Previously on The Truth, Samuel’s parents arrive back in Ghana after a very long vacation. They see that Sarah is treating their son well and he is very happy. Jason’s parents, Philip and Gloria are always very busy and this makes him spend most of his time with Samuel, sometimes he wishes Samuel is his real father. Lisa and Samuel meet each other again after 5 years and all the feelings they had for each other came back but Samuel is heartbroken to find out that Lisa all along was just playing with his feelings and never really loved him………..Episode 5 up next. Enjoy!
“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!” little voices sang. Serena was finally having her birthday party. She looked so beautiful in her red dress. She smiled, laughed and ate a lot of cake. Lisa saw how happy her daughter when she was sitting with Vanessa and some other mums in the garden.They all watched as Greg, Abeiku and some other fathers play with the kids. “Greg is so good with kids, you are so blessed to have him, as for Matthew all he knows is to discipline the kids, I doubt he even knows how to play with kids”, one parent said sadly. Lisa laughed. “Greg wasn’t always good with kids, but he decided to learn the moment he found out he was going to be a father, you can teach Matthew” Lisa said jokingly. They all laughed. Lisa kept looking at her watch and at the gate as if she was expecting more guests. Another mother noticed. “Are you expecting someone? “For the past hour you have been staring at you watch and staring at the gate” she added. “Oh no. I am not expecting anyone, it’s just one of my bad habits. Anyone care for more wine? Lisa asked. She didn’t wait for the ladies to answer and picked up the half empty red wine bottle and made her way to the kitchen, where she remembered she had left her phone. She quickly picked her phone up hoping to see a couple of missed calls from Samuel. There were a few missed calls but none from Samuel. The Samuel she knew would who have come anyway, even though she insisted he shouldn’t. Vanessa came into the kitchen with her wine glass in hand. “Lisa we weren’t done with the wine. What is going on with you? You have been acting strange all day” Vanessa said angrily. “Samuel hasn’t arrived yet, I am getting worried. Do you think something has happened to him?” Lisa said worriedly. “I want to give him a call and see if he is alright.” she added. Vanessa just stared at her friend,she couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. “Are you going insane?” Look at yourself acting like a 3year old. Get a hold of yourself Lisa. I am getting sick and tired of this silly behaviour of yours. I knew you will be acting this way, hoping to see Samuel. Are you sick?” Vanessa said angrily and stomped out of the kitchen. Lisa had never seen her best friend this angry. She called her as she left but Vanessa didn’t want to hear it. She went to sit by Abeiku who saw how upset Vanessa was. “Baby, what is eating you up? he asked. “I am okay love, it is nothing really. How about you? Are you enjoying the party? I saw you playing with the kids. “Yes but I am tired, too much running. The little one in the blue shorts almost ruined my phone.” They were still laughing and talking when a very beautiful car pulled up in front of the gate. “This car looks exactly like my boss’s car” Abeiku said. Greg went outside to see who it was. “Ooh wow Samuel, I thought you won’t be able to make it.” Greg said with a big smile on his face. “I was caught up with some work at the office, I didn’t keep track of time. I hope the party is not over. My son won’t forgive me.” Greg laughed. “No it is not over, please drive inside. Let me get the gate.” Samuel drove inside and parked, when he stepped out of his car, he saw people staring at him. It made him feel a little uncomfortable. He opened the back door and carried Jason. “Oh my God!! That’s Samuel Ankrah, the CEO’s son the one I told you was nice to me during my interview. What is he doing here?!” Abeiku said surprisingly. Vanessa was speechless. She just stared at Samuel. Greg walked to Samuel with a smile after he locked the gate. “You are welcome to my humble abode. I can see you have changed your car.” Samuel turned to look at his car and smiled. “It’s a full house. A lot of people must really love your daughter.” Samuel said trying to change the subject. “Oh yes she is such a sweet girl, come let me introduce to a few friends and my wife.” Greg took Samuel to Abeiku and Vanessa first. Samuel was surprised to see Vanessa. He could tell she was too, judging from how her hand shivered when he shook her. “You look familiar Abeiku have we met before? “Yes I actually work in your dad’s oil company, we met during my interview.” Samuel laughed. Yes I remember you now, such a small world” Samuel said looking right at Vanessa. “Your dad owns ROGS Petroleum?” Greg asked excitedly. Yes he does, I manage it alongside my own business I am an architect. I have my own firm.” “That is amazing! We have been looking for an architect to help us design our new home. You have to meet my wife, Vanessa do you know where Lisa is?” Vanessa who was still in shock just pointed in the direction of the house. “Okay, Samuel lets go inside the house, I am sure she is busy with some guests.” “It looks like Jason wants to go play, I will have to leave him with the kids.” Samuel said smiling at Jason. “Don’t worry I got him. He will be fine with me. Come here big man” Abeiku said taking Jason from Samuel. “Thank you Abeiku.” Jason began to cry when he saw Samuel leave with Greg. “I will be back soon buddy.” Samuel said and walked into the house. Lisa was busy cutting some fruits in the kitchen with Deborah Quayson. A new friend Lisa made in the neighborhood a couple of months ago. They were making smoothies for the kids. She heard Greg calling her name. “Honey! I am in the kitchen.” Hello Deborah, Greg said when he saw her with his wife. Lisa raised her head to look at Greg with a smile only to see Samuel standing behind him. Her smile faded, her heart skipped a beat and she dropped the knife on the chopping board. Deborah stared at Samuel. “He is very handsome” she thought to herself. “Samuel meet my wife Lisa, well actually my wife to be. We will be getting married hopefully next month and you are invited.” Greg said. “Anyway Lisa, Samuel here is an architect and I want him to design our house.” Lisa couldn’t believe her ears but she didn’t want to cause any problem so she just nodded. “Yes honey! I know he will do such a fine job.” Greg said and kissed her. Samuel’s heart sunk when he saw them kissing. Deborah took that opportunity to introduce herself. “I am Deborah but you can call me Debbie.”  “Hi Debbie. Nice to meet you.”Samuel said weak smile. Deborah noticed that he wasn’t really interested in chatting judging from his demeanor, so she went back to cutting her fruits. Lisa shyly looked at Samuel after kissing Greg. “Would you care for a smoothie? She asked. Samuel shook his head at Lisa and turned to look at Greg “I need to go be with my son, if you don’t mind.” “Yes, let’s go back outside you. You need to taste some of my barbecue chicken.” “Okay, that will be nice” Samuel said and walked out of the kitchen without looking at Lisa or saying a word to her. “I will see you later baby” Greg said and gave her a peck. Deborah felt the tension between Lisa and Samuel but she wasn’t very sure and she didn’t know Lisa very well to ask her anything.
Samuel went back to sit with Abeiku and Vanessa as Greg got him something to eat. He saw how uncomfortable Vanessa was. “Abeiku,I hope you are having a good time at ROGS?” I am having a good time, I can’t complain sir.” Samuel smiled. “Don’t call me sir, I am sure we are going to be very good friends soon” Samuel said looking at Vanessa.” I can see you are not much of a talker Vanessa.” Abeiku turned to look at her. “She has a slight headache, I think she is just tired.” Samuel stared straight at her and nodded. “Then that explains your silence, feel better soon.” Lisa came out with the smoothies for the kids. “Who wants a smoothie?” she said when she got close to the kids. The kids rushed to get the smoothie from the tray almost pushing Lisa down. She smiled at Samuel hoping Samuel will smile back but he just looked away. Lisa suddenly realized something was wrong. She went back to the kitchen to drop the tray. She saw her phone lying close to the chopping board. She picked it up and sent Samuel a message. “Are you okay Samuel?” Samuel felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he picked it up to see a message from Lisa. He looked around to see if Lisa was standing around. He looked at his phoned and placed it back in his pocket. He looked at his watch, it was getting late. He had to drop Jason at home and do a little grocery shopping for Sarah. “I have to get going now there is somewhere I need to be.” Samuel said. “Ooh so soon?” Greg said. “Yes, it’s good I know where you live now. I will pass by again so we start with the design of your home. Tell your wife I am leaving. It was nice to meet you Abeiku and Vanessa.” Samuel said and went to get Jason. Greg walked him to his car. “I really love this car I have been looking for a good price so I get one, how much did you get it for? Greg asked. “It was actually a gift from my Father. I am not really a fan of BMW, I am actually a Mercedes-Benz person” Samuel said as he unlocked his car. “I can find out the actual price and let you know” he added. “That will be great Samuel and it was nice of you to pass by. I will tell Lisa that you are leaving.” Samuel nodded and placed Jason at the back seat. He got into his car and started it. He was moving out of the gate when he remembered the present he got for Serena Vanessa. “Oh I almost forgot. I got something for Serena Vanessa” Samuel said to Greg by the gate. He parked outside the house, picked a big box wrapped beautifully from the trunk of his car and gave it to Greg. “Wow!! Samuel you shouldn’t have. This is really nice of you.” “Wish her a happy birthday for me. I didn’t get a chance to wish her personally, she was busy playing with her friends.” “I can get her for you so you wish her yourself” Greg said turning in the direction of the house. “Don’t worry, I’m really late but I will be coming to visit a lot.” Greg smiled and nodded. “Our doors are always opened Samuel. Drive safely back home. “I will Greg, Thank you and Goodnight.” Greg watched as Samuel drove away and made his way back into the house. Abeiku and Vanessa were chatting when he got closer to them. “Samuel got Serena Vanessa a gift, it is very heavy I wonder what’s inside.” Vanessa and Abeiku were very surprised. “You know,I didn’t even know he has a son. I just know he is about to get married to a very beautiful lady. I didn’t know they have a son, he is a very quiet person” Abeiku said. “He is a nice person too, I need to show this to Lisa. Excuse me” Greg said and walked into the house.
Lisa had called Samuel’s phone severally but he never answered. She heard Greg calling her name and she quickly wiped her eyes and got out of the guest room. “Honey, I am in the living room” she said. “I was here a couple of minutes ago but I didn’t see you. Where were you? Greg asked. “Oh I was changing the sheets in the guest room. What is that you are holding? “This is the gift Samuel got for Serena Vanessa.” “Oh really? That is nice of him. Is he outside? I want to say thanks to him” “No. He just left, he has somewhere he needs to be.” Lisa was disappointed to hear that but she just nodded and added Samuel’s present to the others.
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