“She is not here, I can’t find her. I was busy with some work on my computer and I lost track of her. She was singing and playing by my side with her balloon, but after a while it was very quiet, I turned to check up on her and she was gone.” “Calm down Lisa, we have arrived. Tell me where you are and we will come get you. I’m with Abeiku”. “I am standing in front of a restaurant called ‘Kathie’s Place’. It’s just opposite the car park. I’m waving my hand, can you see me? Vanessa looked around and finally saw her. She ran to her, she looked so miserable. The last time she saw her like this was when Samuel broke things off with her.
“We are going to find her Lisa, please relax” Vanessa said and hugged her. “She is only five, only five Vanessa” Lisa cried. “What is she wearing?”Abeiku asked. “A white blouse, pink shorts and white sandals.” Abeiku decided to look around. “She is probably just hanging around, Vanessa stay here with Lisa I will go and look for her.”Abeiku said and walked in a direction towards the hall.
Serena Vanessa was confused and hungry, she didn’t know she had walked so far away from her mum. She cried when she couldn’t find her anywhere. She kept walking with her pink balloon still in her hand. Sarah was in such a hurry when they got to the fair. “I can’t miss out on anything” she said as she ran into the hall. She was so excited, she didn’t even see when she knocked a little girl down. Samuel saw the girl and stopped to pick her up from the ground, he recognized her immediately. She was the little girl he had spoken to Philip about. The one who reminded him so much of the love of his life, Lisa. He had gone to pick up Philip’s son from school one day and saw her sitting quietly outside. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her, the resemblance was just too much. It was such a coincidence to see her again. He looked around to see if anyone would come running to get her, but nobody did and he realized the child was lost. She was still crying so he wiped her eyes with his white handkerchief and asked her name. With her little voice she said, “Serena Vanessa”. It put a smile on Samuel’s face.” why are you crying?” he added. “I can’t find my mummy.” “Do you know your mummy’s name?” The little girl shook her head. “I call her mummy.” Samuel laughed. He wanted Sarah to help him out but Sarah had gone inside to check for bridal gowns. He called Philip severally but he didn’t pick up. He sighed heavily and stared at the little girl. He didn’t know how to find her mummy but he was determined to keep the little girl safe. He managed to find a guy with a microphone and convinced him to announce a missing child and his current location so her mother could come for her. Fortunately enough, Lisa heard the announcement and rushed to the location with Vanessa. When they got there, Lisa saw her daughter sitting on a chair eating chocolate-chip ice cream next to a man who looked like a DJ. She ran to the man and took her baby. She hugged her tightly before she turned to say thank you. She asked him where he found her only to find out that he didn’t find her. “A gentleman brought her but had to leave because he got an important call. He asked me to apologize on his behalf”. Lisa looked around very confused but nodded at the DJ and said thank you again. She offered him some money but the DJ declined but she insisted. He finally took it and Lisa left the fair with her daughter. She didn’t want to stay there anymore but Vanessa and Abeiku stayed back to buy a few things they needed for their wedding.
That night, she couldn’t sleep. She had never been so scared like that in her life. The last time she remembers being this scared was when she was carrying Serena Vanessa in her womb and almost lost her due to a bad fall. She still had terrible dreams about it. She got out of bed and went to her daughter’s room to sleep next to her, she didn’t want to stay away from her. She slept soundly once she knew she was by her daughter’s side.
Samuel was still at the fair waiting for Sarah to finish talking to the event manager. Philip and Gloria had to rush home because it was late and they didn’t trust the babysitter. As he waited for Sarah in the car, he turned on the radio to listen to some cool music. He sang along to most of the songs. The next song that played was one of Lisa’s favorite songs Celine Dion’s “I Love You”. He sang along as tears filled his eyes. He missed her. After five years, she was still in his heart. When he got to the “these three words, they could change our lives forever” part, it made him remember the night she sang it for him over the phone when they were doing their usual late night calls. She had no idea Samuel was in love with her, they were at the “best friends” stage by then. He was still lost in thought when Sarah opened the door. Sarah called him twice before he heard her. “Are you done? Can we leave? He asked calmly. Sarah nodded and Samuel started the car, they were still playing the song when Sarah tuned in to another radio station, as if she knew who it reminded Samuel of. The drive back was quiet. They got home very late and they both went straight to bed.
Greg woke Lisa up with a kiss on her forehead. Lisa was startled and opened her eyes. She smiled when she saw Greg. “What are you doing in Serena’s room honey?” Greg asked. “I missed her” Lisa replied and got out of Serena’s bed. “I thought I had to pick you up from the airport baby, how did you get here?” Lisa asked worriedly. “I called you severally but you didn’t pick up so I picked a taxi. Don’t worry, its fine” Greg said and kissed her. He held her in his arms, he had missed her a lot. He held her by the hand and they went to their bed room, they were giggling like teenagers. They were still kissing when they heard Serena crying. They rushed out of the room to see what had happened. She was trying to get ice-cream from the freezer but it was heavy for her so she dropped the ice cream bowl.
Greg carried her away from the freezer and sat her down by the dining table. Lisa felt so bad, she felt irresponsible abandoning her daughter for her own little pleasure. “What if something terrible had happened to her?”, she thought to herself and she began to cry when she was wiping some of the ice-cream off the kitchen floor. Greg saw her and asked why she was sad. She was forced to tell Greg what happened at the bridal fair. “I was so scared Greg but I thank God someone found her, just now we left her all alone, I feel like I am disappointing her.” “You are doing your very best honey, come here” Greg said and hugged her. It’s getting late. Remember we have a play date at the park with Serena, we need to get ready. I’m sure it will cheer you up. Lisa nodded and took Serena to the bathroom to give her a bath. Soon they were all ready to leave.
Serena was excited when they were getting closer to the park, she always loved it when she went to the park with Greg and Lisa, she knew Greg would carry her on his neck and take her horseback riding. She couldn’t wait to see all her other friends as well. When Greg parked the car, Serena rushed out without waiting for her mum to open the door for her. Her friends were calling out to her. “Baby don’t go too far” Lisa said to her as she ran to the park to meet up with her friends. “Okay mummy.” Serena said.
Lisa kept looking at her as she ran to her friends. She didn’t want to lose sight of her. Greg saw her looking at Serena when he was picking Serena’s play bag from the back seat. “Lisa honey, she can never get missing here. She is with her friends and most of the other parents know her, come on lock up and let’s go have fun. She smiled at Greg then locked the car. The minute they left the parking lot to the park, Samuel’s car pulled up. Philip called him early that morning to help him take his son Jason to the park. He promised to take him, but his boss called him the previous night and asked him to make a return trip to Takoradi. “Chale, I have told you to quit this your job, start your own business and be your own boss.” Samuel said jokingly. “don’t worry, I will be done with a meeting with my client at 9am. After I will pass by your house.” Samuel added. “Thanks bro, I owe you one” Philip said and ended the call.
See you next Saturday ! ?