Jason loved being with Uncle Samuel, he was cooler than his father and he got him everything he wanted especially ice cream. He also made him laugh a lot. Samuel locked up his car and carried Jason to the park. Jason was eager to get down when he saw his friends playing. Samuel put him down gently and walked him to the play area. He didn’t want to leave him alone but parents were not allowed around the playing area so he decided to leave and sit with the parents. Just when he was about leaving,he felt someone pull the lower part of his shirt in an attempt to get his attention. He turned to look at the little person. It was the little girl who reminded him of Lisa. He was surprised. “Hey princess! Why do I keep meeting you? Don’t tell me you are missing again?” Samuel asked as he bent down to have a closer look at her. “How are you doing?” he added. “I am fine” Serena said excitedly. “Are you Jason’s daddy?” she asked. Samuel smiled but when he was about to answer, Greg came to get her. He didn’t like Serena talking to strangers and he was surprised she was because Serena was the very shy and quiet type. “Serena what did I tell you about speaking to strangers?” Greg said and held her by hand. Greg smiled at Samuel. “Hello? I hope she is not disturbing you. I am her dad Greg, Greg Hunter”. “I am Samuel.” “Okay Samuel, nice to meet you. I have to take her now, her mum is getting her ice -cream and asked me to get her. Samuel nodded quickly and smiled. Greg carried Serena in his arms and walked away. Serena waved at Samuel as she left in Greg’s arms. Samuel smiled and waved back. He was still looking at her when he got a call from Sarah. “Hello Honey?” he said. “Are you still at your meeting or at the park?” Sarah asked. “I am at the park now, why what is happening?”
“You left your other phone at home. Your mum called, she said they took a different flight so they will be in Ghana by noon.” Sarah said. “Wow and it is almost 11. What time did she call you?” ” Around 8am I called earlier but you didn’t pick up.” “Ooh yes, I was at the meeting had wanted to call back, but it slipped my mind. Had to rush to get Jason. But you should have called again.” “I was in the kitchen, had to get the turkey out of the freezer and start the stew, I completely forgot” Sarah said. “Okay, let me get Jason and rush to the airport, I love you and thanks.” Samuel said and ended the call. He went straight to pick Jason up from the swing, he wasn’t ready to leave, so he started to cry. Samuel knew exactly what will cheer him up. They went straight to the ice cream stand, he was still crying when they got there. It was a pretty long queue. It was Lisa’s turn to buy, just as she was paying, she heard Jason crying. It caused her to take a look at the end of the queue, other people in the queue blocked Samuel’s face so Lisa was able to just see the sad little boy. “Easy buddy, we getting ice cream, chocolate chip your favorite.” Samuel whispered in his ear. When Jason heard ice cream, he suddenly stopped crying. Lisa was done buying her ice cream and was making her way back to Greg and Serena. She realized the little boy had stopped crying, when she got to the end of the queue, she decided to look back at him again only to see Samuel. He was wiping Jason’s eyes with his white handkerchief. He looked so good with the kid in his arms. Samuel felt someone staring at him from his side but when he turned to look, there wasn’t anyone there.
Lisa rushed to Greg and Serena. Her hands were shivering when she gave Serena her ice cream. “We have to go now Greg” Lisa said as she packed Serena’s toys into her play bag. “We just got here Lisa, what is wrong?” Greg asked worriedly. “I am not feeling well, please let’s go.” Lisa said and carried Serena. Greg got the other stuff and they walked to the parking lot. Lisa was very quiet when they drove back home. A lot of things were running through her mind. She sent Vanessa a message when they arrived home. Vanessa called as soon as she got the message. “Hello Lisa what is going on?” she asked. “How fast can you get here?” Lisa said. “In about 45 minutes but tell me what’s happening” Vanessa insisted. “I just saw Samuel Ankrah and it looks like Serena has a brother, well a step brother.” Lisa sad almost crying. “What!” Vanessa said and ended the call she rushed to get her car keys. Abeiku was taking a nap and she didn’t want to wake him, so she left a note and rushed out of the house. Lisa was in the garden when Vanessa got to her house. Lisa saw her drive in and walked to her. When Vanessa stepped out of the car Lisa began to cry. Oh no Lisa, not again no more tears come on. Vanessa held her to the living room but Lisa insisted they go to the guest room. “Where is Greg and Serena by the way? “They have taken the dog for a walk, I don’t want them to see me crying when they come.
” Now start talking. Vanessa said immediately they entered the room. “I saw Samuel Ankrah at the park with his son in his arms he looked very handsome, he has gained a little weight but he still looks good. I was getting ice cream for Serena and he was in the queue getting some for his son. He was right there, flesh and blood. I didn’t want him to see me so I left so fast. I can’t believe Samuel is married with a son. He seemed very happy.” Lisa said with tears rolling down her cheeks. Vanessa just stared at her. “Lisa, remember I asked you to tell him about Serena when you had the chance? Now he has moved on and is very happy. What was the point in hiding Serena from her own father? I told you he came back to the hostel the day you left school. I am very sure if you had told him what actually happened, he would have understood and married you. He told me himself that he was ready to work things out with you. You didn’t want to hear it that day you were so angry, now see what your pride has caused? You don’t even have to tell me how you feel about him because I already know.” So you didn’t speak to him at all? Vanessa added. “No I couldn’t, I didn’t know what to say.” They were still talking when they heard Greg and Serena coming inside with the dog. “I think they are back, I have to get going anyway. Abeiku was still asleep when I left. He must be awake by now.” Vanessa hugged her friend and left the house after saying hello to Greg and Serena.