Samuel came back home after work very late, and found his father sitting in the dark in the living room, he was startled when he turned on the light and saw him sitting there. “Dad! What are you doing here?” “Waiting for you son, come have a seat. I want to speak to you.” Samuel sat down next to him on the sofa. “What is going on Dad?” Robert sighed and looked at his son. “I have been watching you closely ever since Sarah passed away, you have completely lost yourself. People are talking in the office you keep making mistakes, mentioning Lisa’s name at times when you trying to call your secretary. You told me you want to completely forget about Lisa because she is married now and you don’t want to destroy her marriage and lose her and Serena. I know it’s hard, you lost your little sister, now you best friend. It is understandable to think you might lose Lisa too but I want you to know it’s not your fault Melissa died, she was very young and she made a mistake every child will make, Melissa just wasn’t lucky and she lost her life. We both know Sarah was very emotional and loved you very much we didn’t know she was suicidal though, she got over the top and did something crazy and that wasn’t your fault. Stop beating yourself up son and try to move on. Your mum and I have decided you leave Ghana and go live in the beach house in Miami so you get away from everything and maybe meet someone new, it helped when we lost Melissa and we are sure it will help this time now that we have lost Sarah.” Samuel shook his head “Dad I am not 10 anymore. I doubt Miami is want I need now, Partying is not want I need. It makes you forget your problems for just awhile and at the end of the day, your problems will still be staring right at you. I choose to go our house in Aburi, I always loved it there. It will make me have peace to think and see my next move, besides there is a lot going on in the office and I can’t travel out now. ” Robert nodded. “Whatever makes you feel better son, just do it” he said with a smile.
Lisa finally agreed to travel out of the country with Greg, she was very sure she wanted to start a new chapter of her life with her husband and daughter. Vanessa didn’t want to come between Lisa and her “big decision” but she had a feeling she was making a mistake. She watched her as she went on and on with her reasons why she wants to leave Ghana, Vanessa just nodded pretending she agreed with her. It felt like Lisa was trying to convince herself over and over and she needed someone to just tell her what she was doing was right. Greg arrived late to get Lisa from Vanessa and Abeiku’s new house, they were having tea when he got there. “Wow Abeiku, this house is very beautiful I am always amazed every time I come here.” Abeiku laughed. “I am glad you love it Greg. What kept you so long? We were getting worried.” “Yes I went to the airport to speak to the manager of the Airline we will be taking tomorrow I wanted to make sure we can travel out tomorrow judging from our crazy weather nowadays.” Lisa’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Greg talk about them leaving tomorrow. She still wasn’t sure if she was ready to go. “What did the manager say honey?” Lisa asked. “They said we are good to go. You know our Flight is at 11:30 tomorrow morning so we have to get going, we need to sleep.” Greg left with Lisa a few minutes later. She was very quiet in the car back home, Greg knew she was thinking about her decision but he didn’t want to ask her anything so she changes her mind. They went straight to bed when they got home. That night, Samuel drove to Aburi, he loved driving in the night because there is less traffic. He listened to all of Sarah’s favourite songs in the car as he drove, he remembered how much he hated it whenever she played that CD in the car. He smiled through his tears when he pictured her nodding to the songs in the car. He had really missed her, he still couldn’t believe she was gone. He got to the Aburi house around midnight and made his way to the master’s bedroom. When he turned on the lights memories of Lisa came flooding in, he remembered the first time he brought her to the house. They made love for the first time and she cried, she was overwhelmed with the love she felt for Samuel that night. Samuel sat on the bed very confused and angry. He cannot believe his whole life is crumpling, he used to be very happy now all he feels is sadness and pain. He went downstairs to the bar to pour himself a glass of Whiskey, it has been awhile he drank alcohol. He felt he needed it, he thought of Philip as he sipped on the whiskey. He still couldn’t believe he could stab him in the back like he did. He remembered all those times he was there for Jason and how much he loved him, not knowing Philip tried to kill his daughter and a woman who would have been his wife by now. Thinking about it now, his whole life is a mess because of Philip, he angrily smashed his glass into a wall. He wished he could see Philip right now and smashed his head into that same wall, he went back into his room to take a shower so he could cool off. He was still showering when he heard his phone ring, he rinsed the shampoo out of his hair, picked his towel and went out to pick his phone. It was his father, he called him back to find out if everything is alright. “Yes son everything is fine. I wanted to know if you arrived there safely.” “Yes dad, I arrived safely. How is mum is she alright?” “Yes she is sleeping soundly by my side. Samuel smiled over the phone. “I am glad to hear that, give her a kiss for me. Now get some sleep dad.” “Alright son goodnight” Robert said and ended the call. Samuel went straight to bed, he felt he was very tired after the shower.
“We are going to be late for our flight Lisa! We over slept it is almost 10am!” Greg rushed out of bed to get Serena ready. Lisa did her best to finish up on time so they don’t miss their flight, they packed their bags into the car and they were ready to go. They got to the airport on time to make it on the plane, Lisa was nervous, her heart was beating very fast, and it just dawned on her that she was about to leave Ghana forever, she is about to leave Samuel forever. She was very angry with him but she knew she never stopped loving him. She stopped Greg and with tears in her eyes and told him she can’t do it. Greg wasn’t surprised, he had been waiting for a while now for her to admit to it. “I cannot go with you Greg, there is a lot here I need to do.” Lisa said. “You mean Samuel right?” Lisa nodded. Greg chuckled, “I knew you weren’t over him Lisa and it hurts me that it had to take this trip for you to realise it, when all I wanted was for you to admit it for yourself. I am not upset with you, I understand. I hope you will be happy with Samuel, he is a good man. When you get back home, you will find some divorce papers on the bed, I have already signed them you should also sign them. I love you very much and I always will” Greg said and hugged them, tears filled his eyes. Lisa waited to watch Greg get on the plane, she was grateful to God for blessing her with such an understanding man and prayed he found real love in Canada. She made her way back to the car with her luggage, she smiled when she realise how free she was to be with Samuel. She tried calling him but she never got through to him. She got into the car and drove straight to Samuel’s house. Geraldine was at the gate instructing the security man to do something when she saw Lisa’s car pull up in front of the gate. “Lisa! Wow what a surprise to see you here.” Geraldine said with a smile. “Where is Samuel, I really need to speak to him.” “Samuel is not here he is in our house at Aburi. I hope everything is fine Lisa.” Lisa nodded. “Can you take care of Serena for me I need to go and see him?” “But do you even know where the house is?” Geraldine asked. Lisa smiled and nodded. “He didn’t want you to know this, but we used to go there a lot when we were in school” Lisa said and got into the car. Geraldine smiled and carried Serena. Robert was very happy to see his granddaughter he rushed to take her from Geraldine. Lisa kept calling Samuel but it still wasn’t going through. “I could surprise him, he loves surprises” she thought to herself. When she got to the house the security guard recognised her and let her in, she walked to the door and rang the bell twice on her second ring, Samuel opened it. Lisa kissed him immediately she saw him, she has been waiting for years to kiss him. Samuel carried her inside the house and kissed her back so passionately. After the kiss, Lisa told him everything and how she was about to leave the country. Samuel appreciated her for coming back and kissed her some more now that he knew she was a free woman, he carried her into the master’s bedroom and they made love all night.