted in?” “We are at 37 military hospital now. Please come soon.” Lisa quickly ended the call, Geraldine saw the worried look and the tears in her eyes. “What is wrong Lisa?” she asked. Lisa pulled her away from Serena and told her the sad news. “I have to go now but I will really appreciate it if you could take care of Serena for a while. I will be back for her. “Oh Lisa, you don’t even have to ask me this, I will definitely do that but I really want to go with you to see him.” Geraldine said. “No his sister said he is in a pretty bad shape, so just family can see him now” Geraldine nodded. “Before I forget, please don’t tell Samuel. I don’t want to ruin his happy day, just tell him I have some work to do in the office and will be back.” Geraldine nodded. “Please take care Lisa and let me know what happens.” Lisa nodded, kissed her daughter and left the house through the back door. As she drove to the hospital she prayed for her husband to be fine, she cried as she prayed. She got to the hospital in an hour’s time and saw Greg’s family waiting outside. She walked to Doreen and her mother in law, they were still crying. “How is he now?” Lisa asked. “He is conscious now, he has been asking of you.” Doreen said and took her to Greg’s ward. Lisa’s heart broke when she saw her husband in such a bad state, she just broke to tears. “My love, what happened?” She asked through her tears. “I don’t know exactly, all I can remember is that the brakes of the car was not working.” Lisa was shocked. “Oh my God. That is really bad. I thank God you are alive” She kissed Greg’s forehead and sat on the bed next to him. Vanessa and Abeiku called later to check up on him. “He is going to be fine, he sustained some injuries on his hand and legs and fractured his arm but it is in a sling now” We thank God he is fine Lisa, we will be in Ghana on Wednesday we will surely pass by. Have some rest now.” Vanessa said and ended the call.
Lisa went back to the Ankrah house to pick up her daughter, she looked very tired with her eyes puffy due to all her crying. She met Samuel at the door when she opened it. “Lisa, where have you been, Serena has been crying and asking for you. Called you severally but you never answered and why are you using the back door?” Lisa looked down trying to hide her tears, Samuel touched her chin and raised her head up. “Why are you crying Ewurakua?”He asked in a very soft voice. “Greg was involved in an accident, I am just getting back from going to see him at the hospital.” Samuel was shocked to hear that. “Oh no! What happened?” “He said the brakes of the car wasn’t working. We exchanged cars today, he decided to use mine because the house boy finished washing my car early and couldn’t wait for him to finish washing his because he was running late.” Samuel sighed. “But did you know the brakes of your car were not working?” Samuel asked. “Oh of course not, I used it the whole of yesterday for shopping and it was working fine.” “But Greg is going to be fine right?” Lisa nodded. Samuel smiled and hugged her. “Don’t worry God is in control my dear” he said. Lisa hugged him tightly, she always felt so safe in his arms and she loved the perfume he was wearing. Geraldine and Sarah were in the kitchen cleaning up when she told Sarah what had happened to Lisa’s husband. Sarah was so shocked she dropped a glass. Geraldine was surprised at her reaction to the news. “Are you okay Sarah?” She asked. She nodded and quickly cleaned the mess she has made with the glass her hands were shivering when she picked up each glass from the ground. Geraldine knew Sarah to be very emotional and dramatic so she didn’t pay her any mind and continue washing her dishes. Sarah saw that Geraldine was busy with the dishes so she took it as an opportunity to leave the kitchen to her bedroom to make a very important call. Samuel insisted to drop Lisa and Serena at home, he felt Lisa wasn’t in the right state to drive. “Hold on, let me go and get my keys I will be back soon” he said and went to the kitchen. “Where is Sarah mum?” Samuel asked. Geraldine was surprised by the question because she knew Sarah was in the kitchen with her just a minute ago. She shrugged. “I don’t know, she was here right now cleaning something from the floor.” Samuel nodded. “Maybe she gone upstairs to use the bathroom or something. Mummy Lisa is back to Serena, I am going to drop them at home.” “Where is she?” Geraldine asked. “She is on the phone outside. I can’t find my car key have you seen it?” Geraldine shook her head and went out to see Lisa.” Lisa ended the call when she saw Geraldine coming out to see her. “How is he doing my dear?” Geraldine asked sadly. “He is going to be fine please, we spoke when I went to see him. He said the brakes of the car were not working” “Ooh my goodness that is very bad. I am so sorry come here my dear” Geraldine sad and hugged her. Samuel still couldn’t remember where he left his car key. He asked his dad but he too hasn’t seen it, he was busy playing with his granddaughter. Samuel smiled and went upstairs to his bedroom to check if it was there. She heard Sarah speaking on the phone in the bathroom and it sounded as if she was whispering, Samuel is not the type to eavesdrop but for the past 2weeks he has been suspecting Sarah is up to something because he didn’t understand why she was so nice to Lisa. He went close to the door to listen to what Sarah was whispering about. And what he heard shocked him, it was as if he was listening to another person talk and not his childhood friend, the one woman he trusted, loved and knew very well. He angrily opened the bathroom door, Sarah was so startled she dropped her phone. “You sent someone to cut the brakes of Lisa’s car?! You wanted to kill Lisa? Oh my God Sarah.” Sarah started to shiver with fear, Samuel walked to her and held her by the arm. “You are one heartless woman. You owe her an apology. Come with me.” Samuel said angrily and took her downstairs to his parents and Lisa. “Mum! Dad!” he shouted from the kitchen. “Sarah has something to tell us” Sarah was quiet, she didn’t want to say anything. Samuel got very angry and yelled at her for the very first time” Sarah! Don’t let me lose my temper! Talk!” She still wasn’t talking. Samuel angrily turned to look at his parents. “Sarah hired some people to cut the brakes of Lisa’s car this morning. But unfortunately Greg used that car today and had an accident.” Samuel said. Lisa couldn’t believe her ears. She walked to Sarah and asked her if it’s true, Sarah nodded and Lisa slapped her. Samuel went to take Lisa away from Sarah before she did anything crazy. “I wanted that at first, but I changed my mind this morning and because of the party I forgot to call them back to abort the mission. I completely forgot I had done that. I am very sorry Lisa very sorry. I know this is very evil and I have to pay the price. I love Samuel very much and I can’t live to see all this hate he feels for me now. I will rather die than to live without Samuel and judging from what I tried to do to you, the woman he really loves, I know I have lost him forever” Sarah said and picked a knife from the sink. Samuel tried to take the knife from her but Sarah asked him to stay back pointing the knife at him. Geraldine and Robert were begging Sarah to drop the knife but she shook her head, “I can’t go to jail Mum and I can’t be without Samuel knowing he is in the arms of this woman. It is all your fault Lisa all your fault” Sarah said angrily and stabbed herself.” Samuel quickly rushed to her but it was too late, he held her in his arms. “What have you done Sarah, What have you done?” he said with tears running down his cheeks. With her last strength, Sarah touched Samuel face and lips. Tears filled her eyes and she coughed blood as she tried to speak. “Don’t talk Sarah save your strength please. Mum! Please call an ambulance. My God! Sarah please don’t die.” Samuel said sadly. Still touching Samuel, Sarah used her last breathe to tell Samuel how much she loved him. She died in Samuel’s arms staring at in in his eyes. Samuel closed her eyes slowly and held her tightly in his arms and cried like baby mentioning her name. Robert came to get him and took him to his bed room. Lisa covered Serena’s eyes and carried her to the living room. Geraldine just stood there staring at her body, she was in shock. Robert came downstairs to get his wife and asked her to go be with their son. Robert called the ambulance to come take her body to the mortuary.