A couple of months went by and Lisa was trying her hardest to get herself back together. She couldn’t understand why Samuel had completely shut her out. The last time she remembers ever seeing him was at Serena’s birthday party. Every time she sees her daughter playing with the Barbie doll house Samuel got her for her birthday, she misses him even more. Greg invited Samuel for the wedding but he couldn’t make it for obvious reasons. Samuel only met up with Greg in his office or sometimes Greg’s office to talk about the design of his dream house. During one of the meetings, Greg asked Samuel how he met Sarah. “She has been my friend since the age of  6 years. I think I met her in church. It’s been so long that I don’t remember clearly.” “Oh wow then you guys go a long way.” Samuel nodded and smiled. He also asked Greg how he met Lisa. Greg laughed. “Long story but I will make it short. We sat together on a plane to Canada. She was very pretty but very cold. I tried talking to her but she wasn’t responding so I stopped talking. After a while, I really don’t know what happened but she asked me for my name and we started talking. It felt as if we had known each other for years. She told me about her family, all her sisters. Her passed relationship with a guy she really loved and that made tears fill her eyes. I could see she was hurting. After a while, we didn’t have much to talk about so we were quiet for some time. Then she took out her phone and showed me a picture of a beautiful baby girl. I am sure I fell in love with the baby even before I fell for Lisa. She told me that was her daughter, Serena Vanessa. I was surprised because she didn’t look like someone who just had a baby. She told me she named her Serena Vanessa because the Serena reminded her of her ex-boyfriend who was also the baby’s father, she mentioned a name that started with an S I think Stanley or Sean I really don’t remember. We spoke less and less about him when we began dating. The Vanessa was the name of her best friend who supported her throughout the pregnancy. It was quite a story but that was what made me fall for her, the strength to travel out to make something great of herself after having a baby who was about 11months by then. I am talking too much, I apologize but when it comes to Lisa, I can go on and on.” Samuel’s heart began to beat fast he didn’t want to believe what he was hearing, he wanted to ask more questions but he didn’t want to make Greg suspect anything. “I see you guys go a long way too.” Samuel was getting restless he needed to speak to Philip, his best friend, the one who assured him Lisa aborted his baby. From the story Greg told him, Lisa never cheated on him. He quickly ended the meeting with Greg and rushed to the bank to make some transactions before heading to Philip’s house.
Lisa had a meeting with the branch manager of the same bank Samuel was making his transactions. She was in the conference room upstairs and Samuel was downstairs in the banking hall waiting in a queue. He was looking at the clock when he heard a gun go off. “This is a robbery!”, said a man with a husky voice as he fired a second shot. Samuel and the other customers were startled. The other robbers went up the stairs to get the other managers who were having the meeting. Lisa shivered with fear, that morning she had a bad feeling when she woke up and she didn’t want to go to the office at all. She also knew if she stayed home she will only think about Samuel so she changed her mind and went to the office and scheduled her meeting with the other branch manager. She managed to alert her other colleagues in her branch to call for help before her phone was smashed on the ground. Samuel was scared for Lisa because she was in so much trouble. Lisa hadn’t seen Samuel yet. One robber hit Lisa on her face, telling her never to try to be smart again. The robbers ordered the bank tellers to bring all the money whiles pointing their guns at them. They were still bringing out the money when the police surrounded the entire building. The leader of the gang quickly dragged Lisa by her weave and threatened to kill her if the police men didn’t leave. Samuel’s heart began to beat, he didn’t know what to do. A policeman managed to enter the bank without the robbers seeing him. Samuel saw the police man and tried to communicate with him. Samuel didn’t fully understand the policeman’s signs, he got a different interpretation and angrily tried to fight the robber who had Lisa. Lisa couldn’t believe her eyes. She cried out telling Samuel to stop. “You are going to get hurt Samuel, stop!” Samuel didn’t listen, he was in a struggle with the leader of the gang. The leader got hold of the gun and shot Samuel in the arm. The Policeman quickly shot the leader and two other robbers dead. Other Police men came in to arrest the last robber. Lisa went straight to Samuel but she was asked not to touch him until the ambulance arrived. Lisa sat beside Samuel until the ambulance arrived. She followed him to the hospital where he made calls to everyone she knew. Vanessa got there in about 25 minutes. “What! Samuel got shot? How come you were both in the same bank?” she asked worriedly. “I don’t know, I saw him from nowhere trying to be a hero. If anything happens to him, I will never forgive myself.”
Mr and Mrs Ankrah heard the news on television and rushed to the hospital. When Geraldine saw Lisa in the hospital she became furious. She walked up to her and slapped her. “Pray nothing happens to my boy. If something should happen I will kill you with my bare hands.” Geraldine said angrily to Lisa. Robert took her outside to cool off. The doctor soon arrived with some pretty bad news. “He lost a lot of blood before he got to the hospital.” Sarah didn’t wait for the doctor to finish what he was saying and started crying bitterly, mentioning Ato! Ato! Severally. When Mr and Mrs Ankrah got back inside and saw Sarah crying bitterly, Robert collapsed.