“Samuel you have grown bigger, the last time I saw you, you were not this big. I am sure Sarah is feeding you well” Geraldine Ankrah said to her son as he carried her luggage into his car. Mr. Ankrah laughed. “Geraldine what’s wrong with him become big, when he lost weight after his terrible break up you were nagging. Son you are looking good. I hope the company is also doing as well as you. Robert Ankrah said to his son. “Yes please dad your company is doing very well by God’s grace. “Okay I trust you. Now take us home so we can go and taste Sarah’s turkey stew, the stew she won’t keep quiet about we are finally going to taste it. They all laughed.
Jason was still with the Ankrah family. Samuel decided to take him home after dinner. Philip and Gloria weren’t worried because they knew he was in very safe hands. Philip called later to check up on Samuel and his son and also to ask for another favour. “Philip what’s going on with you? You miss your son already?” “Of course I do but am sure he is having a great time. Philip said. “Oh yes, he is very happy. I keep telling you to let me adopt Jason. I will pay you good money for him, I am obviously a better father” Samuel said jokingly. “Well when he is older and can make his own decision I will let him decide.” Philip replied. They both laughed. “Anyway I need another favour, Gloria has a one week conference meeting in Kenya and her flight leaves very early tomorrow morning we completely forgot to tell you. I am still in Takoradi will be back Monday evening. I was hoping you could take Jason to school tomorrow morning, I can ask Gloria to bring some of his clothes over now. I am really counting on you.” Philip said sadly. “Alright I can do that don’t worry, ask Gloria to bring his clothes and other things. Sarah will be around I am stepping out with my parents, so I might not meet her. Do you want to speak to Jason, he looks very sleepy” Samuel asked. “No I have to go now very busy but send him my love and also to your parents. Goodnight bro.” Philip said and ended the call.
Lisa woke up early Monday morning and went to the hall to watch BBC news while sipping on some coffee. She had a headache due to a lot of thinking over the weekend. Serena soon woke up and started calling for her mummy. Lisa sighed and went to carry her daughter and got her ready for school. Greg didn’t have any work on Monday morning but had to meet up with an important client so couldn’t take Serena to school. Lisa, even though she was running late rushed her daughter to school. When she arrived at the school there was a little traffic at the entrance so she parked somewhere and walked Serena to the entrance. When she got to the entrance she heard a little voice calling her daughter’s name. She turned to look at the person and it was a little boy he saw at the park. He was standing next to a very beautiful car, she was still staring at him when he saw someone close the back door of the car holding a small Spiderman back pack. He placed the back pack on the little boy’s back and carried him. Lisa’s heart was beating very fast when he saw Samuel walking towards her. The little boy was still calling her friend’s name and wanted to go to her. Samuel looked up to see who it was he was calling only to see Lisa holding the hand of the same little girl he said reminded him of her. His heart skipped a beat, he stopped walking and just stared at her. Suddenly Serena started pointing at Samuel. “Mummy!! This is the man who found me when I got lost. I saw him again at the park. He is my friend Jason’s father. That’s the man! She said still pointing at Samuel. Lisa was still in shock, she couldn’t say a word just stared at Samuel. Samuel got closer to her to have a better look. “She hasn’t changed a bit she even looked more beautiful”, he thought to himself. A teacher called out to them to bring their kids to her. Lisa kissed Serena and took her to the teacher. Samuel kissed Jason on his head and hugged him. “I love u buddy.” He said and took him to the teacher. I love you too he replied in his little voice and walked into the school. Lisa looked at him as he watched Jason enter the school. “You must love him very much” she asked. Samuel nodded. They stared at each other for a long while. They both couldn’t believe they were both seeing each other. Lisa broke the stare by looking at her watch. “Wow! I am so late she said and smiled at Samuel. “I have to get going” she added. She was about leaving to her car when Samuel spoke “can I call you some time please?” Lisa nodded. “Yes you can” Lisa said and gave him her card. Lisa had to rush to the office. She was getting a lot of calls from the office. Samuel stared as she entered into her car. “She finally learnt how to drive” he said to himself. His drive back to the office was a long one he was still surprised. He called Philip to break the news to him. “I told you that little girl reminded me of Lisa. It turns out Lisa is her mother. I saw Lisa today in flesh and she looked incredible! I am going crazy bro.” Samuel said to his best friend. “What a small world but are you sure it’s her? So sure bro, it was her. “When are you coming to Accra?” Samuel asked. “Around 6pm”Philip said. “So that means I will have to go pick Jason up from school right?” Samuel asked excitedly. “Yes Samuel if it won’t be any trouble” Philip said. “No trouble at all. I have to get back to work so I will call you when I get him from school. I have to go now” Samuel said and ended the call.
He couldn’t wait to go back to the school to pick Jason and see Lisa again. He arrived early and waited for the school to close. He was hoping to see Lisa before the school closed so they speak for a while but she never came, instead he saw a familiar face. It was Serena’s father the one he met at the park. “Hey there, I think I know you” Greg said as he walked towards him. Yes we met at the park I’m Samuel. “Yes my daughter was speaking to you. How are you? Greg asked. “I am doing well, I am waiting to pick up my son” Samuel said. “Nice I am here for my daughter. Well I know this seems too forward but you seem like a great guy. My wife and I are having a birthday party for our daughter on Saturday she turns 5 tomorrow but we pushed the party to Saturday so parents can come with their kids. You can bring your son. It’s going to be fun, trust me. We can get to know each other better.” Greg said. This is the direction to the house we are at East legon but if you still don’t get it when you get to the A&C mall you can call the number and I will come get you.” Greg added. Samuel didn’t know what to say it seemed like a good idea to see Lisa and where she was staying but he wasn’t sure he could stand seeing Lisa happily married. He was hesitant a bit but Greg insisted so he agreed. “It seems they have closed.” Samuel said pointing at the gate. They two men went inside to get their kids. Greg said goodbye to Samuel and walked to his car.
That evening Samuel was very restless, he went downstairs to swim but he was still very uneasy. He went back upstairs to his bedroom, Sarah was fast asleep when he got back. He tried to call Lisa, but any time he picked up the phone to dial her number he gets scared and places the phone down. He mustered courage and dialled her number. Lisa was in the kitchen so she couldn’t answer. He didn’t want to look desperate so he didn’t call again. “Just one call is enough” he said to himself and wore his pyjamas. About 20 minutes later a call was coming through on his phone, it was Lisa. He quickly walked out of the room to answer. “Hello?” he said. Hello, I missed your call, please who is this?” Lisa replied. “It’s Samuel, Samuel Ankrah, Samuel said calmly. Lisa got quiet for about a minute and then spoke again, “how are you?” she asked. “I am doing well by God’s grace. “Are you busy? He added. “Not really I just finished putting my daughter to sleep.” She answered. “I want to see you Lisa” Samuel said bluntly. “No Samuel it’s late. My husband is around” Lisa said. “Speaking of your husband I met him at school today and he invited me to your daughter’s birthday party. I am thinking of coming, so that I get to see you again” Samuel said. “No! Samuel please don’t come but how does my husband know you?” Lisa asked angrily. “We met at the park the other day and today at school. He just invited me. He said I seem like a great guy and will like to get to know me. He is a pretty nice guy I am sure you are very happy with him.” “Samuel please don’t come here you really don’t have to come” Lisa said. “I want to see you again Ewurakua we have a lot to talk about.” Samuel pleaded. No one had called her by that name in years and it had always been Samuel who mentioned it the sweetest. It brought tears to her eyes. “Please don’t call me by that name.” she said and ended the call she didn’t want him to hear her cry.
The next morning when Lisa got to the office she called her friend Vanessa to tell her about her conversation with Samuel over the phone. “I don’t want him to come here Vanessa I don’t want to see him.” Lisa said angrily to her friend over the phone. “But Greg too how can he invite someone he hardly knows to his house just like that. I even can’t confront him about it because he will also be wondering how I know Samuel” Lisa added. “Lisa I know you, when it comes to Samuel there is nothing like I don’t want to see him. I know you secretly want to see him again, besides there is nothing we can do now, he has been invited. I even have to call the caterer to order the cake” Vanessa said. “I have to make a few other calls and be sure of the number of people coming.” Lisa said. “Okay have a nice day” Vanessa said and ended the call.
Sarah had noticed a difference in her boyfriend. He spoke less and really kept to himself. She asked Mrs. Ankrah a few days ago if she had also noticed any changes. She hadn’t noticed any change but everything made sense in the afternoon after lunch, when he mistakenly mentioned Lisa’s name twice instead of Sarah’s to his mum when he was narrating something funny Sarah did. Samuel didn’t notice it until his mum brought his mind to it. “Son you mentioned Lisa’s name twice instead of Sarah. And you haven’t been yourself lately, Sarah asked me but I hadn’t noticed but I just did. What is going on son?” Mrs.Ankrah asked with a stern look. Samuel wanted to deny it but he knew he couldn’t hide anything from his mother. He wanted to hold back his tears but they came rushing down his cheeks. It broke her mother’s heart to see him like this. “It’s been so long and you still feel this way about her, Samuel please let her go.” Mrs Ankrah said patting his back. “Mum I just can’t let her go. I love Sarah, God knows I do. But I love Lisa more. I saw her for the first time after Five years just this Monday and the feelings just came rushing in but she’s married and has a daughter.” Samuel said through his tears. Ooh she is married? Mrs Ankrah asked surprised. How old is her daughter by the way? She added. She turned 5 on Tuesday. How long has she been married to have a 5 year old daughter son? You broke up with her five years ago. So how can she have a baby who is 5years old. “Are you sure she aborted your baby Samuel?” Mrs. Ankrah asked. “She admitted it herself mum she said she did it and couldn’t bear the shame of carrying a baby in school. It still hurts thinking about it, I cannot forgive her for that.” Samuel said. “Do you know what this means son? “Something tells me she was cheating on you with another man probably the father of her five year old daughter. She realised she was pregnant with your child and aborted it so she can be with the other man completely and carry his baby.” Mrs Ankrah said. “I don’t think what you saying is true mum. Lisa told me about the pregnancy, if she wanted to abort it she wouldn’t have told me.” Samuel said. “But she aborted it anyway. Don’t forget Philip your best friend told you about her abortion, you would have never found out if he hadn’t. When you confronted her she admitted it without any shame, if she loved you she would have shown some kind of remorse but didn’t even care. Think about this son Lisa never loved you. I told you the first day I set my eyes on her that she wasn’t to be trusted but you were so in love you got blinded by it. Now she’s happily married and you are here miserable. Forget about Lisa my dear son, and focus on Sarah a good woman who loves you for real.” Mrs. Ankrah said and walked out of Samuel’s room. Samuel thought about what his mum had told him, he tried to remember the night he confronted Lisa about the abortion and how indifferent she was about it. “This might really be true, Lisa was cheating all this while. I can’t believe this. She took me for a complete fool, all she wanted was for me to break up with her so she could have the freedom to be with another man.